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    Metal-Fi orphan. Guitarist/vocalist for Monsterworks, Bull Elephant and Thūn. Vocalist for The Living Fields.
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    Metal (der), plant-based/clean living lifestyle that generally makes me superior to everyone else.

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  1. This is how everyone should be. Excessive clutter is a source of stress most people can't recognise. It's funny, I say this sitting in my 2.1 x 2.5 m man cave that doubles as studio and home office, which is pretty cluttered (mainly because I just can't avoid cables and effects pedals all over the floor because they are in constant use) - but I am very mindful of not ever leaving my shit laying around the rest of the house. LPs live in the lounge but are always put away, except for what is playing on display. I have been on a eBay selling bender of late to clear stuff out. Sold almost all my lead miniatures (what nerds paint) and made some good coin. Will start on the Star Wars figures soon. Which reminds me. Obi-Wan Kenobi - what a pile of shit that was.
  2. No, a wipe out is not necessary. Just AI ruling us and limiting consumption. All hail, Quorthon! Great clip. I'm not railing against Bill personally. He can dish it out and take it. It is true the best contribution anyone can make is to not have kids. Cannabis is indeed a miracle plant, which I guess makes me a fan. But, I don't even bother drinking anymore let alone smoking anything. Not for any high level idealist reason. I just figured "what's the point?"
  3. I think I only watch Bill Maher when you post a clip, but he seems fairly sensible to me. The best truth comes from comedians. Thanks Mark. However, it also kind of illustrates that a stupid reaction can flare up, be ridiculed, justice done (I think he said the chick with no sense of humour got fired?) and settle down again. People like him and Ricky Gervais do fine in the world of over sensitive pussies. In fact what would they do for material? It would only be a problem if over sensitive pussies started killing people they were offended by. But they won't. Because they're oversensitive pussies. EDIT: I pondered something else over lunch.... namely that boomers like Bill Maher, when railing against the bleeding heart liberal youth, seem to conveniently forget that they were also bleeding heart liberal youth once, and then grew out of it to bring the human race to the brink of extinction (via rampant consumerism). Not only that, but the bleeding heart youth of today have been raised by Bill and his friends. So, they must not have been very good parents. Those who live in glass houses....
  4. I pretty much agree with the sentiment of everything you said. And Surge provided plenty of examples of public opinion being manipulated and going off the rails. Top points to your junior debating team on this topic. I don't think I ever said that it didn't exist, or certainly didn't mean to. I merely assert that the whole internet court of public opinion thing probably isn't the Orwellian threat to free expression and will lead to a fabled "thought police." A couple of comments: 1. I don't think WN/GG is branded as the "cancel culture boogeyman" guy, anymore than I hope I'm not the "cancel culture is absolutely not an issue" guy. Besides, you all know better than to take anything I say seriously. Obviously, I don't get enough protein so my brain doesn't function properly. 2. "It's better to let 100 guilty men walk free than to see one innocent man be wrongly convicted." That sounds very noble, but is it really practical or even desirable? One must consider the common good. It's like the old thought experiment about the rail trolley heading towards 10 people, but you have the chance to divert it to a side track and only kill two people, i.e. you have to make the ethical call to intentionally sacrifice "the few" to save "the many." I still don't know where I stand on that one and so can't say if I agree 100 guilty men should walk free than just in case one of them is innocent. 3. I think I did see "Minority Report" before the Cruise Moratorium was enacted. It's the same idea as the "shall I go back in time to kill baby Hitler" scenario. Again, I don't know where I stand on that one. Although I think the point of the movie was that the future is not set and/or that such a power can be manipulated/abused. I don't know why it matters to Tom Cruise when Xenu will arrive to save us any day now. 4. I can partially agree that my "capacity to support life" comment is an overstatement. In truth, the planet will still continue to turn and life finds a way. But, in the meantime, a lot of people are in for a rough ride. I believe (backed by evidence) biodiversity loss is the single greatest threat we face. Not if you are a homo. Not if you can legally vacuum a baby out of your twat. Not Putin. Actually, maybe Putin but that's why keeping a functioning nuclear arsenal is essential. Mutually assured destruction. Ho hum. It is what it is. 5. It is weird that in days gone by it was much more obvious who the enemy was: your Reagan era - the Christian right, the corporations, the man. Now the far left are being just as dickish. 6. Pink Floyd said a lot of things right. Which is ironic in this conversation because Roger Waters has been in danger of being cancelled a few times. 7. The Judas Priest trial was way before the internet. It was very public and it didn't stop me listening to them. Perhaps all this illustrates is that there have always been abuses of the system..... although was it an "abuse?" The family believed that the band had intentionally influenced their son to kill himself. The evidence was assessed and it was found not to be the case - and set a good precedent. Luckily, precedents are never overturned (a topical badoomtch!). 8. No idea where this leaves us. I am a little enlightened and love getting others' perspectives. Job done. 9. Out of interest, what would your and Surge's solution be to this problem of cancel culture? It seems to me that the remedy could only be censorship, a reduction in access to information. A "thought police" if you will. 10. Badoomtch.
