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  1. Thanks! Will check them out as soon as possible!
  2. Nice to see some reassurance. Glad I joined this forum.🙂 As for my preferences, I'm into heavy metal and thrash with some classic rock and death metal (sometimes). Currently my favorite bands are Slayer Earlier Metallica (thanks to my father) Epheles Cannibal Corpse (sometimes) Sorry for such a short list.
  3. Hello, new-time user here! I've been interested in metal since I was around my early teens, but I haven't had enough... I dunno, courage to be open about it? My father has always been into rock music and blasted it every sunday, from morning to late - night hours. I enjoyed it, but it never interested me. Now that I'm older and figured out my preferences and gained enough courage to be open about, I made this account to satisfy my metal needs. Also, can any of You recommend metal bands that use vocoder? (Sorry for my awkward English, it's not my first language.)