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    Born in 1970. Named Noah. Raised on a farm with 3 siblings. Married with two daughters born in '01 and '03.
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    Maine, USA
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    alcohol, tobacco, firearms,and hot smoak BBQ
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    Making pretty gardens for the rich.

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  1. I'm quitting caffeine

    a few dozen of my own hogs down on the farm over the years on their way to what we call "freezer camp".
  2. I'm quitting caffeine

    Regardless of what I tend to eat I wish i could get my self to eat about half as much of it as I tend to. I like coffee but don't imagine it does me much good, especially that second cup. I feel like a chump when I get a headache on a day when I've had none (with enough water I can avoid that, but it takes an effort). Meat is definitely murder, I've shot enough pigs in the head to know that for sure. Veganism is square one if you want to dial back on the monstrosity factor of being human (actually... getting off of fossil fuel is a bigger deal than that but who is planning to do that?), but I'm relatively comfortable with my monstrous meat consumption. One final thought... I'd hate to be in the position of controlling the food habits of a recalcitrant MoFo like BAN when I can't even get myself eating as I'd like to.
  3. What's on your mind?

    My mom, who is getting a little quirky in her old age has been marking her wooden counter with a grease pencil at noon every day all week. She's no Tycho Brahe or anything, but she is making her mark.
  4. What Are You Listening To?

    Kadavar on my wife's Spotify and she is pissed I've been signed on to her account all day while not even here most of the time so she can't be listening to it at work.
  5. What's so good about EMG pickups?

    Hey, not here to answer the question, just to announce that I just purchased a second bass on Saturday, and it has EMG pickups and everyone who has noticed them has been psyched for me.
  6. What's on your mind?

    I drank beer and ate peanut m&ms tonight. what the fuck was I thinking?
  7. What's on your mind?

    I did my best to pick a weird one, but maybe it's time for a change.
  8. What's on your mind?

    When you are an Icon you will endure a little vulgar appreciation, but there is a lot of real warmth for Tom Petty in the world. How fun to return and see that Iceni is back!
  9. What's on your mind?

    Hello all, the forum is looking sharp. I haven't been around in a while, but I still love metal and I still love you all.
  10. Hi!

    Welcome to the forum.
  11. doom 101

    So excited to hear the new Pagan Altar album. I don't see it on youtube, but do see a 2016 live performance of the title track that doesn't kill my enthusiasm. really love the band.
  12. What's on your mind?

    Well the venus is fantastic for sure, and there was another I enjoyed even more with saints meeting or some such, lets see if I can place it. OK so maybe not saints, but you can hear what the people on the boat are saying if you get up close to the canvas. there were painted crosses that were strange and interesting, and his contemporaries were on the scene as well, which was cool.
  13. Hello from down under

    Welcome, glad to have a broadening of the antipodal footprint on the forum. I hope you enjoy it here.
  14. What's on your mind?

    Dude!! I was at that show!
  15. What's on your mind?

    My Sim dude that I liked died tragically playing with fireworks, his main flaw was needing to have fun basically all the time. I regret not having made more steps into the pool, that might have saved him. He had a really cool pad with a western theme and was a monster on the electric guitar. I was devastated, and still miss him all these years later.