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  1. Venom - Welcome to Hell
  2. Parker


    Regarding the track listing/concept of GDoW, it's a three part concept album, with part one being Wolf's Lair Abyss. The first part represents the past, the second part (first half of GDoW) represents the present, and the last part (second half of GDoW) represents the future. Sit down and listen to all three parts and read the lyrics, it's very interesting if cryptic. I haven't heard this new mix, but from what you say, it sounds god-awful, and 100% unasked for, and 100% unwanted. My question is, does it include the hidden negative time song at beginning of the album ? I don't know if everyone is aware of this, but, on the original release, if you put the CD in your player, hit play, and held down reverse, there was a song before track one. It is the same as the hidden track at the end, but played in reverse. I just read this whole thread for the first time, and I have to address something that came up earlier: Snorre of thorns. First, I had always heard that he actually played on the DMDS album, not just wrote for it. Second, (and this is just my opinion) the Thorns "Grymmyrk" demo, which you guys just shrug off, is one of my favorite recordings of anything ever. If I could only listen to one song for the rest of my life, it would be "Home" on Grymyrk. Because there are no vocals or drums, people will tell you that Grymyrk is just a bunch of riffs thrown together, and that is simply not true. The riffs are arranged and structured as songs, it should only take one listen for this to be apparent. The no vocals or drums thing just serves to make the demo more psychedelic/trippy/disorienting. What I love about Snorre is his bizarre riffing style. Almost no one sounds like him. Vikernes and Arseth both have some similarity to Snorre's style, but other than that, I don't think any other guitarists come even close to Snorre's style. The full length is excellent, just not quite as good as Grymyrk. It was said that this album sounds just like Satyricon's Rebel Extravaganza. I haven't heard RE, and while I assume it may have a similar sound, I find it extremely hard to believe that it has the bizarre psychedelic riffs that Snorre is known for, considering nothing else I've heard by (the mediocre) Satyricon has had riffs that are remotely like Snorre's. In conclusion, I LOVE Snorre/Thorns, and don't think anyone else plays his style. IMHO, the three best living guitarist are Snorre, Vikernes, and David Gilmour.
  3. Speaking about medications, it reminds me of my favorite Beavis & Butthead quote. Beavis was watching a commercial for diarrhea medicine and said, "Those diarrhea medicines just don't work. I took some for a whole week one time and I didn't get diarrhea once! . . . about a month later I popped a brick though . . . I still have it in my sock drawer if you wanna see."
  4. Congratulations, MacabreEternal. I'm surprised to hear about Deathstorm, never saw him post anything inappropriate. Most of his posts were just: Today was a good day, looking forward to a wrestling show.
  5. Bathory - Twilight of the Gods - Hammerheart MayheM - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas ManOwaR - Battle Hymns - Battle Hymn Slayer - Reign in Blood - Raining Blood As for, Sorrow, it's the best song on Pink Floyd's worst album, IMO.
  6. Blasphemic Cruelty - Devil's Mayhem
  7. I've almost completed work on my one man band Ratatosk's second demo. When complete, I will put it on Youtube and put a link here in the appropriate place (not trying to promote here in the wrong thread, this is just on my mind). As for Facebook, I f*cking HATE it. Deactivated my account over a year ago. It promotes animosity amongst people who otherwise would get along. Wish I could totally delete everything I ever wrote there, but that doesn't seem to be an option.
  8. Балагуры - Великая Русь Plaag - Ugh!
  9. Black Uniforms - Faces of Death
  10. It's been way to warm around here for the end of December. It's starting to really bother me. I want to be freezing cold. 😠
  11. Slaughter (Canada) - Surrender or Die