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  1. I would have loved to have seen them back then. Never got the chance. Apparently they still perform fairly regularly (at festivals, at least) but never anywhere near where I live. Not sure what's gong on with them. Stand Up and Fight had its moments, but wasn't really up to par with their first two albums. I have no idea what they were thinking with their last album. Seems like they've had some lineup issues as well since Netta Skog left. I don't think they've secured a permanent accordion player and from what I've seen, Olli Vanska doesn't play live very much anymore(?) Anyway, typing that out reminded me of this:
  2. Sargeist - Let The Devil In
  3. I've been listening to a lot of early Paradise Lost and early Katatonia lately. Specifically Gothic, Icon, Dance of December Souls (OF COURSE), and Brave Murder Day, and some of Katatonia's early b-sides. Something I discovered today which I never knew is that a demo of 12 exists. I've known for years the "real title" of that song was Black Erotica, but this is the first time I've heard the demo. Wow, what can I say, except why on earth did they get rid of that clean intro and the keyboard?? Like everything this band did during that era...beautiful. Love it. I do believe I prefer it over the studio version.
  4. I agree, their early material is still excellent. I love their first three albums, very avant-garde and experimental but I love the juxtaposition of melodic/acoustic/instrumental with more harsh death metal passages and so forth. I think Ghost Reveries and Watershed is where they really started to sound way too much like a progressive rock band, but it was Heritage that was the final straw for me. I was just bored throughout that entire album. Their work since then has felt much the same way.
  5. For me it was probably Satyricon. Their first three albums are black metal classics, then Satyr just seemed to become more and more interested in sounding like some sort of arena rock...don't get me wrong, even their self-titled release has its moments, but it's just not the same. I'll go back and listen to "Forhekset" or whatever and then wonder why I even bother trying to listen to their more recent material. (Honorable mention for Anathema. I don't think they were exactly fantastic to begin with, but damn they had a really unique sound on Serenades and their first few EPs. Then they steadily lost their minds, it seems.) Actually, I believe this is a curse most bands suffer from at some point, oftentimes permanently. I guess they get bored and sort of jump off the deep end experminetally and never return. No one's asking for the same exact album over and over again, but when your fans can't even recognize your new music as yours...there's definitely a problem. Ugh yes - two of my most favorite bands of all time but I really cannot stomach Opeth's psychadelic/progressive rock-inspired Porcupine Tree worship, nor Katatonia's electronica BS much these days. I'm still a huge fan of their 90s output but I can't bring myself to listen to their more recent stuff. It's pretty disheartening when you have to try to force yourself to like their new albums...
  6. Oh, my favorite is the toilet paper hoarding. It's such an absurd thing to hoard. I can understand buying like an extra 8-pack or something but I see pictures online and on the news of people with like five 24-packs in their cart. Even with a family of four that's going to take them like...an entire year to get through lol. Not to mention it's extremely selfish. Other people have to poop too, you know. At least we know now that in the event of a real apocalypse, there should be plenty of medicine and self-defense items available since everyone else is more concerned about wiping their ass! 🤣
  7. Thanks. I went out today to get some food and it's like a ghost town here. I live in a city of about 200,000 and at 5pm I saw maybe three other cars on the highway. It's crazy...most places are closed here too, just a few fast food places and only their drive thru is open. I was lucky enough to get pizza but they were only allowing takeout. It really is starting to feel kind of apocalyptic. The shows I had planned to attend were all officially canceled today. I was expecting it but it's still really disappointing. I've been amusing myself searching "coronavirus metal" on youtube. I have nothing better to do. 😂
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  10. Well I'm fucking bummed because I was psyched to go see Cloak again and some local bands in a few weeks but most of the venues here are being forced to close. Even the venue where Cloak is supposed to play which is like an hour from me, it's a 100-capacity bar but they're limiting capacity to 50 people including the staff and bands. How can any band financially justify driving 6 hours to play to a crowd of like, what, 30 people? Tickets are only $10 so I imagine they won't be making any money from this show - more likely they'd be losing money. And worse for them, this would be their second tour canceled in a row (first one was due to Faketushka and their personal squabbles fucking it up for everyone involved). I mean, I get that they're trying to control the virus, but the American government especially has everyone here thinking they're going to die if they step outside, like it's a fucking global ebola epidemic and thousands of perfectly healthy people are dropping dead left and right in the street every day. To my knowledge, unless you're elderly or have a weak immune system for some other reason, coronavirus is basically like the flu (although I did hear that it can turn into pneumonia very quickly, so I suppose that's a cause for concern). My office is closed until at least the end of the month, so I have no income at the moment. The governor where I live said today that "no concert is worth the spread of this pandemic". Clearly, this man has never been to a metal show. 😂
  11. So uh...I'm assuming you mean post our rating here? For the last full album we listened to, I assume...? If so: Mercyful Fate - Don't Break the Oath 5 stars. OBVIOUSLY. Do I really need to explain why? If you've never started air guitaring like there's no tomorrow during that solo in "The Oath" at least once in your life, you're all a bunch of fuckin' liars. 😂
  12. I always buy merch if I can when I go to shows, and I always pay in cash. It makes me happy to know I'm doing something to help them, even if it's small, especially for young/new/very underground bands, who in my experience have always been very grateful and appreciative. It's better than buying something from them online because whatever I buy at shows tends to have a unique experience connected with it, particularly if someone in the band was running the merch table when I bought it. If I know that I want to buy something else from a specific band, I typically wait until the next time I see them (if I know they're going to be touring again soon and likely to head my way), try to find out if they'll have any available to sell at the show, and then end up buying everything I want all at once. It's pretty amusing to see their expression sometimes when I hand over a stack of twenties hahaha.
