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  1. New Purchases/Acquisitions

    CDs I've bought recently, part 21.
  2. New Purchases/Acquisitions

    CDs I've bought recently, part 20.
  3. Slayer

    Bad times!!
  4. Death-Doom

    I've now ordered both Blood Incantation CDs, and downloaded their track from the split release with Spectral Voice on Bandcamp. So yeah, you can pretty much consider me sold on both bands now
  5. New Purchases/Acquisitions

    CDs I've bought recently, part 19.
  6. New Purchases/Acquisitions

  7. New Purchases/Acquisitions

    Ah right, I shall lower my expectations accordingly then
  8. New Purchases/Acquisitions

    Well, I have just ordered my first ever Cannibal Corpse album: And yes, I went for the silly censored version. Don't care - only really ordered it for the DVD (I absolutely love CC documentaries, for whatever reason). I do like a few tracks on this album, same goes for a number of their others, just haven't liked enough tracks from any given album to want to own it. So far at least. Can't f*cking wait to see them play for the first time in March, though!
  9. Ataraxy

    Anyone else a fan? Debut album (2010): Second album (2012): The Tomb / The Festival (2016): https://mesacounojo.bandcamp.com/track/the-tomb New album out February (2018): https://darkdescentrecords.bandcamp.com/album/where-all-hope-fades
  10. Death-Doom

  11. Bolt Thrower

    New Memoriam album in 2018, woo!
  12. Most anticipated albums of 2018

    Also very much looking forward to the new albums from Ataraxy and Memoriam.
  13. Death-Doom

    ...as is their new single. ANd they have a new album out 16th February
  14. New Purchases/Acquisitions

    I got the Bruce Dickinson autobiography for Christmas. Not something I would have bought for myself, but looking forward to reading it nonetheless
  15. What Are You Listening To?

    Gorephilia - Severed Monolith Phrenelith - Desolate Endscape