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    Hello! I live in Los Angeles, CA. Music is in my veins. I wake up go to sleep to music. I also play video games. I also enjoy going to concerts.
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    Art, Travel, Music, Photography, Books, Video Games

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  1. Ahh Thankyou guys for your input! I guess in general is the creativity part of it. I've seen so many Matt Mercer videos that it makes it seem overwhelming to me since hes an awesome DM.
  2. You could be right they did not have the budget back then. Also they were just starting out so there's that as well.
  3. Yes! Do check out their later records. Morten Veland's last record with them is Beyond the Veil. I do believe their first 2 are masterpieces with WW being their greatest. A lot of people don't like their 4th record which is Ashes because (if I'm not mistaken) they strayed a little. For me, I came into the Tristania train late so I pretty much like Stene's era. After their 5th record which is Illumination Stene departed from the band. Tristania then hired Mariangela and I just cant get into it. It's not for me.
  4. I joined a D&D group on FB a while back. I havent yet reached out in there. I guess my issue is just playing and understanding it. I know a couple things but I just find it so overwhelming. Also, I'm assuming I will be the DM for my group so my confusion with that is when you are campaigning by the book do you also input some of your own thoughts and ideas (i hope that makes sense) or does the book have it all for you. Again I hope I was clear with everything I wrote. Since I just find it difficult I'm at a loss lol But I just need someone to explain it to me in laymans terms and for sure I will get it
  5. Yeah dude! Try playing DoW. Will Wheaton did a video on it on his YT channel that how I found out about it. That sounds like so much fun! Dude I've been trying to get into D&D but I find it so overwhelming. I have the starter 5e books. I have seen YT videos and also have read but I need help!
  6. I am really into this RPG game called Dead of Winter. You are basically trying to survive a zombie apocalypse in the dead of winter lol. You have to go out of your compound and try to get supplies and avoid being wounded by zombies . Thing is there might be a traitor in the group or maybe not. It's pretty fun!
  7. lol of course not! but hey it happens so we just want them to know that we will be there to help
  8. haha and thankyou for the luck! I will be working in Forensics. Basically our clients have been in the prison system for a long time and OT will help them reintegrate into back into society. What we dont want to see is recidivism. I hope to be that glimmer of hope for them to get back to normalcy. I already met them last thursday and they were very nice and welcoming to me.
  9. So I am a new Occupational Therapy grad. I just got my dream job working in the Mental Health setting. I am beyond nervous but also excited. I'm just scared because I do not want to mess up. I start not this week but the next so yeah!
  10. I am currently listening to Messa's new single Messa- Close- Pilgrim
  11. That makes sense! It does look a little plain. I personally like it. It reminds me of another band cover somewhat.
  12. haha ripe age! What made you return to the scene?
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