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  1. Autumn/The Fall breezes in over at Metal Academy and our dedicated black, folk and viking metal clan "The North" has a suitably colder theme to its monthly playlist for October: Continuing the theme of a drop in temperature we are shooting the shit over the debut album from Cirith Gorgor. Onwards to the Spectral Defile is the monthly feature release for The North, with a full list of featured releases on the link below: Metal Academy October 22 Feature Releases In addition to this we now operate a "Review Draft" each month. Clan members get to pick from a selection of randomly generated releases from the site database which often leads to new discoveries, obscure releases getting some words written about them and the risk of some absolute fucking turkeys getting some airtime. Review Draft
  2. I mean nice of you to add comment but this thread is over three years old, Guessing they might have gotten through the whole discography by now.
  3. The continuous conveyor belt of new music drains me though. I find myself dipping in for a few releases and then I get naffed off with the sheer frequency of them. I find just as much (if not often more) pleasure from spinning the stuff I have already nowadays.
  4. Sentenced - North From Here (1993)
  5. Gravesend - Methods of Human Disposal (2021) Fuck Around Friday sees me land on 20 Buck Spin's roster and grindcore terrorists Gravesend. 27 minutes and 6 seconds of filth to start Friday seems like a fair offer to me.
  6. Abhorrency - Climax of Disgusting Impurities (2022)
  7. Behemoth - Opvs Contra Natravm (2022)
  8. Of Feather And Bone - Sulphuric Disintegration (2020)
  9. I finally got around to this album today. It is horrendous. It is half-hearted in delivery, lazily written and simply flat for large parts of the album were it just goes AWOL. I know he's been unwell and most certainly is no spring chicken but Mustaine is lacklustre at best (his best performance being on the extended edition and the Dead Kennedy's cover but also Sammy Hagar is on this version on the cover of his own song - SAMMY FUCKING HAGAR??) Fretboard wankery abounds on a few occasions here and it brings nothing to the compositions whatsoever. DiGiorgio might as well not be here, just like most other Megadeth albums I cannot hear the bass regardless of who is playing it. A horribly tired and ill-conceived album for a band that is about to clock up forty years of existence.
  10. Long Distance Calling - Eraser (2022)
  11. Abhorrency - Climax of Disgusting Impurities (2022) All hail...
  12. Tribal Gaze - The Nine Choirs (2022)
  13. Solitude Aeturnus - Alone (2006)
  14. Fu-Manchu - Return To Earth 91-93
  15. Fugitive - Maniac (2022) Fuck Around Friday this week sees the new band from Blake Ibanez and Lincoln Mullins delivering some crossover thrashing madness. If you have heard Power Trip or Enforced and like to hear what they would sound like if John Tardy did vocals then Fugitive are for you (John Tardy doesn't do the vocals btw).
  16. Timeshare'94 - Groot In België (2022)
  17. This is going to lead to promotional posts. Thread locked.
  18. Hey there, if you look in the sub-genres sections you will find a recommendations thread pinned to the top of most of them which is where the YouTube links can be found usually also.
  19. Begrime Exemious - Rotting in the Aftermath (2022) Fuck Around Fridays takes me to Canada this week and some blackened death metal to kick off my morning. Simple and punishing is my best short description. No frills needed.
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