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  1. I'm not going to pretend that I understand how vaccines work all that well. I only took Biology I (the other science credits I have are Marine Science and The Living Ocean) because my school did not have a very good science department as it was only a college, not a university. I chose not to take student loans and continue on with higher education after my AA (and I'm glad I didn't, because my high school friend got a PhD in English and now works at a Starbucks in Indiana and has shitloads of inescapable debt and has to live with his parents while he pays it down as best he can... I dodged a bullet with that one). See, when they opened COVID19 vaccines up for people my age, I was one of the first people in line because I thought that it would actually protect me against getting sick and dying but now the narrative is that it might protect me. The problem with COVID19 is that we cannot vaccinate our way out of it, it's going to become endemic and we're just going to have to learn to live with it. One of Biden's infectious disease people apparently just tweeted the other day that "Everyone is eventually going to get COVID19" but that not everyone may necessarily get very sick from it & I'm hoping that since I got the vaccine, that I'll be one of the asymptomatic people and will develop a natural immunity to it. I'm interested in seeing if the Novavax product gets approved in America because I've heard that it has much better success rates than the mRNA vaccines in terms of actually protecting you, but I am not sure that even if it does, if it would be safe to get the Novavax product after already having two doses of the Pfizer one (the one I got).
  2. The Emperor song "Ye Entrancemprium" always gets me all wound up, just like the Nokturnal Mortum track "The Funeral Wind Born in Oriana" (the opener from the Nechrist album). They make me want to lay into my weight bag, and I do when they come on. "Hammer Smashed Face" has a similar effect on me and I've punched the weight bag until my hands were scuffed up and bleeding and I was exhausted to that song before. One song that chokes me up though, because it has personal meaning to me, is not a metal song but a country song by Chris Stapleton's "Drunkard's Prayer". Song makes me cry as a matter of fact, because I had alcohol and drug problems in the past and I know exactly what he's talking about when he says "I wish that I could go to church but I'm too ashamed of me//I hate the fact that it takes a bottle to get me on my knees" because I used to get trashed and think that God was talking to me (before I was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder) except my version would go "I hate the fact that it takes a rail to get me on my knees" because it was most prominent when I was abusing crystal meth about five years ago and no matter how hard I wanted to not do the shit, I kept doing it and used to beg God to get me off of the shit when I was high for days at a time, yet would always say to myself "after this bag, I'm done". Happy ending: On May 17th 2017, I had a big rail of crystal meth left and was dreading having to drive to Sarasota to get more and go through that whole dangerous, sketchy song and dance and I heard that "God voice" in my head say "You know, you don't have to go get more, you'll be fine without it. Just do this last rail and then go enjoy your day and don't go waste anymore of your money" and that's exactly what I did: I hoovered it up and then went and played a game of disc golf while I listened to Nokturnal Mortum, and then came home and played a bunch of video games and eventually went to sleep that night. Haven't touched the shit (or any drugs) since and don't think that I ever will again. That era of my life is dead & buried, I feel better now than I ever have before.
  3. Well to be honest, I have a credit union rather than a bank and I haven't really been using their debit card at all since I have a paycard from work that I tend to use instead. The only debit on my account recently was to Osmose (France) and their security department said that it "looked like my card was stolen" so they shut it off. I went to the bank and explained that I regularly buy records from around the world because I am trying to open a pop-up record shop that specializes in Hardcore and Metal and the girl behind the counter said "Yeah they've been shutting off cards for people buying stuff from overseas lately, you aren't the only one" but that "they should have contacted me to verify that I made the purchase before shutting my card off". Apparently the phone number that they had was a phone number that I never, ever had so I am not sure exactly how that worked but they couldn't get in touch with me so they simply shut it off. So as soon as they got me a new card, I went home and ordered two more items from Osmose. Fuck 'em, they aren't going to be telling me what I can and cannot buy with my own money. If they shut it off again, I'll just go an get a new card on the Credit Union's dime. I'll keep doing it too. My sister buys stuff from Ukraine and Poland all the time and she never has her bank card shut off, so I'm not sure why they shut me off just for buying from France but it's weird because they never did that when I ordered stuff from Osmose before.
