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  1. I did a song inspired by this amazing zombie game Project zomboid.. Here´s a bit of a mix with the song ingame.
  2. I have no idea if it will work out.. so i may come back begging sooner than you think!
  3. Someone managed to reach out to me before you yesterday.. so i´ll show him respect and won´t date more than one person at a time.. Sorry for not responding sooner, but i wasn´t finished talking to the other guy yesterday, and was so tired and mentally drained after a superlong day that i just couldn´t do any more interactions.. needed my downtime and sleep! :)
  4. Hey. Thanks for showing interest. It´s been a long day and i´m not far away from bedtime, but i´ll get back to you tomorrow.
  5. Thanks for being a champ even after my negativity. ?
  6. Welcome! You'll find a decent core filled with decent people here. ?
  7. Man.. the sheer amount of these surveys recently is some next level stuff.. where do they all come from? ?I will check it out though.. because i am bored. Propably shoudln´t.. EDIT:That was it? Basically four questions? Not much to be learned there..
  8. Allright.. as much as i hate to admit it.. it takes far more effort than i can manage at this moment to get vocals recorded on my own. It´s a lot of trial and error, and gazillion takes to get just something little bit recorded (it´s quite possibly i´m too harsh critic, but so far i´ve hated everything i´ve recored.. so to the trash it goes). I was wondering if theres maybe someone who might be willing to give it a try? Really, really gritty male vocals, and/or some female vocals preferably.. but i am willing to give everything a chance. Here´s the current song in need of finishing.. I wou
  9. Well well.. gothic metal these days i suppose is rather wide range of different music.. but i´d have to go with something quite obvious, such as Paradise lost - Gothic.. has grit, beauty, melancholy, epicness, drama.. all you need! Or maybe Theatre of tragedy - Cassandra..
  10. I think we haven´t yet seen half of it all of how the virus and dealing with it will effect both people and economy. Currently i´ve stopped anything but creative work from home (this was the plan before corona virus though), but the downside is i can´t see my daughter right now.. she used to be with me bi-weekly. My current wifey has a job where she gets exposed to hundreds of people every week.. and my step-daughter from previous relationship is well in the risk group, therefore it´s safest if my biological daughter won´t visit us either. Sucks balls, but as a positive side the virus haven´t
  11. Ehr.. ok. You just completely denied an entire field of scientific study, evolution and few other things while at it. And surely you know that the word "caveman" is not to be taken literally? It´s just a common expression of a Paleolithic era humans.. ? Here is one interesting article (and a little quote from it), among thousands of others to read on the subject: https://hbr.org/1998/07/how-hardwired-is-human-behavior "Emotions Before Reason. In an uncertain world, those who survived always had their emotional radar—call it instinct, if you will—turned on. And Stone Age people, at t
  12. Maybe it's the same thing that makes men the majority in comedy. Pre-historic mating genes require us to show off, make people laugh and attract the attention of the females, even using props when necessary, where women mainly focus on being pretty and desireable, therefore attracting mating attempts that way. I don't think that people understand or give enough credit how much the caveman impulses drive the decisions and our actions even in modern world. Without culture, deep down we are nothing but animals.
  13. No doubt it's the word "perkele". "noun, Finnish. Most likely the most powerful curseword ever created by mankind. Cannot be translated without loss. Versatile word that can be used alone or repeated indefinitely. Originally name of the tunder god. In the christian era used as a name of the Satan. Perkele is such a powerful word, bacause it includes both of these connotations and in addition is very often associated with 'sisu', the attitude of never ever giving up."
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