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  1. Mgla - Groza Great music but that cover looks like dog shit, especially compared to the Renaissance art inspired and/or creepy silent film-esque covers for all their other albums.
  2. Angel of Damnation - Heathen Witchcraft
  3. I work with this really flamboyant gay dude at my night job and this conversation just occurred: J: "Girrrrl, you look so good! You're positively GLOWING!!!" Me: "Idk why, I feel like shit." J: "You look great! You're even smiling I never see you smile!" Me: *shrug* J: "Really, you look - OH! Did you just, you know...*makes thrusting gesture* Me: "Uh, no." J: "Girl, you're lying to me. You look like *leans in close and whisper-yells* like you just got some really good sex." Me: "Sorry to disappoint you." J: "You even have that after sex glow. Seriously, you look so blissful and you're positively radiant!" Me: "I've just been listening to Slayer all day."
  4. Mgla's entire discography Trying to somehow survive work today. 🙄
  5. Wintersun - s/t Aaah...it's that time of year again. My favorite annual xmas music.
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    Metal Memes

    Sorry I'm just shitposting now. 😂
  7. Well yeah, and I also believe society has reached a point where no one respects anyone or anything anymore and are willing to completely bastardize something for the almighty dollar or to fit their agenda. I'm actually thinking about watching it again because it's so bad it actually makes a pretty good comedic satire but I'm not entirely sure I want to subject myself to that a second time and waste another 2 hours of my life lol. (And Rory Culkin portrays Euronymous as if Euronymous was some sort of millennial hipster from California. There, I said it hahaha.)
  8. It was sooo bad lol. Good for a laugh though. Really a shame they couldn't pay homage to a band and an era without making it into a disgrace.
  9. Depraved

    Metal Memes

    Not exactly a metal meme but close enough and I still lol'd:
  10. It has some good interviews but I guess watching Until the Light Takes Us first kind of ruined it for me. It was so awkward. I still can't get over how bad most of the acting was. I don't think they even read about the people they were supposed to be portraying. And like half of it was just Culkin narrating everything as Euronymous, which was weird and kind of boring. Then there was this bizarre redemption thing toward the end where he tries to "change his ways" or whatever. And what the fuck was up with Varg and the chocolate milk?? I watched it like three times and I still couldn't figure out why it was supposed to be significant lol. That entire scene made no sense whatsoever. The only thing they got right was Euronymous dying in the stairwell but I don't think he would have been chit-chatting with Varg trying to change his mind about killing him and refusing to defend himself while bleeding to death in his kitchen. Pretty sure he most likely fled the second he knew Varg's intentions given the locations of the stab wounds. And I seriously doubt he went down like a bitch like Rory fucking Culkin lol. As a film it's mildly entertaining, if you completely ignore any facts about Mayhem's history or the Norwegian scene in general. I was still cringing at how "high school teen drama" it was, though. I was cracking up every five minutes at how terrible the script was. Really the only thing I found genuinely enjoyable was the cinematography during certain scenes, especially when there was no dialogue, they still managed to make it interesting. They also put a ton of work into the sets to recreate places exactly like they appear in pictures, which was impressive. Otherwise, what a fail. 😂
  11. I caved and decided to watch Lords of Chaos since I have the night off. I was expecting it to be terrible going in since the book was a joke but I'm not even an hour into it yet and this movie is such a mindfuck lol. Not just the glaring historical inaccuracies, most of the acting is fucking awful. Like it's so bad I'm really not certain if they meant to inject this much humor into it. Is it supposed to be serious or did they mean to make it sort of a parody??? I do think it's fucking hilarious that they butchered Varg's character and Varg was freaking the fuck out about it though. 🤣 Also I don't think I've ever seen a picture of Euronymous where he looked anywhere near that ripped. 🤣🤣 I mean I kind of feel bad for laughing about how bad it is but...goddamn...
  12. Mercyful Fate - Don't Break the Oath - "A Dangerous Meeting" The first 45 seconds or so...fucking sick. Kind of surprised no one's mentioned it yet. Mayhem - Deathcrush - "Silvester Anfang" Even more surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet. One of the most infamous and recognizable intos in black metal. Oh you know what? To add to that - Queensryche - Queensryche - "Queen of the Reich"