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  1. Horns
    MacabreEternal gave a Damn to AlSymerz in Iron Maiden - "The Number of the Beast" (1982)   
    I was the opposite, I was happy to see them get rid of Paul. I didn't hate the guy, (that came later when he alone proved why he shouldn't be in any band) but I much preferred Bruce's voice. I may not rate it much more than 3/5 but I do think it's a better album that it's predecessors. I was sick of hearing songs like Run To The Hills by the mid 80's, but mostly because of the way they dragged it out live, not so much the studio version.
    I've had plenty of people over the last 20 years on forums tell me I'm wrong for not liking Paul, but I'm thick skinned and don't really care, I just can't get into his singing.
    As much as I do like this album I wont be rushing out and buying the cassette version released this week.
  2. Horns
    MacabreEternal gave a Damn to Dead1 in W.A.S.P. - "Inside The Electric Circus" (1986)   
    I actually think the first two WASP albums are near perfect when it comes to sleazy glammy heavy metal.  Top notch song writing and performances drenched in beer, whisky, sweat and sex.  I think they did it better than say Motley Crue or RATT or other glam bands.
    I haven't really listened to the other WASP albums as much as a result of the first two being so damn good.
  3. Horns
    MacabreEternal gave a Damn to AlSymerz in W.A.S.P. - "Inside The Electric Circus" (1986)   
    Love the Electric Circus. It was the first W.A.S.P. album I actual bought. I'd heard a few WASP songs prior to buying it but that was it. I'd also read about Blackie and seen many of those outrageous photos but at the time I was moving towards more heavier stuff. Thrash was emerging (well it had been for a few years in 86), but WASP became one of those heavy metal bands that leapt onto my regular playing list.
    I've since bought Electric Circus on CD and ripped versions of it, The Headless Children and The Crimson Idol and they are still some of the highest rotation albums I have.
  4. Horns
    MacabreEternal gave a Damn to GoatmasterGeneral in Iron Maiden - "The Number of the Beast" (1982)   
    Rare that I will read 4 paragraphs about Iron Maiden and agree with just about every word. Killers was their unquestionable apex and for me Piece of Mind would be their next best effort, even if it was to some extent a one-sided affair.
    As far as Number of the Beast, I have heard more than a few punters call it out as their fave which always seemed strange to me. Hallowed always stood out as the alpha dog here in my mind.
    But yes, even after all these years Run to the Hills does still provoke some combo of nostalgia and adrenaline, at least through the first chorus. RttH was actually the first Maiden song I ever heard here in the US, I guess that makes sense to be the single here in the states with its cowboys and Indians theme. I heard it in my car on the radio back in a time when you might hear a metal song on the radio once in a blue moon.
    I was a bit older than 6 when it came out though, I was 20 in March of '82 so unlike most of you I have no memories of growing up with Maiden or the nwobhm from my teenage years. I do remember going back to get their first two records and wondering 'What the fuck were they thinking?!? They should've kept this guy!' (Di'Anno) but clearly I am well in the minority with this view.
  5. Horns
    MacabreEternal gave a Damn to AngryWolf in Sacred Reich "Awakening"   
    When Kataklysm covers The American Way, I really prefer it, doesn't have to be complicated to be cool, and they (Kataklysm) have a sound I like better because of production value and gear. 
    I like the guitars, but where is the drum style from the american way? Tight rolls and huge fills are missing, I think the big open guitars and cool simple grinding riffs need a technician behind the drums, just not hearing the same intensity and energy. Like on salvation, That intro is a great spot to show off some chops, these drums almost sound..polite somehow lol. anyway, cool album none the less, thanks for posting about it or I would have missed it ❤️ OP
  6. Horns
    MacabreEternal gave a Damn to FatherAlabaster in Immortal Bird "Thrive on Neglect"   
    Nice review. It's been quite a while since I played their debut and I kind of lost touch with their progress, but I'll have to check this out.
  7. Horns
    MacabreEternal gave a Damn to salmonellapancake in The Fallen Ones   
    Man, it feels like I haven't logged in in forever. I had a pretty serious bout with depression, and for the longest time I didn't even find it fun to listen to music anymore. I'm on an upswing now, though. I'm in a new death metal band and we've got a backyard gig coming up, I'll be 20 soon, and things are looking okay, which is more than I could ask for. Going to post some stuff that helped get me back on the extreme metal track.
  8. Horns
    MacabreEternal given a Damn from salmonellapancake in The Fallen Ones   
    Hey @Thrashman @mindy6158, nice to see you both around.  The list was a sad one to write and I think the remaining regulars all hark for a time when we had some of the more familiar faces around.  Whilst this post was not intended to be a lure to get people posting again it is great to see you - however fleeting this may be - and stay safe out there!
  9. Horns
    MacabreEternal gave a Damn to GorboGorboze in Overkill "The Wings of War"   
    When you reviewed Candlemass and The Door of Doom, you reviewed the last album I purchased a copy of, and here you review the last album I down loaded on Spotify. If you had reviewed Manilla Road and Out of the Abyss, we would be right in line, but you would never have done that, since unlike me, you are smart enough not to be duped by spotify into thinking that came out in 2018. I've been listening to that downloaded on Spotify and believing it to be Mr Shelton's swan song like a ne culturne asshole might. I see now it came out in 2005 and is a compilation to boot, so here you have my confessional.
