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  • Biography Born in 1970. Named Noah. Raised on a farm with 3 siblings. Married with two daughters born in '01 and '03.
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  1. We do like to see an introduction thread, If I'd noticed you had one I'd have put your flowers here. Please tell us more about your taste in metal.
  2. Pretty cool looking, sorry I can't help.
  3. Welcome to the forum, I hope you like it here. That yelling thing you mention seems to be more than a passing phase. Freeking kids these days. I guess it's cathartic at best and a little frat boyish when it's not at its best, at worst... well, best not to pay attention. I hope you enjoy Gojira. Please enjoy these tulips as a welcome... I just could not find a good image of tulips with a Ukulele, go figure, I thought the internet had everything.
  4. We've been admiring the little fox family at play out the window. Super cute babies, all plump from eating two of our cats through the winter? Yes, that is a possibility, but they are really cute and one of those cats killed lots of birds so he had it coming. I,m taking a pro fox position.
  5. I hope your being well compensated buddy.
  6. Accept - Metal Heart
  7. I'm pretty excited about the new album Sacred. I'm sort of dismayed to learn that they played in Boston last night, if I'd know weeks ahead I could have arranged to go. That is hard to deal with I guess. I feel like I ought to have been there.
  8. Welcome to the forum Tortuga, please enjoy some flowers.
  9. Hey, you have provided plenty of information, way above average in fact. Not many posts like this result in someone finding what you are looking for for you. I'm always interested in why one searches for a lost song though. Could you please explain, even if it is simply that you liked it and want to see more of the band, and see the video again. Thanks for you consideration, and sorry we can't be more helpful to you.
  10. Returning from a week in Boston, my band The Angelic Slugs played and had a good time. Apparently we rock and are tight, I thought for years that we suck, but actually we are thought to be pretty good. I guess I'm glad, but the down side is that they will not let me play bass since it seems that I can not sing and play at the same time. They are no doubt correct, I can not play and sing at the same time, but they are a bunch of uptight pussies, so I ask you you, what is worse? anyway it's nice for this country mouse to be home.
  11. As I may have failed to post on Facebook I like the new cut a lot. It is complicated and coherent. Great interview as well. You're truly an artist dude, I hope you are getting satisfaction from your work, you deserve it.
  12. Pink Floyd - The Division Bell
  13. The singers should be used for bacon and smoked hams, The drummer I'm afraid will only be useful if ground into sausage, the douche on the keyboards is riddles with worms and need to go on the compost pile. Only the bass players has on ounce of cool.
  14. Have at it Dude, not a problem. Thrash is the only term there that means much to me and I'd guess this was not so much a thrash album, it's the album Sacrament as it happens. Go ahead and tell me it is thrash if you want, I will totally not take it personally. That was a Lamb of God album in case anyone has lost track. shit is moving pretty quick in the nu-metal thread these days so try keep up sports fans.
  15. I've never heard all of Ten Thousands fists, and personally I liked Believe way more than Indestructible. By the way I listened to my bosses Lamb of God CD, don't know which one. Pretty sure that is Nu-metal, but not fully sure. While the subject of Nu-metal is hot, I wanted to mention that I kind of dig the high production weirdness of the Nu-metal videos that I've seen. That is a fun aspect of Nu-metal even if they are fairly vapid as far as I can tell. Lot of lights and scowls and pyrotechnics and carefully selected outfits.