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  1. I used to listen to Saxon when I was younger, but I don't have time for them now. There is so much other stuff to listen to. I was not aware until today that there are any Saxon tribute bands out there. I just checked, and there are at least four. However, I do not know of a single young band which ever covers their songs or cites them as an influence. Also, has any member of the band ever had a signature guitar (or other instrument)?
  2. GothExplorer


    Siblings move on from covers.
  3. Just search on YT for drill music UK. As I said in the OP, I am not an expert on drill music, and I cannot advise you on what songs are typical of the genre.
  4. It is a subgenre of hip hop, which is typified by grim lyrical content, usually dealing with the harsh realities of urban life.
  5. I recently read in a national newspaper about a criminal trial here in the UK in which the prosecution made something about the defendant's obsession with drill music. Drill music is all about violence, apparently - not that I'm remotely an expert. The defence counsel pointed to a song by The Beatles called Run For Your Life, which promotes a violent outlook. (It also has possibly the worst lead guitar on any Beatles song.) That got me thinking about songs which condone or appear to condone violence. They include Delilah by Tom Jones and Sister of Mercy by The Thompson Twins. I Don't Like Mondays by The Boomtown Rats is about mass murder, but does not condone it. Can anyone think of any other songs which appear to condone violence?
  6. GothExplorer


    I keep thinking that I will practice guitar more now that we are in lockdown, but somehow I still find other things to do. In other news, welcome to the forum Medley.
  7. I do not listen to progressive metal, and so I will pass.
  8. My tee shirt arrived yesterday, and so it turns out that I did not have to wait until April.
  9. Welcome Dan. Maybe you will check out the other threads on this site about COVID19.
  10. I disagree. Yes, some people who hoard will do so secretly, but most people are visited by family, friends, neighbours, workmen, etc. It is highly unlikely that many people who are hoarding will do so without at least one person noticing.
  11. Many people here in the UK have been panic buying in the past couple of weeks. In other words, they have been buying far more groceries than they need, leaving other people to go without. At least one national newspaper has reported the case of a nurse who went grocery shopping after a 48-hour shift, and found the shelves empty in her local supermarket. I went into four shops today. Three had no toilet rolls, and one had just sold out as I arrived. Fortunately I do not need any right now. Other things which are hard to come by are bread, rice, pasta, and jars of cook in sauces. I do not know anyone who is hoarding stuff, but I feel that if I did know anyone who is hoarding, then I would never speak to them again. My country does not need selfish twats.
  12. … alternative music and its history. An apostrophe is not required here. It's should only ever be used in the English language as an abbreviation for either it is or it has. Good luck with your studies, Ria, and I do mean that.
  13. I have just noticed that my recent thread about women in metal has led to a discussion about the musical education of children. As I try to keep things on topic, I have decided to start a new thread on this subject. I am all in favour of children learning to play instruments, but this is often done either not well or not at all. When I was a child, music lessons at school tended to be utter rubbish, and I wonder if they are any better today. There is a side of me that thinks that instruments and genres are not really important here. After all, Dio learned classical trumpet as a child, and went on to become a metal legend. Then again, you can't expect children to be motivated to learn to play a musical instrument unless you either bribe them with extra pocket money or else invite them to learn an instrument and genre that actually appeals to them. I recall many years ago reading a letter in a children's comic. A boy wrote that he and his friends wanted to form a pop group, but that none of them could play any musical instruments. You might ask why they did not just learn, but it is not always that simple. Could they afford to buy instruments? Did they know anyone who could help them to learn? I try to play my part. I sometimes visit a family with two young children. I recently gave their older child a four-octave electronic keyboard, but her parents are not musical, and I wonder if she will actually learn to play it. If she does, then I don't care what genre of music she plays.
  14. GothExplorer


    Military history with metal riffs.
  15. The Warning will be coming to London in September 2020. This will be their first ever trip to Europe. Update: they have just postponed their USA tour because of COVID19. Whether or not this will affect the date of their London gig remains to be seen.