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  1. Tortuga

    The Spooky Stuff Thread

    @RelentlessOblivion and @Balor Thanks for your responses. I have simply come to the conclusion that what I saw was one soul comming to pick up and help guide another soul into the afterlife. And Balor, you sound a bit like me: give me a book about ghosts or a playlist of ghost documentaries then I am unavailable for hours to come But I can understand why you are confused: the majority of ghost pictures are fake. I would find video footage a bit more, but not 100%, reliable (strings can easily create fake hauntings) these days... but editing a video clip frame by frame with cutouts of supposed ghosts plus blurring, setting the right opacity value etc. is enough to put anyone off. Problem is however again...ghosts do not show up and politely stand and wait while one is fiddling around with a cam recorder.
  2. Tortuga

    Word Association

  3. Tortuga

    What Are You Listening To?

    Breaking The Law - Judas Preist
  4. Tortuga

    The Spooky Stuff Thread

    I do not get to be called a guy that much, esspecially considering that I a woman...but no worries, I have made my fair share of online gender mistakes, too I actually wish I had a camera on me in the exact moment that I realized that the guy I saw might not have been of flesh and blood... at least not in this dimension. Problem is that that one second he was standing on the pavement and the next he litterally dissappeared into the wall...even if I did have a camera on me, I wouldn't have had the time to take a picture. Besides ghost picture these days are hardly to be regarded as evidence of any kind, you do not have to be a genius in order to make a good ghost photo using Photoshop or the likes. I could easily make one with in half an hour...it is really that easy! And thank you for your condolences.
  5. Tortuga

    The Spooky Stuff Thread

    Thank you
  6. Tortuga

    Thoughts on metal and negativity

    My thoughts exactly!
  7. Tortuga

    The Spooky Stuff Thread

    @WillI do not do drugs, drink alcohol, take any medication...and I watch what I eat. Nor was I deprived of sleep, in fact I was wide awake. My cat did pee a bit on me while she was dying, but I washed my kimono the day after. So other than feeling sad and lonely, I was not feeling light headed or anything. I know I was not dreaming, I always wake up when the most interesting part is about to happen... quite annoying really ...but the interesting thing did actually happen. But as for what happened afterwards and on to... @BalorWell, I can remember checking the fence again, trying to find some logical explaination, because even though I do believe in ghosts then neither am I the first to scream "Ghost!!!!" every time I see a shadow. Then I went inside my flat, cooked some food and ate, watched some Youtube, and went to bed while thinking about the odd experience just hours before. I had just blown out the candle on my bedside table and then I heard the small meow. Many have suggested that it was my cat, Luna, comming back to say her final farewells. Because to be honest, even weeks after I still think about if she is okay and things like that. It is the thing about this guy, the ex-neighbour lookalike that really puzzles me. I have sensed ghosts before, but never seen one with my naked eyes. No rattling chains or transparent apparitions... just a very solid rockabilly guy in builder's clothes. I did not even sense a chill, but that might have to do with that it was outdoors. I just hope that he isen't dead, too. @WillThank you for your condolences
  8. Tortuga

    The Spooky Stuff Thread

    I experienced something really strange a few weeks ago and I cannot really "decide" if it was a ghost that I saw or a glitch in reality: two dimensions overlapping for short while. Or some third explaination. The back ground story is that it happened merely two days after my cat, my companion through thick and thin for almost 20 years, died in my arms. And as anyone who has ever lost a beloved furry friend will know, the grief feels almost unbearable! To comfort the both of us I told my cat, just before she crossed the rainbow bridge that she was going to Freya in Folkevagn and that everything would be just fine. A day went by and I ran out of food and on my way back from the supermarket, I saw something that at least I cannot explain!!!! I have lived in my current home for almost 11 years now, I have seen neighbours come and go, and know every creak and crack in the building, so to speak. And on my way home from the supermarket I saw a guy who looked a lot like a neighbour that I used to have: a rockabilly guy in his 20's with huge side burns. We were not friends, but we used to greet and talk with each other when ever we met in the yard or washing celler and he seemed like a very nice chap. Anyway I saw him turning around a corner and walking a few meters infront of me. He was dressed in workman's clothes like he was a builder or something like that, the time was around 6.30 pm, so I just assumed he was on his way home from work...and he was as solid looking as any living person or person belonging in this dimension! We walked down the street (he had not seen me and I am a tad to reserved to come up from behind to say hi to someone I never really knew and had not seen in years) whilst I was thinking about what to do with Luna's body, which I had wrapped up with some of her favorite belongings and amuletts, and put in the freezer for the time being. And then suddenly as what looked a hell of a lot like my ex-neighbour comes to where the fence to our yard ends and the outer walls of the building I live in begin...he turns, faces the wall, takes two steps towards the wall, and dissapeares!!! Litterally walks "through" the wall!!!!! Had it happened just a meter further away, I would have been able to convince myself that he might have opened the front door to the building itself so quickly that I had not noticed it...but that was not what happened! So the next thing I did...after closing my mouth again...was to speed up my phase and check the fence. From his appearence, I thought he might had been working on or putting up a new fence or something which I have been too grief stricken not to notice, forgot a tool, and had come back to fetch it. But no, it was the same old and intact fence with a space between it and the outer wall of the building, but that space is only a few centimeters wide and had he climbed over the fence, then I would have noticed it. And a fully grown man of flesh and blood simply does not dissapear into a wall!!!! And he "walked through the wall" which leads into my kitchen, where Luna's remains were lying in the freezer. Later on, when I was falling asleep I heard a cat meowing, but this might just have been my imagination. But as for seeing my ex-neighbour and what then happened. Explaination, theories...anyone?
  9. Tortuga

