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  1. Will

    Why do people listen to Extreme Metal ?

    Sure. The subject is interesting and the video is well done, I just found the horror movie soundtrack and some of your dark phrasing choices to be pretty amusing. Have you looked into any research papers on things that influence music preference or on the effect that extreme metal has on it's listener? I've read some stuff suggesting that adult music taste is largely influenced by what we listen to during puberty. I've also read stuff saying that extreme metal often does induce a state of calm or happiness in extreme metal fans (this just came to mind for me when you said something along the lines of "this music could never bring peace or calm"). I could see if I could dig those articles up if you like. Are you thinking of making a part 2 any time soon? If so, I'm looking forward to it.
  2. Will

    Why do people listen to Extreme Metal ?

    This is one hell of a dramatic video. Did you make it?
  3. Will

    What's on your mind?

    Cool. Make sure you keep us updated.
  4. Will

    What's on your mind?

    Unfortunately I'm pretty busy over the next couple of weeks and getting home too far after midnight is pretty difficult for me. Also, I've already seen them this year and will likely see them at Blaze festival next year in Ballarat. The way lateness can accumulate with more bands can suck but having more bands on a roster does have its advantages. In my case, it makes it more worthwhile to travel from where I live to the towns with scenes. For the bands it increases the likelihood of their material being introduced to people who previously didn't know they existed. Plus, these kinds of pub gigs are often cheap enough to make it viable to only show up for the band or two that you want to see (although lateness could ruin this plan) and also often let you leave and return as you wish. During stuff with a variety of bands we usually leave during the sets of metalcore or pop punk bands. Nope. Good to hear. Sorry to hear that. Sounds interesting, will we get to hear it at some point? In unrelated news, I'm getting started on a summer research project with the Institute of Frontier Materials at Deakin.
  5. Will

    Rate the song above you!

    3.5/10 Nothing wrong with it but not at all to my taste (don't really like the focus on vocals and choruses). Did tequila shots with these guys at Melted.
  6. Will


    At the moment I'm mostly a death metal guy. A few of my favorites bands are Deicide, Death, Hadal Maw, Atheist, Gorguts, Testament, Megadeth, Crypt and Type O Negative.
  7. Will


    Welcome, Marshall. Any favorite subgenres or bands?
  8. Will

    What's on your mind?

    That makes sense.
  9. Will

    What's on your mind?

    Probably worth doing. Most pub gigs will only cost you like $10 so you've not got much to lose. Send us a link if your teacher's band is worthwhile. Cool. It'd be pretty weird if an octave harmony didn't work..
  10. Will

    What Are You Listening To?

    Oh, cool. In hindsight I should have moved up a fret or two and bent less rather than attempting the the minor 3rd bends suggested by the tab.
  11. Will

    Anxiety Disorder (RO)

    There were some parts I thought were really cool. I liked the riffs and found the guitar tone interesting. I can't really talk on composition as I don't know the genre but I found it a little monotonous with a lot of slow melody lines (weather they be tremolo picked or otherwise). I liked the song structure and the dynamic shifts (although more would have been nice). I would have liked a little more volume and clarity in the vocals as they get a little drowned especially is I liked what I could make out. More bass would have been nice too. Not a huge fan of the drum tones (you're using a MIDI right? If so, maybe find or make some more black metal appropriate samples). Overall, a worthwhile listen. Make sure to keep us informed on future endeavors.
  12. The line between heavy metal and hard rock can be fuzzy (as can be the line between a collection of similar genres), quite often a band can have some metal songs and some rock songs. Generally, heavy metal is faster and less blues oriented than hard rock while also containing more power chords (perfect fifth diads) and less open chords. There are typically tonal differences but tone doesn't define genre. Artists can't always be trusted to label their own stuff. As an example, JD from Korn has called Korn a funk band. I don't really see God of Thunder as a metal song but I get the idea (to me, Love Gun would be a better example). Although these hard rock and glam metal bands may have occasional metal moments or songs they're not really metal bands as they're all typically slower, less swung and bluesier than heavy metal bands such as Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. One genre drawing inspiration from another genre does not make the two interchangeable. Rock n' roll was developed from blues but they are not the same genre. Certain tech death bands take inspiration from jazz but they are not the same genre. Also, sorry to nitpick but the big 4 are thrash bands, Rage Against the Machine is a nu-metal band and Dream Theater is a Progressive Metal band. All of this is discernible as different from both hard rock and heavy metal. The same basic techniques as used in blues and jazz. Compositionally however, they are still quite different. The line can be blurred but they are still two different things.
  13. Will

    What's on your mind?

    I went to Melted Festival on the 3rd. A local Geelong thing that started this year (headlined by Toxicon). Was a really fun night. A band that really caught me by surprise was the Northern Territory's Snakes (aggressive groove metal) (https://www.facebook.com/snakesband/) who I couldn't manage to check out before the event due to their generic name and their Facebook page being down at the time.
  14. Will

    What Are You Listening To?

    The bends in early solo are ridiculous, do you have a Floyd Rose? I broke high e like 3 times on my SG. Good luck.
  15. Will

    New Purchases/Acquisitions

    Went on a bandcamp spree Way to End: Senestre Golgothan Remains: Perverse Offerings to the Void Brought By Pain: Crafted by Society Artificial Brain: Infrared Horizons Locust Leaves: A Subtler Kind Of Light Atheist: Elements (Remaster with bonus tracks) Also, my brother gave me Killing is my Business and Business is Good! The Final Kill for as a birthday present.