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    Music writing and performance (electric guitar and bass, metal vox), board games.

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  1. Will

    The Spooky Stuff Thread

    The ghost looking like your neighbor makes me think it was a dream but you knowing the specific time makes me think otherwise. If you see something like this, look at your hands and count your fingers. If you have a different amount than normal, you're dreaming. Alternatively, I would guess hallucination. Have you been ingesting, inhaling or injecting anything that an average person wouldn't (medicine, supplements, food, drugs) and getting enough sleep? Maybe its ammonia in urine from your dead cat causing hallucinations (sorry for your loss). Or it could be psychological due to grief. These would be my guesses.
  2. Will

    Hello from Germany

    Welcome. *Balor's statement and question but with death metal instead of black.
  3. Will


    An old meme where you would give someone a hyperlink to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" and tell them it's something else. Should have refreshed my page didn't see you responded. Also, MODS! MOOOODS!
  4. Will

    It's all about the fuzz...

    Oh, cool. I think pretty much all of the regulars have some level of love for both of those bands.
  5. Will

    It's all about the fuzz...

    Welcome to the forum. Do you have any favorite bands or sub genres? Horns for using the word capisce on he internet.
  6. Solid death/thrash with groove and note selection and Riff structuring in parts that remind me a little of Lamb Of God. It feels like your high screams need something in the mixing to make them pop (like maybe more highs on them and less of those same frequencies on similarly panned tracks while the vocals are present, or maybe something like an audio clipping limiter or harmonic enhancer). I'm personally not a big fan of fade-outs in death metal, I'd feel like it'd be more impactful to just end with a modified version of the outro Riff or something. This feels like a thrasher version of a local band I know called Cryptic Abyss. Overall pretty enjoyable, thanks for sharing.
  7. Will

    General Pics (Holidays, walks, outings etc.)

    The way you stare at the camera reminds me of Gonzo The Great
  8. Will

    Top 3 albums/eps of the week.

    Also my purchases for the week: Unhuman - s/t King Parrot - Ugly Produce Demilich - 20th Adversary Of Emptiness
  9. I still get the feeling of owning it. Having legally purchased it, I could choose to put in on a USB, hard drive or CD for private use. Then I would have a more physical thing. As a millennial, CDs end up usually being imported into my iTunes library anyway. So I guess to me a CD is just a bunch of files with a physical backup.
  10. Will

    dream theater

    Awake is also pretty great. Erotomania is one of my favorite prog instrumentals.
  11. Hi, @AshKillem, your video is down but i remember a bit about your song for earlier (it was kinda melodeathy, right?). Were you after clean or screamed vocals? And do you have parts written or would you have the vocalist come up with something? I'm pretty busy for the next couple of days, but if you want I could probably come up with something with screams/growls over the weekend.
  12. I still get this feeling from a paid-for download.
  13. Will

    Controversial Metal Opinions

    I feel the same way about Cacophony, it seems that some of the songs were written in 20 minutes with the solos being written for months.
  14. Will


    I don't really think having an arsehole in the band makes it overrated. Could you point out what makes their music bad (and worse than other bands in their sub genre)? I'm just saying this because I could use the same vague description on a variety of bands:
  15. Will

    Umran from Turkey!

    Awesome! I read about that kind of thing a little, mostly for University work (I'm in my third year of a Chemistry/Cell Biology Bachelor).