  4. I mean, in theory an asteroid could hit and destroy the majority of life on earth. Even a small meteor strike would fuck things up pretty badly so I'm not too worried about sunspot events or supernovas. As far as the climate thing goes, the earth's climate has changed many times before and life had to find ways to adapt and evolve, and that which couldn't went extinct. Like we do not have Woolly Mammoths anymore nor do we have sabretooth tigers or even the dodo. Species go extinct, there's no rule that says that one of those species cannot be humans. That's the gamble that you take with life. Personally though because of the threat of sea levels rising, I am getting tf out of Florida and running to higher ground (which will probably become seaside property should the sea levels rise). We didn't build our current home near the beach, but that's not going to matter for Florida since most of the peninsula is going to be underwater in the next couple of decades if the hysteria is to be believed. I'd rather get out while I still can than have to deal with that sort of shit. The hurricanes have also gotten worse and more frequent. We went through a bad enough one a few years ago (Irma) that I am shocked did not destroy my house, but we haven't had a truly bad one since 2004 (Charley) and I want to get out before we have another Charley.
  5. I had carmelized onion & paprika hummus for lunch. Probably going to go full Ukrainian and have pirogy for dinner tonight.
  6. It doesn't make sense for drug and medical research to be privatized anyway. If you want to have a strong nation, a healthy country, then it makes sense that you would nationalize medical and drug research. Of course, having a strong and healthy nation is not what the American elites want, because they are bought and paid for by big pharma (among others). That's part of the reason why processed garbage food is subsidized instead of healthy, fresh food & why America is I think the only country on the earth where Pharma is allowed to advertise their products on television (Chris Rock had a great bit about this: "Are you sad? Are you lonely? Do you go to bed at night and wake up in the morning?"). Having said that, I feel pretty good on this new drug. I was worried at first that it would make me feel like crap at first, but I took the full 3mg dose last night and feel less aggressive, less manic, and less paranoid than I usually felt on the Abilify. I still don't think that this means that it's worth $1228.55/month though. 100% true. They've been researching cures for HIV and cancer for forty years now and haven't been able to come up with any. Billions if not trillions of dollars in grants & charitable donations are made to these causes over the past four decades and they haven't even come close, yet somehow poor little Cuba who is consistently harassed by the American political elites, can completely eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV... figure that one out if you can. I mean, the conspirator in me wants to believe that the industry is not interested at all in curing HIV since it only affects "undesirables" in society and that the antiretroviral cocktails make them a hell of a lot more money than a cure would since you have to stay on them the rest of your life. It's sort of like treating mental illness in my case: they can't cure it, but they can sure as hell tell me that I'm going to need to take expensive medications for the rest of my life which necessitate me having to purchase health insurance (which I guess is a good thing in case god forbid I caught COVID19 or got fucked up in a car accident or something). I'm just worried that since I am making more money now, that I'm going to lose my insurance come next year and then I'll be boned as far as getting my scripts go. Obamacare helped, it's true, because I didn't have health insurance before, but I have it now and Biden signing whatever thing he signed effectively reduced my premium to $0.00/month for a silver-tier plan although I do feel like a public option would have just been a better way to go. I'm a big supporter of Medicare for All because I am taxed to pay for Medicare and the elderly in Florida run to the doctor every time they sneeze, which I cannot do without paying a copay.
  7. Also bought Kroda "Selbstwelt" from Osmose last night. I love Kroda, I just wish that their material was easier to find on vinyl.
