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  1. Iron Maiden Black Sabbath Metallica Motorhead AC/DC
  2. Metallica is better than Megadeth
  3. 1. Iron Maiden 2. Disturbed 3. Black Sabbath 4. Metallica 5. Lamb of God
  4. What do You think,did 80's and 90's were golden ages of metal?
  5. HaHaKekKekPewPew


    My favourite books are Harry Potter seris,also I like Lord of the Rings series and Chronicles of Narnia
  6. Without internet,I wouldn't know what is metal.. TV is also killing metal,there are only pop,techno and other shit on it.. In my country kids are listening to folk music,and I am only metalhead because everybody thinks metal is pure satanism..
  7. RIP Clive.. I like his style of drumming..
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