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  1. Necromantia/Varathron- "The Black Arts/The Everlasting Sins" For anyone here who is a fan of either or both of these bands, I would strongly encourage that you seek this out on youtube. An eerie and ambitious showing of mid-paced bm!
  2. Cadaver- "Hallucinating Anxieties" Some brutal 7/4 and 3/4 time death metal riffs on this
  3. Burzum- "Burzum/Aske" Burzum- "Det Som Engang Var" I like "Det Som... " a little more every time I re-visit it.
  4. Deicide- "Amon: Feasting the Beast" Pre-deicide material is my favorite deicide material
  5. Grand Belial's Key- "Castrate the Redeemer" Going to see how many repeat listens I can do with this today. The transition from 'The Hexenhaus Vigil' to 'Foul Parody of the Lord's Supper' upon repeating is just serene.
  6. Evil/Vothana- "De Volta Aos Crimes Primitivos/Trở lại Tôi Phạm Nguyên Thủy"
  7. Nitberg/Rundagor/Branikald/Raven Dark/Forest- "Blazebirth Hall: Hammerkrieg" Hail the Blazebirth Hall bm scene from Russia. Some of the most raw and moving extreme metal to me.
  8. Conqueror- "War.Cult.Supremacy" It's kinda funny: i listened back to some of my original riffs today after a couple play-throughs of this album. Turns out, I am a Conqeoror worship riff machine lmao
  9. Are you much a fan of the "In the Falling Snow" full-length from them?
  10. Mortician- "Hacked up for Barbecue"
  11. Yes! Love this band:) NP: Revenge- "Victory.Intolerance.Mastery"
  12. Der Stürmer- "A Banner Greater Than Death"
  13. Conqueror- Live at NWN Fest IV 2014 So good
  14. Sadness- "Circle of Veins" Just some really sad dsbm/post-bm. Lol
  15. Hmm, i feel like these guys are a little noisier than RotUGF. There's also some cybergrind elements in CUM's work.
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