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    Im 24 and I dig thrash, death and black metal mostly.
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    Cooking, Lord of the Rings, General nerdery

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  1. Slayer

    For me Slayer was one of those bands that just blew my mind wide open and changed my worldview forever. I think they have a career of great albums and while some of those albums stand out amongst the rest, they all deserve my respect. There isn't a Slayer album that incites disgust in me the way St. Anger or Load Reload does. So while I agree that some of the more recent albums are far cry from Show No Mercy or Hell Awaits I am still sad I didn't get to see them before they disbanded. I will forever kick myself.
  2. Blackened Death metal

    I love the shit out of behemoth.
  3. Acephalix

    I really love this band. Out of all of Luca's bands i think they have the strongest material (although I really dig Necrot and Vastum as well).
  4. Krypts

    Totally agree. They have a super interesting sound.
  5. Funeral Doom

    For me Funeral Doom is a genre that i appreciate musically speaking but aside from Evoken i know very little about it. What would be some essential bands aside from Evoken that would be a good starting point?
  6. Blind Guardian

    I definitely see what you mean when you talk about the incorporation of different subgenres within the power metal. Im liking these guys more and more.
  7. Blind Guardian

    Will do. Im going to head to zia next check and i will see what i can find.
  8. Blind Guardian

    This band has taken some getting used to but Im starting to dig them now. Currently own Nightfall in Middle Earth
  9. Whatcha Eatin'?

    They are killer. There is a hot sauce i want to get that i keep seeing on a youtube show called hot ones. Its blueberry ghost pepper.
  10. Weed

    That was a big adjustment when i quit. Had to change my before bed ritual.
  11. Weed

    Ive taken one dab in my life and it was after drinking and i just recall coughing for 30 minutes and collapsing onto a couch. I was gone after that lol.
  12. Whatcha Eatin'?

    I intend to try my luck at growing fresh habaneros
  13. Indeed. Theres an avante garde jazz artist that was in some speed metal bands and brought the energy over to jazz. Ill have to remember the name.
  14. Whatcha Eatin'?

    Im sure those are amazing peppers. Ive had great results using Hatch green chiles, something my Dad passed down to me.
  15. So I am a huge fan of punk rock music as well as metal and I remember hearing a punk band called the meatmen covering In League With Satan and i thought it was the coolest shit. I also thought undisputed attitude was a super fun Slayer album going the other way. Anyone else dig this kind of stuff?