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    Ciao, I’m a Homes and Experiences Host based in Venice, Italy. I’m a true Rocker and Metalhead... and rockers are the best (= the worst) dreamers: I dream my life away between Venice, Florence and The Dolomites.
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  1. ⚡🤘 Last Week on Venice Rocks 🍾12 April 1944. Happy Birthday to John Kay, singer, guitarist and frontman for late 60s and early 70s American rock band Steppenwolf… Read and Listen More on Venice Rocks 📽️12 April 1985. Ladyhawke, medieval dark fantasy film starring M. Broderick, R. Hauer, M.Pfeiffer is released, entirely filmed in Italy... Read More and See Trailer on Venice Rocks 🎸13 April 2021. Stars of Steel, Heavy Metal project made of 28 fellow Metalheads from Sardinia island, Italy, release first single... Read More and Listen on Venice Rocks 🎸14 April 1980. The day Heavy Met
  2. ⚡🤘 Last Week in Venice and in Rock & Metal Music History From My Telegram Channel: 🎸5 April 1973. Le Orme, seminal Prog Rock band from Venice release their masterpiece Felona e Sorona with the collaboration of Peter H... Read and Listen More on Venice Rocks 🎸7 April 1978. The Police release their first single Roxanne but BBC radio refuses airplay... Read and Listen More on Venice Rocks 📽️7 April 2009. The Fakir of Venice, Hindi-language comedy drama is released... Read More and See Trailer on Venice Rocks 😈8 April 1692. Giuseppe Tartini, the violinist of the Devil was bor
  3. Thank you! Yes I tried to find some similar thread here before writing... then I decide to open one, hope you all enjoy remembering our past metal moments ! 😃🤘
  4. Hi all Brothers, just wanted to let you know which are the Albums that meant more in my life, as a Rocker and Metalhead: NOT necessarily my favorite albums (maybe only 2 of the following are among my top albums and bands), but those records that somehow changed something in me, had a great impact in my perception of the Rock & Metal World. It would be nice to know yours! My First Cassette in 1986: Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind My first Iron Maiden album (MC), I was 13 and I had never listened to Metal before... needless to say I was completely blown away from the very first int
  5. Just subscribed to your Youtube Channel. I particularly love Fire Chant, Moonburn and Heart of Inferno! And yes, you perfectly describe your music as Primitive... don't know if it's in your plans, you could maybe try to alternate clean vocals and some growl (I'm not a big fan of growl, but in some cases like in Cerebral Ignition it could fit) and ... see what happens ??
  6. I've heard of Raging Speedhorn but don't know them either... btw I lived for 1 year not very far from Corby, in Nottingham ? it was a life ago, in 1999
  7. Thanks for sharing StefSabbath ??... and yes, I'm a huge Sabbath fan too, maybe one of the biggest in Italy ?♠️ Great story man... if you manage to see Ian Gillian this year... take a picture with him and share here ??
  8. Just listened to Devils Spawn on Youtube, really a great track Yowie! My congrats and keep on thrashing, yeaahhhhh! Thanks for sharing Valso ??
  9. Indeed he was... artists like Peter are still missed for the entire metal scene
  10. Dear Brothers, this topic is self-explanatory. Metal (and metal-related) bands (famous, obscure, unknown...) in your country/region/area that you feel like recommending to other fellow Metalheads! I'm Italian so here's my list divided per decades as concerns Italy, along with some personal anedoctes where possible ? Hope you enjoy it! - 1960s-70s Jacula - Progressive Rock, Occult Rock (Italy - Milan?) Always been mysterious, their leader and founder Antonio Bartoccetti seems to have passed away recently, thus bringing with him the secret. They are indicated by many as the
  11. Hi Guys, I'm an old school Metalhead and yes... loved your album! I'm always glad when I hear some good old thrash/groove metal, and that's what you are! I grew up with Pantera in 90's (saw them live many times) and I can find the lesson has been learned by Death Receipt ? In the 90's I was also friend (and fan) with Extrema, one of the best thrash/groove bands here in Italy at the time, you also remind me something of them, check them out if you haven't heard before. My favourite tracks are "Rage" and "At The Wall", but generally all Written In Blood looks great to me!
  12. oh sorry for that, ok understood
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