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    I have been playing guitar, writing, and listening to metal for around 35 years. Looking for a community to find new music, and to share the stuff I make.
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    Haha wow, I have never seen more pathetic pussies lose their shit over a forum posts HAHAHAHA You faggots always dump your purses out instantly when someone calls you on being idiots? I'm not Dimebag Darrell, So it wasn't self promotion was it morons? Nothing but 3 moderatators with too much time and two 12 year old posters who are desperately trying to be cool, I am sure your site will grow, lol. 😃 Laters fuckwits 😃
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    Yeah good call, how dare I make a post about pantera in a pantera thread, what was i thinking.
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    I like Pantera so much I made a video about how to REALLY play Walk: And can we check out the Cowboys from hell ink? PICS!
  4. All outstanding metallica points, I think it is perspective, Once you have done Verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, verse, chorus, for 20 or 30 years. You want to change it up, Thanks for letting me play devils advocate, im always trying to really give a chance to whatever an artist is doing RIGHT now, the tendency is to dismiss it because it isn't what they did before, but that kind of growth and change is interesting to me.
  5. I guess because of the dissapointment of the black album and the bar being set so low, I was just happy to hear them play thrash again. And justice was really bad, no bass, bad production. 8 minute arrangements so boring, they wont even play most of it live. The first three albums were worse. So im not sure what people are hearing when they listen to kill em all which sounds like it is one step above 4 track quality. People have a reverence for those first 4 albums and they are just Venom songs redone. Boring to musicians, E and F and F# for four albums... talk about uninspired. Death magnetic is where they started writing their own stuff. They arent copying someone else, they arent doing bob rock songs, they are finally actually writing original things, and im not sure what you are expecting from metallica but it is written for angry teenagers, so your critcism on the lyrics is that they arent philosophy and they are written towards teenage angst because thats who metallica fans are? I certainly dont agree but it did make me laugh. They were never known for deep sensitive lyrics, they arent coldplay, lol. So they are connecting with their audience in the way that has worked for them for 4 decades. You need to go to a nice poetry recital maybe? Perhaps read some philosophy? Looking for wisdom from a metal band's lyrics is like expecting to meet a genius on the short bus. And it doesnt matter what any of us think because they figured it out. Any metallica show will now sell out within hours of being announced. No one in this discussion is able to make money with music like they did, and sell out everyshow everynight everywhere so they know something we dont.
  6. Yeah Cliff Burton was way into music theory and melodies and harmonies. If you listen to And Justice....It is actually missing some of the more amazing 2 part guitar melodies that are harmonizing in 3rds or 5ths to get that wicked sound. Cliff was writing all that stuff. And as far as a Live line up for Metallica, I have to go with the current setup (In a perfect world Cliff would be the producer and James' writing partner, Bob Rock would be in charge of tone and sound only, and Joey from slipknot would be on drums, with Kirk solo'ing like he does now) The current bass player is amazing live, I have seen him a ton of times in a ton of bands, he always makes huge artists I love deeply sound amazing. Ozzy sounds better with Trujillo, So does Metallica. Suicidal Tendencies was something I should have listed because they are one of my absolute favorites and it is because of Trujillo to a big degree. The ST Revolution album has amazing slap bass with metal guitars grooving really hard. A Suicidal side project was called Groove Family Psycho, or something like that, and he plays slap bass for that as well. so good. Ill probably get disagreed with here but going with the current lineup as my fav because of Trujillo and Greeny, and because I like the newer albums. Death Magnetic is an awesome thrash album, And Hardwired is a great rock/metal/thrash album too, and Kirks solos are SOOOOO much better now because he will improv, and play these great groovy bluesy weird solos that come from his soul rather than playing 3 and a half minute pentatonic runs all night in every song like when they had Cliff. Plus, any Metallica show now will be 3 hours, sound amazing, and you will hear all the cool old stuff with the new stuff, Trujillo even takes a creative approach to Cliffs solo and it sounds amazing. Also, Jason Newstead was such a NFL punter, playing with a pick...Psssshhhh, what a cheeseball >.> The Pick bass sound was just wrong for metallica, so i celebrated big when trujillo joined, because it sounded like metallica again (Well after therapy and the got some kind of monster out of their system and started making thrash again) The Black album load reload SKoM, are not really metallica albums for me, they are Bob Rock albums. And they are radio, arena rock albums, and frankly AC/DC does that better and I love them for it ya know. As for Mustaine, I think we would have lost such a killer band if he had just been a lead player in metallica. Megadeth writes cooler songs for me. More emphasis on darker melodic content, with faster riffage and more minor notes and badass lead players always. So I dig ride the lightning, but Dave needed to make his music or this world would have been a lesser universe as a whole. Black Sabbath did a reunion tour like a couple of decades ago, and their is a 2 show DvD that smashes balls. HD sound and they play all the songs with the original line up, crushing!
