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  1. Yes! Love this band:) NP: Revenge- "Victory.Intolerance.Mastery"
  2. Der Stürmer- "A Banner Greater Than Death"
  3. Conqueror- Live at NWN Fest IV 2014 So good
  4. Sadness- "Circle of Veins" Just some really sad dsbm/post-bm. Lol
  5. Hmm, i feel like these guys are a little noisier than RotUGF. There's also some cybergrind elements in CUM's work.
  6. Catasexual Urge Motivation- "Death to Pigs"
  7. Impaled- "Choice Cuts" Been on a big goregrind kick
  8. Wald Geist Winter- "Siegreich ist das Eis" I love when raw black metal bands only write about winter-related topics lol.
  9. Impaled- "The Dead Shall Dead Remain"
  10. Funeral- "Black Flame of Unholy Hate"
  11. Conqueror- "War.Cult.Supremacy" If it is possible to listen to this an unhealthy amount of times, then I have undoubtedly done so.
  12. Blasphemy- "Blood Upon the Altar"
  13. Gorguts- "From Wisdom to Hate" It's been a while. I'm glad to revisit this, especially on vinyl.
  14. Conqueror- "War.Cult.Supremacy" This has been an every-day thing for weeks now, maybe longer lol.
  15. Good stuff. I saw them live a few years ago. Still amazed that we were able to sneak a joint in and smoke it in the building. NP: Unholy Archangel- "Kataclysmic Perversions" Just fantastic black/death stuff. Reminds me of the old Spear of Longinus material, at times.