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    Ciao, I’m a Homes and Experiences Host based in Venice, Italy. I’m a true Rocker and Metalhead... and rockers are the best (= the worst) dreamers: I dream my life away between Venice, Florence and The Dolomites.
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  1. Indeed he was... artists like Peter are still missed for the entire metal scene
  2. Dear Brothers, this topic is self-explanatory. Metal (and metal-related) bands (famous, obscure, unknown...) in your country/region/area that you feel like recommending to other fellow Metalheads! I'm Italian so here's my list divided per decades as concerns Italy, along with some personal anedoctes where possible 🀘 Hope you enjoy it! - 1960s-70s Jacula - Progressive Rock, Occult Rock (Italy - Milan?) Always been mysterious, their leader and founder Antonio Bartoccetti seems to have passed away recently, thus bringing with him the secret. They are indicated by many as the
  3. Hi Guys, I'm an old school Metalhead and yes... loved your album! I'm always glad when I hear some good old thrash/groove metal, and that's what you are! I grew up with Pantera in 90's (saw them live many times) and I can find the lesson has been learned by Death Receipt 🀘 In the 90's I was also friend (and fan) with Extrema, one of the best thrash/groove bands here in Italy at the time, you also remind me something of them, check them out if you haven't heard before. My favourite tracks are "Rage" and "At The Wall", but generally all Written In Blood looks great to me!
  4. oh sorry for that, ok understood
  5. Can't believe is 5 year now without you, legend...πŸ˜’πŸ€˜β™ οΈ
  6. Hosting is my Business... and Business (wa)s good 😁 🀘
  7. This topic seems started for me now... I'm just 2 years late During these lockdown times I decided to do many things I never had the time to do before. One of these is digging into the past in search for rock, progressive, hard rock, heavy metal roots and hidden gems. I'm creating many playlists on youtube, just not to forget all the music I keep on finding. Here's my Heavy Metal timeline I'm still working on... whenever I find something that sounds (proto-)metal to me I just insert it here: MOD EDIT *LINK REMOVED. linking to your playlist, bandcamp page, or whatever
  8. She had many different experiences in her career and she's for sure an eclectical guitarist... but I wouldn't consider her Metal. Hard Rock, at best.
  9. Currently I'm digging into the past, at the beginnings of Heavy Metal history in the first 70s, in search of hidden gems... my top 5 are: Budgie Dust Rotting Christ Buffalo Warpig Find the intruder 🀘
  10. I was 13, living and growing up in a small village in the Dolomites (Italian mountains), and in the Summer of 1986 (at the end of secondary schools) me and my old time friend decided it was time to be rebels... there was nothing particular to do to start a rebel life in my village (and at that age), so we decided that music could be a good mean... we entered the one and only electricity and music store of the place, they usually had the same LPs and Cassettes for years as concerned rock music, nobody seemed to be very much interested in the genre at the time. We already owned Bon Jovi's S
  11. I can speak about the situation in Italy after some months, though I think it's pretty much the same all over the world. Many rock & metal venues around the country have closed down never to reopen again (or at least not run by the actual owners). Metal music in Italy still has a good following but it generally remains finite and limited to major cities like Milan (which definitely has the biggest and most famous and organized venues, more likely to survive). The "province" (as we call our country outside big cities) is struggling a lot. On the other hand both big and minor bands
  12. I'm not much into black metal. I know some bands and albums and saw live only Mayhem and Satyricon in the past. There's only one band of this genre which I really adore from their beginnings: Rotting Christ. Whenever they come to Italy I go to their shows and I personally met and talked to Sakis twice (not about Satan . He is of course the band leader and mastermind, do you think he is true in his Satanism?
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