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  1. Moenen of Xezbeth- "Ancient Spells of Darkness" Late start to my day. Only been up since noon. Got a little buzz on, listening to occult-based raw bm, gonna invite friends over to swim. Pretty cool Love tomb mold
  2. Just downloaded it. Sepsism- "Cruelty Addiction" Song on repeat. The fucking pinches, yo.
  3. I was skeptical, but this is pretty cool.
  4. It's great stuff. Comparing it to Drudkh is apples to oranges, not to mention Drudkh is an unfair measuring stick given how unique they are.
  5. Windswept- "The Onlooker" Roman is always great
  6. Nice! I'm fucked off hashish, shake, and wax rn.
  7. Ahhh, need something like this. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Cheers.
  8. They're cool but holy hell people worship them too much. Exhibit A: Uada Beherit- "Drawing Down the Moon" I needed slow blast beats
  9. Suffocation- "Effigy of the Forgotten" Never fails to slam.
  10. Bathory- "Twilight of the Gods" Title track on repeat
  11. What Incantation- "Entrantment of Evil" EP Mortician- "House by the Cemetery/Mortal Massacre" Will Rahmer is the master.
  12. Vital Remains- "Let us Pray"
  13. Bathory- "Twilight of the Gods" Definitely the most "epic" album of all time
  14. Pyrexia- "Liturgy of Impurity" (Demo) Does it really get any better than this?