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  1. Burzum - Filosofem
  2. MayheM - Grand Declaration of War
  3. Check out the Grymyrk Demo by Thorns. No vocals and no drums, just guitar and bass creating some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard. It's extremely atmospheric Norwegian Black Metal, with incredible, mind-warping riffs, and was very influential. By Burzum, check out Dominus Sathanas and Naar himmelen klarner. By Dissection - At the Fathomless Depths. Emperor - The Wanderer. Von - Veadtuck (has a short spoken intro). Darkthrone - Dark Thrones and Black Flags. These spring immediately to mind, I'm sure there are many others.
  4. The Misfits - Famous Monsters
  5. Thanks guys! And sorry to hear about your eye deathstorm, hope the transplant goes well.
  6. Just got out of a week stay at the hospital yesterday. Depression again. But it was a good hospital and really did me well. I feel positive and optimistic. On a completely unrelated note: Alice Cooper is the worst, most offensive example of an artist using imagery and theatrics to try to hide the fact that they have no musical talent whatsoever. And people keep calling his crap metal even though all I've ever heard him play is hard rock.
  7. Nuclear Assault - Game Over
  8. Deathwish - Demon Preacher Youtube recommended this to me, and I'm glad it did; excellent English thrash!
  9. Pink Floyd - The Endless River CF's Pandemonium is a mixed bag, with a few good songs thrown in. Most of it is "experimental" music where the experiment obviously failed. First CF c.d. I bought, and it turned me off them for a long time. "Mexican Radio" is laughable and "One in their Pride" is tedious and just plain awful.
  10. Celtic Frost - Vanity/Nemesis Although I love earlier CF, I never checked this one out before, and so far it's damn good! Much better than Pandemonium!
  11. Did you know that, "pumpernickel," means devil's fart? Anyway, I just had sushi; a spicy tuna roll, two tuna sushi and two salmon sushi.
  12. Iron Maiden Thorns The Misfits Philip Glass Pink Floyd
  13. I saw them live once in a club. It was either the tour for Anthems or IX Equilibrium (which I usually cal IX Fecalibrium because it was the beginning of the end for them) can't remember which. It was an awesome show. I'll definitely try to see them on this tour if they play near me. Wish I had seen the Eclipse tour as that's my favorite album by then.
  14. Osculum Infame - The Axis of Blood
  15. Dzö-nga - The Sachem's Tale Incredible, unique atmosphere from this Boston, Massachusetts BM band.