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  1. Pink Floyd - The Endless River CF's Pandemonium is a mixed bag, with a few good songs thrown in. Most of it is "experimental" music where the experiment obviously failed. First CF c.d. I bought, and it turned me off them for a long time. "Mexican Radio" is laughable and "One in their Pride" is tedious and just plain awful.
  2. Celtic Frost - Vanity/Nemesis Although I love earlier CF, I never checked this one out before, and so far it's damn good! Much better than Pandemonium!
  3. Did you know that, "pumpernickel," means devil's fart? Anyway, I just had sushi; a spicy tuna roll, two tuna sushi and two salmon sushi.
  4. Iron Maiden Thorns The Misfits Philip Glass Pink Floyd
  5. I saw them live once in a club. It was either the tour for Anthems or IX Equilibrium (which I usually cal IX Fecalibrium because it was the beginning of the end for them) can't remember which. It was an awesome show. I'll definitely try to see them on this tour if they play near me. Wish I had seen the Eclipse tour as that's my favorite album by then.
  6. Osculum Infame - The Axis of Blood
  7. Dzö-nga - The Sachem's Tale Incredible, unique atmosphere from this Boston, Massachusetts BM band.
  8. Their best IMO! NP - Morrissey - Bona Drag
  9. That must have been an Oz thing, never been trendy here. Have only seen it in a restaurant once in my life (ordered it of course). Usually I have to buy it online and have it shipped to me. Last night I had chicken and bacon ranch pizza for supper. It occurs to me that some of you might not know what ranch dressing is, as they don't seem to have it in Europe. Here, in the U.S., a very popular kind of tortilla chip is Doritos Cool Ranch flavor. In Iceland I saw it labeled Cool American flavor, and thought, oh, that's what I taste like! In another country (can't remember which) it was labeled Cool Original flavor.
  10. Azhubham Haani - On A Snowy Winter Night Demo '92
  11. I LOVE venison, so now I'm really curious about kangaroo. Think I'll search the 'net to see if I can buy it online and have it shipped here. Awesome, found some for sale here: https://www.osgrow.com/products_detail.php?ProductID=10 Will buy whenever I have the money!
  12. I'd love to try kangaroo, what can you compare it to?
  13. Torturga, you're right, I'm better off w/out those assholes. I'm really not sure why they betrayed me, could be jealousy, really don't know, probably never will. But, as all we ever did was sit around smoking K2, I'm better off now that that phase is over, and my meds are working much better now. My head is clearer, I'm setting better goals for myself, and I'll be able to save more money. I'm working now and will save to go back to school so I can eventually get a better job that I will like more.
  14. Thorns - Thorns One of the best BM bands ever!