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  1. Morning commute was rad: Katatonia - 12 Opeth - Godhead's Lament 1349 - Slaves
  2. Yes. That main riff from "Unchain My Soul" gets stuck in my head all the fucking time. Even if I haven't heard the song in a while.
  3. Probably some sort of ambient prog rock or something. I don't see anything they do in the future would be much different from their last few albums. Unfortunately I think it's nearing the end of the line for these guys as far as innovation (more like 3 albums ago) and I don't really see them doing anything terribly new or exciting again. I'm cool with that I guess. Stagnation is the final evolution of just about every band, I'm afraid.
  4. Dokken - Under Lock and Key
  5. Scorpions Motley Crue WASP Dokken Queensryche (not exactly a glam/hair band imo but close enough) Winger Skid Row
  6. Depraved


    The new full-length drops on October 18, called The Infernal Pathway. They've also released another new song from the album: All three songs they've released so far from this album sound completely different from each other and I really don't know what to think. The only one that I really enjoy is "Through Eyes of Stone". Not that the other two are bad - not at all - but they're really channeling their inner thrash influences on some of this stuff, seriously...
  7. Exactly. And even when I'm not at work, it's like I have to live my life by a much stricter set of rules than everyone else. People are allowed to scream at me, swear at me, call me names, tell me I deserve to get shot, physically intimidate me, over the most trivial bullshit, but god forbid if in my daily life something legitimate makes me upset to the point I make it known I am upset, if I raise my voice just a little, over someone harassing me in public, for example - oh, well then I am WAY out of line and just a crazy psycho bitch. It's like I'm not allowed to have any feelings whatsoever, but everyone else is allowed to have extreme emotions and behaviors. It's such a fucking double standard. Coworkers tell me "oh, you don't know what they might be dealing with in their personal life", as if that's an excuse for their behavior. I HAVE CHRONIC DEPRESSION AND PTSD BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN SHIT ON BY PEOPLE MY ENTIRE LIFE AND I STILL MAKE IT A POINT TO TREAT EVERYONE WITH A BASIC AMOUNT OF CIVILITY AND RESPECT. Even if I hate their fucking guts and want nothing to do with them. You can't honestly tell me, that someone is facing so much more hardship than I am, which could justify their disgusting behavior. Thank you. What bothers me most I guess is that I try so hard not to let it get to me, but my nervous system seems to somehow know when there is or could be an imminent threat to my safety and goes into a spontaneous, out of control fight or flight response. I have learned, time and time again, that yelling almost always precedes physical violence. People have stopped at nothing to physically attack me (not really at work, although I have had things thrown at me). But the fact that physical attack and bodily injury is very possible, frightens the hell out of me. I weigh 90 lbs. I fucking hate it. I've been trying to build upper body strength but it's like my frame just wasn't built that way. People attack me and seem to have zero fear of repercussions because in the past, every time it's happened, they just tell the authorities I did something to deserve it, or if they don't leave a mark, that I'm lying and made it up to ruin their lives or something, and the authorities always believe them. Yes there are cameras, but they'll just claim I said something to threaten them or antagonize them and they were acting in self-defense or something. And the authorities will still believe them.
  8. I'm really at the end of my metaphorical rope here. I have a bachelors degree, I did a year-long internship, I've done relevant volunteer work, I've been consistently employed in professional occupations for 3 years, and yet I cannot for the life of me get a job in anything but customer service. And it's getting to a point that work is making me physically and mentally ill. Look, I'm a child abuse survivor, and every time a customer comes up to me in an aggressive, hostile, or threatening way, screams at me, swears at me, calls me stupid because of misconceptions about my age, gender, education, personality, or anything else they feel the need to make me feel horrible and dehumanize me so much because they don't like the company's policies which I have no control over - I relive every abusive experience at the hands of my mother and father over and over and over again. I can write. I can use video editing software. I have a knack for photography. And yet because I've never had a job title with the words "public relations" or "communications" in it, that must mean I'm a fucking idiot who can't do anything except stand in front of a counter and smile while being dehumanized by 50 year old grown-ass adults with the emotional maturity of a spoiled 3 year old. Every job, no matter how basic, besides customer service roles, require some 3-5 years of experience. And apparently unless you've never done that same exact job before, your experience is not relevant, no matter how close it, no matter how many transferable skills you have, no matter how much you've busted your ass for zero compensation at unpaid internships, menial jobs at non-profits, and side gigs, all of that hard-won experience is worthless to them. I am convinced that I was born to suffer. It's the only real logical explanation I can come up with. Abuse survivor who can never escape abusive situations and has constantly be around abusive people to survive? The irony. And at the moment, I don't see it ever ending until I die. I'm really not a human being at all to anyone, am I?
  9. Metal Church - The Dark