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  1. Nice. Thanks. If you ever need any reccs for albums to listen to/review, you can always ask me.
  2. Welcome to the forums. One thing, I checked your carrd and the youtube link just links to youtube.com, not your channel. Can you provide a link to your channel?
  3. Mayhem - Live In Leipzig The snare sounds like complete ass, but Euro's guitar tone is good.
  4. Evil Invaders' new full-length released at the beginning of April and it's great.
  5. There are no rules for subgenre's. If you give a shit about somebody thinking you "HAVE" to wear corpse paint and you "HAVE" to worship satan to play black metal, tell 'em to fuck off.
  6. Favorite version of Seek and Destroy. Tone is crunchy and powerful.
  7. Megadeth - So Far So Good So What!
  8. Real question, Chuck Norris or Chuck Schuldiner?
  9. Welcome. Glad to have you here. Bees are pretty cool but, like KillaKukumba said, FUCK wasps. Little suckers serve no purpose beyond stinging the shit out of me and then dying.
  10. Venom are good entertainers, but terrible performers. Their early live shows sound like complete ass.
  11. Didn't Megadeth make another remastered version where Dave just re-sang the whole thing with Lee Hazlewood's lyrics?
  12. I would've gone if Archgoat was still there. No longer.
  13. I wouldn't say that. Bands like Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust have brought thrash to more modern fans.
  14. True, that's your opinion. I think he got better after Dauði Baldrs, but it's just not my thing really.
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