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  1. The Yardbirds. There never was a more groovy band.
  2. what I wan’t to do is legal in my state. Really I want to tone down the psychoactivity Of the mix and make it possible to smoke longer without getting too high. I read a thing that encourages me to make my own mix, which seems great as I can avoid the preservatives. They did not mention, however, the issue of resin clogging up the works, but I can see that being a real problem. Thanks for your consideration Parker.
  3. Say hypothetically someone had some cannabis bud, maybe it’s CBD hemp, or quite possible it’s marijuana, what do you suppose would be a good way to smoke it from a hookah? Would you lay it on some shisha or mix it in?
  4. It looks to me, and you should know I’m a low grade metal head who relies on impeccable taste as I lack a lot of knowledge about metal, it looks as though your going for a trivial pursuit look and feel. Is that correct? If so might I suggest that is a mistake. You would do better to go the metal jeopardy route. If you go trivially here is a card suggestion. Q: Which is the greatest band ever? A: Candlemass! If you take the Jeopardizing route, and I hope you consider it, than here are some categories that you could explore. Hair today gone tomorrow. Mosh pit masters Brick wallers line up Leather lyricisms Just can’t get enough Cvlt or crime Pose me thusly I hope you find this helpful. If you go the Jeopardized way, and I can’t stress enough that... well, I hope you have received my memo regarding this. Anyway I’ll help with answers and their answers if you go this way. It’s fine if you trivialize it, but I won’t be involved.
  5. Way to go FA and Thrashman. I very much appreciate your work. I’m a long time big fan of yours Alabaster, as you well know. As for the stuff you have posted Thrashman, it really appeals to my enjoyment of textures. This is one of my favorite threads.
  6. Nice paintings Thrashman, I like them a lot.
  7. I love Moxie, but had my first diet Moxie today, and had never seen it before.
  8. Upside, you can now get diet Moxie!
  9. I’m not sure the top cut bun is widly available. I don’t think they have it way down south.
  10. Hey Parker, you got any of them top cut buns down your way? Hey Parker, you got any of them top cut buns down your way? https://images.app.goo.gl/PVWsKUT6qNNBywFFA What’s with the double posting all the time? It’s embarrassing.
  11. the album Listen by A Flock of Seagulls.
  12. I’ve never heard hamburgers called “steamed hams” but you will hear ground beef called hamberg here in Maine, and it is a quaint Mainerism to say unthaw instead of thaw out, so a real Mainer might unthaw some hamberg for dinner. For a true old school Mainer dinner is the midday meal and one eats supper in the evening.
  13. Cool, Parker, nifty to drive a model T. I think Alabaster would dig the Farnsworth, I think his art is not unlike the Wyath family art, minus the body horror aspect of FA’s style. The Farnsworth is heavily weighted towards that Family. Anyone would enjoy it though. I haven’t been to the Owls Head Transportation Museum in over week 20 years.
  14. I don’t know why the forum wanted to publish The above again, and I don’t know why I allowed it. anyway here is Gorbo’s top five regrettable things about FA’s vacation, with apologies for criticisms about a family vacation which I hope the Alabasters enjoyed immensely... 1) They were, as per usual, surrounded by Massholes. 2) They couldn’t go to the Farnsworth museum, that’s in Rockport ME. 3) they couldn’t reenact scenes from the movie “In the Bedroom” on location. 4) The couldn’t go to Cafe Zoot for coffee drinks, Zoot is in nearby Camden ME and is a fully exceptional world class coffee shop. 5) They didn’t get to hang out with Gorbo, who works in Rockport Me area.
  15. Cruzan rum and zevia root beer. It’s not especially delicious. And it’s not especially Keto neither.