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  1. This might sound weird, but unless I have to work creatively or read, then I love listening to music! I do not know why but if I try listening to music while drawing or reading then my brain just short cuts!!!! Listening to music prior to this is however almost a must. But I just cannot be in the realm of Elfquest and in Asgaard at the same time!!!!!
  2. Not a recent death as such, but sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday that I spoke to her for the first time... Tristessa from Astarte ( Maria Kolokouri ) died on August 10th 2014 from complications related to leukemia. We can all talk about how terrible cancer is, but I would rather tell how Tristessa was when she was alive!m I got in touch with her after having bought the debut CD from Astarte and then contacting her to request an interview, after having written a review for a Danish underground music magazine called Metal Poisoning. She wrote back sending me a huge envolope with what seemed like a zillion flyers for obscure Greek black metal bands, a copy of their second album, a few post cards with even more obscure black metal bands, a very freindly hand written letter including an e-mail adress where I could contact her to arrange a time for a phone interview. Damn, I miss the late 90's early 2000's...these days it would just be a short e-mail reply and a few links What had really taken me by surprise when listening to Astarte for the very first time was how that girl could....GROWL!!!! She was bloody amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What took me by an even bigger surprise was how gentle and girly she sounded on the phone...I had expected a raspy butch voice and what did I hear??? A little girl voice...now that is what I call talent!!!!! And she was the sweetest person imaginable...first off she was thrilled that anyone could even be bothered to take her and her band seriously, second off she knew her metal!!!! And thirdly she had a cracking sense of humour: after the actual interview had ended we talked a while longer about goddesses, European paganism, and those bloody sodding men in the metal scene...who were so sodding bloody stubborn and old fashioned to not give girl bands a decent chance and what the bloody hell we felt like doing to them (cudos to you for counting how many times I have written "bloody" so far) including strapping Sakis (Rotting Christ) to a wall using bondage gear...and having one hell of a laugh about it Years later I found her on Myspace, we greeted and added eacother on our freinds list...and mourned together when Ronnie James Dio died. I miss her.....
  3. Basically anything with Wardruna will do nicely! Got their two first releases, need to get hold of their new one, Ragnarok, too!
  4. I miss the music shops, too. There was nothing like browsing the small obscure metal/goth music shops like Millenium in Copenhagen, checking out the new CD/VHS/magazine releases while trying not to stare at the hot guy in the next row I have found some real jewels in these places that I would never had found online...and I am of course refering to CD's and DVD's in case anyone was wondering The first CD that I ever bought online was Doomed Dark Years by Astarte. I liked the cover and was curious: first all girl black metal band that I had ever heard of at the time. Going to the post office to fetch it was just as boring as fetching any other package, it lacked the magic and atmosphere of a music shop...the only shops I ever liked going too. The CD however was fantastic, so was the interview and review writing that follow and which lead to so much more...R.I.P Tristessa! I still buy CD's...the artists may not get much in royalty per purchase, but they got more than if I just ripped it off online! Besides sometime, quite often in fact, I like listening to music while in a low tech mood...nothing on except the hi-fi and lit candles or a dim lamp!
  5. I agree, goth nights were really cool!!!!.There was a goth organization i Copenhagen years ago called The Black Cat and they used to host a night club/live gig once a month, later on some of the founders opened a goth bar called Faust. And before there was Club Barbue. But these were certainly not the places that I was refering to in my post. In fact had there been goth or metal nights at bars and clubs where I live, then I would go! But I have no desire to experience what I did that night I went out with my neighbour: getting laid on by drunk idiot next to a coke snoring bitch while getting my brain blasted with techno "music" is just not my thing! But enough of that...I am ready to talk metal again
  6. Thank you, I will check them out
  7. Super quick update info: A slight name change has been made. Decided to become a member here one very late night when I was deprived of sleep and block head here made a spelling error which has been nagging me ever since. But all is well now
  8. Sisters of Mercy - Floodland
  9. My past is a bit weird, Vampyrique...during my teenage years I was punk, then a bit goth mixed with metal. From I was 15 and until I was 35, I never ever went to "normal" bars and clubs...like ever. I only knew about them from the outside and a bit from the general media. Then in the mid 2000's a lot of things in my life seemed to go not wrong as such, but in very weird directions, I shall not dig further into that. But even at the age of 36, I felt too young to sit alone at home on a Saturday night in a unknown town and foreign country, I was asked out by a neigbour and well, regretted it as stated in my qouted post. And you are right... bars and nightclubs are just the worst places ever, which is why I will never go to one again. So no, unbelievable at it must sound, at the age of 36 I really did not know what most bars and clubs were like, since I had never been to one. These days I just rock out alone...a bit boring, but would not be without it But as for generalisation: why would I as a woman prefere to sing or play the keybords instead of a guitar? That is one hell of a good question, but easy to answer...first off I am very introvert! It does not mean that I am shy. I can easily stand up and talk infront of a crowd, interview somebody, or give dance lessons...I have done all that numerous times and as long as I am well prepared, then I more than comfortable in my own skin. But I would never be able to interact with a crowd like many metal muscians do...it would interfere with my personal space, I would feel like I was being forced hugged by a thousand people at the same time which is a very unpleasent thought!!! So "hiding" behind a keyboard would be ideal for me! Singing could also be an option for me, if the band was not too out going at gigs. Being introvert has nothing specifically to do with gender, but now you've got my explaination for wht yours truly will never be a guitar player in a band who loves being one with the audience.
