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  1. Welcome, I am currently revisiting 'White Pony' after 'Korea' popped up on a shuffle playlist earlier this week. Tried to get to grips with The Prodigy's last effort but it feels to commercial for me, not terrible just a bit too polished.
  2. 'White Pony' is about as close to nu-metal as you can get in terms of attitude yet also so very far away in terms of the blending of other musical influences (especially considering the amount of white stuff going up their noses at the time of writing/recording). Delgado drives so much of that record yet Carpenter also chops the fuck out tracks like 'Korea' and drives the metal part of the sound so well. I actually lose myself in 'White Pony' most of the time, considering it is by a band whose core genre is not one I get on with too well this is no mean feat.
  3. I'm not a bass player or a vocalist but still have a massive intro.
  4. First of all @FatherAlabaster, brilliant thread. Challenging one this and will require some more thought, but to pick up on the example of 'Pleiades' Dust' if I can, this is nothing short of one of the best compositions that Lemay has ever put his name too. To write something as arcane as that and somehow retain any sense of narrative is extraordinary. I mean literally every part of the Gorgut's engine is working in unison on that EP. Hamelin's understated drums, Marston's ever-present yet never smothering bass and Hufnagel's textural perfection alongside Lemay's visionary riffage all fits together so well you'll want to hug yourself on behalf of the band. Some cunt on another forum once said in response to 'Pleiades' Dust' that "life is too short for Gorguts". What a bell end!
  5. Overkill 'The Wings of War' Condor 'Unstoppable Power' Flowers for Bodysnatchers 'Babi Yar' Rammestein - s/t Massacra 'Enjoy the Violence'
  6. You’re winning at life, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!
  7. This was why I moved to Trello for this recommendation listing. Trello is my life at present.
  8. Thanatos ‘Emerging from the Netherworlds’
  9. Darkthrone ‘Arctic Thunder’
  10. The misery of the packing of boxes and my life being work all day then pack boxes every night and all through the bank holiday weekend has made Macca a dull boy! Playing lots of Iron Maiden this weekend to help my mind with memories of more positive times discovering one of my favourite bands some 27 years ago. Also helping me with doing some reviews for an Internet acquaintance’s new site which is also helping fill my head with space dedicated to things less stressful.
  11. Iron Maiden ‘Piece Of Mind’ Darkthrone ‘The Hardship Of the Scots’
  12. Vanum ‘Ageless Fire’ - so many influences on this that tease their way to the surface with repeated listens. I didn’t get on with it at first but something made me hold on to it and return. Black Metal, hardcore monotonous vocals and some sheer heavy metal riffs galore. Deceased ‘Ghostly White’ - pleasantly surprised by this. Not that I am a regular listener to Deceased but this seems so much more pure metal than the previous menacing thrash of previous outings I have acquainted myself with. Only two this week.
  13. Current tenants at the new place put some decking down during their time there and were originally going to take it with them but have offered it to us at a cut price deal. The missus is looking forward to an outside lounging area but I just am happy to have additional burial space.
  14. Yep, I wrote a review for it on the blog here. It is a great record but then seems as how it has Death/Black Metal royalty on it you’d expect nothing less.
  15. Vanum 'Ageless Fire' Such a mix of styles here all well measured to let the more black metal elements thrive well. Not entirely in love with the monotonous vocals but they do fit well still. Certainly enough melody here to make Mgla feel inaccessible but it never feels safe. @FatherAlabaster are these on your radar?
  16. This is why the TV rights to the biopic drama serialisation of my life never sold. I am sure.
  17. Deceased ‘Ghostly White’
  18. Ritual 'Soldiers Under Satan's Command'
  19. Wow, so many words. One word intro then straight off for a "help me with my screams" thread. Stall set out nicely....