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  1. Fucking LOL! Zornheym - The Zornheim Sleep Experiment Speaking of ridiculously catchy, the songs of this fucking album keep popping up all the time, but it's different songs each time. I guess that says something about the level of songwriting.
  2. We usually drink Zoega's "Mollbergs blandning" https://www.zoegas.se/produkter/mollbergs-blandning 500g cost about €5 but the stores usually have deals with 2 for €6-7. The worst thing in the world is weak coffee, you need 1 spoon per 1 dl water + 1 extra for the pot.
  3. Cult of Luna - The Long Road North Out February 11. New track here. An interactive video and computer game(?) is scheduled to drop tonight here: My first impression is that this sounds a hell of a lot more engaging than A dwarf to fear, closer to the mood of The Raging River. Love the Hans Zimmer horns in the beginning and the groovy drums.
  4. Same, for some reason having the "new albums" thread here buried somewhere among 500 sub-directories makes it really hard to find it and fill it up with new albums. I usually check out No clean singing and Invisible oranges, sometims Angry metal guy, but try to stay away from the gossip/news. Other than that I follow a bunch of vinyl nerds on Instagram that keeps me up to date on the underground.
  5. +25C is right around what's uncomfortable to me, I'm much happier closer to 20. Today it's -10C and it's kinda rough since our bodies haven't acclimatized yet (been fairly mild up until now, around 0C). Come january -10 will feel quite pleasant.
  6. Isn't that an uniquely American concept? I don't think I've ever heard of spousal support here in Sweden, outside of american movies. Sure, child custody is a different thing, but I think that has more to do with the individual judge.
  7. I can't remember if I've ever answered in this thread, but no matter. I live in the northern part of Sweden, not that it says much since 50% of Sweden count's as "The North", but I grew up even further up north, semi-close to the Finnish border. I live in the largest town in the province. The goal is to find someplace a little outside of town to get some of that trve kvlt forrest thing going, but it's tricky to compromise the distance to work/school, with the rising prices for houses and summerhomes since Covid. We'll see. But the nature here is wonderful, both summer and winter.
  8. I honestly think the death of Aleah broke Juha. His headspace seem to be totally different compared to the early StS albums. Can't blame him though.
  9. Well, question is, are you both on the house contract? Or just one of you? I don't know how the law works in Tasmania/Aus, but maybe it's a good idea to look into a consulting with a lawyer on your own, to make sure your bases are covered. Because there's always the possibility your partner will try to fleece you of everything they can, just out of spite. And as Goatboy just said, no partner is ever worth killing yourself over. And I can 100% guarantee that will leave a hole in your daughters heart that will never be healed or filled. Just like you have past trauma that will never be fixed, don't put your family and friends in the same situation. For as long as I've known you you have complained about your marriage, and been more or less unhappy with your life. You're not even 50, there's a good chance you'll live another 30-35 years. Do you really wanna spend those years, mearly existing? For fucks sake, it took Goatboy into his 40's before he realized black metal existed! I honestly don't know what this means. Do you mean she's emptied out a savings account preemptively??
  10. That's not how it works. You can by all accounts get C19 multiple times, just with longer intervals as your immune system tries to adapt. And the more people get it and spread it, the high risk that it will mutate and then your vaccination isn't really protecting you anymore. You seem hellbent on making up your own narrative on this with no regard to what science and professionals are actually saying. You know what would really damage your immune system? Covid and death. The fact that you have damaged your heart and body previously is a really good reason for trying to avoid getting covid (i.e. getting vaccinated) since Covid can be a real motherfucker to those with already compromised health. No matter how bad you imagine the side effects of the vaccine is I can guarantee you that the actual virus can be worse. BUT being vaccinated means that there's much lower risk of you becoming critically ill when/if you get Covid, if it's gonna be endemic like you say. And as along as people refuse to get the vaccine or keep behaving like the pandemic is over and socialize, the longer this fuckin virus will stick around, mutate and be a nuisance to everyone, vaccinated or not.
