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  1. Incantation- "Tribute to the Goat" Gorguts- "Considered Dead" Amon- "Feasting the Beast" Disgorge- "Cranial Impalement" Inveracity- "Circle of Perversion" Mortician- "Mortal Massacre" For a long drive I took last night.
  2. Coffin Texts- "Gods of Creation, Death, and Afterlife" Just fantastic LA dm. For fans of Sadistic Intent, Deicide, Imprecation; the real heavy stuff
  3. Azazel- "Night of Satanachia" One of those albums that just feels akin to visiting an old friend
  4. Blasphemy- "Fallen Angel of Doom" It's funny: usually when I say an album 'gets better with every listen,' it's a more technical/experimental album. Somehow, the sheer unadulterated aural attack of this album just gets better each time I put it on. After so many listens, it's plain to see why multitudes of war metallers believe this to be the unparalleled pinnacle of the genre.
  5. Beherit- "Drawing Down the Moon" Blasphemy- "Fallen Angel of Doom"
  6. Beherit- "Oath of Black Blood" This is the only tape I've listened to since I found it a few days ago.
  7. Beherit- "Drawing Down the Moon" Beherit- "The Oath of Black Blood" Likely to listen to the latter a few more times today
  8. Gorguts- "Pleiades' Dust" Gorguts- "Obscura"
  9. Beherit- "The Oath of Black Blood" MEHL O DETH MEHL O DETH MEHL O DETH
  10. Incantation- "Tribute to the Goat" Sooner or later, I think I'm going to take the challenge of learning every song from this on guitar. I've got 'Devoured Death' and 'Unholy Massacre' down. I could see 'United in Repugnance' giving me some problems playing-wise, but most of the others should only give me trouble in the transcribing process.
  11. Taake- "Nattestid... " Riffs
  12. 1. Burzum- 'Dunkelheit' (Filosofem) 2. Mudoven- 'Lightning Rod- Your Band Fucking Sucks... ' (Truth and Tragedy... ) 3. Disgorge (San Diego)- 'Penetrate the Unfledged' (Cranial Impalement) 4. Purulent- 'Patalogia Grotesca' (Garavito's Pathological Factor) 5. Last Days of Humanity- 'Prolapsed Transpired Bowel Junk' (Putrefaction in Progress) 6. Satyricon- 'Into the Mighty Forest' (Dark Medieval Times) 7. Wolfnacht- 'Siehst Du Im Osten Das Morgenrot' (Töten Für W.O.T.A.N.) 8. Vaginal Jesus- 'X Marks... ' (Affirmative Apartheid) 9. Nitberg- 'The Triumph of W.O.T.A.N.' (Blazebirth Hall: Hammerkrieg) 10. Napalm Death- 'The World Keeps Turning' (Utopia Banished) I shortened some not-so-savory song titles. This would make a terribly-coordinated playlist, but this is all stuff that I've been listening to lately (with the exception of Satyricon). Also, that ND song is quite relevant for the time.
  13. Revenge- "Strike.Smother.Dehumanize"
  14. Dreadful Relic- "Hyborian Sorcery" Really good first-wave style bm. Members from Goatmoon, Der Stürmer, and Demoncy
  15. Grand Belial's Key- "Castrate the Redeemer"