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  1. Word to Sentence

    Fire is so hellish! Eyes
  2. What Are You Listening To?

    Motörhead - Herpes It is is quite out of the ordinary, not sure if I like it, but definitely different.
  3. Horror Films

    I love the old Hammer House of Horror movies and most in the gothic horror genre. Interview With A Vampire (sod the Mandela effect for a moment) is another favorite and so is Woman In Black 1. I have watched some Japanese horror...most just bored me to death, but two do stand out: Dororo...good story line and lots of sword fighting...I like sword fighting *lol* And Aragami...much like the above, but what makes it outstanding is that there is only three actors (plus two extras at the very begining and very end) and yet...it is a thumping good movie! I doubt that many old Hammer House of Horror movies will give even young children nightmares these days and neither Dororo or Aragami. However Woman In Black scared the hell out of me...even going to the loo in the "break" frightend me...that long and dark corridor just seemed a lot longer and darker and what was that shadow behind that door...did it just move?????
  4. What Metal Band Describes You Best?

    Another Slipknotter here, too...and I am not even that fond of Slipknot :S If I had my way, then I would be Salems Lott...utterly confusing and political incorrect.
  5. What Are You Listening To?

    Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan
  6. Slayer

    It was in Copenhagen, Denmark. Do not know about the rest of the world...I did not have access to neither a T.V or needless to say...internet back then. So Copenhagen and it's outskirts was pretty much my entire world *Lol*
  7. Slayer

    I have never had the chance to see Slayer live and to be honest...they are not amongst my top favorite bands, but it is still weird to see them go...because they seem to have been with us since forever... I remember early crossover punks wearing Slayer t-shirts back in the early 1990's and just the other day I saw a young lad wearing a Slayer knitted hat. Time for some new blood to enter the metal stage.
  8. The Dio hologram?

    It is extremely well done...but: call me old fashioned, but I just cannot get used to holograms exsisting outside the science fiction genre. I like Dio...a lot. But this just feels weird. However get back to me in a century or so from now, when I am in another incarnation and I might think that holograms are as mundain as having a live cam chat on Skype.
  9. What are you drinking?

    Tap water with apple cider vinegar.
  10. Ian 'Lemmy' Kilmister

    Yeah, I miss him too :S We need more people like him in this world, not less...but I fear that there will never be anyone quite like Lemmy again.
  11. Happy New Year 2018

    Happy New Year, people
  12. New Years 2018 Goals/Resolutions

    New years revolutions...let's see: Do more cardio exercises! Found this and it looks like fun.Sheildmaiden work out Buy even more CD's! Work more on my tiny house design! And that's about it *Lol*
  13. Dad Metal?

    I automatilcally thought...AC/DC when I saw the name of the topic But what do I know...I am neither a dad or a kid. Just wondering what mom metal is then...Lita Ford, Vixen or hell perhaps...Saxon???
  14. What Are You Listening To?

    Mercyful Fate - Melissa
  15. The Movie Thread

    The parts where I had to shut my eyes was the maggot/beetles crawling around the sculls, when they shoot the jaguard, and when they rape that poor tribal woman. Apart from the sickening scenes, I have actually reflected a lot about that movie the last couple of days: I think that one of the reasons why it is so grim is that you are forced to consider who are the real primitives (primitives such as in bad primitives...remember the movie is from the early 1980's). Those white movie makers were just asking for trouble! But despite all the refelction...I am not going to see it again.