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  1. The Insight and the Catharsis - YouTube
  2. (Sorry if I'm not replying correctly, I'm a noob!) That's true, they've always been symphonic, but maybe I mean more of the quality of their production has changed, since Mustis was the powerhouse of their discography. He wrote the songs on keys first and wrote most of the lyrics (he left the band since Shagrath was not crediting him for this). And Vortex's clean vocals were IMO a key element to their sound. They were both the genuine talent in the band, so Dimmu has had to compensate for their loss by, well, becoming more bombastic.
  3. Dimmu Borgir. The "realness" of their sound has done a sharp right turn after ICS Vortex and Mustis were fired. They were truly the heart and soul of the band musically. It was incredibly disappointing to learn that Shagrath wasn't treating them like it. Even in their live shows - sure it's quite a spectacle, but an entire choir cannot fill Vortex's spot. The energetic contrast between their shows from early 2000s vs more recent ones is striking. And disappointing, honestly. It leaves me wondering if Shagrath fired them from a place of jealousy. Vortex specifically had such a huge stage presence, no one can really compare. I hope whatever they are both doing, they are being appropriately appreciated.
  4. I am an American guitarist and a lover of doom, black, symphonic and industrial metal. Here to discover some new stuff and rant about obscure stuff to people who know what I'm talking about. RIP Green Man.
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