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  1. Lamp of Murmuur - Submission and Slavery New LoM, this time with plenty of nods to postpunk and goth rock. At times I think he's on thin ice, trying to master sounds he's not really proficient in, which tbh I like. It gives it an edge.
  2. I've had some bouts of sickness and I'm working a lot but haven't forgotten you guys and gals.
  3. Haha now that you mentioned it, it all makes sense!
  4. Ah that's the way it was done back in the day. Copyright? Only if anyone notices!I bought the reissue of "Slow deep and hard" and Josh mentioned that they stole the coverart from a pornmag and just didn't tell anyone. But yeah, Gates of Ishtar were great, a shame they never continued.
  5. I knew a guy who was convinced nuts and seeds were all dangerous for human consumption. He was also a raging misogynist and autistic with a huge superiority complex, so I've never taken any of his ideas seriosuly.
  6. I was just about to post this one. It's more punk then the previous album, which was closer to melodic death metal. Sounds good, but no buy for me. As soon as I heard her voice I knew this was a cool-ass chick. This deserves more attention from me.
  7. I've never liked any Rolling Stone song I've heard, not really, genuinely liked. Hell, even Beatles has 1 or 2 songs I can listen to. Trouble on the other hand I do like. I haven't kept up so I don't know if Wagner sang in any other bands after, but Manic frustration and Psalm 9 are great!
  8. This album is so much fun. The guy behind it, Erech Leleth is productive as hell. He's also behind Narzissus, Ancient Mastery, Grandeur, and Carathis, bands who have all released stuff this year or last year.
  9. This abortion by Necrolord is amazing. That demon guy has two right hands! Also no abdomen, just a void beneath the ribcage. How that ever made it onto print I'll never know
  10. In a bad way. I liked the first single more.
  11. That sounds great FA! Sometimes it's good to break familiar circles, especially after a bloody pandemic.
  12. Federal Actions Cause Ejaculation CART
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