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  1. What's on your mind?

    I imagine and hope that in the future this may be resolved. But for the time being there is a huge rift in the family. On one side stand my parents and I, on the other stand my brother and his wife, with my sister and other brother caught in the middle. It's a pretty sad state of affairs considering the time of year.
  2. What's on your mind?

    Thank you, and it means the world to me that we can be of help. I would love to have a meet up, but it's just not economically viable. I'm so technologically impaired that thou I've heard the term "podcast" I don't actually know what it means. I'm having a really hard time guys. I got in a stupid argument with my brother that has escalated to the point that I really don't see us ever talking again. And while that is sad, I feel much worse that I may never see my niece and nephew again, and I love them dearly. My family right now is pretty much ruined because of my brother's arrogant behaviour, and now I can't spend the holidays with my family.
  3. What Are You Listening To?

    Cirith Ungol - King of the Dead Checking this out based on Ikard's review, it's pretty damn good so far! Even has a bit of the old school ManOwaR sound to it that I love.
  4. What's on your mind?

    Now that's the fucking spirit mate! Great to hear fighting words from you! You're doing much better than I have often been. Hang it there man, we're all here for you!
  5. What's on your mind?

    Wow, hang in there man. I've been dealing with depression my whole life, and it's a huge struggle. Even if it comes to the point that you can't contact us anymore , remember, we like you and support you, metal brother. Yes! Thank the gods! I am so disgusted by Trump supporting that filthy animal. But, I'm sure'll he find a way to make me even more disgusted. I am so embarrassed by having the trump thing in office. Thank the gods I didn't vote for him, and I pray to the gods to steer him through this national (global?) crisis and get that thing out of office. Thank you. I'm pretty scared of how I'm going to feel after the surgery.
  6. What are you drinking?

    And please don't bring this up again, I don't want to have to stop posting here because of a stupid argument about clocks/time. Something extremely stressful has occurred to me in the last 24 hrs and I don't appreciate you wasting my time over what is obviously a trivial matter. Dude, I said something about telling time that you didn't like and you're going to waste time and several posts about it when I have pressing urgent matters. Dude, grow up.
  7. What are you drinking?

    O.k., whatever you say man, it's no big deal to me, just an off hand remark. I can't for the life of me figure out why this bothers you so much. Fine, whatever you have to say about the topic is right, and whatever I say about this topic is wrong. There. Are you happy now? Now leave me alone about it.
  8. What are you drinking?

    I don't discriminate against any other berry, I love the fruit lambics other than peach. I just wish they would make one that is blueberry because that is my favorite.
  9. What are you drinking?

    Agreed, peaches are gross. The little hairs on them make my skin crawl. If I was a normal human I might be content with the others, but I have a blueberry fixation.
  10. Hi

    Looked it up. Unfortunatly they are now cloased, but here's a link: https://www.yelp.com/biz/metal-devastation-phoenix
  11. What are you drinking?

    I wish they would make blueberry lambic. I love blueberries, even plan on getting a tattoo of one.
  12. Hi

    I dig some DRI, Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust, early Death, Morbid Angel, dig Possessed's first album but haven't heard anything else from them, dig Venom's first three, and Darkthrone are godly. I visited Phoenix a couple of times in the early 00s. There was a cool metal store, I think it was called Metal Devastation. I spent about $250 there. Are you familiar with that place? is it still there? I will pray to the gods for you. It would be good to know what sort of problem you are having, so I could prey to the specific god that is known to help with that problem. But, if it is a private matter I will pray to Thor for you as he is the companion, helper, and protector of mankind.
  13. Hi

    Hello and welcome to the forum. What are some of your favorite metal bands? Are you the boy or the girl in your avatar picture?
  14. What are you drinking?

    So, because of my GF I've been able to stop using almost all drugs. She didn't tell me to stop; her love made me able to stop. Exceptions are my meds, caffeine, occasional little bit of nicotine from my hookah, and a drink here and there. I don't want to get drunk ever again, don't even want a buzz. Anyway, when I drink now it really genuinely is because I like the taste. A kind of beer/ale I like is called a lambic, and comes from Belgium. It is "spontaneously fermented" meaning they do not add anything to make it ferment, they just put it in certain attics with certain bacteria and let it, well, spoil. The result is a sour beverage that comes in many different fruit flavors. There are "plain" lambics, but I prefer the fruit ones, especially raspberry. Has anyone else tried labics? Do you like them?
  15. What are you drinking?

    It's not a big deal, just seems odd to me because it is a cultural difference, that is all.