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  1. What Are You Listening To?

    Mercyful Fate - Melissa
  2. The Movie Thread

    The parts where I had to shut my eyes was the maggot/beetles crawling around the sculls, when they shoot the jaguard, and when they rape that poor tribal woman. Apart from the sickening scenes, I have actually reflected a lot about that movie the last couple of days: I think that one of the reasons why it is so grim is that you are forced to consider who are the real primitives (primitives such as in bad primitives...remember the movie is from the early 1980's). Those white movie makers were just asking for trouble! But despite all the refelction...I am not going to see it again.
  3. What Are You Listening To?

    Egypt - Mercyful Fate
  4. New Purchases/Acquisitions

    I have never gotten...adds randomly Requiem...them live. But yeah...Requiem...The League seem like a great...Requiem...band. But hell yeah...Requiem...I would walk through knee deep snow for two eyes to see The League. Sorry for all this Requiem stuff...but some here apparently think that I should tagg/mention his name...Requiem. Now that sounds like a great idea Next purhace will be some Salem's Lott...intersting to see what I will make of those covers
  5. What Are You Listening To?

    Virgin Sin - Skinned alive
  6. The Movie Thread

    When it comes to movies, I have got to admit that I have got a really weak girly stomach!!!! Saw a gore/splatter-what-have-you movie today, which makes it like the third one I have ever seen full lenght in all my life....and my dinner almost came up again!!! I can understand the Native Americans being pissed off at the so called civilized middle class universty grads comming in to their homeland and acting like complete bastards...by all means, feel free to kill and devour them...I would have done the same. But the corpses with the maggots and beetles...eeeewwww, yuuuccckkk I think it is great that you can watch Cannibal Holocaust for free on Youtube, but that it the last time that I am pressing on that link! Aside from that: I am mad about Hammer House of Horror...like completely insane!!!!! But still those fantastic productions, do not top Bela Lugosi as Dracula!!!!!!
  7. New Purchases/Acquisitions

    Just some old shyte with Anti Nowhere League remastered and recorded in CD format. CD box gone missing though...last seen in the rubbish bin
  8. What is Metal music?

    No, I believe it is the vibrations of the sound which makes the patterns. Here is a link to a Youtube vid (sorry cannot embed the vid): Vibration test I think that listening to a single vibration would become extremely boring in the long run, no matter how high it is *lol* It is however proven that listening to heavy metal makes you less prone to stress, depressions, and anxiety...sounds healthy enough to me
  9. What Are You Listening To?

    Computer world - Black Uniforms
  10. What is Metal music?

    The link gives a hint, but only a hint...it seems a bit too hippy smug for me mentioned it any further. But as for the sugar/salt test: Take one big loudspeaker, and stand it one one of it sides...sprinkle some table salt or sugar on the surface. Turn up the bass and see what happens...repeat with the treble. What you will see is sound/vibrations...and yes, all sound is vibrations...going visual!
  11. What is Metal music?

    Granted, I have never tried the salt/sugar vibration test on any of my loud speakers while listening to metal, but it would not suprise me one bit if it is...high vibrational. Allmost all types of metal energizes me, inspires me, sets of thoughts in my mind resulting in interesting projects and ideas. Low vibrations on the other hand leaves you mind dumbed in the best of cases...depressed or physicall ill in the worst. So high vibrations it is! And then there is the concept that metal is classical music gone electrical: I understand why people say that. I sense the same high vibrations in a lot of classical music, too. But now I am on the brink of getting all philosphical...over and out
  12. What Are You Listening To?

    Nightwish - Over the hills and far away
  13. Where did the "horns up" hand gesture come from?

    Read it in some interview with Dio that it was Ronnie's Italian grandmother who first introduced him to the horned up sign: it is to put it pure and simple a ward against the devil. Which means that when ever you do the horned up sign against anyone you are claiming them to be evil and trying to protect yourself...makes you feel like a bit of a twat when especially using it against yourself, especially if you are pagan such as yours truly. But alas...things, terms, and imperetations change over time: once the word "kaelling" or "kaerring" in Scandinavien meant "little beloved woman" now it means...bitch! And once almost bared female breasts were socially acceptable, while a woman's ancles could make any man blush. So who knows, perhaps horns up has really changed from "uh, oh...I am scared. Jesus, please protect me" to "Hell yeah, rock n roll". As long as no one mentions NWO and Alex Jones, then all is well.
  14. The Internet is slowly killing Metal

    I am flattered
  15. Black metal bands with female vocalists

    I agree! She was a powerfull, creative, beautiful...and a pioneer!!! I remember when interviewing her she told me how fellow metal heads had laughed at them when they played live for being an all-girl band and how everybody refused to take them seriously...but that did not make them sit back down and be good and docile little women. Tristessa breathed for metal!!!!!!!!!