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  1. I actually bought the first BCC album blindly when it came out because I liked a song they had on a CD sampler (remember those?). I think it might've been Mercy Ltd. They were probably strongly influenced by Type O and goth rock(abilly) like Tiger Army I think.
  2. Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder commited suicide yesterday. He was 41. I never liked or listened to TBDM but Trevor always seemed like a genuinely enthusiastic and passionate metal head with his fingers deep into the extreme underground. I'd see him pop up all over social media in comments sections for bands, labels etc. The outpouring of support and love from bands and fans really says a lot. Incredibly sad.
  3. I'm not, but I wouldn't pass for white either. And USA police system seems way to random and unsafe for anyone not white and an American citizen.
  4. Given the road that USA politics has taken in the past 30 years I don't see myself ever moving there, nor recommend anyone I know to do so. It seems so incredibly capricious with all the healthcare, childcare, wages, vacations, guns and religion. Even if I'd be given like a 2 year research grant it seems like so much could go wrong in that short time. Hell, I'd think twice even going as a tourist. I'd be worried that some cop would pull me over and shoot me on "probable cause" or some shit.
  5. Research shows that the vaccine looses up to (I think) 40% effectiveness against Omicron after only 6 months so I REALLY suggest you get a booster before MDF. After a year you're pretty much unvaccinated again. I don't know about Omicron, but the previous strain had an incubation time of 2-10 days before you develop symptoms. I'm guessing Omicron is faster. But you can still be asymptomatic and spread it to others. Another reason why everyone should get booster shots regularly. As far as Roe vs Wade, I think it's incredible how USA just continues to shit the bed over and over thanks to the Republican Illuminati of Lindsey Graham, McConnell, etc. I do think that if this passes, the same-sex marriage and sodomy laws are next. Then what, interracial marriage? Handmaid's Tale are starting to look less and less like fiction.
  6. Lately I've been listening a lot to this album. Heavy/power metal from Turkey(!). Singer has a little of that Dickinson-twang (without being a copycat) which I really don't mind. Incredibly catchy without being too saccharine. Saints n' sinners - As Above, so below
  7. Just got notification today that the album, together with Lifvsleda, have shipped from NoEvDi! So I'm listening to this to celebrate. Also, I have had this song stuck in my head since yesterday! See if you recognize the chorus. New Horizon - We unite Just got notification today that the album, together with Lifvsleda, have shipped from NoEvDi! So I'm listening to this to celebrate. Also, I have had this song stuck in my head since yesterday! See if you recognize the chorus. New Horizon - We unite
  8. New BLut aus Nord track "Tales of the old Dreamer". Eerie and trippy, very very good! I'm loving the Lovecraft-vibe on the new album.
  9. And I think you're taking me to literal. I wasn't thinking of the etymological roots of the word "sissie" in particular haha. Rather what the implication and connotations of the word were.
  10. Why use 'Doorways' and not double quotation marks? That's how I've learnt it "Doorways". Putting the fullstop inside the quotation makes no sense, since I'm putting a stop to the whole sentence, not just the word I'm quoting?
  11. I think where we disagree is the proportions of the nature/nurture. You say 70/30, and I lean more towards 30/70. As for the attraction and preference thing, the problem with studies like that is that it's really hard to study adults who have not been exposed to traditional Western masculine/feminine stereotypes, since those ideals permeates large parts of the globe (not just the global north). The way I see it is that some genetic predispositions and phenotypes are more dominant in one of the sexes or the other, like men typically being taller and having more dense musclefibers and women having higher percentage of bodyfat, but when it comes to hormonal distribution like testosterone and estrogen they are not as important as bro-science or Jordan Peterson would have us believe. They may have a significant effect on behaviour, if allowed so, but are by no means the single denominator. Because feminine mannerisms in men are equated to being homosexual and homosexuality is apparently the worst thing imaginable in a patriarchal world. Since it doesn't just threaten the concept of what consitutues manhood, but it also represents someone who goes outside of the norm, and therefor is perceived as threatening to people who like to keep things in square little boxes. At least that's my theory.
  12. You can trust Rammstein to have the disturbing, but still expensive videos. Zeit is probably my favourite video they're ever done together with Deutschland.
  13. I think that's just playing into the tired old cliches of what constitutes a "Man" and a "Woman". Both genders are to a large part conditioned to behave a certain way or cultivate certain mindsets, conflict resolutions, and emotional responses, or else they are seen as a-typical of their gender. If it's not "adjusted" before kindergarten/school it's usually done by classmates through bullying and social expectations. Men can absolutely talk about feelings, and they 100% would be better off if they did. But the societal patriarchal norm is that if they do they're a pussy and should man up (the fact that female genitalia is seen as something negative and male as something positive, is a whole another discussion). But to talk, or hell even recognize and name your emotions, is something you learn to do, it's not innate. That's why women are supposedly "better" at it. They're taught that that is how you resolve conflicts, process and problem solve, and encourage group cohesion. Men are taught that the most accepted way of enabling group cohesion is to perform activities together, and problem solve by actions/force.
  14. St. Anger is absolutely dreadful. Too long songs, repetitive choruses (hello Iron Maiden!), meandering riffs, horrible production. Idiotic lyrics. There's nothing good on it at all.
  15. Well, that explains why it sounded so strange. I just figured Freddie changed his voice later on.
  16. These assholes are on Nuclear Blast? ugh...
  17. This is the least-sounding Queen song I've heard. Not even Freddie sounds like himself. I agree that somewhere deep inside Queen rested a wicked NWOBHM band. Just listen to Stone cold crazy, Keep yourself alive, Great King Rat, and The Hitman. I've always wanted to hear an epic prog/doom cover of Innuendo. That one is definitely one of my top 5 Queen ongs. Queen - Innuendo Since I don't speak the queens english, what's a tenement funster? Sounds like a pun.
  18. New album by Polynesian melodic black metal band Te Ruki out in a week or two. Two tracks streaming now. I've had the pleasure of hearing the album early and if you like these two you'll definitely dig the whole album. You can buy the album with 35% discount up until April 21 with code: marako Te Ruki - Marako te ruki https://teruki.bandcamp.com/album/marako-te-ruki
  19. Sheol


    I just got Issue 2 and 3 of Arcane Archivist, which is a new fanzine by an American guy who has a very popular Instagram page where he regularly digs up old or unpublished photos of old bands.
  20. The Legend of Johnny Cash Ironhawk - Ritual of the Warpath https://dyingvictimsproductions.bandcamp.com/album/ironhawk-ritual-of-the-warpath Motörhead worship from Tasmania. @Dead1 Are you familiar with them?
  21. You're in luck. You can watch the first Matrix (which is very good) as a stand-alone movie.
  22. Shit man, so you have to leave your family and life for 6 months with 3 weeks notice? That's rough. I take it she's used to it?
  23. Oh man, that system would give me so much anxiety. What if there's a song you initially don't like but then grow to enjoy?
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