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    Music writing and performance (electric guitar and bass, metal vox), board games.

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  1. Will

    Identify this song

    If he speaks too fast for you, slow it down. I think YouTube has a handy function that lets you do that these days.
  2. Will

    Identify this song

    Do you speak the language sung in the song? If so type a line or two of lyrics into the Google search bar.
  3. Will

    Rate the song above you!

    3.5/10 Too many groove riffs and breakdowns.
  4. Will

    Hey heavy lovin' dudes and dudettes!

    Still good to know there's somewhere you can play when you manage to scrape together some band members.
  5. Will

    What Are You Listening To?

    Archspire: Relentless Mutation Black Sabbath: Paranoid
  6. Will

    Pro Wrestling

    I'm going to see a local pro wrestling thing (PCW) with my brother this weekend. Should be interesting.
  7. Will

    Crimson Carnage - A one man band

    Not the kind of thing I'd go hunting for but the songwriting is solid and the arrangement is interesting. Your playing is solid on all instruments (I like the screams). The clean singing sounds like it could be a little off note at some points maybe use a slight a slight autotune. Alternatively, your vocals may just be mixed weird or something. How are you getting your guitar tone? It sounds really bassy and muddy (which makes your breakdowns sound great but can mess with your overall sound and make the guitars difficult to hear for a lot of the song). It's also kinda noisy at times but I'm not sure if that's what your going for or not. If you wanted to clear it up, try less distortion and maybe tying a sock or something around the low end of the guitar neck to play the lead parts. I'd probably recommend a midsyer EQ, a high pass filter and a more mids heavy distortion pedal (like overdrive rather than fuzz or something). I'd probably also consider trying to better mix in the other side panned elements with the guitar as sometimes they get kinda squished when the guitar enters. I really like some of the riffs and some of them are a little generic, but I think that's fine for the sound your going for. It seems like most of your problems are production related. As it seems like to me you're going for a style that needs to sound pretty shiny. There was another guy on the forum advertising a mixing/mastering service Maybe shoot him an email (I have no idea how experienced he is, or if he wants money or practice).
  8. Will

    New Purchases/Acquisitions

    Phthisis: s/t (any of the dissonant metal guys here checked this one out?) Hadal Maw: Charlatan
  9. Will

    Hey heavy lovin' dudes and dudettes!

    Welcome. I like a lot of similar stuff, especially old school and techy death metal. Is there much of a scene in New Zealand?
  10. Will

    From The Thicket - Prog Death From New Zealand

    Awesome, I like how much bass is featured in the sound. The songwriting is really sophisticated. One of my favorite things I've seen in Promote Yourself in a coupe of months.
  11. Will

    What Are You Listening To?

    Zeolite: Compulsion Zeolite: s/t Aborted and co. are coming to Australia later this year, doing my research on the co. part. Breeding Filth: Perverse Devolution Naeramarth: The Innumerable Stars
  12. Will

    Rate the song above you!

    5/10 Cool, but kinda repetitive. Has some moments I really like.
  13. That's a pretty tricky thing to empirically confirm, I'd imagine it can depend on how you're listening. If it did improve attention span zoning out or enjoying atmosphere might work less well than analyzing everything.
  14. Will

    Type O Negative

    I'd probably have put Slow, Deep and Hard/Origin Of The Faeces first. To me it has an attitude and hard-hittingness to it that no other album matched entirely. I'd also have put Life is killing me more towards the front of the list (around second or third), I like the couple of punkyer songs on that album and IYDKMIGHTKY is also a pretty awesome song. Also, I think "I Like Goils" was a humerus attempt to clear up questions on his sexuality bought up by his playgirl appearance. Apart from that, my list would be pretty similar.
  15. Will

    Old School Death Metal (Alteration)

    Hi Mephistopheles (cool name). This song has some OSDM-ish moments but is mostly (from what I would consider OSDM) other stuff. Off the top of my head, the closest OSDM band to your song would be something like Brutality. I guess I'll break my comments into 2 sections. Songwriting and arrangement: I like the first riff, a pretty strong start. The dissonance and bends go well together. Some of the doomy stuff at the front (at around 0:37) feels unnecessary and a little boring to me, this is subjective. Maybe you could have developed it during it's last four bars or something. I guess you didn't want to distract from your sample. It's hard to tell exactly what's going on with the guitars in the first verse, but your riff structures remind me a little of something I've heard in the Slipknot catalog. I'm also not sure if your vocal pattern really lines up with the guitar rhythm. I like the drumming. The bridge in the middle of the song (starts at around 2:14) sounds like it belongs on Ride The Lightning. Love the way the guitar enters in the first solo, excellent whammy abuse. The melodic triplet part that follows, on he other hand seems somewhat clumsy, I think you may have started on a weird beat and the triplets may be polyrhthming or something with sixteenth notes played on the bass drum, making you sound out of time. Are the two tapping parts meant to be one continuous part with a punch in or two dueling solos? In the case of the second, the first guy should have done something dramatic as he finished, possibly resolved down by altering the tapping pattern or held a long note under the start of the second guys solo. It sounds like at times your using slow parts to bridge gaps in your songs. That works, but a more OSDM thing to do would be to either: a) go straight to the next part (fuck foreplay, this is death metal! If my listener needs to be eased into things, my listener is a pussy) b) a quick stop start, as you have done in some parts c) stop, reintroduce one guitar and dramatically reintroduce everything else to give your song a little more impact. Not all instruments have to be playing at all times. You can make your song a little more interesting by occasionally cutting an instrument out, especially just before a big moment. A good example of this is something Suffocation does a couple of times where they cut everything but bass for a new section (letting the bass play one bar or half of a bar) and then bringing back the guitar and drums for a really impactful introduction of a new idea. I would probably work in a couple of tight, palm-muted moments to make the song a little more hard hitting and a little more death metal. Maybe pick scrape with one guitar or the other (or take it in turns) as it can sound sloppy when 2 guitars do it and it doesn't line up 100%. Mixing and tone: Your guitar tone is very bass heavy, it makes it muddy at times, what you think of this should depend on what tone you're going for and weather or not you want to be able to hear the bass. Would you rather sound like Mortician or most slam bands (bass heavy walls of sound) or like Athiest Death during Individual thought Patterns (crunchy midsy guitars that let you hear the bass guitar). Your sample should probably be louder, I can't really make out what it's saying. Your mix is a little muddy in general but I get that goes with your aesthetic. Have you high pass filtered everything I would make a point of giving a higher high pass to the lead guitars and (to a much lesser extent) vocals. Your vocals sound like a characterful performance but I can't hear them that well, maybe carve some EQ holes (attenuate one or two high or mids frequencies) in the guitar and stick the vocals in them (gain those same frequencies on the vocals). This depends on the sound you want to go after though, in a lot of DM, the vocals are just a rumbly noise. Did you pan the Bass to one side? I could see why you did as it gives your kick drum and vocals some room but you don't have to do this, you can just use EQ. Hope there's something helpful in all of that.