  11. Two things: Why do you abbreviate Cult of Luna as CUL? Wouldn't logic dictate that you take the first letter of each word? So, CoL? Second, to me I've always thought that referring to these kinds of bands as Posthardcore made a lot of sense. Not only because many of them came from the hardcorescene, but also because that was very reflective in the music. The vocals are the kind of bellowed roars very common in European and US HC, the riffs aren't the typical death metal power chords or one-string melodic lines of black metal, but usually somehthing more angular, or more airey and layered. And the drums play a lot with dynamics. So to me posthardcore bands just take the components of HC and move past them. I think it's hard to say that ISIS and Cult of Luna don't have more in common with hardcore than metal.
  12. I discovered Aleah on MySpace and Helgon (a swedish online community before Fb existed) and fell in love with her acoustic songs (and her looks ngl). Then she sort of fell of my radar as nothing really seemed to happen musically other then her guesting on Swallow the Sun's albums. That is until I saw the news that she had passed away. Incredibly sad. Juha recorded another album ("No stars on the bridge") together with Tomi (Amorphis) and Gas (H.I.M.) under the name Hallatar, using lyrics, poems and song fragments from Aleah. The result is heavier than ToE, closer to doom/death, and as you can imagine incredibly raw and painful to hear. Juha's grief comes through both in music and the empassioned vocals of Tomi (a vocalist I normally don't like). It also features another duet with Heike Langhans. Hallatar - My mistake
  13. I found 5 albums I'd rank high on my AOTY.
  14. This was a nice little discovery I found last night. Dormant Ordeal surprise dropped a new album today after 5 years of silence! Riff-heavy polish death metal. "We had it coming" was one of my favourite albums 2016 so I'm really stoked about this. https://dormantordeal.bandcamp.com/album/the-grand-scheme-of-things
  15. That was a great read, I've always liked Jason. I wish he had been treated better by James and Lars.
  16. Yeah I remember that EP. It was really good, until you told me they were hardcore supernazis. Brutal fuck off to that. I can't stop listening to this, how can this song be this good?? (yes, that's Jake on clean vocals, sorry 🤣) Stormkeep - The Serpent's Stone
  17. That sounds like a Castlevania soundtrack 😍 The incurable Revenant Marquis is releasing an ambient/dungeon synth album. Sounds very nice and moody from teh preview track. https://revenantmarquisuk.bandcamp.com/album/cyflymiad-or-holl-arferion-ocwlt
  18. Hahaha, that's hilarious! So in what way? Just obnoxious and full of them selves, or christian fundamentalist nazi pedos?🤣
  19. Oh dear.... This is gonna end in tears. No matter what happens, it sounds like you have some dramatic days ahead of you.
  20. Agreed. Context matters. I think it's about your priorities. If you feel you need to hide your drinking, in order to continue doing it, so others won't complain, I think there's two things that should happen. 1. You reflecting on why drinking is that important to you. 2. A frank discussion with those opposed to it to resolve your differences. And also ask yourself what happens to you when you are denied your drink. How do you feel, emotionally and physically. If you get angry, irritated, restless and can't stopping thinking about that drink, then I absolutely say you have a problem on the horizon. Masking the smell because others don't like it is another thing, but that wasn't the context I was getting from Blackdoom.
  21. Visigoth - Conqurer's Oath I don't know how I could dismiss this album as weak and with bad vocals when it came out. It's fantastically fun and well-done!
  22. Tbh, hiding your drinking from your wife doesn't sound like the best lifechoice in the long run. Seems indicative of larger issues, but what do I know? I think feeling the need to hide your drinking in general is a red flag.
  23. I can't believe this is your first band hoodie, old man. Do you wear bandshirts in general?
  24. Well I live in northern Sweden so there's very few bigger bands playing here. It always takes a festival or something to bring them here, and it's usually hard to prioritize a trip to Stockholm or such when you have job, family, etc.
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