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    This usual "shyte": music, exercising, graphical art, herbal lore, rune lore, divination, blogging etc. and etc!

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  1. Tortuga

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  2. Tortuga


    I have been in England 15 times visiting family, Germany...the best time was when I went to see The Exploited live in Hamburg, been in Sweden more times than I can remember even before living there, and once to Sicily when I was four. Since my early 20's I haven't travelled and wouldn't have even if I could afford it: I hate being dependent on the plans of other people and I have never taken the plunge to travel alone (perhaps I should just get off my firm arse and do it! ), I don’t like other people cooking my food, and I hate travelling by air. Places that I would go to if I could: Iceland, Venice in Italy, Stonehenge in England, The Jamaica Inn and The Ancient Ram Inn in England, York in England. Lejre Museum, The Viking Ship Museum, and Kronborg in Denmark, Gamla Uppsala in Sweden, and Borg-Lotoften in Norway...got a friend who lives not that far away from there whom I would to visit, too. Been to a threeof the places before, but would love to go there again.
  3. Tortuga

    Is metal dying?

    This made my day!!!! If there are more kids like him around, then metal and punk might still be around for decades to come!!! This little man is just so awesome and a great interviewer!!! Little punk interviewing big "scary" black metalhead
  4. Tortuga

    What's on your mind?

    Worried about your lunges? Thyme will cleanse and strengthen your lungs! I do not know about The U. S, but in Scandinavia you can buy thyme in every supermarket. Sage is also good against lung problems, but go easy on it if you are a guy...sage contains oestrogens.
  5. Tortuga

    What's on your mind?

    The common cold can be a real bitch!!! Been confined to bed with it myself the last few days...healthy food with black pepper together with apple cider vinegar and honey added to water...and lots of it!!!!You will not be cured in five minutes but it reduces the pains and comfort. Birch bark speeds up the recovery even more, but works best against infections, so I try not to use it more than necessary. Hope you'll feel better soon :-)
  6. Tortuga

    Word Association

  7. Tortuga

    What Are You Listening To?

    Blodarv - "Civitas Diaboli"
  8. Tortuga

    Word Association

  9. Tortuga


    PC black metal? Now that is one very unappealing thought!!!
  10. Tortuga

    Internet Radio DJ

  11. Tortuga

    Your Artwork

    Thank you :-)
  12. Tortuga

    Type O Negative

    Bloody Kisses and October Rust - two CD's that I actually managed to completely wear down, because they were some of the very few CD's that I owned and had well over all access to in the...for my part... very stale earlish/middish 1990's. Damn, I loved those CD's, I need to get hold of them again!! Managed to catch Type O Negative live back in Copenhagen, too. I can remember it left me broked the rest of that month, but it was all well worth it!!!!! Peter Steele was a real gentleman reminding the audience as one of the first things when he came on stage that there were a lot of beautiful women in the crowd and that they wanted to stay that way. Years later I remember being the ultimate fan girl browsing the internet for a pic of Pete from Playgirl magazine, got lucky, printed it out...and had it taped to my wall for ages *giggles*
  13. Tortuga

    What Are You Listening To?

    Ezo - Destroyer
  14. Tortuga

    What Are You Listening To?

    X Japan - Desperate Angel
  15. Tortuga

    Internet Radio DJ

    No, I just want to able to listen to your radio without straining my ears or confined by plug in head phones, that' all I am too lazy to DJ