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  1. These comment make me smile!!! It's heart warming to know i'm not the only Bieber hater!!!!
  2. Cracker interview if any1 is interested!!!! Bravewords.com > News > SOULFLY - ?The Fucking Cops Shut The Whole Thing Down?
  3. VIDEO: Justin Bieber Sings Metallica's 'Fade To Black'. Erm... | News | Metal Hammer
  4. There is a reason I'm all dusty n shit but thats a story for another day!!!
  5. 14 but a lot of that was luck, I hadn't a clue with most of them!!
  6. I luv that film too!!!!! RUN AWAY !!!!!!!!!
  7. No harm to u but I think u need to grow up and start showing some respect to someone that has brought u up!! I had the same issue when I was a kid but I just went underground and listened to what I wanted when my parents weren't listening, hell my da would still say to me that my music n tshirts r awful and I'm near 40!!!! Don't disrespect ur family, once u grow up u'll understand that u need need to respect the 1's close to u rather than get on like a cheeky wee spoilt brat!!!
  8. The Big Lebowski is the only film u need!!! Desert island Films.....this would be the 1
  9. Any1 reviewed Soulfly's Savages album yet?? giving it, its first listen and loving it...El Comegente is EPIC!!!
  10. Yeah there's def some bands that don't sound great live, as you say they might have too much going on to be able to transfer it live, it was an outdoor gig n would like to hear them in a small venue just to see.
  11. That's a totally different type of guilty pleasure
  12. Aaah shit, must be buried in the depths of the forum somewhere...
  13. Oops thought there prob would have been 1, post a link up till I have a read through!!! eurovision now there's a night of beer crisps and debouchery.....
  14. Cheers!!! Good taste there I see Xentrix r tourin this year