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    Hardworking family man. Born in Paisley, Scotland but have lived on the South Coast of England in Poole for 23 years now. Love Heavy Metal, partial to most types.
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    Poole, England
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    Gigs, Drinking, camping. Having a fucking good time.

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    Sorry for late reply. I did not receive any caps for playing for Dorset no, would have been cool if that was a thing. And no I did not play the National Italy team as such, it was the Benetton Treviso Club with a selection of the National academy players also. Extremely hard game which even made the local papers. The hospitality was the best we experienced anywhere in Europe. Amazing to play on a pitch with an idyllic clubhouse at one end and snow capped mountains on the other. Stunning.
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    France seem to have that ability like New Zealand to turn another gear on when needing to step up and win a game, playing very good rugby at the moment so would be surprised if they now do not win the Six Nations. I played Second Row (number 5) for Wimborne RFC (Dorset) and played for the County of Dorset for a short period. We travelled all over Europe even playing the Italian boys team who were undefeated in two years before our rabble turned up. I played for about 15 years, I now have the bad back and knee to show for it, along with some amazing memories. Eddie Jones is a good leader, he has a very young England team this year and they haven't gelled as well as other years yet. Cant say I mind haha Favourite player back in the day when I was young was Gavin Hastings, Then Euan Murray, My first born son is called Euan because of him. And now would be Hamish Watson.
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