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  1. The problem is, that you´d need to arrange the whole composition to follow the very specific instructions on the lyrics, i highly doubt there will be anyone whatsoever willing to make it like that, unless you try to do it yourself. And Gojira is a quite unique band, trying to imitate them would be both quite obvious and worse than Gojira. The best bet is to find a musician starving for lyrics, but let them have the creative freedom of musical and expressive aspects. You can´t really ask for particular style of music for lyrics, other than where it thematically might somewhat fall into..
  2. I've done it once, was much younger and drunk.. and wasn't my instrument.. 😅 I do think it's really a worn out cliche. Not once have i seen someone smash an instrument and thought it was cool or badass. To me it's disrespecting the instrument, and every person who would love to own a guitar as good but just can't afford one. That said everyone is entitled to do whatever the hell they want with their stuff, just doesn't make you any cooler. In my books makes someone a bit of an idiot. I know i was back when i did it. I've never been huge on showmanship either, quite possibly because i hate all kinds of pretending. I prefer that the music does the talking. Everything else around it to me is pointless nonsense.
  3. Waste of Space Orchestra: Wake Up The Possessor You really really should check it out if you haven´t..
  4. My friends had Him - Gone with the sin as their wedding song. Worked quite allright. As for my wedding.. well.. we´re not gonna have a big party, booze with friends so propably going to be metal all night long.
  5. Wintersun - The forest seasons.. Really surprised how much i´ve enjoyed these song.. They are all quite good.
  6. Just embrace the darkness, it´s part of everyones life in one moment or another, theres just no avoiding it. I don´t agree that any music alone will change your personality though, i think certain type of personality is drawn towards certain type of music. Life experiences is what will alter your personality mostly (I suppose music is part of it though!). It´s a process that will continue until you die, and to fully benefit from it, you need to intentionally process these things to help you make a person you wish to be.
  7. This. Haven´t heard it before, and found out i like it very much. Exactly my cup of tea.
  8. That would be madness to ruin a guitar like that! Getting another guitar with preinstalled evertune is the only imaginable route i would go.
  9. Sustain is a definite worry, and at least i can hear rather clear difference in tone too, sounds bit lifeless. But with the hugely diverse weather around here, it should make things a lot more convenient for me. Guitars just hate Finland.. :/
  10. Welcome. You have started a life long musical journey, i hope you enjoy it as much as i have during all these years.
  11. For some reason, found myself missing Carcass this morning, so that it shall be.
  12. I´m more and more tempted.. I´m dreaming of getting a Solar at some point in the future, might aswell get one with evertune.. Thanks Rocka_Rollas, takes a bit of effort to register just to share experiences to a topic in need of some (i know a bit of a promotion for YT, but at least one with some effort).
  13. Welcome. Personally i would consider nu-metal as a potential gateway drug to the good stuff.. But metal is metal, and that´s all that matters!
  14. It´s really not one of those bands to me that i would consider "a great album experience". Some decent songs here and there.
  15. It´s just something that sort of.. happened by itself. The depression, agony and pain is what comes after, sometimes during.