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  1. In BC Canada, it's wonderful. Instead of practicing 'metal stuff' with other musicians, it's the perfect opportuinity to finally record death metal music. I haven't found anyone in town anyways who wants to play 666% hard.
  2. Pat O'brien has the sickest V guitar set ups for one, and Alex Webster is perfection to me with his bass playing. I love 18V pickups and speed ramps. The growl, groove, and speed. My favourite albums by Cannibal Corpse are in this order, Kill 2006... because of The Time To Kill Is Now and Make Them Suffer back to back, 1 and 2, just sets the whole album up perfectly. Then comes Gallery of Suicide... 1998... I Will Kill You and Gallery of Suicide are just phenomenal pieces of musical art. Followed by Butchered At Birth, I feel like that album is a complete masterpiece, from the artwork to being produced by Scott Burns...my favourite song off that album is Covered With Sores and is one of my top 3 Corpse songs. It is so fantastic, it still gives me goosebumbs after all these years. Tomb Of The Muitilated 1992....Entrails Ripped From a Virgin's Cunt and Hammer Smashed Face are the other two of my all time favourite Corpse songs. Follwing that and in this order, Eaten Back To Live 1990, The Bleeding 1994 (track number 3 please), Vile 1996, Bloodthirst 1999, Gore Obsessed 2002, The Wretched Spawn 2004, Evisceration Plaque 2009, Torture 2012, and finally, A Skeletal Domain 2014.
  3. That's awesome about releasing Nordicwinter, GravenDusk, and Dark Covenant. I'm from Canada also. \m/
  4. Totally agree, Tomb Mold takes the prize, especially with the drummer vocalist. Pissgrave's, "Canticle Of Ripping Flesh" and "Blood Fog" are my favourites, as well as Witch Vomit's "Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave" and "Fumes Of Dying Bodies".
  5. Wow, Coffin Rot is amazing, added! I love their song "Saw Blade Suicide".
  6. I love Tomb Mold! Witch Vomit and Pissgrave are pretty wicked too (they are related artists in Spotify).
  7. I agree about the older stuff being best of all those bands. Guitar, vocals, and drums are also an important part of my life which supports my views, at least I believe. Slayer with Dave Lombardo and Jeff Hanneman, as well as Arch Enemy with Angela Gossow were better. I have enjoyed the evolution of Cannibal, as both Chris Barns and George 'Corpsegrinder' Fisher are amazing vocalists. From Kreator, Morbid Angel, Death, Jungle Rot, Deicide, Kataklysm, Obituary, Children Of Bodom, Cradle Of Filth, Carcass, to Cavalera Conspiracy, my top listened bands are always varying as I move on to devour the next.
  8. Not at all, I enjoyed your description of missed connection. My biggest influences are Arch Enemy, Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, and Slayer. Also, I like your demo "In the dark you can see too much" ChainsawAkimbo.
  9. Machete is a killer movie. Rad that your band is named after it.