    Thoughts on metal and negativity

    To me, negativity is despair, sadness, being manipulated, and toxic relationships/people...but not anger!!! And I think that the vast majority of people have experienced at least some of the above at some point in their lives. Some deal with it by finding comfort in drugs and alcohol, some just learn to live with it, some copy the behavior of those abusing them to in, out of sheer frustration, kick those who are below in the pecking order...and then there are those who find a much healthier way to deal with the shyte life offers you by using the arts as an outlet...in this case metal music! There is nothing negative about metal music...it has never made me feel abused, manipulated, or decieved. There is a lot of brainwashing, toxicity, and abuse going in this at many times screwed up worlds of ours, but if that is what one craves then all one needs to do is to read a news site or turn on the T.V...not listen to metal! On my music blog which due to certain circumstances is a bit dead at the moment, I wrote about goth music, another to many, dark genre. To me darkness is not negativity, it is creativness, self expression -and awareness etc. it is not always but in many cases a very healthy way to deal with life's hurdles etc. The people who are really suffering are those who are so scared of the darkness that they let bright illusions lead them astray!
  10. Tortuga

    Music Genres

    Well, I must be sleeping comfy under a rock somewhere, because I have never heard of the above.
  11. Tortuga

    Word Association

  12. Tortuga

    Word Association

  13. Tortuga

    Worst black metal bands

    That is exactly the reason why I left the black metal scene!!! I was sick and tired of people complaning their arses of at every single gig!!!!! I can remember my last black metal gig: Satyricon in the early 2000's...I made a quick stop in the bar area and saw some female aquaintances sitting and looking miserable while complaning about the music, I asked them why the hell they were there...blank stares all around, and I desided that I have had enough! I have never been a tomboy and being an outsider in an already very underground scene was just a tad too lonely, even for my liking. So I decided voluntary to go into the shadows for a few years. Funny enough, I do not recall anyone acting the same way previous to the late 1990's at gigs or mayby I was some what blisfully unaware of this! A few years went by and I went to see Crashdiet with a what I thought was a friend...and he complained his arse off during the whole gig. He almost ruined the whole experience for me! I do not know if people even realize this: but complaining your arse at a gig is like talking about divorce rates at a wedding. If you don't like the music and band, then why not just leave...or stuff a thick sock down your throat!!!! Second most annoying people at gigs: people who insists on having a lengthy conversation, while you are trying to focus on the music.
  14. Tortuga

    I'm curious, what are the ages of users around here?

    Funny enough, I will turn 49 come September and I have, both physically and mentally, never felt better. I do exercise a lot, but I actually really enjoy it. I hit rock bottom in my early 30's and began to feel old and feeling miserable about it, but instead of staying down there, somehow I managed to climb all the way up again. But with that said: had I not been exercising several times a week, then I would most likely feel a lot different, both in body and mind, I have a tendency to depressions and exercising keeps them at bay! And I used to hate my baby face (looking 12 when you were 25 really sucked) but now I love it The problem I have now is that when I tell people that I can remember watching Headbangers Ball back in the 80's and early 90's, then I am accused of lying, people say like "You cannot remember that, you were watching kid's T.V and fast a sleep in bed, when Headbangers was on" and I am all like "Was not!!!" Another problem is other people's attitude towards me exercise a lot and eating/drinking healthy. I could never dream of dictating other people's exercise and eating/drinking habits. I assume that anyone past the age of 14 or so is aware of the fact that your body is your responsability and since I am not anyone's mother, then I mind my own business. But I have experienced peoples cutting their strings to me, because I am too fit or something like that.Spending 1-2 hours every early morning and not being too fond of cakes and junk food is as apparently enough to scare many away!
  15. Tortuga

    Word Association