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  1. Mortiiis - Crypt of the Wizard Morbid Angel - Juvenilia Krisiun - Black Force Domain Danzig - III How the Gods Kill
  2. Welcome. I dig those genres as well. What are some of your favorite bands?
  3. Amebix - No Sanctuary, The Spiderleg Recordings Anthrax - Sound of White Noise Thorns - Grymyrk Darkthrone - Under a Funeral Moon
  4. Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture Judas Iscariot - Of Great Eternity Graveland - Memory and Destiny
  5. I'll have to check that out.
  6. Enemy at the Gate, Downfall and Inglorious Basterds are great, haven't seen the others you mentioned but would like too. Saving Private Ryan is really good, as well as the mini-series Band of Brothers. I really enjoyed The Fall of Berlin, a two part Soviet propaganda movie shot on captured German Agfa color film. "5 artillery and infantry divisions, 4 tank battalions, 193 planes, and 45 German trophy Panzers, as well as 1.5 million liters of fuel, were used in staging its panoramic battle scenes." As for other wars, Apocalypse Now is breathtaking, Alexander Nevsky, with its soundtrack by Prokofiev, is mesmerizing, and I probably love plenty of others I can't think of right now. Hopefully I will soon acquire Stukas (1941), and The Battle of Orel (Kursk) (Documentary) (1943) and will report back.
  7. I recently acquired some interesting movies. "Kolberg" is a German movie released in 1945. Think about that, within a few months of totally losing the war, they were still making, distributing, and showing new movies in the handful of remaining theaters. Not only that, they diverted hundreds of troops to serve as extras in this movie, and used sh*t loads of real ammunition to bombard a replica of the town. All this when they knew they would loose the war. As for the film, most of it was rather bland. There was much dialog about never surrendering, and your material defeat is a symbolic, moral victory, or something like that, I guess. But, I must say, the end of the movie, when the town is bombarded, is a pretty good payoff, after the earlier dullness. All that aside, it's worth watching just because it's in Agfa Colour, an early German coloring process that produced vivid colors that make everything look like a fairy tale book. The other movie was "Stosstrupp 1917" a German movie released in 1934. It's B&W, but the copy I have has a very clean, clear picture. The film pretty much glorifies war (WWI), while simultaneously showing the horrors of war, if you can rap your head around that. It was fun to watch, a lot more interesting than "Kolberg," because it was fast paced and full of action. Again, real ammunition was used in the battles, and for most of the movie you can hear bombs falling and exploding, usually in the distance, but often enough close by. Of the two, I would recommend "Stosstrupp 1917," if weird old propaganda movies is your thing.
  8. Parker


    Random thought about the black album: the only songs I ever want to hear off that album are Of Wolf and Man, The God that Failed, and Don't Tread on Me. The other songs are either over played or forgettable to me.
  9. The virus has not really had any impact on my lifestyle. The only real difference is wearing a mask and social danziging distancing when shopping. Other than that, it's the usual, we never went out much anyway. (We don't really like people.)
  10. Emperor - In the Nightside Eclipse GraveLand - Creed of Iron Choir of the Brotherhood of Valaam Monastery - Chants from Valaam
  11. Hi. I (attempt to) play bass too. Classical is awesome! What are some of your fav composers?
  12. Just got a new Guinea Pig. That makes three. Oreo, Cecil, and now little Oliver. (Guinea Pigs are metal, right?) 😶
  13. I'm not so sure that this is a metal problem that you encountered, rather than a facebook problem. That site is toxic. People go on there just looking to get on a soap box and put others down. I closed my account there long ago and would rather claw out my eyes than go back.
  14. I think he meant "hot sauce" as in spicy, like Tabasco.
  15. I greatly enjoy Sibelius. For symphonies, my favv is #4. A great shorter piece is Finlandia.