  5. And that is my point. This crucifixion without evidence thing just does not seem to actually happen, even if in theory it could. It's like the obsession with thinking a welfare state/universal healthcare is somehow evil and "un-American" because, in theory, it can be abused. Sure, it can be abused but the proportion of abuse (compared to the benefits) is tiny - same as voter fraud. It's pretty unlikely that something you said twenty years ago is actually gonna come back and bite you. Mainly because no one cares since you are not a celebrity. If, on the off chance, you run for office in a few years and someone digs up your anti-Christian messages and love of vile and blackened music then you'll just shrug it off. "Yeah so what!" Not that they know who you are, because you post anonymously. The justice system may be riddled with injustice, but every person in prison went through a trial where evidence was presented. If the evidence was cooked up, that is an entirely different issue. No one is ever crucified without any evidence. That is my point. The internet is self-regulating in the sense that it is so full of shit that it is not reliable as a source of information anymore. I think most people with half a brain understand that and that is enough to keep the wolf from the door. So, you still have not cited a single case of someone having their livelihood destroyed that didn't deserve it - because there was evidence. I get that you can't be expected to research this to find an example.....so then don't worry about it. It is not an actual problem. I am a massive sceptic too and so my scepticism dictates that the bogeyman of cancel culture isn't an existential threat to humanity. The only things that matter in a universal sense (and hence the only major issues you should worry about or spend emotional energy on) are: 1. impending collapse of the Earth's ecosystems and its capacity to support life; and 2. metal. No more, no less. NP: Ocean Machine - Biomech (my CD is from before it got re-branded as a Devin Townsend solo album)
  6. We're all part of the problem. I'm careful not to get too high up on that high horse, because it's a long way to fall. Every day is a compromise. I try to think about ethical/consumer issues just enough, but be on the right side of not being miserable. If you buy less (shit you don't need) in general then it makes for a lot less problems, if that is any help. While the whole "cancel culture" thing is a minefield, how many cases of "cancelled but innocent" have there actually been? Like in the #metoo movement, did not pretty much every guy accused of something terrible actually do it? How slippery is the slope really? Just wondering and not defending modern celebrity obsessed/social media driven culture - because I hate it and ridicule anyone who does. I'm just not so sure it is the threat you think it is. As you say, there are a vast number of profoundly stupid people out there, but so there have always been. These days you tend to get polar opposite courts of public opinion anyway, so you get cancelled in one court and will be a hero in another. So, can anyone think of one instance of a lynching in the court of public opinion based on an accusation with no evidence? Again, I am generally interested. A return to McCarthyism seems unlikely because for that the governing body has to control the narrative, and that does not really happen very easily now. I am sure a certain segment of your country considers the January 6 probe already a complete return to McCarthyism. But, what you do, just not investigate anything? Ultimately, ideally, you collect evidence and see where it lands. Hmm. Mankind sucks. But, so it has always been. No better, no worse.
