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  1. It depends on the music. Like most people these days I listen to a variety of stuff, and lyrics can be the most important thing for me in some contexts or almost irrelevant in others. If I can barely hear what somebody's growling anyway it stands to reason that I'm going to care less than where a prominent clean vocal is concerned. Good lyrics will certainly add something regardless, though, and bad lyrics will always take something away; just a question of how much really.
  2. Pre-ordered the new Krypts and Memoriam albums 🙂
  3. Yeah, I quite like Stillborn. And Retribution. Not a huge fan, though.
  4. Think this is the only 'slam' album I own. And it definitely hits the spot when I'm in the mood.
  5. Purgatoire - Passé Décomposé
  6. Thrashman


    I did track down a copy in the end, so my collection is officially complete 🤘 And yeah, the new one is excellent. I had the honour of interviewing Vince Verkay before it came out: http://deadmetalmusic.blogspot.com/2018/08/interview-evoken.html
  7. Only listening for the first time, so will reserve judgement... it's sure better than the last Morbid Angel album, though
  8. VLTIMAS - Something Wicked Marches In
  9. Lots of recommendations from me here: http://deadmetalmusic.blogspot.com/search?q=death+metal 😁