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  1. Little did I knew it would be my last concert in a long time.
  2. Redav

    Imperial Age

    Awesome Symphonic metal from Russia Their latest vídeo released in late January has passed half a million views
  3. Redav

    Morlas Memoria

    Most songs are in english ... 😕 They have a previous album, self released back in 2014 https://www.discogs.com/Morlas-Memoria-Follow-The-Wind/release/7007175 And you should give it another try, I saw them live last saturday ( never heard of them before) and was pretty impressed, and so were a lot of other people. "Time of Minutes" is an awesome anthem, been listening to it on a loop
  4. An amazing band from Germany that i discovered last weekend, opening for Visions of Atlantis
  5. I would like to recomend IMPERIAL AGE from Russia, they are more Symphonic metal than gothic, but since there is no Symphonic metal section on the forum, here goes
  6. Hello I'm from Portugal and mostly a fan of Symphonic and power metal Have several favorite bands such as Epica, Nightwish, Imperial Age, Draconian, Frozen Crown, Visions of Atlantis, Glasya (portuguese band), Ancient Bards, Arch Enemy, Angellore, Avantasia, Beyond the Black, Powerwolf, Manowar, Iron Maiden, Kalidia