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  1. I think it works against a band more than in their favor. I could see myself skipping a band because of an off putting name, but i can't see myself checking out a band because of an interesting name. This all happening subconscious mostly.
  2. Talking about asia.. bought some kimchi yesterday since i've always wanted to try it. There are propably thousands of recipes of it, so trying one doesn't make me much wiser about the dish though..
  3. Anthrax i reckon. EDIT:hmm maybe not.. Slayer?
  4. I checked them out, but to be honest don't really even get the whole format. If a person is super skilled in something, or a public figure to begin with.. then maybe. I guess i'm old but watching people do just regular stuff ain't my kinda way to spend time. 😅
  5. Yeah quite enjoying them. Quite happy that this forum has given me the spark to check out plenty new albums i've never heard before. Should have done it ages ago.
  6. I had no idea they are doing some good stuff again! The last album i bought was Midian, and listened to it extensively. I was bit sad what he did with Devilment, i like some of the music though. As far as i know he sort of overtook that band under his thumb. He heard the band, enjoyed it.. pushed himself to be their singer.. then took over the whole thing.. not cool. That said, in the end of the day.. the only thing that really matters to me is if i like the music or not. I can´t remember, or imagine ever boycotting a band because i don´t like a person or their actions. Time to go check out Cryptoriana while i have a moment for myself now.
  7. Well, i bought a microphone (and starting to build a rack.. Furman power conditioner as a starting point.) I was sure i would get a Shure SM58, because it´s basically the industry standard, but just for a laugh checked some alternatives. After plenty of research, comparisons and whatnot, ended up buying a Rode M1. It has lifetime warranty, it´s tiny bit cheaper and to my ear sounds better in almost all applications. I think out of all the comparisons, the only thing i liked the sound of SM58 a tiny bit more, is recording acoustic guitar. Rode is of course hugely more modern microphone too, SM58 was introduced in the 60s (or 70s) i think.
  8. Check thuleanperspective in youtube, and let your mind be blown. 😁 EDIT:Aaaaand youtube has deleted his channel.. oh the world of today.. 😂 Basically Varg Vikernes had a vlog style youtube channel for years, where he would talk about his music, his views, life before and after prison, Burzum and plenty of the old BM scene. Shame that it got deleted.. even if you don´t agree with him, he had a lot of interesting content and subjects. EDIT2: his Bitchute channel: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/thuleanperspective/ Full archive of his videos: https://archive.is/KMg5X Sorry if i got it bit offtopic, but the point before my edits was that if theres Burzum stuff coming out, he will surely announce it in his chosen channels of communication..
  9. Oh right, of course. I was trying to think the english equivalent but couldn't come up with anything, silly me. I guess google would have helped. 🙄 Yup, "Kuuhulluus" is indeed still commonly used and it's used only in its literal sense.
  10. Well, it´s classified as an "example why it´s a good idea to learn midi humanize and velocity tweaking", metal.. not so much. Now, because my opening statement could be considered "harsh", some good words need to follow. "All I know is that writing this and listening to it made me feel better." That´s exactly what music is about! Expressing yourself, getting a mental relief and a source for enjoyment. It´s amazing that you have found a way to use your adversities to spark creativity. Just keep doing stuff, and you will constantly evolve and learn new things, therefore getting even more tools to use your creativity with.
  11. Well well.. checked it out on youtube.. seems to be a solo blackmetal project.. and quite gringeworthy one too. At least the guy is really into what he is doing (and theres some nice musical stuff here and there).