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  3. Worst black metal bands

    That is exactly the reason why I left the black metal scene!!! I was sick and tired of people complaning their arses of at every single gig!!!!! I can remember my last black metal gig: Satyricon in the early 2000's...I made a quick stop in the bar area and saw some female aquaintances sitting and looking miserable while complaning about the music, I asked them why the hell they were there...blank stares all around, and I desided that I have had enough! I have never been a tomboy and being an outsider in an already very underground scene was just a tad too lonely, even for my liking. So I decided voluntary to go into the shadows for a few years. Funny enough, I do not recall anyone acting the same way previous to the late 1990's at gigs or mayby I was some what blisfully unaware of this! A few years went by and I went to see Crashdiet with a what I thought was a friend...and he complained his arse off during the whole gig. He almost ruined the whole experience for me! I do not know if people even realize this: but complaining your arse at a gig is like talking about divorce rates at a wedding. If you don't like the music and band, then why not just leave...or stuff a thick sock down your throat!!!! Second most annoying people at gigs: people who insists on having a lengthy conversation, while you are trying to focus on the music.
  4. I'm curious, what are the ages of users around here?

    Funny enough, I will turn 49 come September and I have, both physically and mentally, never felt better. I do exercise a lot, but I actually really enjoy it. I hit rock bottom in my early 30's and began to feel old and feeling miserable about it, but instead of staying down there, somehow I managed to climb all the way up again. But with that said: had I not been exercising several times a week, then I would most likely feel a lot different, both in body and mind, I have a tendency to depressions and exercising keeps them at bay! And I used to hate my baby face (looking 12 when you were 25 really sucked) but now I love it The problem I have now is that when I tell people that I can remember watching Headbangers Ball back in the 80's and early 90's, then I am accused of lying, people say like "You cannot remember that, you were watching kid's T.V and fast a sleep in bed, when Headbangers was on" and I am all like "Was not!!!" Another problem is other people's attitude towards me exercise a lot and eating/drinking healthy. I could never dream of dictating other people's exercise and eating/drinking habits. I assume that anyone past the age of 14 or so is aware of the fact that your body is your responsability and since I am not anyone's mother, then I mind my own business. But I have experienced peoples cutting their strings to me, because I am too fit or something like that.Spending 1-2 hours every early morning and not being too fond of cakes and junk food is as apparently enough to scare many away!
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  6. The most significant reason for me prefering CD's instead of downloading music is that most of the times I simply do not feel like being online when listening to music. The reasons for this is numerous, but even a lit screen from a smartphone can be damn distracting. Also I am terrible at multi tasking online: I do not know why but I just cannot write/read and listen to music at the same time. But it is not because that I am techno shy. I love using YouTube to discover/rediscover music and bands or to use it as a substitue when my CD player or a CD has worn down and needs to be replaced. Vinyls however, I do not really miss them. Fragile things that would scratch just by looking at them. I did like the covers however, I have been known to buy a record based on the cover alone...that is how I discovered W.A.S.P back in the day
  7. Whatcha Eatin'?

    I am eating Falu Korv...a glutenfree sausage. That might all seem like a noveltry had it not been for the fact that Falu Korv is as deep grounded in Swedish cousin as pizza is in Italien cousine. Taste fantastic
  8. What Are You Listening To?

    Snowy Shaw (on YouTube) - Black Funeral
  9. I hate grunge.

    Well, to cut a long story short: Black metal kept me sane during the 1990's and early 2000's. Had it not been for black metal then I probably would not even have known the existance of forums such as this one today. I would probably have been somewhere struggling to listen to the last audioble (is that even a word??? Well, it is now) remaints of some very scratched vinyls bought in the 1980's. Because I just cannot for the life of me understand what was so great about grunge. To me it was a "movement" trying to be the punk rock of the 1990's and falling miserably at doing so! In fact being miserable was the feeling I got when listening to grunge. So yes, flanel shirts might have very well been very practical in the damp, cold, and windy Seattle climate...I grew up by the Sea side myself so I can relate to that...but I will leave it at that for now.
  10. What's on your mind?

    For me it is just another Friday. However we could need a new rebel wandering our streets!!!! I admit that I do have a smartphone (my one and only device to go online at the moment). But I have really got a love/hate relationship with esspecially smartphones and tablets!!!!! The reason for this is that they are turning what is seems EVERBODY into mindless and controlled zombies!!!!! Everbody seem so bloody conformed today!!!! The late 2010's remind me a bit of what you can see on vids about the mid 1970's on YouTube: the rebellion of the late 1960's is over, now all return to your slumber, and be good little slaves! There is hardly any rebellion anymore apart from SJWs online and Anitifa who are funded by a billionaire...in other words paid "anarchists" who demonstrate when told to. Almost everbody else, young and old, and sitting every where with hunched backs, a slightly droppy low lip, and with their noses stuck in a smartphone or tablet checking their latest crucial message or post on FB, whilst at the same time giving away the most minute detail of their private lives to unknown organisations and allowing shadowy figures to track them everywhere. It is just like that 1984 movie...Big Brother is watching people and people are gladly allowing this to happen. It is a fucking slave mentality!!!! And what really saddens me is that teens and people in their early 20's also choose to go with flow...just like in the mid 1970's! Like when I think back to when I was a teenager myself, it would have been my parent's wet dream to be able to track me down and come in contact with me when ever they wanted to...but thank the gods and goddesses, that they could not do that..or I would really have felt controlled and restricted!!!! Also I am glad that no one could see where I was using Google maps and me accidently pressing the "show your current location"...it was nobody elses business that I was shagging some Norweigian punk guy on a cemetary in Copenhagen...and certainly not Mark Zuckerberg's or the local cops' business!!!! It is not because I am against new technology, on the contrary...I love forums such as this one, I love YouTube, online music shops, and that I do not need to get a T.V to actually watch T.V but can do so on my smartphone. Also I am looking forward to when the driverless cars become more available. But I just cannot stand this zombiefication of society. The general populus seem not to feel pressured to comform anymore, in fact they are doing it so willingly to such an extent that hardly anyone could be bothered to rebel against it!!!!! And yes, I have a feeling that quite a few people here are not like that, so when I say people I mean like people in general. Therefor I made the decision years ago to leave my smartphone at home when ever I can or keep it down in my bag...because there is no way that I am going to be yet another hunched back and brainwashed looking idiot in public!!! That was one of my thoughts of the day on this good Friday!!!!!
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  12. What Are You Listening To?

    Chris Holmes - Let It Roar
  13. Word Association

  14. Volbeat

    I think, I know what you mean. I am not very keen on Volbeat either. There is just something about Michael Poulsen's vocals that I cannot stand. I remember him and his pre-Volbeat band, Dominius and to be honest, his voice was best suited for death metal. Volbeat just sounds weird...but as this is a thread about Volbeat, then any slagging them off on my part ends here'
  15. It was a bit longer than I expected, but it is going to be interesting to read, esspecially since I am female myself. It is going to be interesting to go through all the results and conclution. Will be back with a respons and own thoughts on the study...