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  1. All great choices. Schubert is fantastic. NP: A playlist with tracks from Tormentor- "Anno Domini" Sadistik Exekution- "The Magus" Sarcófago- "INRI" Mortician- "Mortal Massacre/Brutally Mutilated" All of these bands are fucking insane in their own way, i seem to be falling in love with each of them all over again. I am especially appreciating Tormentor much more than I have in the past.
  2. CCR- "Green River" Taake- "Nattestid... " Two groups that I worship: the first, an old favorite, the second, a much-needed pick me up in the form of black metal!!
  3. Repudilation- "Purging of Impurity" Pyrexia worship, more or less. I say if you're going to worship someone, Pyrexia is not a bad choice. They do a damn good job of it too.
  4. Yeah I've tried the full dynamic range bs. Sounds damn near the same to me haha Suffocation- "Breeding the Spawn" It's so damn heavy.
  5. Morbid Angel- "Covenant" Always a fun listen. I prefer "Domination" and "Formulas... " though.
  6. Morbid Angel- "Blessed are the Sick" I abhor the drum production on this. The kick sounds like a ballpoint pen tapping on an old wooden school desk. However, I love everything else about this album wholely and unconditionally. Could stand to hear some more low end on the guitars and bass though.
  7. White Wolves Kommando- "Black Metal Resistance" Sorry this one is a bit obviously bigoted. Decent raw bm though 😕
  8. Mortician- "Demo #1" Mortician is different but fun with McEntee
  9. Nightbringer and Acherontas are some of my current favorites in bm.
  10. Command- various songs from splits, compilations and the cult release Kulturkampf I've had a long and not necessarily positive relationship with nsbm. But this trumps all. Good mid-paced bm moves mountains and shifts the seas.
  11. Wald Geist Winter- "Siegreich ist das Eis" Beautiful bm
  12. Moenen of Xezbeth- "Ancient Spells of Darkness" Late start to my day. Only been up since noon. Got a little buzz on, listening to occult-based raw bm, gonna invite friends over to swim. Pretty cool Love tomb mold
  13. Just downloaded it. Sepsism- "Cruelty Addiction" Song on repeat. The fucking pinches, yo.
  14. I was skeptical, but this is pretty cool.
  15. It's great stuff. Comparing it to Drudkh is apples to oranges, not to mention Drudkh is an unfair measuring stick given how unique they are.