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  1. i do love to headbang with my non existent long hair
  2. Nyctophilia - dwelling in the full moon light
  3. (epic question) just curious as to see whenever you tap your left or right foot while listening to metal, or if you do at all? maybe we could start alliances and have a full on forum staged war, I for one tap with my right foot... let me know down below. 😁
  4. i thought load was ok, but the whole lulu lou reed stuff was just not what im looking for. country music to me is like some wierd form of folk metal, if that makes sense... combine it with metallica leaving their thrash roots, just, no. 😑 opinions on death magnetic? i thought that was a decent record, sorta like the old thrash stuff.
  5. Its been said, but metallica, in my opinion havent released a decent record since death magnetic. after the black album is great music and stuff, but its sad to see them cut their hair and kinda drop thrash like that.
  6. mutard - inhuman inebriation i breifly remember finding this one on my youtube reccomended, and it re-enforced my annoyance towards the youtube algorithm. it was really great until the vocals kicked in, but when they did they kinda kicked in like a kick in the balls. you must hear it alot: if you dont like the vocals, the whole stuff is not exactly there. wierd thing is, i read the lyrics to the first track, titled "mutard" and actually began to get on board with how funny it was. i was already digging the guitar, so from there it started to grow on me. long story short, im now contemplating buying an inhuman inebriation t-shirt offline with what remaining birthday money i have left. i probably will.
  7. A Metalhead's Guide: Surviving Summer - YouTube
  8. Massively Underrated Natural Gastroenteritis (Google it, but don't judge me) CHUB
  9. Municipal Waste - The Art Of Partying
  10. furthest guys have ever gone at my school is imagine dragons and linkin park. welcome to metal forum
  11. thankyou, all look like decent bands. will be sure to check them out.😀
  12. lmao, but its best to just go with the flow of everything. like, the other day i was listening to darkthrone, but i got tired of it halfway through, i wanted something like slayer so i put that on; its the only way to enjoy it. ive never listened to king diamond, his name sounds...brutal?
  13. personally, id have to say ride the lighting is my favorite album. its really awesome, individual and a downright classic. i used to have the t shirt, but it doesnt fit me anymore...😥 i think back in 1984, that was the best lineup, although ive never really thought about that before. finally, i gotta say that at the heart of winter is my favorite immortal album, of course that was their finest hour so it makes sense why thats my favorite, but withstand the fall of time is a great song. lmao
  14. oh- i wouldnt know, im not really up on my black metal, which is why im here. ive watched a few videos about mayhem, they sound pretty dark, but im not too bothered, and to be honest i dont really know why. i mean, now i think about it, maybe i should be? ig its just a case of i like the music but not the people, to put it bluntly im not really fazed by it. but one thing i gotta say is that i am not a white supremacist, and ive seen those ideas and beliefs in many bands in metal (and genral music) before, but i do not agree with that stuff. ive studied black slavery before, and its just so messed up. but, if you do listen to that, i dont consider you a bad person, its your musical taste and i dont judge you at all for liking that, and i dont belive it makes you a certain type of person, either. P.S cheers for the list of foundational bands, as someone whos digging into black metal it helps. 🤘
  15. I am sorry for all of you. Macabre, you are a good person for making that decision, and BMB, I am sorry to hear that. i'm sure he's in heaven with his cat food and cat buddies
  16. lol and theres just me with my cringy review on FFDP and how the "accoustic bits sound nice"
  17. Really great album here. Heard it a few times before, decided to do a review; personally I like it because each song has its own style, sometimes you get some albums that just all sound the same and are lyrically the same too. its because of this that its so hard to pick a favorite song from the album. I like them all... Ivan does an epic job with the vocals, and the badass guitar riffs sit nicely too. its cool how they sometimes have acoustic guitars playing in the midst, I know tons of other bands do this too, but it spices it up even more. another thing that ive noticed is the album art, now, i dont know about you guys, but the album art is also a (side) factor for me, of course its the music that counts, but this particular album art is notably different from many other metal albums out there, just goes to show that FFDP are willing to be different, which is epic. soooooo... what do you guys think of got your six? hope you liked this review, and hope it wasnt too cheesy, as it is my first... until now, stay brutal🤘 Five Finger Death Punch Got your six Full album - YouTube
  18. its wierd, ive seen him somewhere before and im racking my brain tryna remember
  19. five finger death punch - got your six
  20. i got into metal when my dad showed me rob zombie, but ive only (what most people would call) properly gotten into it a few months\weeks ago, im guessing around 5 to 6 weeks ago tbh.
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