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    live in a smallish town, not much to do, but it ok
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    art, specifically drawing monsters. i also love horror and skateboarding, skateboarding is awsome

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  1. Megadeth - Peace sells...but whos buying?
  2. i know how you feel....as a teenager i dont have a job and ive spent roughly all my birthday money, im just glad i have internet access and some decent speakers tho, even if they do tell me to turn it down....ill never give away or sell my collection, i know that for sure
  3. praying is mostly purposeless BLOW
  5. pretty large, evil bumholes NAIL
  6. those fortnite metal crossovers are gonna slap
  7. At the moment I have a rather unimpressive (in comparison to others) collection of 25 CDs, all metal. If you wanna call Radiohead metal. Moving on, how many CDs do u own and what are your thoughts on the matter? CDs or Spotify/Youtube? I personally prefer CDs for the authenticity, plus its just awesome knowing that your actually adding to the bands record sales, as many will know that Spotify and Youtube don't exactly pay the artists which pisses me off. But that doesn't mean I wont ever use free online listening, because, well, its free, and online.
  8. ramate ecclesiolatry sucks toes RANK
  9. total utter revolutionary frontflip SLOB
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