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  1. Morbid Angel ‘Kingdoms Disdained’
  2. Grand Magus ‘Wolf God’ promo tracks, seems the usual fayre from these guys. Solid, anthemic, fist pumping metal. Can’t help but feel they are past their best still but this may grow more as the full album drops and with repeated listens.
  3. Thy Serpent 'Forests of Witchery' Behexen 'Nightside Emanations' Behexen 'The Poisonous Path'
  4. Diabolical Masquerade ‘Nightwork’
  5. There’s a review in the blog section of the forum.
  6. Nah, just two enquiries, one said no to pets and the other added us to a list for viewing.
  7. Conversely to FatherA’s move not happening, we have have done the first round of clearing out ready for our move. Usual stuff around a wardrobe that we tried to move and if fell apart so had to be rebuilt and braced between a wall and a bed. Then there was the mandatory trip to the refuse/recycling centre who helped me ‘dump my load’. Similar to the above my workspace is now clear for the first time in months having freed up another cupboard to dump all our shit into so my office is my own again. I won’t do anything as creative as Alabaster will in his space. My language might get ‘creative’ at some point and I might draw a band logo on my notepad during a conference call but really it is not comparable.
  8. Good lad! Many Happy Returns for the day!
  9. Thy Serpent 'Forests of Witchery'
  10. Emperor 'IX Equilibrium' (1999 - Candlelight Records) Whilst accepting this was a shift in direction that proved too much for some after the breathtaking majesty of the first two Emperor albums, I found the third offering to be very appealing. The aggressive sound and rogueish charm of the 'bashing pots n' pans' percussion creating that wall of sound was a welcome prospect to my ears (albeit they really got it right on the next release). Coroner 'Punishment for Decadence' (1988 - Noise Records) Maintaining the entertainment levels after the debut was always going to be a challenge for Coroner, but the sophomore release more than shows the progression of a band who not only maintain the momentum of the debut, but manage to up their game still on the technicality front whilst still maintaining a strong songwriting ethos also. DIssection 'Storm of the Light's Bane (2006 2CD Deluxe Edition - Black Horizon Music) I literally am sat here listening to this as I type with the delivery only coming a couple of hours ago. This version offers two different mixes of the record (one the "normal" mix, the other an unreleased alternative mix). Whilst disc one that contains the original sounds as magnificent as I remember, it is disc 2 with the alternative mix, unreleased 1994 demo and 'Where Dead Angels Lie MCD ' 96 Remastered Original Mixes that has me salivating as the band blister their way through Tormentor and Slayer covers amongst the various demo versions of tracks. Neat find.
  11. Sacramentum "Far Away From the Sun" - again no idea what happened to the digital version. Beginning to think I went on some inebriated anti-melodic BM purge of my music library one night and woke up hungover, wearing my Marduk t-shirt the next day without any memory of the night before. 🤔
  12. Marduk “Panzer Division” Dissection "Storm of the Light's Bane"
  13. Dissection ‘Storm Of The Lights Bane’ on CD, I don’t know where my digital copy of this went but I have decided to make a physical copy it’s replacement. I am the regressionist!
  14. On the top banner of the forum page there’s a Blogs section (desktop version) and there’s an Essential Finnish BM Releases blog in there. Can’t link at mo as on mobile version. If you can’t see it let me know and will link you later.
  15. Inquisition 'Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer'
  16. Same for us really, short of a windfall I am looking at a 5 year plan to build the capital to buy a house with a minimal mortgage (neither of us are getting any younger) and of course there's a wedding to pay for in between now and then. Being a grown up fucking sucks!
  17. So, you'll be hard pushed to find a better ending to an album than 'Thorns On My Grave' from Emperor 'Prometheus...' Aggressive, resplendent, technical, haughty and imperious (like most of the record).
  18. Emperor 'Prometheus - The Discipline of Fire & Demise'
  19. Last 3 landlords have sold up. This one knows once Brexit is done his house will be worth £2.50. New feasting ground will be nice.