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  1. I recently received two albums from Cosmic Key Creations. My first NESI pressing, this being my favourite Bloodbath album "Nightmares made flesh". And a discounted, damged version of The Haunted's "rEVOLVEr" picdisc. The damage was very minor IMO, a seam split on the top of the jacket, but it was lowered from €15.99 to €7.99! Very good deal.
  2. Thank you for taking criticism so well Josh, always a good sign IMO. I think I'm in the same boat as the Goatmaster, in that I have almost 0 interest in deathcore or metalcore, so our influences clearly don't really overlap there, but the musical and vocal skill was sharp. Like the GM said, it'd be interesting to hear you try different styles. From a compositional view I think the last break down at 4:30 was completely unnecessary, to the song was over by then and it didn't add anything. IMO you have to work really hard to keep any kind of death metal song interesting and intense for 5 mi
  3. I think I've already posted this, but I seriously can't stop listening to this split. Especially Erzfeynd's half. Celestial Sword / Erzfeynd - Split
  4. I was pleasantly surprised by The Amenta's latest album, technical, kinda out there, but no skimping on the riffs or groove.
  5. Ah yes, The Matrix virus as we call it in Sweden. Bane of good taste and slayer of dignity. A good thing about it is that it effectively killed the spell and status Norwegian black metal had in the metal world, making room for other countries to hone their own take on BM.
  6. Jono! good to see you here!
  7. Sheol

    Marvel Fans?

    Oh yeah, Alan Moore is amazing, I don't think I've read a comic by him I didn't like. Watchmen is well-deserving of all the accolades, he was very early on the whole "deconstruct the superhero"-trope that's been so popular in the 90's and 00's, and he did it the best I think. There's a great humanity to his heroes, even the flawed, immoral ones. I think that's one thing that guys like Garth Ennis and Mark Millar misses out on, they go for shock value without any empathy. Moore's Swamp Thing is incredible. He did a comic called Promethea which is really just an excuse for him to expand his idea
  8. I love Rom 5:12, other than that I think their latest albums "Frontschwein" and "Viktoria" are quite good. Marduk - The Blond Beast Marduk - June 44
  9. Replicant - Caverns of Insipid Reflection Transcending Obscurity with seemingly another great signing. Heavy, slightly twisted death metal. Not too out there, but enough to keep things moving along. I liked this.
  10. Mmm, Ihsahn is a good pick, if I had just composed "In the nightside eclipse" I would've considered I'd peaked.
  11. The 11th Hour - Weep for Me Revisited this gem today. Ed Warby, the drummer of Gorefest, Hail of Bullets and Ayreon also happens to be a very talented singer and guitarist. The 11th Hour was his solo doom metal project that released 2 albums. Initially created to process some personal losses it turned out pretty damn great. Excellent stuff, especially Ed's mournful and fragile voice. I really wish he had continued. In fact, I don't know what he's up to now, other than Ayreon stuff, since Hail of Bullets bit the dust.
  12. Living or dead, that's the question? I don't know if Pantera counts as extreme metal but I think Dimebag was extraordinarily talented; crunchy, big fat riffs and most of all groovy, coupled with shredding, melodic and memorable licks and solos. As for living, I think an unsung hero that has written countless great songs; both rhythm and lead work, is Andreas Björler of At the gates, The Haunted and as a solo artist. The same could be said for his comrade Jensen (Seance, Witchery, The Haunted). As for pure talent, Per Nilsson of Scar Symmetry is mindblowing to watch live. The man fill
  13. Yeah I agree on paper, but in the real world I'd be nervous as hell playing something that is irreplacable. Then again, I've never earned 30 million dollars a year so who know how I'd feel then 😄 I got a slow-dance and a kiss from my crush in 5th grade dancing to "Still got the blues", so I owe that memory to Gary Moore's blues-phase 😀
  14. So it's june, and just like the previous years, it's been a great year for metal. What is on your AOTY lists so far? Here's the strongest candidates for me from the first 5 months. Full lengths Malakhim - Theion Ninkharsag - The Dread March of Solemn Gods Spectral wound - A Diabolic Thirst Cult of Luna - The Raging River The Suns Journey Through the Night - Demo II Novae Militae - Topheth Saidan - Jigoku: Spiraling Chasms Of The Blackest Hell Ancient Wisdom - A celebration in honor of Death Ferriterium - Calvaire Mare Cognitum - Solar Paroxysm Midnight Odyssey - B
  15. Hell the cover and even the font of the band logo looks like Massacre. It's not bad though, I agree on the Swedish feeling.
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