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    I am a drummer looking for online collaborations with experienced musicians. It could be any style of extreme metal, as long as it's not too mainstream.
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    Music, reading, video gaming, drawing.

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    I am a drummer looking for people to record music with online -I don't think I intend on playing outside of my house ever again. Any adventurous style of black or death metal will do, as long as it's got character and something a bit unusual! I have a video of a recent recording session here: https://youtu.be/sDVjGi_w9tM.

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  1. tzulficar


    All 3 dark souls are excellent. These games drove me crazy.
  2. tzulficar

    Hey friends! New here.

  3. tzulficar

    Hard Rock and Heavy Metal: 1 Genre or No

    For me they are slightly different. Hard Rock still has discernable elements of pop rock or rock'n'roll, while maybe boasting a stronger or grittier attitude. Heavy metal will tend to have a less danceable quality to it, focusing more on the dramatic charge of the music. That's just my interpretation of it. I imagine fans of hard rock would find heavy metal to be a little too much.
  4. tzulficar


    Re-reading books is cool, but you've got to give yourself at least 15 years between the readings!
  5. tzulficar

    Pre-Internet Metal Memories

    Resurrecting old posts...Like most oldies, my experience was similar to those described above. I first became interested in metal when I saw Iron Maiden posters being sold in the local supermarket. Occasionally I would see an older guy wearing similar T-shirts in the street. The funny thing is that I never actually got to listen to Iron Maiden until discovering Europe, who had made it into the Top 50 with the final countdown. I eventually bought some Iron Maiden pirated tapes, played them to the ground, etc...Then an older metal fan gave me a compilation tape, which allowed me to discover more of the bands that were popular in the 80s. After that, there was tape trading at school, and exchanging the scant information some of us would manage to get through whichever magazines we could get our hands on. My first extreme metal purchase was Bolt Thrower's world of chaos. At first I didn't like it, especially since I thought there was something wrong with the record itself: the vocals sounded so low it seemed like the record was being played too slowly, while the music was so fast it sounded sped-up!
  6. tzulficar


    All the Malazan books!
  7. tzulficar

    The Advantages of Owning the Physical Album

    Old post, but whatever...While I can see why many people enjoy physical copies, the added value I personally get from them nowadays is negligible. I enjoy the music only for the pleasure it brings to my ears. Good artwork and lyrics don't affect my listening experience. Also, having had to endure vinyl and tapes in my youth, I was much happier with CDs in terms of sound quality and durability; now that I only listen to music from my pc, I'm even happier I don't have to lug anything around. I am also in favour of free downloading/streaming. The underground metal scene has too small of an audience to make it financially sustainable for most artists anyway, even if the all of the few existing listeners were actually ready to pay for all the recordings they listened to. The cost of producing music is today affordable to most people with a job or a generous family. So in my opinion, bands' main concern should be to make their music accessible as easily as possible to anyone who might be interested.
  8. tzulficar

    Hello all!

    Hi, I use cubase as well, for recording drums. I am just used to the keyboard shortcuts and general appearance of the interface, but pro-tools, sonar, reaper, etc probably all work more or less the same way.
  9. tzulficar

    Hello to all

    I am not sure I know what you mean, but if you were talking about people getting pissed off and throwing abuse at each other, then you're spot on! 😒
  10. tzulficar

    Hello to all

    Thanks. There are only few international metal meeting places like this, and most seem inactive, or full of aggro. So here's cool!
  11. tzulficar

    Hello to all

    Thank you😉 It's really good to see a friendly community.
  12. tzulficar

    Hello to all

    We'll see...most people want to play in bands that play shows, but I know there are others out there😒
  13. tzulficar

    Hello to all

    Thanks😂, yes better late than never. One of the other members of the forum, Will, had recommended Black Harvest. At first I thought it would be a bit bright for my tastes, but it in actually very fresh, creative and original. Great work!
  14. tzulficar

    Hello to all

    I started posting on this site without introducing myself - my mistake. I Don't have much to say except that I am grateful for this site's existence: it is great for the isolated music fan!
  15. Alright, but keep in mind that I would be willing to try, should you change your mind.