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    I'm a science student obsessed with metal.
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    Music writing and performance (electric guitar and bass, metal vox), board games.

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  1. Will


    I'll be at a house party. Probably wrecked.
  2. Will

    Best Trap Metal Artists

    Thanks for the information, I'll check a couple of those out.
  3. Will

    Should i stop singing?

    I think you have your moments. Maybe you should analyze which parts you think work and don't work and try to make he parts that don't more like those that do. I'm not an expert on any of this, though. Do you have access to a vocal coach or teacher or something? If so, maybe give that a try.
  4. Will

    Hello From Michigan

    Welcome. Headphones. Get headphones.
  5. Will

    My bands first song

    Composition is fine instrumental playing is pretty flawless. If you were to force a criticism out of me on the composition, I'd say that it sounds a little like you guys based your sound entirely off mixing Iron Maiden and Judas Priest and that maybe you should probe around the genre a little more for further inspiration. Vocals are loud as fuck (it hurt a little at some points) and mixed weird. A trick to make them audible is to find a frequency or two (say, something mids or treble), boost that frequency a little on the vocal track and attenuate it on the guitars (and anything else you find covers the vocals). This way you can hear the vocals over the instruments without needing to make them really loud, it will also make the instruments more audible. How are you mixing the vocals? Bass could maybe be a tad louder. Good luck. Looking forward to seeing how this develops.
  6. Will

    help science?

    This made me laugh a little. "Fuck you is a figure of speech!". But yeah, it's not personal to me either. I was never offended or anything anyway as most places on the internet are far shittier and will call you worse for less. "Hey Aunt Beryl, how's the hip? Fuck you, by the way. Your husband couldn't make it? Give him a quick "fuck you" from me." This. Science simple refers to empirical information obtained from experimental procedures in order to create and test falsifiable hypothesis and theories. Although there have been examples of this not being the case for psychology in some historical instances, the majority of modern psychological research fits within these barriers. While it is often not as hard a science as say chemistry as it is more difficult in psychology to obtain ethical controls to prove certain theories (so sometimes less definitive methods such as case studies must be used as opposed to traditional experimentation), psychology is more science than humanities. The brain is a physical organ, behavior is what it does. It is knowable through observation in the same way digestion caused by the stomach is knowable. The brain just happens to be very complicated. Edit: Still not sure on these conspirators you mention. Can I have a name to Google or something? Also, other sciences get used poorly in politics all the time (look at some of the flimsy genetic proofs that get thrown around in the name of "Race Realism").
  7. Will

    What's on your mind?

    Good to hear.
  8. Will

    Lemmy vs Peter Steele

    Peter has the height and weight advantage but he's also reached a further state of decomposition.
  9. Will

    help science?

    Before you said "things can't be known", now it's "things shouldn't be measured". And no why to either. Where? By Who? Neat. Wouldn't these things be good? Dramatic. Irrelevant.
  10. Will

    What's on your mind?

    That sounds really cool, makes me think I need to spend more time on tone. Especially with bass.
  11. Will

    help science?

    I'm going to regret this. Damn my curiosity. What makes you say that? Explain to me exactly how an online survey on emotions and relationships can be used to block the free flow of information and how what OP is observing is a mirage.
  12. Will

    What's on your mind?

    Oh, cool. Make sure to tell us about it.
  13. Will

    Tribal Bones

    Pretty cool, I bet you're awesome live. The solo guitar was mixed a little weird to my ear.
  14. Will

    What's on your mind?

    Six pedals? Reverb aside, I don't think I usually use anything on bass. I think the most I've ever used for anything is about 4. I kinda need to know what the pedals are now. Hey, @deathstorm, have you been to your concert yet? If so, who played and how was it? Sorry to hear man, but as @Requiem said, you have the right attitude. Did you at least get to do something worth getting fired for?
  15. Will

    The Movie Thread

    Nope. Be sure to report back if you do.