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  1. Same here, no gamer but the first 3 episodes have been excellent. Ep 3 was a TON sadder than I expected. Surprisingly emotional. Ramsey and Pascal are fucking superstars.
  2. Could it be different types of endurance/aerobics? I don't know what you mean with "running with a pack" but explosive aerobics like battle ropes of 100 m dash is very different from jogging for hrs or carrying a load while walking in rough terrain, at least in my experience. I quite like sled pushes/pulls because they get my heart racing and I feel like I'm gonna die, but it's for very short distances so they feel very doable. Running a mile feels like utopia in comparison. Especially on the knees.
  3. Same, Mariner was kinda grating and annoying, ADtF was ok, I disliked it in the beginning but last year I revisited and found the C/D side stronger than the A/B. But the EP was a promising sign and I really liked TLRN. It felt like a good mix between the teutonic, mechanical style of Vertikal and the softer, more organic stuff from Eternal Kingdom and A dawn to fear. Johannes also released a collaboration with Perturbator called Final Light, that may be why you feel more time (and albums) has passed?
  4. The press blurb even referenced Blizzard Beasts, so it's all very intentional. I dig the song a lot, it's interesting to hear where LoM moves after raw BM, dungeon synth and postpunk BM. New Häxanu-album "Totenpass" incoming Feb 7. Häxanu - Ephódion Also, Bizarrekult and Verminous Serpent (members of Slidhr and Primordial).
  5. Black Sabbath - Live in paris 1970 Sounds absolutely fantastic, before the band got too snowblind, and was still a tight unit who gigged all the time. And I think this is also the first time I got a good look at Iommis finger-thimbles.
  6. I was today years old when I realised that @AlSymerzname is a play on "alzheimers". I just thought it was his real name.
  7. Oh hell yeah, really really great. Love the prominent bass too!
  8. I've always had a good metabolism and been pretty lean but lack of training and comfort eating currently has me at 167 pounds at 5'11 and none of that is muscle anymore. I've noticed a bit of a lovehandle forming around my waist. I need to get back into the gym, I don't like where this is going...
  9. I think the John Wick movies have been clever about it. Most is practical effects with wires, stunt training etc, but the muzzle flashes and some of the car action is CGId.
  10. I think The Batman by Matt Reeves was really good. Felt like a solid detective story, going back to Batmans origins before he became a gadget/monster show.
  11. Man there's a lot of music I've never heard (of) this year. Here's my Top 21 list (why 21? Because why not?) 1. GGGOLDDD - This shame should not be mine Easily the best album of the year. Emotional, cathartic and empowering. This isn't really metal, but there's certainly heavy sections. I think this would appeal to the likes of @markm and.... 🤷‍♂️ 2. Jordfäst - Av stoft Just like previous album, Av Stoft is a fantastic journey through hardships and torment via the vehicle of black metal. Jordfäst play folk metal in the very essence of the word; recalling a 18-19th century layer of working class toil on their music and lyrics, without using accordians or folk songs. The perspective is always the worker, looking up at the unjust rulers and the unjust sky. 3. Saints n Sinners - Rise of the alchemist When I first heard this in march it was clear that this was gonna stay with me for a long time. The greatest power/heavy metal album of the year comes from.... fucking Turkey? Yep, with incredibly catchy riffs and choruses and a singer evoking Bruce Dickinson without the needless higher register wailings, SnS is fucking phenomenal and I can't wait to see where they go next. 4. Erzfeynd - Muspilli / Behaft bekert / Wyrm / Split The lone German has had an incredibly productive year and while most material was written last year, 2022 saw the literal ketchup effect of no less than 4 EP:s/splits, and they all rule. This is by far my favourite discovery of the pandemic years and I can't recommend him enough. 5. Misthyrming - Með hamri It's Misthyrming, you know it rules! 6. Besna - Zverstva A hidden Slovakian gem of atmospheric black metal coupled with hints of post-metal. A really wonderful treat, and a band that I think will break big with their next album, similar to what happened to Gaerea. You heard it here first. 7. Ultra Silvam - The Sanctity of Death Just as viciously sharp as The Spearwound Salvation, but with slightly more refined song writing. The chaotic feeling of wheels coming of is intact though! 8. Venus Principle - Stand in your light A mellow, rocking, beutiful album featuring ex-members of Crippled Black Phoenix, with paired male and female vocals. 9. Tchornobog/Abyssal - Split Tchornobog (and all Markov Soroka's bands) have quickly become one of my favourite entities of dark, abyssmal churnings and the split did not only not disspoint, but also introduced me to U.K.'s Abyssal. Both bands deliver 20+ min songs that both wreck minds and corrupts spirits. 10. Absent in Body - Plague God A honest to god super-group that actually delivers. Featuring current or former members of Amenra, Neurosis and Sepultura AIB's main strength is the atmosphere of dark corruption in the music and the absolutley filthy vocals of Colin van Eeckhout (I think). I would also like to highlight the excellent lyrics who also has a very distinct and rhythmic pacing to them. The lyrics could work just as well as spoken word-poetry. 11. Cult of Luna - The Long Road North The undefeated kings of posthardcore/metal. The Long Road North is like the perfect blending of Vertikal and A Dawn to Fear; futuristicly cold and arboreally hostile, while also infinitely beautiful. 