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    I love movies, metal, cats---am interested in lots of things, just to lazy to type them all in for now....

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  1. I know some threads are locked because they get to full or someone is misbehaving on a thread and they have to be closed---This happened on a previous website I was on back in 2014...8-[[
  2. Hi everyone!!! Just here to say I have missed being here---just had tons of stuff going on in my life...I plan to be a better member and come back more often to talk more about metal with you all!!! Peace, Melanie [[-8 

  3. you guys do all the right things for migraines---I usually stay away from light as well and just got to bed and sleep...helps some when I am asleep cause I am in dream land then for awhile....
  4. WOW, Requiem, sounds like a meal they would serve the Queen of England...
  5. Marilyn Manson: creepy, would scare small children....
  6. I am just ecstatic about COF's new album coming out in 2017!!!! This is the best news I have heard in a very long time!!! WOWZA!!!! 8-]]]]]
  7. Is anyone interested in the health issues of today??? I wonder cause I get these terrible migraines...I have one now as a matter of fact...I have tried everything for them too...Anyone have any suggestions or new info. about migraines??? Any comments would be most appreciated...
  8. Hey will---I like a good deal, so, money is an issue for me...I also like what I order to be in excellent shape....I will have to try Bandcamp, I never heard of them....My doctor always recommends Amazon, so, I guess that is why I am addicted to that....Thanks for the tip!!
  9. @ Natassja7, I agree about the Nutri Grain bars....I eat at least 2 every day....been trying to keep my weight down and they are perfect!!! 8-]]
  10. This time I have been eating pimento cheese + chocolate pudding + Nutri Grain bars strawberry....
  11. Well, here I am again trying to cheer the place up!! 8-]]
  12. Thanks I recently got "The Genocide Chapters" by Dawn of Ashes from Amazon...I also ordered Devilment's second album on vinyl + am expecting Marilyn Manson's "Born Villan" on vinyl...Ooops, I spelled a word wrong, pardon..Anyhow, I get almost all my music from Amazon....I do have a question for all of you: What is the best place to buy music from??? Please don't tell me itunes cause I never use that....8-]]
  13. IDK if this is the right place for this, but, here goes: I would say that AC/DC was an excellent "heavy" band when Bon Scott was in the band----I think he was better than Bryan Johnson myself...I think they helped start metal in a way since they were such an early band, 70's style....Bon had such an amazing voice..too bad he is gone now, still makes me sad when I think of him..Anyhow, any opinions?? 8-]]
  14. MM, I got a couple new purchases off of Amazon recently--Is it okay to put them here?? Someone please let me know and then I can add everything at a later date...8-]]
  15. I am happy someone agrees with me about Dani's vocals..
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