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  1. Still haven't watched it and Mark Gatiss directed it not acting I don't think anyway..yeh hope you enjoy new JB!
  2. Satanic Warmaster ~ Opferblut
  3. If that is Albionic Hermeticism then good call.
  4. Thanks, ikr...I've been so damn careful...hope you guys are all well and you all have a great time ! Best wishes!
  5. Ghost Story for Christmas was on tonight, The Mezzotint by M.R.James, Mark Gatiss is in it, missed it because my toilet overflowed so spent the past hour mopping up water, getting showered again cos of walking barefoot in toilet water, mopping floor with Dettol and laundering soaking wet towels..could've done without it like.. hopefully Mezzotint will be repeated!
  6. Tested positive for covid on Tuesday evening, reported it etc on NHS site, did a PCR home test, waiting for results. Tested negative yesterday evening and tonight. Like wtf! Don't feel ill, had a bit of a headache beginning of the week that lasted couple of days, bit of a scratchy throat Tue that's why I tested. Feel fine today. Anyway that's my Xmas fucked as I'm isolating! Happy Holidays to you all! Good health etc! Funny thing is I get shopping deliveries and haven't been anywhere so fuck knows where it came from. Luckily my family are testing negative.
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