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  1. Tortuga

    The Spooky Stuff Thread

    Well, considering that all theories are plausibel then it might even be just two dimensions overlapning. There are stories of people experiencing glitches in time and space, in fact I think that I have experienced it myself a few times. As for more on infrasound then Wikipedia has a good page about it.
  2. Tortuga

    howdy dudey

    God damn motorbikes!!!! They have been keeping me up late the last few nights...been watching to many old biker movies online on the expense of my beauty sleep But anyway, please to meet you, welcome to forum, and all that "shyte"
  3. Tortuga

    Asian metal music

    I like the old stuff like Loudness and early X-Japan etc. But other wise, let's just say that my knowledge on more recent Asian metal is very limited. I did however stumble over an interesting band from Mongolia on YouTube recently called The Hu which delivers some fine folk metal.
  4. Tortuga

    Songs that have caught your fancy lately

    Belladonna and aconite by Inkubus Sukkubus. I just cannot stop listening to it and I fear that I may end up wearing that tiny, but extremely important part of the CD down. This has happend before... I litterally wore WASP's piece of master work, Helldorado down until it hypothetically speaking crumbled and died in my hands.
  5. Tortuga

    The Spooky Stuff Thread

    Right...that is a bit creepy, I give you that!!! Since I was eight years old I have been experiencing sleep paralysis and I am not afraid to admit that for the first many years it scared the hell out of me until I got the chance to do some research and find out what really was going. Sleep paralysis is basically the opposite both physically and mentally of deep meditation...so no biggie really. But it does open up to things and sensations that you are normally perhaps not sensitive to and simply therefor do not registre in everyday life. And no, despite what you may think then sleep paralysis is quite common and has known about since time in memorial: the term night mare stems from the Norse mareridt.. which referes to a mare (succubus or incubus creature orr even an old hag) "ridning" you meaning sitting on your chest which referes to the paralysed sensation that you experience during sleep paralysis. And in Asia the term ghost dreaming has been used for centuries to describe sleep paralysis. So regardless of how you feel should you have experienced sleep paralysis then you are far from the only one! So you say that you start out hearing a static sound, then this sound is mixed with a child's voice, and then you feel a presence of somebody standing next to you... and it takes place in the very early hours of the morning? That sounds a hell of a lot like sleep paralysis to me! Do you feel paralysed when experiencing this? Because if you do then I am willing to bet my life that it is a true case of sleep paralysis! As to what sleep paralysis is in a metaphysical sense and if you can have the same recurring sleep paralysis experience like a child asking "Are you there?" then I cannot offer any absolute truths: some say that sleep paralysis is nothing more than dreams who have overstayed their welcome so to speak whilst others claim that for a breif moment (and yes, a sleep paralysis experience or attack depending on how you approach it last less than a few minutes even though they can feel like an eternity). But as with meditation which is the mirror image so to speak of sleep paralysis then the astral world will never be able to harm you physically!!!! And finally if you can have a recurring dream then there is no reason why you cannot have a recurring sleep paralysis experience. There are however a few things that you can do to prevent or trigger a sleep paralysis experience; Going without enough sleep for more than a day or two. Heavy, deep, and dreamless sleeping as a result of a period of too little sleep is, if you are prone to sleep paralysis, an invite to just that because the last cycle of the REM sleep in a normal sleep rythm tries to compensate for the lack of REM sleep the previous nights/days and there for goes a bit overboard. Eating too much - and too heavy food just before bedtime The after math of an aura migraine Stress Now I am not saying that what you have experienced is all due to sleep paralysis...full stop!!! So if we assume that it is not the case, then is there any way that you can record this sound phenomenon? Because if you do manage to snatch up anything then no, it is clearly not your mind which is a bit off. And I would also look into this infrasound if I was you as itt seems like something that could trigger sleep paralysis too. Do you know of any recently newdevices or occurences near you that might be the cause?
  6. Tortuga

    Judging by the cover

    I admit to buying a record or CD just by looking at it, but in the majority of cases they have been second hand purchases: in around 80% of these purchases I have not regretted splashing a bit of money out. Liking the cover was after all how I discovered WASP, Astarte, and Charta 77 (Swedish punk band). However I have never been well off financially speaking so when I have had the chance then I have prelistend to a band before buying any of their music, which is a lot easier today with YouTube. In the past most of my CD buying took place after gigs at band stores.
  7. Tortuga

    Word Association

  8. What a shame! Even though I never subscribed to any English written metal magazines then I used to buy them from time to time when ever I came by the international news agent at Copenhagen central train station. Magazines such Metal Hammer, Kerrang, and Terrorizer were well written and gave the reader a good update on the metal scene in general. But alas every thing comes to an end sooner or later. When considering that bands today can make their own updates online together with easy accessble online nterviews...of might I add unfortunately often poor quality...then time might be up for music magazines in general
  9. Tortuga

    What Are You Listening To?

    Black Sabbath - Electric Funeral
  10. Tortuga

    Word Association

  11. Tortuga

    Word Association

    Google If you do not know what a word like judicatory means, then google it, which was the first thing I thought of
  12. Tortuga

    What's on your mind?

    Right, that does it... I am not going to read this thread again...like ever. I have had too many songs ruined for me after reading other people's misheard lyrics. I refuse to giggle over yet another damn song...alas it is a curse to have a damn good memory and a silly sense of humor. I will now retire for the night in some dark and cold spot with centuries old cobwebs hanging from the ceiling, sit myself in an old moldy chair (after removing the half rotting corpse that previously occupied the space) and try think of something which is not funny at all. Good night!
  13. Tortuga

    What Are You Listening To?

    Just listening to sounds from when metal as we know it had just been born and when I was not ashamed off crapping myself in the middle of the night... Deep Purple - Black Night And before that, random Dark Funeral live at Vivo Rock Park-something. I kinda miss seeing them live now... two times back in Copenhagen was cool, but not really enough.
  14. Tortuga

    OH~here is paradise city~

    I saw a documentary on Youtube about Korean metal a few years ago and well...there might not be a lot of metal in Korea, but what there was in the doc was good...quality will always be more important than quantity!
  15. Tortuga

    Word Association