  7. Taking the time to "weed out the shitbags" would be a full time job and completely pointless in terms of the perpetual quest for happiness that we are all on*. That is in the same ballpark as a conspiracy nut that seeks out as many conspiracies as possible in order to make themselves irate and miserable. But, if you're minding your own business and come across a shitbag, it seems perfectly natural to want to avoid listening to it (music) or watching it (movie/TV) from that point on, or supporting that shitbag in any way. It might still be objectively good "art" but there is so much content out there you are unlikely to be missing out on anything life changing. Its just fucking music, or its just fucking TV. It is a poor analogy to consider whether you would investigate the views of a factory worker to decide if you want to use that company's products - but entirely logical to want to avoid using a company's products if that company as a whole turned out to be massively unethical (or some other standard you disagreed with). Like, they cut down half the Amazon to make toilet paper or something. If you respond "I don't care, if I like the product I will buy it no matter what; it is so soft on my ass" well, that is your choice. I think it is sad to care so little, but it is basically how the vast majority of consumers act. *to completely contradict myself, trying to be an ethical consumer is really fucking painful and not at all helpful in the quest for happiness. For example, researching where/how your prospective shoes are made will make you irate and miserable for a number of reasons, but I do it because I think people should know where the products they use come from. Righteousness trumps temporary misery. Just. Although, that ignorance is bliss, is not in doubt.
  8. I am a bit the same, although I do *like* Starspawn and wouldn't have checked out Hidden History if I didn't, but it was a bit murky by comparison. I like the ebb and flow of Hidden History. It tells a good story. If that is "prog" fair enough. I just see it as a well constructed death metal album. Even Obituary (the grandaddies of meat and potatoes death metal) did sort of soundscape intros/interludes and that is why Cause of Death is by far their best album. Anyway you slice it, seeing Blood Incantation after two years of no gigs was very welcome. So far I don't even seem to have got covid from the excursion. My understanding is that the new EP is all wacky synths and stuff (haven't heard it as Century Media released it and they don't do bandcamp - which is why that label sucks). The buddy that I went to the BI gig with loves that shit, but it would be a shame if the next proper album leans more on ambience than death metal. That is when bands lose their way.
  9. I don't put too much effort into my blanket prejudices. And luckily I saw pulp fiction and the awesome Passion of the Christ before I developed my ban. Anyhow I just saw Blood Incantation live and they ripped.
  10. I imagine these things are decided by execs/managers who run some kind of algorithm as to optimum first single. Continuity or logic be damned. Kind of all academic anyway as I won't be listening to a 55 minute Megadeth album (that is without bonus tracks). I have certain unbendable rules: do not watch Tom Cruise or John Travolta movies (both Scientologists = retards) do not watch Mel Gibson movies (outspoken Catholic/douche = retard) do not listen to Megadeth albums longer than 40:44. do not listen to Type O Negative albums less than 58:31 Although, if the new Megadeth was on everyone's year end list as the best of their career (or even 4th best), I would bend the unbendable.
  11. I've still never heard Dystopia, but have to say I listened to this new track twice. It was decent, although main vocal melody seemed ripped off Black Friday. Dave has such a distinctive guitar tone though. If you notice that "We'll Be Back" is the last track on the album, which means it should be the best/most epic. Yet, it is no Mechanix, My Last Words, Hook in Mouth, or Rust in Peace...Polaris. Holy shit, I just gave myself goose bumps even thinking about My Last Words.
  12. It never rains, but it bleeding pours. Just got a ticket to sold out Blood Incantation show at London Underworld this Friday. You can put yo'self on the waiting list through the app where you buy tickets and, though I'd forgotten about it, I got a notification. It keeps the touts out of the loop which was a real problem in London and the UK generally. I remember trying to get a ticket to a Black Sabbath gig a few years ago and the main site showed sold out within a few minutes of going on sale and all the third party sites, including those owned by Ticketmaster, had them on sale immediately for double the price. It was a total scam.
  13. Got tickets to: Gatecreeper + URNE 10 July Clutch + Green Lung 17 December I just wanted to get a gig in the diary. Something, anything. Even my wife has been to more gigs than me lately.
  14. Wow. Hadn't seen these posts before. Exceptional work. An awful lot of shrivelled penises for my tastes, but the style is up there with the best of anything I've seen. Will drop you a PM with more reasoned enquiry about album art....
  15. Lo and behold, it is on Bandcamp. Since my favourite KD is Voodoo - said no one else ever - I will give this a shot. There are quite a few KD records I never even heard, despite being a fan. KD is like a massive in joke I share with myself.
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