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    Born in 1970. Named Noah. Raised on a farm with 3 siblings. Married with two daughters born in '01 and '03.
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    alcohol, tobacco, firearms,and hot smoak BBQ
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  1. You probably found this already, and concluded that it was made to recently to be what your looking for. It's pretty similar in style though. I would go with folk metal as a genre label, the song dates back to the early sixteen hundreds at least, if Wikipedia is to be believed.
  2. Did anyone watch BangerTV do "Shredders of Metal" season three, the drummer edition? It was as silly as anything they do, but entertaining, and very impressive. Also does anyone here concern themselves with what might be called NWOTM, new wave of triditional metal. Should that be a thing? I wonder if maybe it is a trend to put out cool retro style album covers, but maybe not a genre really, just a retro metal... well I'll just double down on the word trend. I don't want to be dismissive, and I love it, it's just all the existing 80s metal genres reskined with a high gloss finish more or less. One thing I will say is that bringing up a Spotify playlist labeled "New Wave of Triditional Metal" leads to a pretty satisfying result for this particular child of the Eighties. Where does it come from, are there a bunch of kids out the deciding that the obscure metal of the 80s was the coolest thing or is there a factory out there somewhere manufacturing all these bands, and throwing down for pretty professional looking cover art?
  3. I keep a couple spooky Halloween sounds CD's in my car which I listen to a few times a year in the off season. These suggestions seem to be a cut above that.
  4. Exciter - Heavy Metal Maniac And now Violance & Force.
  5. Sadly I rarely take the time to tune it which is a minor chore with all those strings, though thank goodness we are living in the age of the snark. The great thing is that it is very satisfying to play just on occasion as it easy to make it sound decent. I hope you won't think less of me when I admit that I have strips of papering propped under the strings saying what notes they are. It is like using training wheels.
  6. I have a hammered dulcimer, and think it could be great for metal, I've wanted to get a pickup for it and try it with some petals, but have not yet.
  7. JorisK, regarding the tune you are looking for, please check out the tune Right to Die by a band called Atrophy. I don't think it's the tune your looking for, but it is very similar. Anyway, Corrosion of Conformity is more artsy than this cut you are looking for, so I don't think it is them. Also I think the word 'water' will appear in the title of the tune, it is hear towards the end " 'something' in the water, dectives in the fire" do you make that out towards the end of the tune? Whatever lyrics do you hear JorisK? Nice one Noblastbeats, I'd never heard D.R.I. Much if at all, but that seems like a real solid suggestion. Right on target with the vocals and the overall sound.
  8. jorisK, welcome. wow Jackass. Hard way to make a living. I gather the thing aired in 2001, so there is a hint, but I bet the music predates that by quite a lot. Am I off base if I say it's from the 80's? I think it could be that old. I am not a thrash fan, but if someone says it's mid era thrash I won't be surprised. What is you plan once you learn what this music is? Will you be looking to hear the whole album it comes from? Are you planning to recreate the scene and want to get permission to use the soundtrack? I would caution you against a recreation of this or just about any segment from Jackass. The risk of injury is too high. I would watch with interest a remake of this dangerous ramp to the water done as a puppet animation, that would be a safe approach. I might try a little more to help find the cut if I wasn't so concerned for your personal safey. Hey, do you think the band might be Corrosion of Conformity?
  9. Armoured Saint playlist on Spotify.
  10. I love Maiden's eponymous debut, and the opening track might be my favorite because of it's position. There are several tunes on the album I like just as well, but it's a great start. I'm no Dickenson detractor per se, though in my way I am. The vocalist on the debut is my favorite. Was he only on that first album, or did he do others? I listen to Preist a fair amount, but almost never British Steel, literally I've listened to the entire album through fewer than five times in the past, well... let's say 40 years. Why you may ask? Well I'm going to tell you. It's the cover, it makes me intensely uncomfortable. That freaking razor, it creeps me out just writing about it. I recall some film where someone attempts suiside in the bath tub with a razor like that, and they break the thing in half. There are lots of Preist album with covers I love, so maybe I'm missing out on some fabulous tunes, but what's to be done about it. Apparently I have a delicate psychological condition. The cover on the first Maiden album, by the way, is one of my favorite album covers of all time so there is that.
  11. Welcome, I hope you have fun here.
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