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  1. Re: What's the differnce? thanks guys people keep using doom and stoner as interchangeable terms and its very confusing
  2. Re: Your Lyrics Here's one called Rush Through the Fire BURN! run through the past time cannot last your mind will burst into chaos fighting all the way till night turns to day ride the wind to final freedom (BURN! burn em all) x3 (BURN! burn em all) x3 rush through the fire run to there graves burn in desire revenge will be staged break down the regime one kill so clean setting your sights on the dictator there's no remorse kick down the doors show them that your not a slave (BURN! burn em all) x3 (BURN! burn em all) x3 rush through the fire run to their graves burn in desire revenge will be staged [solo] rush through the fire run to there graves burn in desire revenge will be staged punch through the wall just burn em all let your victory set you free
  3. Re: Band Names Iron Air Dawn of Dusk Become Nothing Return to Power God? Sea of Graves Realm of Torment Become the Master Enjoyed Sadistic Pleasures
  4. Re: Records, CDs, or MP3s? The problem with records isn't the price or sound quality, the problem is finding replacement parts for your turntable
  5. Re: Ways To Kill Justin Bieber Poll put a tube up his ass, put barbed wire in the tube, remove the tube, start to pull the barbed wire. beat that
  6. dose anyone here like slasher movies. I think Friday the 13th is wounderfull
  7. I can't here the difference between Doom metal and Stoner metal. Can someone please tell me what to listen for? Because before I joined this forum I thought they were the same.
  8. Re: Punk cerebral ballzy
  9. Re: Reggae Metal this is strange. I like it
  10. Re: List your very Own Big 4 Thrash Acts Slayer Municiple Waste Toxic Holocaust Kreator
  11. Re: Anyone into biking? There's nothing that's more bad ass than a big American, or Brittish bike( Jap bikes make you look like a tool, keep them on the race track where they belong.)
  12. Re: Punk I like Joan Jett because she pwned the record companies, and the Dollyrots are a lot of fun.
  13. Re: classical? I respect classical, but it's not my thing
  14. Re: Shit Music Pop is shit the music industry shoves down are throughts to make money. The way I see it, adding an extra o to pop sums it up nicely.
  15. Re: Which Rock Bands Do People Like? them crooked vultures is awsome. It's a super group with Dave Grohl, John Paul Jones, and Josh Homme. Moast of there songs kick ass except New Fang.