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  1. Amazing! Its super pretty and colourful. Love your arrangement.
  2. Currently listening to The End of Everything EP by Plini. Its not a heavy metal genre, but i love the colours and the tones plini uses and obviously his musical sense. Its so fresh and just absolutely beautiful. He uses some of the motifs in Selenium Forestw from the Other Things EP. Definitely worth checking out.
  3. Sons of Appollo ! I think that band is the closest to DT, and has good reason also, because Portnoy is their drummer. Personally, i think you should check out Psychotic Symphony. It reminds of Systematic Chaos. They even have used some similiar keyboard tones also.
  4. I think djent is slowly starting to become a genre. i these bands could have a tag or something saying its Djent.
  5. I'm new with forums so please forgive me if i do something stupid