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  1. I've only seen them twice, many years apart and it's been a few since the last time. Now that Holt's done raking in Slayer cash, perhaps we'll finally get some new Exodus! Glad you enjoyed the show!
  2. A noble quest these days. Greetings!
  3. Necrogosto - Ancestral Bestiality 12" Spun once last night and three times this morning. I'm ready for this work day to end so I can get home and play it again! If you dig the sweaty Metal from Brazil, give this one a try.
  4. Here's their logo, which popped into my head when I saw your painting. All very good works, by the way.
  5. That depends on your taste in music. Here is a tune I was won over with when first exposed to them...
  6. Kind of makes me want to listen to Magma!
  7. Yes. I first got in touch not too long after 'Blessed by Aris' was released on cassette. I've interviewed him, also. He is also involved with Chaosbaphomet, which is more Hellenic sickness, though quite different to Unholy Archangel. He's fairly easy to get in touch with. Contact info listed in every release I own - sans the split mentioned above, oddly enough. I want to also give credit to Agisilaos, as he writes all those lovely Unholy Archangel melodies. (Now playing) Irreverent - Blasphemous Crucifix Profanation (CD)
  8. Ramones - Subterranean Jungle (original CD pressing) Perverted Ceremony is rather enjoyable. I do dig that album. The EP and split with Finland's Witchcraft are both good, also. Arguably, Slayer's most underrated album. They have a new split out with Hammergoat, but the CD is messed up. All of Hammergoat's tunes have digital scratching happening throughout. Unholy Archangel also have a comp CD out that has the demo material, Blessed by Aris and other goodies. Their album, 'Obsessed by War' is simply pummeling! Main man, Iapetos666 is a nice cat, also.
  9. I'm nominating this for 'Reply of the Day'.
  10. This thread is amazing!