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Found 14 results

  1. Hello everybody, This is Onur. I'm a professional singer, songwriter. I'd like to say hi to all my fellow metalheads around here. Don't hesitate to say hi. Catch you later \m/
  2. How's it going, guys. I'm Dave and I represent an Irish metal radio show called Put The Metal On. I just wanted to say hi as I'm a new member to the forums. My show is on 6pm (GMT) every Monday on 90.3 Near FM where we play the latest from Irish metal bands and metal gigs from cities like Dublin, Limerick, Belfast, Galway & Cork. Check us out @putthemetalon on FB, Twitter and Instagram if you'd like to check us out. Nice meeting you all. Dave
  3. Hello people, as the title suggests I am new in here, hopefully this forum/site will help me to find what I am looking for My name is Jo, i am from Romania, currently living in UK, also lived in Italy (yes I know italian as well) xD i am 30 years old, symphonic, dark metal addicted. I am a contralto/alto vocalist, lyricist, also artists and in the search of a family (band) My favorites bands are Kamelot, Seventh Wonder, Conception, Ghost, Serenity , Avantasia, Nightwish, old APC, Queen mostly symphonic metal, but loads of progressive metal, heavy metal, but I listen to loads of metal, period. Classic rock, alternative rock but also popish stuff like Lana del rey (gotta love Gods and Monsters) and whatever is a bit weirdish with great vocals I joined this site in the hope that I will find people that I can make a band, but also interact. Take care people, nice to meet ya
  4. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and I'm a huge fan of SOAD Other bands I like are Korn, Marilyn Manson, Black Sabbath, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Bowling For Soup and Ozzy's solo stuff SOAD are my favourite band of all time I have been to Download fest a few times and will hopefully go this year if I can earn some money first
  5. Hey guys, I hail from the UK. I was born in Bristol but now I live in Norfolk \m/
  6. Hi guys! Hey admin - if this post isn't allowed, i sincerely apologise! I am DJ KC, I present a radio show called "Bedlam" on SMART RADIO every Tuesday evening 7-10PM (GMT) which is appx 2pm (+ or - a few hours depending which time zone you are in) USA time Smart Radio is a NEW radio show based in Great Yarmouth Norfolk, and my show specializes in Heavy Metal, Thrash, hardcore etc. (There is already another guy who does the "classic rock" section on a friday) I am here for the lifelong love of Metal (I dont really do "genres" per say, it causes too many arguments!) but, I try to stay "pigeonhole free" and I do try my best to play requests. If we cant get around to playing that request that night, we will definitely make the effort to play it next week! You can tune in on the "Tuneinn" app on your digital device - search for Smart Radio GY Go to the homepage (link already previously supplied) or Get the SMART RADIO app on Android! We are currently making the app for IOS, but watch this space! check out BEDLAM check out SMART RADIO
  7. Michael


    Hi Everyone, my name is Mike! I'm from Portland, ME!
  8. Greetings to the community! I am Alex, ( AKA Sasha), and go by Alex Chaos in my local music community. I came to this forum with the purpose of meeting other awesome people who like good music to talk, share, discuss and marvel at the wonders there of. Also to promote some of the stuff I have been working on in the last little while which I already have posted on the band promotion forum so if anyone wanted to check that out, that would be awesome! That aside, hope you are all having a good day and I look forward to sharing and discussing music with you all, and hopefully make some friends and fans in the process ! See you all soon \m/ Please don't hesitate to message me if you want to say hi! - Alex Chaos
  9. Hey! My name is Joana, i'm a portuguese artist and huge metalhead! I'm new to this forum and i hope you all enjoy having me here! I'd like to show you guys my work: i create original album artworks, logos and illustrations for bands and anyone who likes metal / dark theme related drawings and art! Please visit my page and leave your like! If you need any information about my work, please contact me via Facebook or here at this forum Thanks and stay brutal! www.facebook.com/circewitchart
  10. Greetings all, im bry, i was reffered here by a friend who shares a love of metal as i do, i come to jam to tasty tunes and talk about those tasty jams with you all and give my input and opinion on other matters, thanks for having me. leave some love in the comments.
  11. Hi everyone, I just wanna introduce my old active band UndeaD Killer http://www.undeadkiller.co/
  12. Hey everyone! My name is Dakota i will tell you a little bit about myself. I am the lead vocalist and guitarist of Killing Rapunzel, a regional touring hard rock trio based in central Wisconsin. I have release a new LP with Killing Rapunzel called Taking Control. I have also performed at festivals and marquee venues throughout Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois and opened for Smile Empty Soul, Powerman 5000, 3 Pill Morning, WARRANT, Nova Rex, Hemlock, Dokken, and more. I am a huge metal fan and I hope to meet others that are as well!
  13. Hello! im Joseph, I'm 15 and recently have gotten into metal and has become my favorite genre (my second is orchestra) one of the first bands I found about was Iron Maiden... I don't think I found one song that's bad. the one I dislike the most though is "can I play with madness" or what ever the real name is I just heard it on a playlist... it dosent sounds more like metal pop from the 80's. anyways, I would like to get some suggestions for bands and other metal music on here and meat some people to talk about this kind of stuff with. my favorite bands are: WolfMother, iron maiden, London orchestra (the makers of star wars music and some other of the greatest movie themes of all time) some other things I take interest in are: Astronomy, Physics, History, Old technologies
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