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  • Biography Born in 1970. Named Noah. Raised on a farm with 3 siblings. Married with two daughters born in '01 and '03.
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  1. Well the venus is fantastic for sure, and there was another I enjoyed even more with saints meeting or some such, lets see if I can place it. OK so maybe not saints, but you can hear what the people on the boat are saying if you get up close to the canvas. there were painted crosses that were strange and interesting, and his contemporaries were on the scene as well, which was cool.
  2. Welcome, glad to have a broadening of the antipodal footprint on the forum. I hope you enjoy it here.
  3. Dude!! I was at that show!
  4. My Sim dude that I liked died tragically playing with fireworks, his main flaw was needing to have fun basically all the time. I regret not having made more steps into the pool, that might have saved him. He had a really cool pad with a western theme and was a monster on the electric guitar. I was devastated, and still miss him all these years later.
  5. We die and die again. And in the end what do we have to show for ourselves?... Nothing but a stack of skulls.
  6. Welcome to the forum. I hope you like it.
  7. Wow Dude, I hope that goes well for you. You'll be in my prayers as you ask.
  8. Welcome to the forum.
  9. I'm eating a steak and cheese sandwich my wife made. Yes, venison is wonderful, especially back strap kebab.
  10. Yeah, I know it. Sorry.
  11. How is that even possible mathematically, let alone metaphysically? I'll need to see an undoctored screenshot.
  12. Welcome indeed, glad you are here, and I hope you enjoy it. Please accept some flowers as a token of appreciation for you newcomer status.
  13. Yes Requiem, you are the undeniable poster of the beast and no one whose forum pagination doesn't differ from the norm will be able to deny you that honor. Would one of the moderators please affirm this fact for Requiem? We would all be grateful if you would. Until a moderator comes in and acknowledges your prestige, Requiem, here is a satanic certificate I stole for you from off of the internet. I hope it brings you solace. official certificate of satanic prestige award to Requiem by Gorboze for undeniable "poster of the beast" status. Issued in his blasphemous name on fathers day 2017.
  14. oh look, it's the "what's on your mind" page of the beast. #666 on my computer at any rate. I saw Weedeater last night with Serial Hawk, Black Wizard, and Sylvia. I had a wicked good time.
  15. I picked up a stereo components cabinet on the side of the road. It is big and black and has a glass door with magnetic clasp thingy. Totally classic. I put my stereo components in it. I have lots of them, and several even work properly. Also I got Weedeater tickets for tomorrow.