  8. Definitely Garth Ennis because he had the story arcs of the racist/fascist Elite who was killing drug dealers, gang members and other people who "lowered the tone" of his upper-class neighborhood & General Kreigkopf (trans. = war-head, lol) who was a former US Marine General who was famous for committing war crimes/atrocities and then became a terrorist leader. The Holy was also a good villain (the priest who murdered people in the confessional). Mr. Payback was actually a sympathetic villain for me because he despised corporations and the corrupt who took advantage of the working class and gunned down the entire board of directors of the World Wide Investment Corporation. Mr. Payback, Elite, and The Holy got together and formed the Vigilante Squad and wanted Punisher to lead them, but Punisher was completely disgusted with the three of them and their motives, and killed them all. I haven't read any of the recent Punisher stuff though so I don't know whether they have him doing propagandist shit like DC is doing with Superman (which let's be completely honest: Superman sucks) The thing that particularly hit a sore spot for me though was in War Journal when they made Captain America into a White Nationalist. That shit was completely uncalled-for because that's not what Cap is about (just the opposite and that's why we all love Cap! He is supposed to be the distillation of my grandfather's generation in a way and I just found it in extremely bad taste for that reason, as a lot of our grandfathers went over to Europe and sacrificed everything against the Nazis). [I could understand if they revived the character of Hate Monger (who was just a clone of Hitler) but to make Cap into a White Nationalist in War Journal was complete bullshit and counter to the entire point of Captain America... like that's quite literally who Captain America has always fought against and it was juvenile and stupid for them to do that just because Cap's motif is American patriotism (Like the most famous picture of Cap ever is the one where he's punching Hitler in the face)]
  9. I'll be perfectly honest & this is technically comic-related: I'm going back through Marvel's The Punisher Netflix series and wondering exactly why in the hell they canceled this show. Maybe because it was too violent for the sensibilities of weak-minded people? Because "The Punisher" generally has a bad rap now among comics fans as being a "right-wing hero" because certain shit-eating wannabe-tough guy cops put the skull on their patrol cars? (He's definitely not, he's fundamentally anti "law & order" because he kills bad people rather than bringing them to the justice system & his logo has absolutely ZERO place on a cop car for that reason) This was the greatest show about the greatest Marvel character to ever grace Netflix's generally shitty line up of shows, but my sneaking suspicion as being the most likely reason why it was cancelled is because Netflix does not have any ownership stake in Marvel, that's all Disney so the chances of the show being revived on Disney+ does exist (and I hope that Disney doesn't wuss out and permanently keep it stuck in cancellation). Punisher season 2 was great even though the plot element about all of the bad guys being "Christians" & "Patriots" was unnecessary and stupid when you have better & more pertinent Punisher villains like Elite (a racist and a fascist) and General Kreigkopf (A war criminal) that they could have written for (To be completely fair though in my assessment of season 2: John Pilgrim was a great villain though and I hope that if they revive the show, they bring him back because he's based off of a real Punisher villain called "The Mennonite"). I hope that Disney+ revives the show. I don't normally watch shows or movies, but I'd make an exception for a third season of Marvel's The Punisher. Matter of fact, I might head down to the book store today and look for some Punisher trade paperbacks.
  10. All I know is that I never caught Polio or Measles, Mumps, or Rubella; diseases I was vaccinated for as a child with vaccines that were much less "sophisticated" than the ones that are produced now. There was not even a chicken pox vaccine when I was a kid, so I ended up catching that and had a pretty shitty time with that one as I remember it. That's where I luck out. I don't have to have much contact with people if I don't want it, because I was not duped into living in a city & when I move out of Florida in another year or two, I'll probably be living in a more rural environment than the suburban sprawl that I live in now. There is no amount of money that anyone could ever pay me to live in a city and experience the unmitigated hell that is living on top of other people, constantly being a part of the "community" and having to deal with people like that. I simply do not like people that much to want to be a "part of the community" or any of that sentimental, "one world, one people" bullshit. Granted, I go out and go grocery shopping, or buy stuff that I need/want in stores, but I still own a private car and live in a single family home (with air conditioning) rather than having to experience the hell that is apartment life and the public transportation scene. As a result of that, there is not much opportunity for me to catch COVID19 & I'm grateful for that. I just want to be away from people. I do not want any of the fucked up "new ways of organizing SoCiEtY" that the usual suspects are now pushing, because that's how you wind up sick and dead to begin with-- by living on top of other people, never being able to get the fuck away from crowds, etc.
