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  1. I do really like this one. Especially as most "super groups" just churn out trite I was pretty knocked off my feet. One thing I can't figure out is who plays bass on the album. Kinda bugs me that it isn't listed. Blasphemer is credited with "Guitars" so maybe bass is being included under that umbrella.
  2. It'd have to be one hell of a disguise tho. Now that I've been Beetlejuiced back to the forum I guess I'll do a quick life update thingy. -I've finished my bachelors and am now doing my honours degree. -I've started working casually at the uni as a lab demonstrator (like a science teacher that only does experiments) -I did wind up joining that local band I was trying out for as lead guitar. My brother also manged to land the role of drummer. -I'm in a new relationship with someone arguably more metal than me (although she's not allowed to know that I thin
  3. Inertia: Bubonic Black Sabbath: The Wizard Archspire: The Mimic Well Illuminati: The Core Timeghoul: The Siege Black Sabbath: Iron Man Cryogenecide: Sickening Solar Mutations Evulse: Hideous Mind The Men's Toilet: Aftermath of Pustulate Disfigurement Inertia: Monkey's Paw
  4. It was a joke. Admittedly, not a great one.
  5. Thanks. I tend to buy more Australian stuff as that's the stuff I'm more likely to see, my list will probably become a little more balanced when I have more 2018 stuff as I currently only have around 20 releases from last year. Cancelled at the Tote as a couple of regulars were upset. https://killyourstereo.com/news/1088219/whoretopsy-have-gig-cancelled-because-of-their-lyrical-content/ Cancelled at Geelong (by the FUCKING COUNCIL no less) seemingly just to follow suit. https://www.facebook.com/Wtopsy/posts/announcement-we-have-been-banned-from-our-upcoming-show-this-fri
  6. 7.5/10 Liked the bass and some of the riffs were really cool but the solo section come of pretty cheesy.
  7. David. I like his playing style more, he's on more good albums, I greatly prefer Megadeth. Glen Benton or a Hoffman brother.
  8. I haven't listened to enough stuff but I'll have a go. Some of these opinions are pretty biased. 10 Snakes Pure Evil A fun and memorable groove act. Full of character not nearly as try-hard as most of the other entries on this list. Really catchy with some interesting songwriting ideas and structures thrown around. 9 Rivers Of Nihil Where Owls Know My Name Stands out among a lot of progressive death metal due to riff ideas and dynamics that often seem to remind me more of indy rock than any of the styles that progressive DM often borrow from. 8 Psycroptic As The Kingdo
  9. Check out the range at http://shop.metaldevastation.com/Gauntlets_c337.htm Or buy cheap bracers or gauntlets and cheap bag of like 100 spikes on eBay and do it yourself.
  10. JAZZ III MASTER RACE. I tend more towards the regular jazz IIIs than the XL ones though, especially for tremolo picking or sting jumping stuff.
  11. I've thought about doing something like this as a short project. Mainly to get into local Rackabilly shows on a technicality and upset the audience. Nice execution. First bandcamp supporter.
  12. Boring people can't tell the difference.
  13. Atheist and Illuminati are two that come to mind.
  14. Never really thought of myself as a slam guy. Looking forward to seeing these guys at blaze festival.
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