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  1. So sadly true. This will sound arrogant, but I suppose most people are F<<<ing arrogant, but I'm sick of sharing the planet with half retarded sub-humans like this. I really can't comprehend the sub-human thought process that says, "I don't enjoy this, there for it somehow is not what it purports to be". Like, if I don't like a painting, does it cease to be paint on canvas? How does my not liking something make that something not what it was? I guess I'll just lump this in with the "not even bothering" part of my brain.
  2. So, I was at the bottle redemption center today. The guy that works there is into metal, and started playing some death metal. I gave him the sign of the horns, and he smiled and nodded in appreciation. Then an old guy turned to a middle aged guy and said, "You call that music? This isn't music." So I turned to them and said, "Well, it exhibits melody, harmony, and rhythm, so it is music." The old guy said, "I could do this with a shovel and bucket." Then I replied, "No, you couldn't. This is complex music and it's very hard to play. You would need several years of practice on a drum kit to play it." At this point they both had nothing to say. They simply went back to putting bottles into the machine, because they knew I owned them and they had nothing to say.
  3. Big Ass Lubed Dong RATS
  4. @Depraved Thank you, I sort of get it now. Seems to be a loose term, to generally apply to non vocal musical interludes. It seems to shift focus around certain instruments successively. I kind of get it, buts seems pretty broad and similar to a bridge. Again, thank you very much.
  5. Alright, I know what an intro is, I know what a verse is, I know what a bridge is, I know what a solo is, and I know what an outro is. I do not know wtf a "break down" is. The word just popped up and every one started using, but what exactly is a "break down?" Wikipedia says, "an instrumental or percussion section or interlude during a song" and I tried reading their article, but I don't get what the difference is between a bridge and a "break down" Can some one post a song that has a really obvious "break down" and tell me the exact time the "break down" starts and when it ends? Sorry, I see the term all the time but the exact meaning alludes me.
  6. Well, for metal I like Darkthrone, Emperor, Burzum, Thorns, Mayhem, Babylon Whores, Bathory, and many others. For punk I like The Misfits, Ramones, Black Flag, Discharge, Alkaline Trio, and many others. For music in general I like Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Robert Johnson, Philip Glass, Gary Numan, Shostakovitch, and a whole bunch of others.
  7. Happy Birthday @FatherAlabaster
  8. Hi, how's it going? What kinds of metal do you like and what are some of your favorite bands?
  9. Thorr's Hammer - Dommedagsnatt ManOwaR - The Triumph of Steel Bal-Sagoth - Battle Magic
  10. I've been into Punk about as long as I've been digging metal. I guess I like metal more, but the Misfits is one of my favorite bands, and the only band I have a tattoo of. Also like Ramones, Black Flag, Discharge, G.B.H., Minor Threat, Cock Sparer, Bad Brains, Alkaline Trio, Crude SS, Black Uniforms, and many more that I can't think of right now. Have always loved all the different ways punk and metal mix and influence each other. I love black metal with strong punk influence like Hellhammer.
  11. Ripping Into Newly Deceased GOAT
  12. NME - Unholy Death Venom - Welcome to Hell Totengefüster - The Faceless Devine
  13. I love the song Pandemonic Hyperblast. It's one of the most extreme songs I've ever heard. As a band though, I only like their early stuff.
  14. Morbid Angel - Alters of Madness Poison - Into the Abyss Overkill - Feel the Fire
  15. 1) I assume you are talking about doing this in Massachusetts, so we are not posting about breaking the law. 2) As a disclaimer, hookahs are designed for smoking tobacco, weed produces much more resin and so can clog the hookah. 3) The only time I saw people smoking weed out of a hookah they didn't use any shisha at all, just put the weed in the bowl and lit it with a lighter while sucking on the hose. If you're mixing weed and shisha , I would go with much more weed than shisha, the shisha would just act as a flavoring agent but the smoke you would want to be more psychoactive. Just a guess.