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  1. That was fucking awful. Never been a fan, but this was really bad.
  2. Yeah, that's how I feel too. They were yet to master the art of stringing riffs and sections into actual songs. At least on a consistant basis
  3. Although the album isn't out yet, but given his previous output and style, I think Erik Grönwall will turn out to be the best replacement for Sebastian Bach that Skid Row has ever had (not saying much, I know). The guy that sings for Accept has a very good voice, and to me he sounds more enjoyable and versatile than Udo.
  4. Decameron - My Shadow - Yay or Nay? Released 1996 Decameron was always in the B- or C-league of Swedish Melodic Black metal. Despite this they were far from bad, and I think My Shadow has some really neat songs/riffs, even though their lack of experience shows in the compositional elements.
  5. DADA BOTS already did that. They sampled Meshuggah and ran it through a AI algorithm. It's not indistinguishable from the real thing but given that this i 5 years old....🤷‍♂️
  6. I reckon that controling impluses and using reason are good things to exercise, preferbly coupled with empathy. delayed gratification is 100% under-appreciated in this day and age.
  7. I usually have music on at work, mostly metal, but when I have to really focus (like writing texts or emails) I need something with as little lyrics as possible, so then I usually switch to dungeon synth or ambient soundscapes like Lustmord. Or Pink Floyd, I almost always drift back to Pink Floyd for some reason.
  8. Sheol

    Horror Films

    In no order. Possession Hereditary The Thing Videodrome The Shining Hellraiser Hellraiser II Ringu 30 days later Rec (spanish original)
  9. John Zorn's Dreamers (as Electric Masada) - Marciac 2010 Track 4 Karaim Dipping my toes into John Zorn again, first thing I've listened to by him since Naked City many moons ago. Nope, still too selfindulgant and atonal for me. Parts of it sounds like what people who hate free jazz think free jazz sounds like. If that makes sense. BLACKBRAID live in Long Beach- The River of Time Flows Through Me. Ah, that's better.
  10. If you'd like to that'd be lovely. Sounds like I'd enjoy both the loud and abrasive and (maybe) the soft stuff. I def. enjoy weird. And Jarboe.
  11. Does he refer to the first Swans albums or any particular period? I've only really heard The Seer and the one after that and they were both excellent and oppressive Today is the day after the Swedish elections and it seems that the right wing bloc will get (a very fucking narrow) majority. 175 seats compared to 174 for the center-left. So it's a sad day for the country today, since the right wing block are dominated by the ex-neo-nazi party Swedish Democrats (they are now the second largest party after the Social Democrats!), and they will guaranteed want minister posts. So today I'm blasting some fast as fuck crustpunk. Massgrav - Slowly we rock
  12. Eh, snooker would like to have a word. Then again, that's boring as shit so there's that.... Also, I couldn't imagine a more boring way to spend a minute of my life than watching sports. Viagra Boys - Sports
  13. On that topic... Using AI to Re-Create Iconic Album Art
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