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  1. I consider "Don't Know What You Got (Til Its Gone)" By Cinderella a great metal ballad as well as the one Ozzy and Lita Ford did years ago...."Close My Eyes Forever" is the proper title I think....8-]]
  2. Here we go again: I like to start threads so much that I have to do this one as well....I am curious as to what is your least favorite genre in music or do you like all music?? Obviously, my favorite genre is metal..My least favorites are: reggae, jazz + gospel...I just can't relate to these 3 genres at all....Any thoughts??? 8-]]
  3. Ok, I see now a pet thread already existed--that's cool!!! I wish I had a good picture of my cat, but, they are all blurred...8-[[
  4. I forgot about the Monkees....Mickey Dolenz was my favorite of that band....
  5. MM, this is the first I have heard of Djent...
  6. Hey all---I know this has probably been done, but, here goes: Any of you have pets and an excellent pet story about your pet??? This is the place for pet questions and stories and pictures..I have a calico cat that is about 3 years old and her name is Tiffany...She likes to hide behind my mother's curtains when she is in trouble...Any thoughts??
  7. My favorite vocalist is Dani Filth....He can scream and he can hit a lot of high notes...
  8. metal goddess

  9. This is the first time I have heard that Vivian has cancer....Hope he will get better again very soon...8-[[[
  10. I forgot to add another great musician that passed on that I love: Bon Scott....I loved his voice, I think AC/DC was much better when he was lead singer...may he R.I.P. forever...=-((
  11. MMM, so, new Moonspell is coming--is about time---Night Eternal is my favorite album of theirs...Moonspell is such a classic metal band, been a fan of theirs forever....
  12. Yeah, I like growling just fine, it is just dandy to me....I think maybe Cannibal Corpse's lead singer just does not have any talent, he just does not appeal to me in the least...There was just too much repetition in the 2 albums I owned, there was just a lack of variety in the songs...This is the best way I can explain it.....and he sounded like he had marbles in his mouth or something...=-[[ OO, yeah--I have heard death metal prior to Cannibal Corpse.....
  13. Yup, I agree with the rules totally....I am finding out that this website is managed really well and the people here seem pretty cool...
  14. My top 5 ATM are: Cradle of Filth, The Doors, Moon Spell, Butcher Babies + Nox Arcana
  15. I used to have 2 Cannibal Corpse albums before I gave them to my cousin, one of them was Tombs of the Mutilated and forgot the name of the other one....Anyhow, I do wish I could unhear them cause they suck so bad...Instead of singing, the vocals sounded like he was just screaming...worst albums I ever bought...