  10. I just wrote a blog about goth last night. So I just want to share some thought about on this forum, too. In general every genre in rock and metal goes through it's ups and downs...when it first appears most shun it for being too weird ( the ones who get into it at that very early stage usually give up very quickly or stick at it for decades to come), then more become curious and begin to love it for it's novelty, fresh appeal, "new strong blood" feeling, or plain and simple shock effect ( those who get into it for the latter tend to dissappear very quickly too) and then comes a low period with a few "renaissances"...the people who are into it then are into it because they really like and feel connected to the specific musical genre..and that is what really counts!!!! I do not know why, but many people do have a tendency to shun their past...those who have moved to other pastures will look down on a talk bad about their goth, punk, skin, metal days etc...but never really give an answer to why other than "I grew up" or "I evolved"...well, congratulations but before praising and celebrating your new and amazing self, then remember that your past made you who you are today! Personally I hate when bands shun their past: so you like bashing your former goth metal self, but I bet you loved the attention and free beers that you got when you were pale as a vampire back when the 90's were old and the millenium was still all fresh and new!!! Bands can play what ever genre they like, but it's when they start bashing their roots that I stop listening to them! I will always love goth myself from gothic architecture and litterature to goth rock/metal...it might deem me completely unfashionable, but goth has never been about following the trend. And yes, I can imagine that it must feel a bit sore when the amount of gigs you get to play seem to only decrease and when your following dwindles from zillions to a small but dedicated crowd...but I will always have much more respect to those who stick by their guns than those who are ashame and bitch about their pass...so fuck you, Pantera!!!!!!! I need to buy some new CD's...last time I had to get hold of some Dio before going totally insane (and as you can tell, I have not lost it completely yet)... and now I want some goth metal. Can anyone give me a list of the more recent and unknown bands who are well worth listening to?
  11. I have to honestly say that I have been treated better by male metal heads than males who have not been into metal! True, there have been some men who were/are into metal who have not liked me or not cared to get to know me but the feeling was mutual...I am not very tolerant either, there are some people that I just don't like the look off!!!! So I have never taken it as a personal insult and I have never felt threatend or treated disrespectfully in any metal bar or at any metal gig...and I have been to many!!!! However...go into any random bar not know for dragging in a metal crowd and five minutes into your stay some idiot will come over to, lay his arm around your shoulder and begin telling the story of his life (or at least try too...alcohol had a shitty affect on one's ability to talk) while showering you with alcohol laid dribble. And then he gets angry if you tell him that you are not interested. Or a random guy sees you as a target, goes all nice guy and offers you a drink, gets all pissy when you decline (don't take it personal...but I do not drink alcohol an I never accept gifts from strangers), and then tries to grab you in the most unwanted places. Now I am talking from personal experiences which is why I just do not go to random bars and clubs anymore..."normal" men when being drunk tend to be real creeps! Perhaps it is because they force themselves to be conformed and clean cut when being sober, but hell knows...I have been to placed packed with punk guys, skinhead guys, goth guys, and metal guys...and not once have I felt so uncomfortable, that I have been scared (apart from the times when punks and skins had decided not to get along, but that had nothing to do with gender). So to be blunt: if you want to find any traces of actual male chauvinism in metal then you really must know where to look for it, because I have to this date not found any myself! Remarks like "we will play a ballad, because women like it" are not said as an insult, but out of plain ignorance...not all women like ballads, in fact they piss me off!!! And the very rare comment such as "women cannot play music"...well, let me put it this way, the guy who once said that to me was so thick that he needed to undo the buttons in his jeans in order to count to 11 *lmao* So male chauvinism in metal is like some unknown bacteria...it is there, most have an idea of it is there, but no one could be bothered to pay it any further attention because tbh, it is just not that interesting.
  12. I have just gotten my first smart phone ever and can now watch T.V in real time for the first time since...oh dear, 2012 (ish). And I seem to be binge watching Viasat History at the moment and esspecially in the weekends...it is turning into a bad habit :/ And Star Treck and Defiance, but otherwise I am regretting a bit that I subscribed to the T.V service...I have got 60 channels and 90% are utter crap
  13. I used to read both, depending on which bands were featured in which magazine...and if I happened to be at the main train station in Copenhagen (the only place with an international news agent) and felt the urge to read some new none Danish magazines. Otherwise I stuck to one magazine, Metalized, it was in Danish, runned by local metalheads, and arrived once a month by post. Fast forward to present day: I have not bought an issue of neither Metal Hammer or Kerrang for more than a decade now. But I stopped buying Kerrang entirely when they began featuring nu-metal bands. These days I just keep an open eye on what is said and written on forums like these, bands profiles and websites, and Youtube...it pretty much sums up what used to be written in the music magazines.
  14. It took a long while, years in fact before I finally got the CD version of Dio's Holy Diver album...my vinyl version "died" a long time ago. Youtube has been an okay substitute so far. But there is nothing like listening to "Rainbow in The Dark"...well in the dark and offline
  15. I like really old British punk like the early stuff from The Damned, The Buzzcocks etc. and UK82 punk like The Anti-Nowhere League, Vice Squad etc. But any punk later than 1970's punkrock/UK82 style such as hardcore or neo-punk...nah, never mind!