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  1. What Are You Listening To?

    Shape of despair - Monotony fields album. just too damn good.
  2. What's on your mind?

    2 days off and quite uncharacteristically i feel like getting drunk. It´s tuesday so i´m propably drinking alone, but i like it that way anyway.
  3. What's on your mind?

    I realised i haven´t listened to pretty much any music for days. I seem to be constantly doing something that prevents it. I think i need to fix that today..
  4. New Years 2018 Goals/Resolutions

    Part of my journey has been to accept the limiting factors in my life.. like being unable to relocate because i need to stay close to kids. But it´s an option i have down the line in some years, just gotta make do with whatever i got currently. I guess i´m lucky that theres nothing that really causes things i want to be completely unreachable..
  5. New Years 2018 Goals/Resolutions

    I have only one that is a current theme in my life anyway. I try to identify the path that genuinely makes me happy and also follow it to the fullest. It´s kind of something that sounds obvious, but it can be hard to really nail what you and you alone want from your life.
  6. Paradise Lost

    My ex really loved the "no bullshit just music" sort of approach few years back.. she was very impressed.
  7. Worst black metal bands

    Oh right. I sort of automatically figured it was more directly related to the topic at hand. The world is full of people having strong opinions about things they have no real clue about.. Trick is to avoid people. There are unfortunately limits how far you can take that.
  8. What's on your mind?

    Actually it´s been the opposite for me, early morning seems to be the perfect time for me to spark creativity and inspiration! And yeah.. i suppose my life runs pretty much in Ozzie time currently.
  9. What's on your mind?

    I´ve been sort of busy for couple weeks. Started working at nights to get some more income. I like it, but it makes my rhytm really weird and i´ve had to sort of come up with a whole different routine to my life. Like now it´s 5 in the morning, came home from work a moment ago and now i start working on some music stuff.. sleep at 16-17pm and wake up at 24.
  10. Worst black metal bands

    There are indeed huge amount of bands that have evolved plenty during their career (for better or worse) and there are lot of bands that have couple really bad albums yet some amazing ones. Still.. there is helluva lot of music out there, so if there isn´t anything particular in a recording that makes you want to explore more to their discography, it´s really easy just to forget about the band and move on. I´ve had this happen quite few times personally where sometime later i come across something else from the same band and love it. If only there were endless amount of time... Btw. Theres no use in getting annoyed by someone hating something you love.. doesn´t make it any less good for you.. i guess i´m too used of liking stuff no one else gives a crap about.
  11. What's on your mind?

    Merry christmas metal forum!
  12. I'm quitting caffeine

    I hope you have success in the path you have chosen. I´ve had my struggles with diet changes, dropping caffeine and nicotine and such. I have since determined, that my happiness surely doesn´t come through suffering, thats the path most people try to take to achieve something better. Currently i eat pretty much anything, but reasonable amounts and with enough variety. I am much happier (and feel better too) than i did ie. when trying gluten free or vegatarian diets (not to mention everything from visiting the store to cooking was an intolerable chore). It´s surely a worthy cause to try to drop the things you grow addiction to, and i still wish to drop nicotine.. It´s just tough, really tough. We are all unique (far less so than many wish to believe though) and different things work for different people, some people seem to love the effort it takes to follow a strict diet.
  13. Power metal at its best!

    Quite possible im not. Like i said its not really my genre, and Rhapsody had couple songs i enjoyed as a kid so i revisit them from time to time. I am not very good at seeking new music either.
  14. Power metal at its best!

    I enjoyed it. Not really my genre though, apart from certain rhapsody songs i rarely listen to any.
  15. Hail

    Mucho gusto. I hope you enjoy the forum.