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  1. Vothana- "Không Bao Giờ Nộp/Never to Submit" Never have i heard an album with such simultaneous amounts of sadness and incitement. I can also confidently say this was my favorite release of 2019, coming at a time when I was very much indifferent towards music due to personal strife; this was a beacon of light in the unforgiving sea, if you will. Needless to say, this release is very important to me.
  2. Këkht Aräkh- "Night and Love" Ice-cold melodic bm from Ukraine. Lovely melodies and bleak ambient breaks.
  3. Lord of Evil- "Kill for Satan" Cult demo from '93. Fucking terrible production but it just fits somehow. Mid-paced, almost doomy, primitive bm. Also, i guess these guys made 'Kill for Satan' cool before Tsjuder did, haha.
  4. Nordfront- "Werft sie raus!" Nordic Thunder- "Born to Hate" 2 solid RAC releases. I prefer Nordic Thunder for the raw agression, but Nordfront has some nice soft stuff here and there.
  5. Fukk yeah! NP: Kristallnacht- "The Funeral Years (1994-1998)" Raw and simple yet effective. The vocals and keys on 'A Strife... A Victory' are epic. The highs are so nasally that they rival even Donald Duck.
  6. Lol! He's talking about a rather new promotion, All Elite Wrestling. It's mostly based around a faction called "The Elite". There's a strong emphasis on high-risk, fast-paced in ring work, with lots of dives and crazy moves. It's also a lot less scripted than a WWE show, so the wrestlers actually talk like real people for the most part haha. You can find a good amount of clips on Youtube, if you're interested.
  7. Revenge- "Behold. Total. Rejection" I'll be darned if James Read isn't one of the most creative extreme metal drummers. Love the patterns he makes by switching between bomb blasts and traditional blasts with stupid-fast fills all throughout.
  8. Hail Peart! NP: Forest/ Branikald/ Raven Dark/ Rundagor/ Nitberg- "Hammerkrieg" This Blazebirth Hall scene has some choice BM. This compilation sums up the scene's output very well.
  9. Likewise, Natassja! Yeah, that's how it goes 😕 I would recommend checking out that hammerstorm site though. They've got lots of downloads of bands that you can't find on YouTube
  10. Thanks, Balor. You'll find a few of their songs on YouTube. I got the full album downloaded from a site called Hammerstorm.
  11. Vaginal Jesus- "Affirmative Apartheid" Hails, all! Jesus fuck this is some of the nastiest and most offensive grindcore. There's some strong RAC influence as well in the mid-paced sections. Altogether, this is an uncompromising piece of raw extreme music.
  12. All great choices. Schubert is fantastic. NP: A playlist with tracks from Tormentor- "Anno Domini" Sadistik Exekution- "The Magus" Sarcófago- "INRI" Mortician- "Mortal Massacre/Brutally Mutilated" All of these bands are fucking insane in their own way, i seem to be falling in love with each of them all over again. I am especially appreciating Tormentor much more than I have in the past.
  13. CCR- "Green River" Taake- "Nattestid... " Two groups that I worship: the first, an old favorite, the second, a much-needed pick me up in the form of black metal!!
  14. Repudilation- "Purging of Impurity" Pyrexia worship, more or less. I say if you're going to worship someone, Pyrexia is not a bad choice. They do a damn good job of it too.
  15. Yeah I've tried the full dynamic range bs. Sounds damn near the same to me haha Suffocation- "Breeding the Spawn" It's so damn heavy.