  11. There was a Finntroll album I listened to a lot when I was younger, but I cannot remember which one it was now.
  12. Agnosy "As Daylight Reveals the Torture"
  13. That's impossible, because I would just listen to and buy what I wanted anyway. Nobody can stop me from buying the things I want. My bank shut off my debit card for purchasing stuff from Osmose the other day because they said it "looked like fraud". I just stopped on the way home from work, got a new card, and ordered two more albums from Osmose. Fuck 'em. Nobody tells me what I can and can't listen to. It didn't work when it was uptight choda boys like Pat Robertson trying to ban Slayer and Deicide and it isn't going to work now when it's uptight purple-haired lispers trying to tell me that I can't listen to Marduk, Nokturnal Mortum, or Kroda. That's a more realistic possibility. Then I'd be fucked but I'd be fucked just the same if my computer went up in smoke with all my out of print crust & punk stuff on it in that case. I don't "sling fries". I get paid surprisingly good money, more than I was making in construction actually, to take orders on drive thru and make coffees & smoothies. I have only been working there for a month and I already make more than most of the teenagers there. They were hard up for workers, I couldn't get a job in construction because those were the jobs that everyone hadn't quit, so I went and took the job with the fast food joint because I needed a job and that was the first place I could get hired at with a felony record. Our managers make great money, the GM makes more than my mother who has been at her job for twenty one years and is eligible for $25k in bonuses a year, has a company car and cell phone... we can even get insurance if we want to pay for it (I have private insurance through Obamacare that I pay $0.00 a month for due to some new COVID relief thing that Biden did a few months ago). People can make fun of fast food all they want, but if you get in with the bigger companies when they are desperate, you can stand to make a surprising amount of money and have a decent career with flexibility where you'll be taken care of for your loyalty.
  14. I'm into black metal so I vote for leather. Also because I have my grandfather's old leather motorcycle jacket and it looks badass on me even though I don't own a bike. I've never considered putting patches on it, as I only have a handful of patches.
  15. Yeah I wish we had something like that in America. I'm paranoid that my insurance is going to drop me over the price of these drugs even though I'm not sure that they can do that under Obamacare.
  16. All three of those bands were pretty great. Celtic Frost kind of got lame in the late 80s/early 90s, but their original material was classic stuff and was instrumental for the formation of black metal. King Diamond was more "orthodox" metal, but his image was crucial for the development of black metal as well.
  17. She has these benign tumors on her pinkie toes that developed after she crushed her feet with her speaker cabinet as she was loading her stuff in for a gig one night. She wants to get them removed before the wedding in December but the doctors told her that she had to see a podiatrist and apparently in Canada they are not considered "real doctors" for whatever reason. So she had to pay out of pocket to see a podiatrist and he essentially said that it's "no big deal" and is from "the way she walks". She's already had to get a pinkie toenail permanently removed and when her and her fiancee went to get their C19 vaccines, they apparently had to go to the facility at 2am because that was the "only time they could fit them in" or whatever. She has a bunch of stories about how shitty her healthcare experience has been up there. This is far from the first but I wondered as well if it was because she is in Toronto, Ontario and not somewhere like Calgary, Alberta or B.C. because a lot of Canadian snowbirds I know say that they have no problems with the healthcare system up there (even though they do come here to have a lot of procedures done because apparently in Canada, you have to wait for certain procedures unlike in US&A where if you can pay for it, they can get you in and out that day)
  18. I prefer to own the physical album because I am a collector and then I know that the music actually belongs to me and my money has gone to (ideally) keep the artist eating and making music that I like to listen to. I'm a big merch buyer for this reason as well, as artists tend to make more money off of merch than physical album sales. With merch, I get a piece of clothing that showcases a band that I'm stoked on and usually looks pretty cool. With a physical album, not only do I have the knowledge that it is mine and that nobody can then prevent me from listening to it when the artist is inevitably "cancelled" (as is now going on with George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher & Cannibal Corpse) for a comment they made on Stasi-surveillance platform Twitter ten years ago that crybullies are butthurt about ten years later. The big reason I have always been a proponent of buying albums is because metal is the most-cancelled genre of music in existence, and when it was Conservative Christians who didn't want me to be able to listen to albums by artists like Slayer and Deicide, owning the album ensures that I have access to the music for a long time in the way that digital files simply don't if my computer were to crash, or the New York-living social justice warriors at Spotify all of a sudden decide that a musician is "cancelled" and that nobody is allowed to listen to their legitimately good music anymore based on statements they have made or beliefs they might hold. They can delete it from their platform to try and keep other people from listening to it and enjoying it, but so long as I own the album they are absolutely powerless to stop me from playing it as loud as my speakers can go, air guitaring to it in my home, and generally enjoying the art that this "unpersoned" individual/group of individuals has made. My general rule is that if an artist is canceled, that I go out and buy their album (sometimes multiple copies that I then resell). If I had been old enough to have done this in the 80s when Tipper Gore was going after bands like W.A.S.P. and Twisted Sister, I would have done the same then. I am an adult and do not believe that any other person has anything remotely resembling a right to tell me what music, television, or movies that I am "allowed" to enjoy. I spend money on these artists specifically to stick it to these busybody types who would insist that I am not "allowed" to enjoy their art, because I know that at least some of the money goes into the artist's pocket and in addition, counts as a "sale" of their album. The other reason I buy albums, particularly vinyl ones, is because not only am I getting music to enjoy, I am getting big piece of art that I can frame and display if I am so inclined. I have a few album covers framed and hanging on my wall as is. I bought extra copies of these albums specifically to display them. This too, counts as a "sale" and a "unit moved" for the artist. I'm not against people buying digital persay, do what works for you. But digital always runs the risk of file corruption or deletion if your computer or device crashes, and I've had iPods stolen before by certain worthless pieces of shit and lost my entire music collection, so now I am strictly a vinyl guy and use Spotify for when I am in the car or out in public. I do not buy digital media in most cases because I would rather buy the vinyl album for the reasons I have laid out above. I have yet to buy a digital album but it's looking like I might have to in order to get music by specific artists who don't seem to release anything on vinyl.