  7. Hello again I have something a little bit different sounding, It is still Sonny Chainsaw, but written a little differently, I so appreciate a place to share my music, ty for checking it out. This is called Briefcase of Contagion:
  8. Jason Becker - Valley Of Fire (Official Music Video) This is an example of the music Becker is doing now. I like so many styles of music never mind just metal. But GWAR, Tool, Sabbath, Exodus, Steel Panther. Black Flag, Pantera, Mr. Bungle, Dillinger Escape Plan, Vai, Dream Theatre, Cannibal Corpse, Meshuggah, Ill headbang to Metal Church Or some Skid Row, All the way to the Dead Kennedies to Dababy to the Gratefull Dead to Weezer and then back to playing along with Reign in Blood again just for fun. I try to give all music an honest chance so I dont miss something i like
  9. Releasing these as I do them because they are just so fun to do, thanks for checking them out. Sonny Chainsaw - Sharp Dressed Serial Killer:
  10. AngryWolf


    https://ultimateclassicrock.com/eddie-van-halen-dimebag-darrell-guitar-buried/ This is a story about why Eddie Van Halen buried one of his guitars with Dimebag Darrell
  11. And The Four Horsemen Was originally recorded by Dave Mustaines old band before metallica. It was and Is called The Mechanix but its the same song played differently just a little bit. They even do it live sometimes Megadeth - The Four Horsemen Tease / Mechanix (Live In Uniondale 2006): Sound quality is bad but you can hear the different approaches. And when I make a song everyone in the band mixes their own version with digital home studios these days. And, A song is really never done. Little pieces and changes get added to most artists stuff over time, making tons of different versions.
  12. 8 String detuned dean guitars, they are short scale and sound disgusting when detuned: and according to spec sheets dean guitars have a shorter scale (neck length) than most baritone 8 or 7 string guitars like the ibanez universe I have is 26.5 so the notes come out clean with the heavier string. 25.5 and they will be just a touch to short and will slightly detune. Think les paul versus strat the strats frets are a touch longer and feel that way, when you even detune a short scale les paul into drop D the note warbles when you hit it hard and detunes like an 1/16th in pitch but it is way perceptable to the ear. Why Guns and Roses and Motley Crue sound cool, they are detuning guitar a half step and a whole step that are intonated (string length determines the note, guitars are setup typically in 440 standard, so open E, and the length of the string and thickness determine the pitch of the string) and it makes the guitars sound minor when you play open notes, and the notes detune a little bit when hit hard for that dark evil sound. The note is literally going minor which sound evil and dark to human ears. Dean guitars are: Scale length: 27" - 25.5" Dean has a short scale length for heavy 7 or 8 string guitars. So the notes are a touch detuned when you hit the guitars as hard as they have to get the riffs out, and they dont fix it in production, they just go with it. If you are really interested in the sound I would literally message this 12 year old doing a perfect cover through a simple ass interface laptop I linked below, and ask them how they are getting the sound. But I am pretty sure it is fingers ya know, how you physically play it (awesome album btw, that sound is massive) short scale detuned guitars and the 5150/Mesa/Brugera Fuzz tube amp setting on your effects unit to my ears. Also. the bass player is playing long scale perfect notes, so it creates a dissonance, in addition, there is sub bass 808 type impacts on this record, like electronic sub-bass hits that follow the bass and bass drum. make it sound heavier. Hope that helps, sorry i cant say preset 28 on your effects unit, not one im familiar with. DEVOURMENT - "Festering Vomitous Mass" Guitar Cover (w/ tab)