12. An abstract illusion - Woe A modern take on death metal with breakdowns, synths, but without falling into the trappings of death/metalcore or djent. 13. Mortuus - Diablerie The true forgotten gem of 2022 black metal. I don't think I've seen this on any AOTY list. This is mid-paced orthodox black metal with a great balance between atmosphere and agression. Topnotch stuff. 14. Egregore - The Word of his law American death metal with a very out-there approach. It's like listening to a round metal cube forcing itself into a square wodden hole. 15. Moonlight Sorcery - Nightwind: The Conqueror from the Stars These Finns surprise-dropped this EP towards the end of the year and just like "Piercing..." there are fleet-footed black metal with a huge dose of 80's shred guitar and tons of charm. Standout track is definitely "Constellations". 16. Shaam Larein - Sticka en kniv i världen The only doomrock band on the list, so you know they must be great! Has a bit of the occult rock flair but packs a lot more attitude and brassknuckles than your usual Devil's Blood-clone. Great, soulful vocals from Shaam too. 17. Kvaen - The Great Below You know this one. The Funeral Pyre set the meloblack scene ablaze two years ago and it's no surprsie The Great Below continues with equal prowess. 18. Kuggur - حصاد ضَوْءٌ النُّجُوم An electronic, ambient album by former Sólstafir drummer Gummi, musing on the artistic similarities between Icelandic and Middle eastern folkmusic. The result is beautiful. 19. Det Eviga Leendet - Reverence Swedish black metal band with Jacob from Mare Cognitum on vocals. A tempered iron gauntlet weilding a spiked flail to your temple, over and over. Hints of dissonant chords keep you on your toes, but you're mainly here for the beating. 20. Deathspell omega - The Long Defeat The most accessible and catchy album by the Frenchies, with some wellsuited guest vocals from M and Arioch. unfortunatly shithead Aspa is still there. 21. Moonlight Sorcery - Piercing Through the Frozen Eternity This EP dropped in febuary and it took me well into the summer before I discovered it. Glad I did though since it's a very, very fun EP. Finnish black metal with extra everything.
  12. Wait, Al Symerz is Kuke? God damn, I go on holidays and the whole forum is ruined. Kuk means cock in swedish so I thought the old name was fitting 😄
  13. Really like this one, surprised becuase it's usually a bit outside my wheelhouse, but it's varied and got some clever things going on.
  14. I've tried Mörk several times and I just can't find anything to hang on to. It's just mediocre, not bad, just mediocre.
  15. Knowing Denmark it was probably hashish and they called it rocket 😄
  16. WTF? I always assumed rocket was the USA name for what we call ruccola. And as it turns out, ruccola = arugula = rocket.
  17. Metallica - Live Shit: Binge & Purge - Seattle 1989 Possibly the best live metal album of all time.
  18. Haha that's absolutely brilliant, good on them, and their teachers for having an open mind.
  19. This will probably get me kicked out of the goat pen, but I've come to teh conclusion that I don't really like Blasphemy. It's a form of BM that is chaotic in the bad way, not really stand-out riffs, vocals or atmosphere. If it's gonna be chaotic and dissonant i much prefer my BM like Teitanblood, Novae Militae and DsO.
  20. I've totally lost the plot on the threads here, but this made me laugh! "My wife's younger sister really packs a punch!" To circle waaay back to the thread about non-whites in metal. I know of the other examples mentioned, but my point that I obvisouly didn't get across, is that in the grand scheme of things I've always felt they were considered as outliers or a very small minority within the metal scene. Like the token black guy. Sure some nerd in a fanzine from buttfuck Sweden might praise Sarcofago or Impiety but just how well-known were they really? But who knows, I might be wrong, I wasn't in the scene in the 80-90's. Far as I'm concerened anything that happened after 2000 and the internet is like whole different universe. Also, Kirk Hammet is black? Or hispanic? I had no idea!
  21. I missed most of the mental health discussions and shitty childhoods, but I do feel for each and everyone of you. I too have some baggage, but nothing I'm sharing here. Not that I don't like you guys, but this is a public forum after all and it probably wouldn't be too hard to figure out who all of us are, especially after GG doxxing my name every 5 min 😄 Suffice to say, I have no idea what I'd do in your place Navy, it's a shitty situation all around and you gotta blow of steam where you can. And for what it's worth, if you can find a good psychologist or therapist, do it. Let them worry about which thread to start pulling at, that's their job. You may have it together, but like you said, it might improve your relationships with wife and daughter and make them even better. Sometimes we don't even realise the shit we carry around until we put the rucksack down.
  22. The whole band is overrated. The vocalist is skilled, but his actual sounds are not appealing at all to me. and the music is void of anything other than waiting for the next (awful) breakdown. The only thing they got right lately has been the orchestral arrangements.
  23. Why does this post read like it was written by a AI, or Mark had a stroke?
  24. That's probably because the majority of fans and bands were white for a very long time, much like women in metal. I think when the non-whites was very few and not seen as threatining the status quo. There were Alex of Entombed, the two guys from Suffocation, Death Angel, and Living Colour.
  25. Katatonia - Austerity. From the new album Sky void of Stars out jan 20.
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