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Found 10 results

  1. Hi! (sorry for my English) I'm vocalist (bass-baritone) from Ukraine based in Vienna. I also have played guitar for 10 years. Despite I'm studying classical vocal, I'm very fond of metal, especially doom, gothic and death metal. Also interested in composition. I'm looking for musicians with similar interests and open to suggestions. Thank you for your attention!
  2. Anfitrite is a symphonic gothic metal project originally from Venezuela founded in 2012 by keyboardist, arranger and composer Sting Weiss. The vast majority of the songs of this group focus on Greek mythology. It should be noted that Sting Weiss has collaborated with great musicians within the Venezuelan and international metal scene, such as Itea Benedicto (former vocalist of Niobeth), members of MortuoriuM and former members of the Spanish band Dark Moor and Retribution. In 2014 they managed to release their first album in digital format through the Bandcamp platform. Since then they became one of the most influential bands of the genre in Venezuela and also managed to become known in the rest of the world. Currently the band is working on what will be their third musical work that they plan to release under the name of "Helena de Troya" in digital and physical format (CD and USB) in limited edition. This material will be the first production created by the new line-up of the project, which is now integrated by Ysis Vivas (ex Hekla singer) as lead vocalist, Sting Weiss on keyboards/orchestration/guttural vocals, TJ Richardson (Salvation's End) on guitars and José Mendoza (Jihad) on bass. But, in order to complete the recording they need the support of all those interested in lending them a helping hand. This is due to the serious political, economic and social crisis that Venezuela is suffering at the moment, making it very difficult to complete the EP by their own means. Consequently, they have decided to officially launch a worldwide crowdfunding campaign. Through this campaign they seek to encourage donors by offering an interesting reward based on their valuable contribution. All the details related to the Crowdfunding campaign can be found at the following link along with some samples of the material they are preparing, a more complete biography and more details about the album: https://bit.ly/3eboCSn Although, for those who wish to access directly to the donation section for the campaign, a quick summary of the campaign and the rewards to be distributed among the donors, just click on this link: https://bit.ly/3tpkNzH official facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AnfitriteBanda official website: https://artistecard.com/anfitriteband source of the official campaign announcement: https://artistecard.com/anfitriteband#!/news/2021/72738
  3. Im a female vocalist.. Im looking to start a gothic, metal band, and the whole dressing up from the 17th century needs to be included. ?
  4. Hey I'm based in London, south of the river. I want to work with artists that are into Gothic metal like me. Message me. C
  5. Greetings, I am looking for something specific, but first, a confession: I love the soundtrack to "Queen of the Damned" (yeah, I know, I am a terrible person). Since first hearing it over a decade ago, I have been searching for something similar not only in sound, but in theme as well. Of course, many popular bands were involved in the soundtrack: Disturbed, Korn, Marilyn Manson, etc. However, the tracks themselves are not exactly representative of the music of their performers, but are meant to represent the music of the fictional band "The Vampire Lestat." This band is characterized by heavy, moderately paced instrumentation, a male lead vocalist with clear but masculine vocals (some growling, etc. but very minimal), and a very strong theme of vampirism, horror, darkness, etc. When I have looked around for "vampire metal" or just "vampire music" in general, I find quite a bit of Emo, some Power Metal, Doom Metal, and, of course, Gothic Metal, but the vocals all seem to be either shrieking or operatic female vocals (Theatres des Vampires) or heavily growling male vocals (Cradle of Filth). Some bands have specific tracks that fit the style (Type O Negative, "Black No. 1"), but I can't seem to find a band that is more focused on the themes. Does such a band exist, one with clear male vocals, heavy instrumentation, and a clear overall theme of vampirism, horror, etc.? I am not a goth or a fanboy of any contemporary vampire show, I just like the concept and am rather surprised that with all of the recent vampire media, more bands have not embraced the theme. Songs like "Forsaken," "Slept so Long," and "Cold," from the soundtrack seem like they would have inspired bands to try more like them. Thank you
  6. Greetings horn-siblings, I present to you Merhum, a gothic/black metal band from Smyrna, Turkey. Founded in January 2017, Merhum has released its debut album on dijital platforms in the same year in December 21st. Without further ado, I hereby share the album. I leave it to yours ears to define the album. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  7. Two years after our last work, we come back with -SI DEVS ESSET OCCIDENDVS ERIT - MONVMENTVM AB KHAOS I -, 45 minutes of mantric Doom Metal that means a new step to the experimental directions that we took in the previous split with the finnish Gangrened (2013). A new statement of intent against everything. The album will be published by American Line Productions (CD limited to 500 copies) at the end of may. Here´s a an example of you can fin in -SDEOE- , a teaser trailer of Nothing , the first track of the album. https://youtu.be/rBdzYX1IMb8
  8. Hello to all metal fellows! We are IDEAL PAIN from Greece and play power metal with gothic elements, check out our first videoclip! 00p1a9RU7Mk www.ideal-pain.com
  9. Official video of the title song from the new album by Dutch dark rock band Elizium, titled 'Elysium', starring swordfighter Mishael Lopes Cardozo, the Dutch actor who played in Game of Thrones.
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