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    I have been playing guitar, writing, and listening to metal for around 35 years. Looking for a community to find new music, and to share the stuff I make.
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  1. Jason Becker - Valley Of Fire (Official Music Video) This is an example of the music Becker is doing now. I like so many styles of music never mind just metal. But GWAR, Tool, Sabbath, Exodus, Steel Panther. Black Flag, Pantera, Mr. Bungle, Dillinger Escape Plan, Vai, Dream Theatre, Cannibal Corpse, Meshuggah, Ill headbang to Metal Church Or some Skid Row, All the way to the Dead Kennedies to Dababy to the Gratefull Dead to Weezer and then back to playing along with Reign in Blood again just for fun. I try to give all music an honest chance so I dont miss somethi
  2. Releasing these as I do them because they are just so fun to do, thanks for checking them out. Sonny Chainsaw - Sharp Dressed Serial Killer:
  3. AngryWolf


    https://ultimateclassicrock.com/eddie-van-halen-dimebag-darrell-guitar-buried/ This is a story about why Eddie Van Halen buried one of his guitars with Dimebag Darrell
  4. And The Four Horsemen Was originally recorded by Dave Mustaines old band before metallica. It was and Is called The Mechanix but its the same song played differently just a little bit. They even do it live sometimes Megadeth - The Four Horsemen Tease / Mechanix (Live In Uniondale 2006): Sound quality is bad but you can hear the different approaches. And when I make a song everyone in the band mixes their own version with digital home studios these days. And, A song is really never done. Little pieces and changes get added to most artists stuff over time, making
  5. 8 String detuned dean guitars, they are short scale and sound disgusting when detuned: and according to spec sheets dean guitars have a shorter scale (neck length) than most baritone 8 or 7 string guitars like the ibanez universe I have is 26.5 so the notes come out clean with the heavier string. 25.5 and they will be just a touch to short and will slightly detune. Think les paul versus strat the strats frets are a touch longer and feel that way, when you even detune a short scale les paul into drop D the note warbles when you hit it hard and detunes like an 1/16th in pitch but it is way
  6. blackdoomfan, I usually agree with your posts and tastes in metal, we like the same stuff, and Becker is both tragic and amazing 😃 BUT! I wont do this lol. As a guitar player we always kind of say no one is better, we are all different. But when it comes to Becker, Malmsteen, Vai, Asahi. it is bs, they are better. But they cant write a song like Cannibal Corpse or even The Misfits can usually. Better to shred or be able to write the super simple stupid power chord riffs that my 4 year old niece can play? Sometimes simple is better, cooler, more fun. Death invented some song writing structures
  7. Yeah, Gary Moore seems like a blues guy, but he is pure metal if you have ever tried to play his licks. Kirk gets big points for taking it with him on tour. A guitar that can't go to war for the metalhead playing it and survive is useless, what good is a guitar that cant do a show with you, blegh, The guy that was the caretaker before Kirk kept it under glass in a hermetically sealed vampire coffin, guarded by orcs and navy seals 27 hours a day, (I might be exaggerating a touch) so it is cool someone that can afford it is still playing it. I bet they dont play it in the rain, "oops we ruined a
  8. Posting these as I finish them, hope that is ok, this one will probably get me sued but i think its funny. Lyrics for those that might care, this is free always, I never charge people for music, likes are amazing though, so is anyone willing to listen to even a few seconds, ty. Lyrics: Chemical made zombies roam the wasteleand, Feasting on one another, Violence belligerence and rot permeate this is the american wasteland walking corpses: Our cities crawl Paradise burns Nothing left but immaculate death
  9. Can't get these tracks out of my head: High on Fire - The Black Plot, and Pig Destroyer - The Diplomat And the ever awesome Pig Destroyer - The Diplomat
  10. Sorry to bring up an old topic but ya know Dave needs defending sometimes. Bob Rock, the producer for the black album, did his album style and radio sound, Like Dr Feelgood. Sonically really solid albums. But Megadeth has the guitar players jaws dropping, Dave specifically, Wake up dead, he is doing the riffs and the solos in the same takes on stage. If Bob Rock had been involved with Risk it might have had radio tracks, but instead of the top 40 producer Dave with a more artistic choice. Also his solo players have been pretty amazing, Marty Friedman with the egyptian sounds on the holy wars a
  11. Embarrassingly enough my first "metal" album was Quiet Riot, lol. Cum on Bring the Noise! I didn't think it was fast enough, and then I hear Anthrax's first album and the title track Deathrider and the machine gun double picked 16 notes on a distorted guitar sounded and still sounds like angels fucking to me. WOW Then as a 12 year old my guitar teacher took me to see Metallica on the Kill Em All tour, Cliff was alive and on it. Hooked for life after that show, Then my eight year old ears heard The Trooper from Maiden and I got a guitar, Then i heard Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, and Can
  12. Gary Moore is standing at a 45 degree angle to his tube amp with it cranked like Alabaster talked about. A studio trick is that you can use anything from a wedge monitor to studio monitors or house stereo speakers to get feedback with some gain going. Most of the examples in the albums you linked are tube amps howling. Gary Moores guitar is using a 60 year old les paul burst named Greeny after the original owner, Peter Green. So he is using the guitar Greeny, which is an old les paul that had its pickups botched in the factory with a reversed magnet and rewired incorrectly (or perfectly, depen
  13. Yeah, this site is very cool. I have already been taking full advantage. Heard some awesome new thrash from the posters here and have even have taken advantage of the promotion area, which is a fantastic part of your site, thanks for putting that together. The opportunity to hang out and be a metal nerd is outstanding. So in appreciation, and to give something to the community: I am a guitar tech willing to teach people the things I know like setups for floyd rose style metal gutiars, all the way down to how to restring a classical or how to setup a les paul. Don't pay the guitar tec
  14. So I make this music at home for purely myself and a few old friends that like GWAR and Slayer and Misfits. It isnt for commercial use at all, I cant imagine anyone but some of us thrash, punk, guitar guys will like it, but i have been making music for other people for a long time, and wanted to do something that was purely for me to get what's in my head recorded, and i always loved samples and am fascinated by dark topics, they fit well with metal, and I made it to sound like a garage band doing first takes on purpose to get a raw, almost psychotic dark sound, hitting the guitars hard enough
  15. I appreciate the classic stuff, but really dig the artwork that could have been in a Dungeons and Dragons book. The "guy approaching the castle to do battle" theme is way slick, The red castle would make some great cover artwork.
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