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  1. Just a word of caution on "free healthcare", it doesn't mean inequalities don't exist and it doesn't mean that drugs on the NHS always come for a prescription charge; cancer treatment in particular can involve thousands of pounds being paid out by the patient even under a system were all working people pay National Insurance contributions towards healthcare. The NHS was never intended to be a service that cared for every ailment, it was at it's core setup to treat emergencies in the main. Over the years the scope of it has increased to the point of unsustainability which is why private hospitals enjoy such an extensive footprint (even before COVID). Humans are high-maintenance and are not getting any less so. Now, I am not saying here that any of the illnesses in this thread should not be treated. Equally, I am not defending the reprehensible actions of pharmaceutical companies, some of the numbers quoted here do not add up at all and are clearly geared more towards profit than development. I genuinely believe however that in order to control the sustainability of any national, publicly funded healthcare system there needs to be a strong private sector to support the wider need, and I say this as a former NHS employee. Right now there are so many people presenting at hospital with illness that is in such an advanced state due to COVID keeping most people at home unwilling to risk going to hospital that it will take 5 years or more for the NHS to "catch-up" just to hit its previously unsustainable state (there's nearly 6 million people on waiting lists in the UK right now for NHS treatment - before COVID it was just above 4 million from memory). I will also second the sentiment here that vaccines are not some magic potion that make you immune from dying by whatever disease the vaccine is administered against. In the past month, two people I know have died who were double jabbed but they also had underlying health conditions which determined that when they caught COVID they were always on the back foot. There's still some life choices people have to make once vaccinated. Getting 2 injections of a vaccine does not mean we can all "go back to normality" (thank fuck). Human beings are dirty by nature; full of germs, viruses, bacteria that all thrive by virtue of the fact we are so on top of each other all the time. I have masks with me everywhere I go still, I touch elbows only when greeting people and I only go out if I have to (barring work of course). Herd immunity can just fuck right off.
  2. I hear ya. Since Bruce died we have both struggled and probably the new ones are earlier than planned but the rescue place rang us and we just had to do the right thing. Regrettably bought a new sofa and chair the week before and the upholstery on those are fucked now but that can be repaired.
  3. I am blasting this through my lunch today. I have a taste for death/doom but I like the blackened edge to some of the vocal scowls on Foreverglade which remind me a bit of Akhlys. That funeral doom chiming on here is awesome, not overdone making it sound like someone is constantly falling on an organ, just well applied to the atmospheric need of the record. Happy to be hearing that Apparition record also right now, blending the OSDM with the death/doom nicely.
  4. Now back up to 4 cats after the additions of two kittens (Vlad and Mina) this past fortnight. Integration with the 16 year old and 4 year old going well, a few gentle paws to assert authority but the kittens (as usual) are fearless. Slowly opening up the house to them and finding new crevices, gaps between walls and furniture that need closing off and we are running out of cushions to do so with.
  5. You see I work with numbers all day and so gladly leave any financial tasks or major purchases to my wife-to-be as come the evening or weekend I am usually tired of the numbers and selling game.
  6. Terminal Injury Causes Kill FORT
  7. Busy week ahead starting this Friday when two rescue kittens (brother and sister - Vlad & Mina) arrive from the foster home they have had for a few days. Got to figure out a room for them for a couple of days to get them settled and then how we introduce them to the four year old and sixteen year old cat respectively. I am maxed out with work and heading away for two days back end of next week for a conference before having to spend time with the mother-in-law for her fucking birthday on the Saturday night. I might opt for kitten sitting duties instead.
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