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  1. Yeh was a cool movie! I think I'm leaning to that same conclusion..
  2. Yeh..I think that was the one. I tried to find it on YouTube for you but can't find the full thing, I thought I saw it on YouTube but was maybe on the telly. Haha yeh Dave will know! I'll have to see if he has any vids about it. Ah what did you think ? No Charlie wasn't in it much at all.. Edit- he does have a vid about the alleged pic of the Anglins. It is crazy. Watch it.
  3. It was a History channel doc. Really interesting.
  4. Yeh he's full of it like! Dunno what to make of him ! He's got some vids about Zodiacs greetings cards..they were pretty creepy..I saw the wrestling vid thumbnail too but I don't think I'll be much into that! Haven't watched the Black Dahlia vid of his yet. I will tho. I don't think I've seen that Alcatraz docu but I'll probs watch it now cos I can't sleep. The D.B. Cooper stuff is mad as fuck like. Do you think that pic of the Anglin brothers is them? It was on a doc and they were trying to find out and also they exhumed their brother for some DNA or somethin..I've forgot name of it but I'll
  5. Hmm..got me curious about it all now too ! I actually didn't really know much about D.B. Cooper til I saw him mentioned on one of his vids so I looked it all up. That's pretty interesting too..like it said he jumped out the plane but he chose a parachute that wasn't as good ..weird..and some kid found some of the money and stuff? What's your take on the case? And yeh..he reckons that the guy from Alcatraz was Zodiac too?! I watched a doc about the guys that escaped and there was a more recent photo and they were trying to weigh up if it was them. Alcatraz stuff is interesting. I dunno how Gol
  6. Natassja

    Horror Films

    Yeh it's creepy eh?! Deffo see Suspiria the original, it'll stay with you. They re-made it but not sure about that. Anyone seen the re-do of Maniac? It was quite entertaining, was pleasantly surprised. I think I've seen that docu about Jim Jones. I'll have a look again, cheers! Anyone seen Blade in the Dark?
  7. I need to read about him. Yeh I found David Gold through a recommended vid, he is a character ! I'm sure it says on one of his vids he has a book. I'll have to look more into him, see what his deal is.
  8. Nice, I listen to a lot of BM and I like a lot of punk too. I'm a big fan of Poison Idea. I also like sludgey stoner stuff and some thrash..metal in general nice to see The Almighty get a mention!
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