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  1. The Almighty - Blood Fire & Love
  2. If it makes you happy and gets you through then that's what matters Welcome to the forum also, if rather belated.
  3. Happy Birthday marra, all the best Iron Maiden - Killers
  4. There are a couple channels here doing Election news specials. Half an hour til closing of first polls I see.
  5. Yes, i'll be interested to see the outcome.
  6. Listening to various items about the US Election.
  7. Toxicity Rises Inside Penitentiary LOVE
  8. Danzig III How The Gods Kill
  9. Never Accept Demonic Seed HAIL
  10. I'm sure FA here shares a birthdate with you. Happy upcoming birthday and ikr, sucks. It's made me so paranoid. What happens after this lockdown though? I suppose this is how life is now going to be..
  11. Another lockdown here in a couple of days. Absolutely horrible year. Keep safe everyone.
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