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  1. I have been to more than my fair share of gigs, too and no, I cannot recall any imstruments being smashed up on stage either, or that I simply found it so unimpressiv that I have forgotten all about it. As to how I feel about it: punk rock, hard rock and metal is energy to me and especially live, it makes me feel high. My way of absorbing this energy feels like entering another realm of exsistance...and I do this in a quiet way. For others this energy might make them feeling very energetic and some what aggressive...so rather take it out on some guitar or drumset than anything else. So yes, if this is the case... granted, I am not a musician myself... then fine by me. And then there are instruments...and instruments: I assume that most people would be pretty pissed off if someone smashed up a Stradivarius violin, but more relax about the same happening to a mass produced instrument.
  2. I do not know about Vampyrique, but my kidneys are just fine. It is not because that I am ill that I eat dandelion leaves, it is because I wish to remain healthy that I do. Dandelion leaves, birch leaves, and stinging nettle leaves are packed with vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, and fibres and are anti inflammatory... and well, then they are free, too. So why not eat free healthy food? The only two reason are that they are in abundance and that gathering an eating them is linked to an age old stigma of poverty thus no one can make a profite of them (dandelions and stinging nettles tend to grow where the hell they want). If you want antiseptic, then you need to go for honey...
  3. Eating and drinking healthy along side regular exercising will get you a long way. And some herbal remedies are great for prevention... Stinging nettles for strong lungs and healthy hair, flaxseeds against artheritis and psoriasis, birch leaves against inflammation, dandelion leaves for overall health etc: all these can be part of a normal healthy diet...and well, they certainly work for me! But I guess since there isen't a lot of money to be made from very common greenary then nobody could be bothered to do some more medical/scientific research since almost all such research is funded by the manufactors of modern medicine: I have read that the same can be said about alternatives to penicillin. Nobody is funding new research since people are still making a profite from penicillin thus too blinded by the great mammon to think a decade or two ahead.
  4. Tortuga


    Some where there must be a book about the strange nature of vampires, if not then I shall write one. Consider yourself my muse, Vampyrique.
  5. Now even the cards cannot explain why someone would do such a nutty thing as leaving Transylvania in exchange for shitty little Whitby??? Do not tell me that you are still smitten with that little plain prude, Mina????
  6. Crashdiet - We are the legion.
  7. Tortuga


    Currently reading... Blameless by Gail Carriger: cool supernatural steampunk featuring a head strong leading lady, her naughty Werewolf of a husband, and her...in every sense of the word...gay Vampire friend. Taken by Jet Mykles: Supernatural fantasy porn featuring lots and lots and lots over sizzling hot Dark Elf men... and some of them have whips....
  8. I am not that keen on job interviews either, not because I do not know what to say, but because so many employers are just lousy interviewers. But to calm my nerves I always imagine the worst case scenario, which in a job interview case is that they will tell you that you are not right for the job and should they act rude during the interview well then you can always get up and leave. Any scenario or situation: prepair for the worst, hope for the best. It might sound pessimistic, but it has saved me a lot of trouble.
  9. Tigertailz - Love Bomb Baby
  10. Right, Vampyrique... have it your way then, you cheeky little buggar!!!! With in two seconds of reading this you will encounter The Princess of Swords and yeah, she speaks her bloody mind. So don't get sassy with me And all this she has learnt from her bitchy mom, the Queen of Swords who never acts nice, just to be polite! Today they met The Magician who along side with The High Priestess talked back to the one The Devil warned me about. Been a pleassure serving you, Vampyrique P. S Didn't understand a damn of all this? Well, don't blame me, it was Vampyrique who requested a public tarot reading...not I
  11. Tortuga


    I must admit that I have not really begun to read it yet :-$ I bought it mainly because I am writing a fantasy/science fiction novel where I am amongst other things featuring space flight and interdimensional travel based on vimanas and hindu legend as described in The Vedas...so I will be studying it as my novel progresses. But I have flicked through the pages, the typing is small and it just seems to go on and on, but I bet it is interesting so despite everything I look forward to getting started.
  12. I have seen the trailer and well...I think I'll just go a scratch my bum in some corner instead!!!!!
  13. Well, considering that all theories are plausibel then it might even be just two dimensions overlapning. There are stories of people experiencing glitches in time and space, in fact I think that I have experienced it myself a few times. As for more on infrasound then Wikipedia has a good page about it.
  14. God damn motorbikes!!!! They have been keeping me up late the last few nights...been watching to many old biker movies online on the expense of my beauty sleep But anyway, please to meet you, welcome to forum, and all that "shyte"