    As for the Wings of War, I think it's awesome, especially the drumming you mention. "Batshitcrazy" is my favorite cut. I like to listen to Overkill when I drive, but it might not help.
  10. Horns
    MacabreEternal gave a Damn to GorboGorboze in Candlemass "The Door to Doom"   
    Well I think Death Magic Doom is even better than Tails of Creation. But more to the point when Psalms for the Dead Came out billed as their final album, I was really distraught, as I basically only really liked the song "Time Is Black" and felt sorry they would end with such a poor album, and I didn't buy it, So I like this one just fine, and I bough it and The House of Doom, and The EP before that, whatever it's called (the internet remembers it as Death Thy Lover, so there you have it) the point is Candlemass has my attention. Thanks for giving them your attention with a review. Your taste remains impeccable. I wish you had mentioned the cover art in the review, as it is beautiful, especially the black and white  photo of an open hearse on the inside, which took my breath away when I opened the thing. Maybe I'm posting a spoiler, sorry if so.
  11. Horns
    MacabreEternal gave a Damn to FatherAlabaster in The Fallen Ones   
    Whoa, Mindy and Thrashman! Nice to see you both, and nice post @MacabreEternal. I definitely get nostalgic about the community as it stood a few years ago. I also understand not having the time, I've had precious little of it myself lately and have actually gotten off of FB to try and get my head back on straight.
  12. Horns
    MacabreEternal given a Damn from Natassja in Essential Finnish BM Releases - Horna/Behexen split EP - (2004)   
    Yes, I think you have recommended it a couple of times.  Got further individual entries planned for both Horna and Behexen but thought the split would be a great place to start.
  13. Horns
    MacabreEternal gave a Damn to Natassja in Essential Finnish BM Releases - Horna/Behexen split EP - (2004)   
    What a great review! I am sure I mentioned this split to you ages ago, anyway, glad you feel it! It is really nice.
  14. Horns
    MacabreEternal gave a Damn to Natassja in MacabreEternal's Top 10 BM Albums 2018   
    Nice list, Sir! I really like that Winterfylleth and also Craft was a nice surprise.
  15. Horns
    MacabreEternal gave a Damn to True Belief in MacabreEternal's Top 10 BM Albums 2018   
    Varathron very unlucky to miss out! Massive horns-up to the Immortal, Craft and Winterfylleth releases. 1914's "The Blind Leading the Blind" also a great listen.
  16. Horns
    MacabreEternal gave a Damn to Requiem in MacabreEternal's Top 10 BM Albums 2018   
    The end of the year. My children look forward to Christmas, I look forward to Top 10 Lists. 
    Nice list here. I'm not going to comment on individual albums because there may or may not be a couple appearing on my Top 10 of 2018 list, but you have given me a couple of names that I've missed this year and so will check out. Bold choice for number one! Good stuff. 
  17. Horns
    MacabreEternal gave a Damn to FatherAlabaster in Immortal "Northern Chaos Gods"   
    "tattoo removal jobs"
    "blind lesbian in a fishmongers"
    "twatted by an octopus"
    "mind of a pubescent boy"
    Yep, I'm sold.
  18. Horns
    MacabreEternal given a Damn from Balor in Winterfylleth "The Hallowing of Heirdom"   
    Thanks I will add it to my list.
  19. Horns
    MacabreEternal gave a Damn to Natassja in Bell Witch "Mirror Reaper"   
    I've been really curious about this since you mentioned it in the 'Listening..' thread, I will have to check it out. Yeh the artwork is really nice..I always enjoy reading your reviews.
  20. Horns
    MacabreEternal gave a Damn to Requiem in Summoning "With Doom We Come"   
    Firstly, I don't play Warhammer thankyouverymuch! 
    Secondly, I haven't heard this yet but I'll definitely check it out. I'll probably end up buying it, listening to it once then putting it in the collection with the other Summoning albums to be pulled out again every 12 months or so when the mood is perfect for it. With the new Norwegian one-man-band Eldamar putting out such beautiful and hypnotic Tolkien music, Summoning need to keep the quality if they're going to keep up with the new kids on the block. 
  21. Haha
    MacabreEternal gave a Damn to Requiem in Portal "ION"   
    One of the great emperor's new clothes bands when it comes to their live shows if you ask me.
    I've seen them many times in Australia and the sound is literally a wall of noise with no discernible riffs or even notes. Just some guy with a clock around his neck gurning at the audience for 40 minutes while randoms create fuzz on their instruments. Really preposterous stuff. 
  22. Horns
    MacabreEternal gave a Damn to Ecthelion in Judas Priest "Firepower"   
    The fact that this manages to be both quite consistent and their best work since 1990 at the same time given the length is rather incredible. If they retire with this, I'd be perfectly OK with that. 
  23. Horns
    MacabreEternal gave a Damn to Natassja in The King Is Blind "We Are the Parasite, We Are the Cancer"   
    Fantastic write-up, Sir...also "I was all over 'Our Father' like an STD on anyone of Motley Crue's genitalia during the 80's" is pure fuckin gold  
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