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  1. What's on your mind?

    Shit. Sorry to hear that. Did you end up calling the police?
  2. 2017 Top Tens

    I'm in a similar predicament to BAN and Macabre, I have between 10 and 20 releases from this year but a good chunk of them are from bands that I've seen live (most of which are solid but few are top 10 worthy). I think if I were to make a list it would possibly contain (from the stuff I own). Sutrah - Dunes Pyrrhon - What Passes for Survival Halal Maw - Olm Black Harvest - Atrittion There is still a lot of stuff that I need to check out. I never really got into this one, I guess I'll give it another relisten.
  3. What makes a genre?

    I think precise subgenres are just an easy way to describe a band as accurately as possible as quickly as possible. For instance rather than saying "this band is a death metal band with lots of time signature changes, interesting song structures and unusual rhythms and melodies" you can just say "tech-death".
  4. Hello from Phoenix!

    Welcome to the forum, Vince. I really like a lot of those bands, especially Megadeth, Dream Theater and Testament.
  5. What's on your mind?

    I think that makes four of us. Tomorrow night I'll be first fire response at the Meredith Music Festival. There's a couple of bands I'm going to check out mostly the jazz stuff interest's me (not a single metal, prog or heavy punk band there from what I can tell).
  6. Bloodstock

    Yeah. They should be aiming for their heads to stain the floor red.
  7. What's on your mind?

    A few lessons I've learned in my adventures: You can never be too anal with your takes, the magic happens in the recording phase (not the mixing). Make sure you're happy with your tone before you start (you don't want to find out it's too weak later). In some situations, your optimal live tone may be different than your optimal recording tone. You may require different guitar tones for different jobs, even if this would be impossible live. Mic placement matters. Recording space matters. You can tie a sock around the low end of the neck when string noise is really pissing you off. Use a click track. May different ones if you need them. Some if this stuff may seem obvious, but some of this stuff I learned the hard way (so clearly I was dumb enough to not know some of this stuff). I don't know exactly how much of this is likely to apply (if for instance, you're making murky black metal drenched in noise, I doubt you give much of a shit about string noise or subtle tone differences caused by mic placement). Why use a digital tape recorder, kvlt cred? Looking forward to hearing the product.
  8. Judas Priest cover

    It seems like you could be a little flat on some of them. Maybe try singing some of those notes with a scale played on a tuned instrument (if you don't already). Alternatively, pitch correction.
  9. Most anticipated albums of 2018

    I'm dumb. I also said "they'll" when I should have said "there'll". I blame autocorrect.
  10. Judas Priest cover

    Either that or it's the Mandela effect.
  11. Judas Priest cover

    Because Screaming for Vengeance and Painkiller exist.
  12. Who are your current top 5 bands?

    Atheist Death Hadal Maw Illuminati Testament
  13. Most anticipated albums of 2018

    Are we thinking of the same band (https://1llum1nat1.bandcamp.com/album/the-core-2)? Is there wordplay I'm not seeing?
  14. Judas Priest cover

    From what I can tell, most of the instrumentals are nailing it. Mixing could definitely use some work (the vocals seem wider than the guitars as well as louder, is much panning and EQ-ing happening?). The vocals have their moments, but also their weaknesses. Sometimes, the pitch seems a little off, the vibrato feels forced and it seems at points like you're putting on a voice and maybe being a little loud for your microphone setup (turn down input gain and amplify it during mixing maybe). Are you possibly covering up an accent? Definitely has some good moments. Some of these vocal issues would probably also be less prominent with better mixing and recording technique(/equipment).
  15. Most anticipated albums of 2018

    I've got it on pretty good authority that they'll likely be an Illuminati release next year. I'm pretty exited.
  16. What's on your mind?

    My sympathies.
  17. What's on your mind?

    FA's already weighed in here, but I'd just like to add a couple of things: Nobody plays anything absolutely perfectly live, even big bands (listen to live performances given as bonus tracks or home footage from performances without backing tracks rather than stuff that's been sold as live stuff. At the very least you should be able to hear some weak notes, sliding tempos, murkiness, etc.). Also, odds are most non-musicians didn't notice most of your screw-ups.
  18. Happy belated birthday, Requiem.
  19. Favourite lyrics

    I guess with that explanation it seems to make sense. Kinda weird that you can edit quotes on this sight.
  20. Favourite lyrics

    Corey Taylor got that line from a crazy homeless man who repeatedly yelled that in California. It means nothing.
  21. New Purchases/Acquisitions

    From the Daemon Pyre/Hollow World show: Hollow World: The Wrath Kept Within Hollow World: Exanimate Bandcamp: Crypt: Crypt 7" Illuminati: The Core Sutrah: Dunes Æpoch: Æpochalypse (had to copy and paste the bloody symbol)
  22. What's on your mind?

    I don't see it happening, sorry. I'm pretty busy with study for my final Cell Biology test and getting back from Collingwood at 12am on a Sunday is pretty difficult. No, you dirty traitor. Why don't you go to England if you hate it here so much?
  23. Jared Dines' Solo Contest

    Thanks for the advice. You're totally right about the flow, it was recorded in several takes and I was recording it in little chunks as I was writing it. In retrospect I should have made sure to always play the first note from the next phrase at the end of recording each phrase, rather then stopping dead as I hit the last note for some of the stuff (I think it's just me instinctively going "Good. Done." and pulling my hand away as I hit the last note). I had more reverb on the track earlier but thought it was too much so pussied out and made it more "sensible". That was pretty dumb.
  24. Jared Dines' Solo Contest

    Apparently Ernie Ball is holding a solo contest with a decent prize giveaway, promoted by the YouTuber Jared Dines. The song that you solo over is "Raise Your Glass" by Daddy Rock (I only found out about the band because of this contest). I was thinking of maybe entering for fun and, knowing there are a few guitarists on this sight, though I would see if any of you guys are interested. Full details here https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/general_music_news/jared_dines_opens_new_guitar_solo_contest.html