  13. blackdoomfan, I usually agree with your posts and tastes in metal, we like the same stuff, and Becker is both tragic and amazing 😃 BUT! I wont do this lol. As a guitar player we always kind of say no one is better, we are all different. But when it comes to Becker, Malmsteen, Vai, Asahi. it is bs, they are better. But they cant write a song like Cannibal Corpse or even The Misfits can usually. Better to shred or be able to write the super simple stupid power chord riffs that my 4 year old niece can play? Sometimes simple is better, cooler, more fun. Death invented some song writing structures that are solidly in place in 2021 recordings. Mustaine should get a lot of credit for songwriting, leads. rhythm. singing, and basically willing his style of minor writing into existance and getting it on the radio when no one played metal So it is better to be an athletic type shredder, that literally is above everyone else physically? Or be able to write a riff that will make 80,000 people at a festival bounce like one gigantic wild animal? I cant listen to an hour long becker album, it is all speed metal solos, i respect it. It took me 20 years to even do some of his stuff on guitar...but lets hear Obituary - Cause of Death album through one more time!
  14. Yeah, Gary Moore seems like a blues guy, but he is pure metal if you have ever tried to play his licks. Kirk gets big points for taking it with him on tour. A guitar that can't go to war for the metalhead playing it and survive is useless, what good is a guitar that cant do a show with you, blegh, The guy that was the caretaker before Kirk kept it under glass in a hermetically sealed vampire coffin, guarded by orcs and navy seals 27 hours a day, (I might be exaggerating a touch) so it is cool someone that can afford it is still playing it. I bet they dont play it in the rain, "oops we ruined a 740,000 (idk im guessing) dollar ir-replacable guitar." I wouldnt want to be that guitar tech. I bet he stresses bad everynight. I have held an Alembic pure brazilian rosewood guitar that was a Jerry Garcia tribute, got to play it 5 minutes before we sold it. I mention it because brazilian rosewood trees are mostly gone. But I wouldnt be comfy playing on stage each night, guitars get beaten up, abused, bled and sweat on, bumped, beaten, and bruised, and the guitars i own and love the most are the beat up worked in ones that are 30 years old with the finish all melted and chipped and worn from use, wood wears down and the necks sort of thin out as they are played making a guitar be like an old comfy pair of shoes. Something i learned a long time ago though, sometimes a 200 dollar student model cheapy guitar from indonesia sounds and feels better than the 3 grand Les Paul custom, the big difference is the hardware fails on the cheap guitar, but that can be replaced. Like the Greeny guitar, sometimes the wood all comes together just right and vibrates in a certain way, or the elctronics sound a certain way combined with different players, and it makes a guitar an extension of the musicians hands and mind. Greeny was bought to replace Eric Clapton originally. How would you like to be the guy replacing the man people used to cover walls in graffiti for, saying, Clapton is God...Pressure salad for two please! Sorry to babble on, love this stuff. The reason for my post I forgot to mention to the OP, to stop feedback and really control it turn you back to the amp slowly and it will fade like a note. The pickups facing a speaker is what actually makes feedback sounds. I figured if he turned up a 100 watt amp all the way and tried this, he already is aware how to stop feedback or is in jail for noise complaints.
  15. Posting these as I finish them, hope that is ok, this one will probably get me sued but i think its funny. Lyrics for those that might care, this is free always, I never charge people for music, likes are amazing though, so is anyone willing to listen to even a few seconds, ty. Lyrics: Chemical made zombies roam the wasteleand, Feasting on one another, Violence belligerence and rot permeate this is the american wasteland walking corpses: Our cities crawl Paradise burns Nothing left but immaculate death
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