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  1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2XImbF8ny8o So that's why Iron Maiden has such excellent musicianship, they're all super-tiny! It all makes sense now!
  2. Great record! I must be old, as I never would have considered that a Metal album.
  3. Greetings, from a not younger person! Three decades of Metal? Same here. What was the first Metal album you bought? Mine was 'And Justice for All'.
  4. And a headlining tour in the US. Got my ticket!
  5. I've only seen them twice, many years apart and it's been a few since the last time. Now that Holt's done raking in Slayer cash, perhaps we'll finally get some new Exodus! Glad you enjoyed the show!
  6. A noble quest these days. Greetings!
  7. Necrogosto - Ancestral Bestiality 12" Spun once last night and three times this morning. I'm ready for this work day to end so I can get home and play it again! If you dig the sweaty Metal from Brazil, give this one a try.
  8. Here's their logo, which popped into my head when I saw your painting. All very good works, by the way.
  9. That depends on your taste in music. Here is a tune I was won over with when first exposed to them...