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  1. What Are You Listening To?

    Internal Howl - Virvum Souls of Black - Testament
  2. What's on your mind?

    It was pretty tight and fun to watch they had a good blend of showmanship and care in their playing, also first time I've ever seen a keytar in a metal setting. Neat. I also got thrown a free shirt, so that could be shaping my opinion a bit.
  3. What's on your mind?

    That's a pretty awesome list, which Psycroptic gig did you see? Welcome back, we thought you were lost forever. Good to hear. On the weekend I saw the Metal United Down Under thingy (was there for all 9 bands from around 5:00-midnight), the Geelong one that I went to was headlined by Stormtide.
  4. Politics

    I more or less agree with a lot of what you have to say here, just one thing. Very rarely do I see what I would call an "atheist movement" that wants to dismantle Christianity (personally, I don't think that we should attempt to destroy/censor/outlaw any idea) but regardless, just because we can't replace something doesn't mean we shouldn't get rid it. Why couldn't we remove Christianity and then continue without dogma? Pretty dumb point of me to make seeing as it's not a thing I want to do. Am I starting to get annoying asking about people beliefs? Sorry, I get fascinated about this stuff. I can stop.
  5. Politics

    I'll admit the Abrahamic religions (far more so Islam and Christianity, although Christianity as a whole seems to be moving to become more moderate) tend to be an unhealthy influence on society. I was just wondering if BAN had anything in particular in mind and how much it relates to college leftism.
  6. Politics

    I'm not sure if I want to talk about politics too much on this sight, but mind if I ask for an example of a prosperous cancerous institution?
  7. Politics

    Good lord, that explains all those wanted posters of you that I keep seeing. I'm at the Waurn Ponds campus (there are two of them in Geelong, the other is the Waterfront).
  8. Politics

    You're not even allowed to have cigarettes at Deakin. You're pretty right about the leftist thing, though (although I'm personally more of a left, libertarian leaning, centrist).
  9. Yeah, same was making up my mind then poof! Sold out. Also, I'm doing a science degree. You're thinking of arts.
  10. Here's what I've got so far. Obscura- Gorguts No matter how many times I've listened to this, it feels like I discover something new each time, should help keep me sane. Olm- Hadal Maw Only found this a few months ago, but it has rocketed its way up my favourites list. Has similar benefits to Obscura. A Real Live Dead One- Iron Maiden The first real metal album I ever heard (I had previously only really listened to KISS and Guns N' Roses as far as anything really close) plenty of classic tracks, great performances and the crowd chanting is awesome. Deicide (s/t) I don't fancy the idea of dying on a desert island without Dead By Dawn or Lunatic Of God's Creation. Peactice What You Preach- Testament. Good blend of catchiness and menorability with heaviness and interesting writing, interchangeable with a fair few thrash albums. Rust in Peace gets an honerable mention as it might make it to my favourites list, but I think I've well and truely listened to it for enough times that it would bore me, possibly to insanity. I'm not sure if Deicide is the Deicide album I want to take, also I might want to make room for something long and progressive, but couldn't seem to fit it in. Dunno. Just remembered I'm wearing an Iron Maiden jacket over a Hadal Maw shirt, I wonder if these decisions were influenced.
  11. Absent from thread due to uni. I also like Alter of Sacrifice, specifically due to the bit that ends with something along the lines of "praise, hail Satan".
  12. That's a fair assessment. I'd never have thought a boring Slayer concert was possible, you'd think they'd have thought to throw in an old favorite at the start and/or end.
  13. Will's Austrailan Gig Reveiws

    Oh cool, someone else in the thread. All work and no play was beginning to make Will a dull boy. I think you may have mentioned this story before, but didn't mention that you were in a band. What did/do you play?
  14. Some of the songs on Seasons have some really good/memorable riffs or moments but are pretty boring otherwise. For instance, Blood Red and Spirit In Black both have a couple of cool riffs but but get boring for most of the verse and chorus (less so Spirit in Black). Also some of the songs seem unnecessarily repetitive or generic.
  15. I'd probably say they're metalcore/alternative metal. I only listened to one song though so I could be wildly incorrect.