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    Im 24 and I dig thrash, death and black metal mostly.
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    Phoenix AZ
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    Cooking, Lord of the Rings, General nerdery

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  1. Ikard

    Whatcha Eatin'?

    This evening im going for mexican. Shrimp Rancheros. Fucking delicious especially after an 11 hour shift.
  2. Ikard


    Oh man i have not delved into this in too long. Must have forgotten the face of my father.
  3. Ikard

    Whatcha Eatin'?

    Going to be eating steak tonight. Thinking about getting a new york strip cut medium rare with loaded mashed potatoes and a ceaser salad.
  4. Ikard


    I am rereading A Song of Ice and Fire.
  5. Ikard


    I really enjoy Gorgoroth. Pentagram had a pretty big effect on me. I also really enjoyed Twilight of the Idols and Antichrist.
  6. Ikard

    Computer-generated Black Metal?

    Lmao. Cage free, organic, free range Black Metal.
  7. Ikard

    Favourite Album

    That is a killer record, sir.
  8. Ikard

    Favourite Album

    I think I would have to say for me its Hell Awaits by Slayer at this point in time. Its the thrash album i always go back to.
  9. Ikard

    Whatcha Eatin'?

    They are fucking wonderful is what they are.
  10. Ikard

    I'm quitting caffeine

    Today marks 7 days without energy drinks and the headaches have ceased. In case anyone was wondering.
  11. Ikard

    Dying Fetus

    To follow up i really enjoyed that. I tend to dig most things i hear from this group so I am not surprised.
  12. Ikard

    I'm quitting caffeine

    My Dad thought cigarettes and beers were an appropriate father son activity haha
  13. Ikard

    Dying Fetus

    I certainly will when i get home.
  14. Ikard

    I'm quitting caffeine

    Okay so heres my deal, I am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict and from the ripe old age of 12 I have been under the control of one substance or another. One by one i have kicked those habits. Caffeine is the last of them so its kind of a matter of principal. Also i cannot sleep and feel very much the same as i did when i was quitting speed if that holds any weight in the philosophical discussion.
  15. Ikard

    I'm quitting caffeine

    I sure hope so. Mine have been very annoying.