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  1. The Black Keys - Strange Times
  2. Hi there welcome ^^ Bem vindo ao fórum do metal /,,/ quais bandas vc curte ?
  3. Cathedral - Forest of Equilibrium
  4. Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition - Cerebellum
  5. A Friend just shared this song a few days ago, had some good vibes with it!! So good seeing them all playing together, I can recognize Kiske's voice from miles away!! I'm enjoying this one so far too 🙂
  6. Six Feet Under - Burned At The Stake
  7. Sacramentum - Finis Malorum
  8. True haha the only band that all members are female I can remember Is Nervosa and Boy, these girls represent! Hard to say why...me and a friend was learning instruments (I was trying drums and she was trying guitar) but we ended giving up so soon because at least for me it was Pretty hard, I think men in overall is more interested not in metal but in learning guitar, etc. Nowdays I only organize these events for them to play but it's not happening for now because of this damn virus, But I had tons of fun practicing with the band.
  9. Hell yes amazing album, nice to see AFI getting some love, my top stuff back in the days!! The Art of Drowning is amazing too, love listening their sound Np: Nile - Worship The Animal
  10. Torture Squad - Hellbound
  11. Job For A Cowboy - Execution Parade
  12. That game had suck an amazing BGM, tbh I liked Therapy, Paw and the other bands more than the Soundgarden tracks itself, they all had their own unique 90's vibe which I absolutely loved.... good times!! Now Playing: Vomitory - Beneath The Soil
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