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  1. I´m not too keen on death metal but the usual suspects count among my favorite. Band like: Autopsy, Arghoslent, Bloodbath, Cadaver, Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel and my absolute favorite... the almighty Necrophagia.
  2. I loathe death metal with a passion but the boys from Autopsy can do no wrong with me. The doomy/black sabbath influences keep things interesting instead of just pounding away like a sledgehammer like most death metal bands. Normally i´m opposed to remastering classics album as well but in this case it´s just subtle tweaks without altering the original mix too much and it actually makes the record more enjoyable in my opinion. It´s not like they did some shitty remix like they do so often with more well known bands which are brickwalled to shit just so they sound as
  3. They re-released their first two albums on vinyl and CD last week. New artwork and remastered sound. I was a little skeptical at first but they were worth upgrading since the originals had a pretty weak production to begin with. Not a total botch job like the Megadeth remixes in the early 2000's, just nice subtle tweaks that enhance the sound without changing it drastically.
  4. haha, fair point. Like they say, it´s only good black metal if you can´t read the band logo Fixed it! Pretty decent remaster, Satyricon didn't fuck around too much with the sound. Just a little more punch (drums mainly) and more well defined an balanced mix. I'm happy with my upgrade of this classic. Don't even mind the new artwork which everybody seems to bitch about...
  5. Carpathian Forest is the band i turn to whenever i get tired of your average black metal and want a more simple, agressive, primitive sound. I like how they carved their own path and chose for a more mid paced old school metal approach instead of non stop blast beats and tremolo picking like most Norwegian bands. Also love how their first album "Black Shining Leather" has such a prominent bass tone, absolutely unheard of in black metal at the time and that cover of The Cure´s "A Forest" is just magnificent. "Skjend Hans Lik" and "Fuck You All!!!" are also standout albums, the first
  6. Goatmoon - Voitto Tai Valhalla - Love the punky folk influences on the album, nothing quite like it.
  7. To be honest not everything from that phase was horrible but most of it aged pretty badly in my opinion. And like you said it gave other countries a chance to show of their music. I really got into the Polish and Greek scene around that time so it wasn´t all bad in the end
  8. Digerdöden - Majestätens Dunkla Håg, I Dödens Profana Ståt
  9. Who know what possessed them to turn into a shitty gothic symphonic metal band all of a sudden. I blame the whole gothic/symphonic scene at the time. With bands like Dimmu Borgir and Nightwish on the rise it became trendy to incorporate those elements in your music if you craved commercial success and Kovenant clearly wanted a piece of the pie. Plus it seemed like the Matrix movies kicked off this whole futuristic trend among the black metal scene at the time. All of a sudden bands like Satyricon, Dødheimsgard, Gehenna, Zyklon and a bunch of others anbandoned their much beloved Norwegian
  10. Another insane demo from the early days of Norwegian black metal. Fleurety was the odd duck from the beginning and their demo reflects this as well, even in the early stages they were going for a totally unique sound. Alexander Nordgaren´s vulture-like vocals on the third track are just insane and inhuman and he actually permanently damaged his vocals chords doing them. They did an EP which is even better and the first full length album is gold as well. Sadly they went full prog after that and i lost all interest in them after that. In the Woods is another one of those Nor
  11. Well, you probably are right "The Underground Resistance" is probably the most non black metal album Darkthrone has done so far now that i think of it. This never even occured to me until you pointed it out. I´ve never considered Darkthrone anything other then a black metal band even with all the stylistic shifts throughout the years. So it would be fair to exclude that one i guess. If i had to substitute it i would choose Satanic Warmaster´s "Nachzehrer" which in my opinion is one of the finest Finnish black metal releases of the new millenium which combines the raw Finnish black metal sound
  12. I´m not going to even attempt to rank my personal top 10. So it´s going be 10 of my favorite albums in a totally random order. Taake - Hordalands Doedskvad - Taake will probably never make another classic like this one. All things just came together perfectly on this album and kept the flame of the Norwegian black metal alive and showed the world that the Norwegian scene is still a force to be reckoned with. Evilfeast - Elegies of the Stellar Wind - Evilfeast is one of the best bands to come out of the Polish scene since the new millenium. This is probably how Burzum would ha
  13. I´m normally not a big fan of compilations but this one is just perfect. Not a single dud on the whole album, would have loved to seen a second album but unfortunately it never happened.
  14. Covenant (or Kovenant as they are known now) released an excellent demo which showed so much promise. They could have probably been up there with Emperor and Dimmu if they had played their cards right. Their first two albums were excellent as well, but after that they just turned to utter shit in my opinion.
  15. Hi there, Just your average 39 year old Dutch metalhead who feels like talking with fellow minded metalheads about his favorite bands. Metal has always been a big passion of mine, but these last few years things cooled down a bit. Haven´t been following much lately expect when it comes to black metal. Hope to meet some new and cool people here along the way, and perhaps learn a few new things.
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