  19. That's more possible in today's version of the music industry than at any point in the past though. Artists can now record in their homes, make their own websites to host sales of their digital files, and don't really have to rely on the major labels for much anymore unless they're specifically trying to become huge, international acts.
  20. With Vraylar, you have to start out with a 1.5mg pill, so that pill alone cost me $20.25 that I actually had to pay to the pharmacy dispensing it. That's obscene because even when I didn't have insurance, the two medications I took monthly were like $35. Like I previously said, I know damn well that it doesn't cost the manufacturer $10 to make it so as the other user said, they justify this by saying that it costs "billions to develop, test, and get a new drug approved" which at least to me, says that the government is focusing on the wrong priorities when it comes to approving drugs. Jonas Salk, the inventor of the Polio vaccine, never patented it but Christ forbid someone decide to forego a patent on a medicine in today's world. Canada's system is garbage though according to my sister. You have to wait for certain procedures and appointments with specialists, some specialists aren't considered to be "real" doctors but are considered the way that say chiropractors are considered in the US. I feel like the Western Hemisphere just has a problem with establishing good healthcare services but again, I've been told that if you can afford to go to Mexico for treatment, it's oftentimes better and less expensive treatment than you can get in the US although there are generally immigration problems when people seek to do that (because Big Pharma doesn't want Americans going to Mexico for prescriptions or healthcare). I don't get the flu shot because it's pointless for me. Every time I have gotten the flu shot, I have ended up getting the flu and being laid up for a week anyway so now I roll the dice. At least I am allowed to wear a mask at work now, so the chances of catching the flu are substantially reduced (if you believe the claims surrounding the mask thing). I was one of the first people in line for the Pfizer vaccine when they opened it up to my age group because I figured that, like a normal vaccine, it would prevent me from catching the virus. Obviously this is not the case as we can now see and if I do end up catching COVID19, I'm going to be extremely pissed off because the vaccine is essentially worthless at that point. Like I previously stated, I am interested in the Novavax product because it supposedly has better track records in testing than either the Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J ones; I'm just not sure if it's safe to receive if you've already had one of those three brands but I hope that it is because I'll go out and get that one. I know. A prominent writer for TV/Hollywood just dropped dead from it like two weeks ago (Someone who I neither remember nor care about because I do not watch TV or movies). Surprise surprise, he was fully vaccinated. He's not the only one either, but I suppose it's to be expected when motorcycle accidents and overdose deaths are being reported as "COVID19 deaths" in order to sell the population on taking the precious vaccine which I guarantee if tax dollars were not going into the pockets of Big Pharma, nobody would give a shit if people were choosing not to get the precious vaccine or not. The entire thing is a big bullshit scam by the elites to empower themselves and enrich the utter shitbags that control them. If it wasn't, the "COVID19 Relief" packages would have actually done something for normal, working people instead of transferring trillions of dollars upwards to people who already have billions of dollars.
  21. Right now I'm listening to Earth Crisis and eating dinner, commenting on here about what I'm doing. That's usually how it goes. I would like to be able to say that I listen to music at work, but I'm not fortunate enough to have one of those sorts of jobs anymore.
  22. I occasionally have issues with Bad Gateways, usually in the evening hours after I get out of work.
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