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  1. This is so accurate. A lot of it is garbage but when it's good, it's phenomenal.
  2. Probably feeling, for me. I tend to like music that's equally slow and intense. Tight musicianship is, of course, always appreciated, but I listen to music mainly for the feeling it gives me and the mood and atmosphere it can convey. Many of my favorite albums were early releases from my favorite bands, and while they're not nearly as polished as their later works, I enjoy the rawness and imperfection of it, because it sounds natural and somehow more passionate to my ears, even though some people might call it boring or amateurish or immature. I love when songs have lots of different riffs and are doing something different or interesting technically, but if it sounds wrapped in plastic and vacuum-sealed, I'm probably not going to like it.
  3. Ahahaha not necessarily a bad thing but hardly indicative of metal as a whole. Which, of course, my then 13 year old self was oblivious to.
  4. Yes, of course. There's quite a lot of metal I don't like. But the metal I do like I absolutely love and those bands have made some of my most favorite albums ever recorded. Keep in mind that metal is pretty diverse. Before I really began listening to metal years and years ago I always assumed metal was just loud guitars with little melody and big bearded muscle dudes growling incomprehensibly into a microphone. That's certainly not the case. I was genuinely surprised to learn that there's metal that's slow, metal with clean vocals, metal with acoustic parts, and so on and so forth... I don't like new music very much either. You really can't go wrong with most stuff from the 80s-90s.
  5. Paradise Lost - Draconian Times I still adore this album. One of my all time favorites. I love the guitar tone so much. I have such an odd sensory connection with this album. I felt inspired to listen to it cover to cover this morning for the first time in nearly a year. Love it. "Yearn for Change", "I See Your Face" and "Hallowed Land" are some of my absolute favorite PL songs. Kickass b-sides from this album, too. Love their Sisters of Mercy cover.
  6. Depraved


    (I'm just going to necro this thread, nevermind me....) So, I've just discovered these guys a couple of days ago, and I've listened to all four of their full-lengths. Overall, I'm impressed with this band, at least at a time when anything that claims to be called "hard rock" or just about any similar genre is a sterilized, digitized, over-compressed joke. At least I can hear real instruments, and I can hear them all individually. Their first album is pretty forgettable, in my opinion. I listened to it once, and really just skipped most of the songs halfway through because I was so bored with them (although "Genesis" is kind of cool, it can't save the album). I listened to Infestissumam next, and I found this quite a bit better. It's got more of an original sound, the arrangements are interesting, and some of the songs are catchy. I think this album begins brilliantly, the intro and its seamless transition into the second song and then the third and fourth songs are good too. But it kind of suffers from being front-loaded, in my opinion. About halfway through the album, everything just began to sound the same for the most part, and some of the songs were way too long and dragged out. So then I tried Meliora because I was convinced this band had to get better - given the fact that "Rats" from Prequelle was the first song I heard from them and it was light years better than anything on the first two albums. Anyway, I feel like Meliora is where they kind of made the transition into more of a metal band, though I'm still not really sure if I would call them that. There are some really good songs on this album, but also some not very good ones, in the same way the former two albums bored me at times. There are some really brilliant ideas expressed here; "From the Pinnacle to the Pit", "Cirice", "He Is", and "Majesty" are just really cool songs. Different, but that's more often a good thing, I believe. And then I heard Prequelle, and I was...not quite blown away, but I still think this is a great album. "Rats", "Faith", "See the Light"; these songs are so good one right after the other. I love "Miasma", it's definitely one of the best instrumental pieces I've heard in a few years. Really creative, really clever stuff. This album almost kind of sounds like a weird power metal-esque version of The Sound of Perseverance in a way. I'm not sure why. I find it really enjoyable, though. I love the guitar tone especially. By far their best album to date. Overall, this is honestly the best new(er) band I've heard. They're not really rehashing anything, but there's a lot of influences there I can see - Mercyful Fate to an extent, Dream Theater, Alice Cooper, Rainbow or Dio maybe, and some shit like Blind Guardian or something. I love the Luciferian themes and the seriousness with which they're often expressed; that alone and their aesthetic are the main reasons I believe for the parallel between them and Mercyful Fate, but I also find them to be very different (Ghost is definitely not a Mercyful Fate tribute band in any way, nor do they remotely sound like black metal haha). I think they're a cool band, definitely fun. I've read from several people who think the masks and theatrics and shit during their live shows is lame, but I think it's an interesting concept. The obscurity, yes, but also in a time when rock music is nearly dead, people want attention drawn solely to themselves and want recognition for the smallest, most insignificant things, and the visual seems like people's #1 priority in this day and age so they can upload all their dumb photos to Instacrap or whatever, hiding one's true identity on stage is kind of a ballsy move, if for no other reason than the music is given free reign to speak for itself.
  7. @Requiem Their first album kind of bored me but I'm listening to Infestissumam right now and I'm liking it a lot better. The two or three songs I've heard from Prequelle are incredible. So jealous you got to see them. They were here like three months ago but I had no idea who they were then so I didn't go. They seem like they put on a great live show.
  8. Holy shit, guys. I just heard Ghost for the first time ever today and - WHAT A KICK ASS BAND. I've been so disappointed in bands over the last 10-15 years or so but this band - THIS BAND? What. The. Fuck. Like motherfucking Mercyful Fate + Dream Theater or some shit. And they sound great! Currently watching a live recording of "Rats" (for like the 20th time today). What a tight band. Incredible.
  9. Ah damn, I should have read through this thread before I posted. Will edit later when I have time.
  10. This is really hard. I've tried doing something like this before but I can never really choose a favorite over the other especially among my top 8-10. And I'm assuming we're only allowed to choose one album per band, which is even more difficult. Then I have to take into account different subgenres, which to me is like comparing apples to oranges. But...here goes. 20. Motley Crue - Shout at the Devil 19. Scorpions - Love at First Sting 18. Immortal - At the Heart of Winter 17. Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime 16. Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind 15. Suicidal Tendencies - Lights...Camera...Revolution! 14. Death - Symbolic 13. Gorgoroth - Antichrist 12. Moonsorrow - Voimasta Ja Kunniasta 11. Korpiklaani - Tales Along This Road 10. Turisas - Battle Metal 9. Finntroll - Jaktens Tid 8. 1349 - Hellfire 7. October Tide - Rain Without End 6. Darkthrone - A Blaze in the Northern Sky 5. Paradise Lost - Draconian Times 4. Opeth - Orchid 3. Satyricon - Nemesis Divina 2. Katatonia - Dance of December Souls 1. Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas And then there are all the albums I like from a lot of other bands who I wouldn't say are among my most favorite bands, but who have made some killer music (like Enslaved, Dream Theater, Annihilator, Skyforger, WASP, Skid Row, Eluveitie, and so on...and so on...)
  11. I can't stop listening to Queensryche "Eyes of a Stranger". Heard it on Hair Nation this morning on the way to work and now I've been listening to it all day. I dig early Queensryche but I've only heard The Warning and Rage for Order and their brilliant self-titled EP. This shit kicks ass. They really had a gift for building intensity in their songs. Totally going to listen to Operation Mindcrime start to finish when I have time.
  12. Mayhem - Deathcrush Observing Valentine's Day appropriately. 🤘
  13. Katatonia - Brave Murder Day
  14. Katatonia - For Funerals to Come...