  13. Yeah, exactly. When I was a kid, my parents gave both my brother and myself piano lessons. But when my brother wanted to give up piano and learn to play drums instead, they had no problem with that, whereas my mother especially wanted me to stick with piano as it was "much more becoming for a lady" *eyeroll*. In my experiences also, a lot of guitar teachers won't really take female students seriously. If I struggled with something, it was because I was lazy or incapable, apparently, but male students are given much more time and attention to get it right because "they're actually serious about it". I was always treated like an annoyance by the teachers I had when I was trying to learn bass (who were terrible teachers anyway, in retrospect) and I think that's also part of the reason I gave up bass in the first place. I was made to feel like I couldn't do it and they were very defeating about it and like how dare I even try, right? It didn't help that they convinced me to learn to play right-handed when I'm naturally left-handed and so progress was basically non-existent. When I switched to guitar, I bought myself a left-handed Schecter on clearance with my tax return money and resolved to teach myself, and it's been a much better experience to just fumble my way through it and watch youtube videos about technique instead of getting yelled at or have to deal with snarky remarks for not being a prodigy as soon as I touched the instrument. I mean I'm still terrible and sound like a rusty toaster and I haven't even picked it up in an embarrassingly long time because I fucked up my shoulder but there's not this overwhelming sense of "I'll never be able to learn how to play because I'm a girl". I hate those "...for a woman" comments also. Even shit like "I've never seen a woman headbang like that" when I go to concerts, like they're all surprised. Yeah, and what were you expecting me to do? Stand still in front of the stage all stone-faced with my arms crossed, you know, like all those guys you see on either side of me while the band is playing their hearts out and tearing it up? Shit, you couldn't pay me to stand still when I go see bands I really like, I end up completely exhausting myself by the time their set is over. Of course, but if I were to just stand there, then I'd be fending off other stupid comments like "obviously you're not here for the music". It's kind of being damned if you do and damned if you don't. Though in my experiences at smaller shows in my area at least, guys tend to just ignore me. Which is an improvement. It's really sad to have to say that being ignored and not spoken to at all is an improvement, but if they do say something, I can tell you they will never have anything good to say. I'd rather be treated like I'm not even there at all. (The fans, not the musicians; the musicians I've met have more or less been on their best behavior.)
  14. Speaking as a female, I personally dislike most female vocals in metal, maybe because the overwhelming majority tend to front symphonic bands and that's just not my jam. But even something like Arch Enemy just doesn't sit right with me (I mean that could potentially be because I'm not much into melodeath either, but I digress). Deeper voices just sound much better to my ear in this context. I would love to see a woman kick ass behind a drum kit in a black metal band or some other extreme subgenre, though. That's what I'd like to see. To shed some light perhaps on the smaller hands argument - I tried to learn bass several years ago, but I have tiny little doll hands so switched to guitar fairly quickly and was amazed at how much easier the guitar was for me to handle because of the smaller frets and shorter, thinner neck. I don't think that's a reason most women in metal tend to be vocalists, but perhaps maybe why there aren't too many female bassists. That being said, even someone with tiny hands like myself could master the bass after building up lots of finger strength (was more of an issue than the width between my fingers but that was also a struggle if I'm being completely honest). I still don't think that's the main reason though. I'm very petite so theoretically anyone - even other women - who have bigger hands than I do (in other words, basically everyone except children younger than 12 or people with physical limitations) wouldn't be struggling as much with the bass as I was. Certainly if I can reach the frets on a guitar, just about anyone can. I think many women tend to be vocalists - or some metal bands tend to recruit them - is more to do with a specific image or sound they are trying to achieve. Hence why most of them front symphonic bands. Of course there's always the possibility (and there is no doubt in my mind) that some bands want female vocalists as a sort of marketing gimmick ("come see us, we have a hot chick in a corset for you to stare at for an hour!") But symphonic metal and similar subgenres like power metal or folk metal also tend to be more accessible to women because the subject matter itself is more accessible in general - it's not really angry or aggressive and it doesn't delve into seriously deep shit like disillusionment with the world or a sense of isolation from humanity, something that most men probably don't relate to either, but for those that do, they're probably more readily able to embrace it because they won't be immediately dismissed as "crazy" if they do. As far as women playing metal? I would say that probably comes down to social conditioning. No one is going to have an interest in metal unless they can relate to the subject matter or thematic content, and that tends to be more accessible to men. Girls are still raised to be demure and compliant and to go about our lives with a smile, to be friendly, social creatures, to never express that we're sad or pissed off about anything, to quash any feelings of aggression or rebellion, to be overly concerned with being attractive and feminine so that we can gEt MaRRieD aNd hAvE BaBiEs as the most important goal in our lives and (gasp!) what the average dude might think of us if we don't uphold the feminine ideal, and most women never really break out of that mindset. So for a woman to say "fuck this shit" and pick up a guitar or another instrument and play death metal or whatever instead of whatever their female friends listen to or what music they were taught to like requires quite a different temperament and personality from what has forever been groomed and ingrained by society since birth, as well as perhaps the rejection of any fear of alienation from other women. I can't speak for anyone else but I've always felt like I can relate to men more and I generally feel more comfortable in the company of men because pretty much all of my interests fall squarely in the realm of the traditionally "masculine", so perhaps I'm not the best person to ask about this, as I definitely don't represent the typical woman (whatever the hell that means). These are simply my observations and experiences.