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  1. Depraved


    I've been bored out of my mind thanks to the pandemic. I have a very morbid fascination so naturally a few weeks ago I started binge watching documentaries about serial killers and spending all day reading about them. No surprise the night before last I woke up in a cold sweat after dreaming that one of them was after me. 🤣 I just scrolled up and saw this. Apparently nightmares about serial killers isn't all that uncommon.
  2. Depraved


    Right place at the right time, I guess. I've been very alone all my life. I've always felt like I can't relate to most people or like there is some sort of disconnect from me at a fundamental level. I often feel like I'm trapped in a glass box and the other people are on the side of the glass, and I can see them and they can see me, but I can't really pass through the glass to join them...I don't know if that makes sense, but I've read about other people who feel like this, too. I grew up in isolation and I've had to move around a lot ever since I was a kid, so it was very difficult to me
  3. @Strawberry If for some reason you prefer the perspective of another male on this subject, this guy makes some really good points. Perhaps you should take some time to scroll through the comment section and you'll find that several other women have experiences similar to mine. I do find it very interesting and a bit ironic that you're quick to shoot down my personal experiences as a female metal fan in a thread you created about sexism and women who like metal.
  4. YES The Art of Drowning is excellent as well. They were so prolific from around 1997-2003. I love everything they did during that time before Interscope got ahold of them. Even their b-sides were incredible. That stuff is some of the most unique sounding music I've ever heard.
  5. Depraved


    Today I went to the bookstore and picked up The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells and Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein. I've been on classic sci-fi kick since reading Brave New World. Not like a I really need to be adding anymore books to my list...
  6. AFI - Black Sails in the Sunset This album was the gateway drug for me to get into heavier music, now well over half a lifetime ago. Prior to, I had no real interest in music, being just a clueless little pre-teen girl that listened to whatever the other girls at school were listening to or whatever was on the radio. First time I heard it I was done for, there was no going back haha. I still love the hell out of this record. Absolute top-notch Misfits-inspired pissed off melodic hardcore. I still experience such a cathartic rush when I listen to it.
  7. Depraved


    Yes! It's a very shocking and eye-opening read, especially for me (since I'm an American...) and many of the things the government tried to lead us to believe post 9/11 were exaggerated or fabricated or half-truths, trying to justify their involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan and "the war on terror". I actually got to interview the author for my thesis via Twitter and Skype, which was awesome. At the time I remember him talking about a new book he was working on called Portable Happiness but to my knowledge it hasn't been published yet. I know that there have to be a lot of legal proceedings an
  8. Depraved


    Thanks, I'm really not sure where I'm going to start, I want to read all of them at once because they all sound so interesting but that would be impossible lol. I really need to finish the books I'm reading now first, honestly. I have a really bad habit of starting books but hardly ever finishing them. The last book I read all the way through for the first time was Guantanamo Diary for a university seminar back in 2017 (which is excellent, by the way).
  9. Thanks @FatherAlabaster
  10. Pretty sure we've had this discussion in a couple of threads on here before. Interesting topic, though. Being female, I can tell you that it's extremely difficult to find other women who like metal (but I've always lived in the southern tier of the US, so I would imagine they might be easier to find elsewhere). Sure, there are certainly women who like metal, but we comprise such a small percentage of what is a massively male-dominated genre. I've never met another female metal fan "in the wild". When I go to concerts, the crowd is usually around 90% male. That number rises even more overw
  11. It's better being closer to my family in the event of an emergency, instead of being in my old city where I had very few/no connections. That's the main reason I moved here. But otherwise I'm hating it and I don't see much reason to stay. My aunt and uncle and one of my cousins live 15 minutes away but they hardly ever talk to me or see me, which almost makes me feel even lonelier than where I was before. My mom lives an hour away but she's not very mobile and I don't have any expendable income right now to drive down to see her. We don't get along well anyway. She and her boyfriend are always
  12. Thanks. I've moved to a new town since I was around last and so far I'm hating it here despite being a lot closer to my family. Just feel like I'm wandering around aimlessly in life and building a bridge to nowhere. I've always felt that way, but I think COVID has made everything way more uncertain so every day I wake up I have no idea what I'm doing or what I should be working toward. I keep hoping maybe I'll feel different about it once the pandemic is over or at least a bit less indecisive, but I can't shake the feeling that everything seemed better where I was living before. Sort of in a s
  13. Depraved


    I have a list of books I've been wanting to read for years but never seem to get around to actually reading them. Trying to change that though. Currently have 3 going at the moment: Brave New World by Aldous Huxley From Gabriel to Lucifer: A Cultural History of Angels (nonfiction) by Valery Rees Mossflower by Brian Jacques (childhood favorite but kind of lackluster rereading it as an adult, oh well) Also on the shelf but haven't started reading yet: No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus Lucifer by Joost van den Vondel Frankenst
  14. Benny Goodman - "Sing, Sing, Sing" 🤷‍♀️
  15. Can't believe I've never noticed this thread. I'm a total tea snob, have been for probably half my life at this point. I've been drinking Harney & Sons almost exclusively for years. I love black tea, especially if it's a flavored blend of some sort. Of course, I like a regular breakfast blend too. Putting sugar in tea is blasphemy imho. But I love to make my tea in the morning with half hot water and half warm milk. I like herbal tea blends too, especially peppermint. Also a big fan of lavender and lemon verbena.
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