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    Metal-Fi orphan. Guitarist/vocalist for Monsterworks, Bull Elephant and Thūn. Vocalist for The Living Fields.
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    Metal (der), plant-based/clean living lifestyle that generally makes me superior to everyone else.

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  1. Hesper Payne / Sabazius (Split) - Call of the Deathless Dreamers Will / Madness from the Sea Kind of atmospheric doom I guess. No idea when I got this but I actually bought the CD (a hand made sleeve with CD-R) because I must have been going through a Cthulhu phase. Lo and behold both bands have a ton (or a metric shit tonne) of stuff on bandcamp. I am gonna be kept busy for weeks.
  2. This. Every onslaught of limited edition splatter vinyl just smacks of desperation. I do keep an ear out for new releases and band names that get positive mentions a few times so might be worth checking out but there is just too much stuff out there to really get worried about missing something. Year end lists are a joke, so I just sit back and observe and see what shit floats to the top.
  3. I'm pretty sure I got it from here: Despite not having watched The Simpsons in 20 years, this line has stuck in my head and is way funnier than "eat my shorts"
  4. @Deadovic Since this has escalated I think that Shhhhhhhhhhhh (that's Whitenoise) has stated what we are all thinking. Divorce over suicide. The threat of divorce might even be enough to shake some sense into her. The worst I get is an argument at the weekend because my wife bought some cheap Christmas tat made in China. Lights with a switch so flimsy it broke in 4 seconds. When its returned it will be refunded no questions asked and then go to landfill. But, compared to the harpies you guys married my wife's a goddamn martyr.
  5. Role-playing games like D&D used to be my thing. I don't like board games at all. Monopoly always ends up in a fist fight and fantasy/sci-fi type board games are just for people that like rolling dice and a million rules. I once had a group where we barely played with dice (and sometimes used alternative conflict resolution like drawing a playing card from a pack). The story was king. It is kind of like a murder mystery most of the time if you have a talented games master that can weave a story and build an atmosphere. I haven't played an actual campaign from a book since I was like 12. But you can certainly use them as inspiration and add your own ideas. That is how it should be done. Alas, the London group I had scattered to the four corners of the globe about a decade ago. I never had the motivation to start another group. As a GM it is a lot of work initially, until it becomes second nature. I guess some people can just make up a compelling story on the spot but I was not one of those people. Good luck!
  6. Yeah, I just can't get into the new Carcass. Too samey and homogenised and the interesting bits don't gel right. I only just discovered Khemmis had a new album a few minutes ago (when seeing the Blabbermouth review) which came out the day after the Decibel list was published. So, of the very few albums I recognise on the top 40 list, none are exceptional.
  7. There should be (probably is - costing more $$) counselling for this kind of thing. Some people just don't get the concept of living within their means. In my house it is my wife that does the spreadsheet. I don't usually want to hear about it either, but that is because I don't buy much at all so I know I am comfortably in the black. That said, she recently did force me to work out my bare minimum monthly outgoings (mortgage, power, internet, gym....services add up, food) and it was a bit higher than I realised. It's always higher than you realise. Just take solace from the fact that your daughter will be living in a mad max wasteland by 2045 so the bank owning your house won't matter much. All due to every other cunt in the world living beyond their means.
  8. JonoBlade


    Says it all really. And then they applaud him for essentially telling them they failed. Same way they applaud Heavy Greta for yelling at them.
  9. JonoBlade


    Only on Metalforum would a discussion about a failed environmental conference end up trading trucking stories. I don't know much about trucking but I recollect my favourite TV show as a 6 year old had a theme song "BJ McKay and his best friend Bear." Who was a chimpanzee.
  10. JonoBlade


    Except you do see beyond it, as you have shown. And other regular people do too. The real trick is somehow not letting awareness ruin your chance at happiness. It's becoming harder and harder for me, but we soldier on, just trying to do the right thing and putting our faith in metal.
  11. JonoBlade


    This. I like to think of myself as a sensible misanthrope. Population is the big elephant in the room at all these conferences. There are nearly 8 billion human beings on the planet. A big chunk feel entitled to live any way they want and damn the consequences, a bigger chunk think that they want to be like and aspire to be the other chunk. They keep breeding like rats. Humans are the best and worst thing to ever happen to planet Earth. Best in the sense that intelligent life gives the universe meaning. Worst in the sense that it cannot prevent its own destruction when its staring it in the face. COP26 is just the latest face palm. I don't really follow it because you kind of know its a ship of fools. In the meantime all you can do is make changes in your own life. Review your food chain, every product you buy, what bank you use, where your pension is invested and who you vote for. There are many things that individuals can do.
  12. I met him a few times. He was a staple of the London scene and could be found holding up the bar at Crobar on Tottenham Court Road pretty much any night of the week, around the corner from Astoria and Mean Fiddler (at least when I lived close by and went to a gig once or twice a week in mid 2000s). Tin Pan Alley (Denmark Street - where all the guitar shops are and Regent Studios was - Paranoid was recorded) is also across the road. Probably all demolished now for Crossrail. Haven't been there for quite a while. Anyway. Malcome was very well respected, passionate about metal, and you'll see him interviewed on all kinds of metal history docs. RIP
  13. Looks beautiful. I'd live there in a heart beat. Well...no I wouldn't because I couldn't handle being at the mercy of your health system. Do it. Do it. Do it.
  14. These are admirable goals. My wife got obsessed with tiny houses a while ago. And my mum and dad love their caravan. It is where they are happiest. I was down for the tiny house idea (although I reckon living in a well made apartment is still a better use of resources/lower ecological footprint than a tiny house) but would insist on at least a tin shed off to the side where I could pile up the boxes of Star Wars figures and LPs. Y'know. Just in case I needed them.
  15. Carbon black is an anti-static agent so, certainly in the past, black records were demonstrably better sounding. It could be that coloured vinyl manufacturing/materials have improved in recent years but consider that practically every band active today records and mixes in the digital realm. The master file that went to the pressing plant to then be filtered/degraded to put back in an analog format (like the soundwave that blasted out of the 4x12 captured by a microphone in the first place....assuming there was a 4x12 and not a cab sim!) was most likely a 24 bit digital file (hopefully mastered for full dynamic range, although most are not). I get the compulsion to collect something; I used to collect Star Wars figures as a child. It is pretty common. I just like to challenge why people have the habits they do. The world does not need another splatter vinyl edition. It is groaning under the weight of hubris as it is. Besides which, there is a huge backlog at pressing plants due to lack of resources....doesn't that indicate that it is time for something new? I reckon the future should be in large format art books with lyrics, band info etc - for those who absolutely positively gotta have something to put on a shelf.
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