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  1. And Round and Round we go with RRRrrr Ruins of Beverast
  2. Necromancing this thread because I recently discovered Amigo the Devil and I really enjoyed his style. It's the combination of folk/Americana and the harder edge that I enjoy. Amigo the Devil - Quiet as a rat
  3. My vinyl collection. Not pictured are the 7". My CD's are packed in boxes in the basement, because there's just no room in the apartment.
  4. Ben Caplan - O holy night A great arrangement and a fantastic singer!
  5. Both, is the only sensible answer. You never asked for advice (probably wise given this bunch), but just try to pay attention and don't try to impress him/her. As long as you're honestly interested in the person and what (s)he says you're good. Everything else is up to the other person.
  6. Sheol

    Horror Films

    28 days later was great, 28 weeks later was shite though. I think REC if one of the scariest films I've seen, just make sure you watch the Spanish original and not the American remake. The last 30 min was intense! Also, Train to Busan is amazing! A Korean zombie movie with a lot of heart and horror. Some scenes are just heartbreaking, in a good way!
  7. Man black metal have really gotten a lot of mileage out of ol' Albrecht Dürer.
  8. Well, I had to work to catch up on so I've worked the whole weekend Passionfruit
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