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  1. Tortuga

    Is metal dying?

    You are right, not only the younger generation are "zombified" today, a lot of people regardless of age seem that way. But it seems like it has always been the young who have brought a long change, new and fresh ways of thinking - keeping the world on it it's toes and forcing it to evolve. My nightmare scenario is a world were everybody does as they are told, nobody thinks an independent thought, and nobody stands up for themselves...a futuristic dystrophian world. And that thought of that scares me! Both bands you mention are a bit political extreme - on both side of the spectrum for me - but who knows perhaps I will check one of them out some day. So thanks for the tip
  2. Tortuga

    80's and 90's metal vs. nowdays metal

    I had not heard of it back in those three stale years of my life.
  3. Tortuga

    80's and 90's metal vs. nowdays metal

    I agree!!! I do not care if a song was written 40 years ago or 3 months ago, by a 60 year old or 16 year old: if it is good then I'll listen to it, buy the CD, or buy it online and download it...if there is no other option available! Time is something that I have never really understood or had a good concept of and it has nothing to do with my music choice. Metal has a long history: if you include classical music which a lot of metal is based on then it hundreds of years old. And well, sticking exclusively to one or two decades with in more than five centuries or more, seems very limited. But as for personal preferences: the 1993 to around 1995 did nothing for me music wise!
  4. Tortuga

    Word Association

  5. Tortuga

    Is metal dying?

    There is an ebb and flow in everything. But if metal was really dead then forums such as this one would not exsist! But as for the younger generation in general, I think many seemed zombiefied to be honest: hunchedbacked and bent over their smartphones in the one hand and a soft drink or hamburger in their other hand. I guess, it's hard to feel and look rebelious then. However a band such as Salems Lott is a fairly young band and based on the comments on Youtube, then many are thristing for more bands like them. They are certainly refreshing in more ways than one, but the fact that they call themselves the last real metal band is a bit depressing, but definitely saids a lot about the music scene and - well youth scene as a whole. Everything feels stale these days. Instead of reinventing things, then people are waiting for something new to happen, but no one is doing shit about it!!! Things feel more political these days when it comes to active non-sheeple young people: you got Antifa on the one side and a growing nationalist movement on the other side. Now I am not going to voice my oppinion on either in this thread, but none have anything in particular to do with music! Sometimes I wish that all the cell towers would burn out so that people would get of their smartphones and notice the world around them!
  6. Tortuga

    Metal Memes

  7. Tortuga

    Word Association

  8. Tortuga

    What Are You Listening To?

    Amorphis - Black Winter's Day Not to sound like an ungrateful little brat, but with a temperatures reaching 26 degrees celcius and forest fires everywhere...then I am kinda missing winter!
  9. Tortuga

    Controversial Metal Opinions

    Oh yeah, there is no doubt that Slayer has done far more than their fair share metalwise and it is not like I hate Slayer and danced a happy dance when I found out that they were retiring...in fact not at all: I respect Slayer for all their achievements and as far as I know...sticking to the guns for more than 30 years. I really admire that!!!! But they never got my boat rocking. The only two psychobilly bands that I can think off are Horrorpops and Nekromatix...I met Patricia Day and Kim Nekroman breifly at a pub..after a double bill Mercyful Fate/King Diamond Band gig years ago in Copenhagen where we talked about the history of rock n roll from rockabilly to metal and they mentioned their bands. Other than that, I have lived more or less in a musical bubble since I was 10...I would not know one alternative pop artist from another. Mo???? Isen't he that fat pub owner in some cartoon?
  10. Tortuga

    What's on your mind?

    Brutal and severe thunder storms???? Can't you send some of those over to Sweden, Grandmaster? There are about 80 raging forest fires burning at the moment and I can litterally smell the smoke, and I am indoors with the windows shut. It is getting a bit worriedsome!!!!
  11. Tortuga

    Controversial Metal Opinions

    I like Iron Maiden, but as for Slayer: I do not know why, but they just bore me to tears! Now here's one for you...I am Danish, but I just cannot stand Metallica!!! Trust me, the first thing many do when they find out that I am Danish is to start yapping about sodding Metallica! And then when they find out that I am anti-Metallica it is like...WTF???? I am happy to talk about Danish/Nordic metal, but let's talk about Mercyful Fate or King Diamond band instead. Because amongst other things unlike Metallica with just one...yes, just one...Danish member and honestly he is a bit of a prat, then things are a bit different when it comes to Mercyful Fate and King Diamond Band!!!! Rant over...*lol*
  12. Tortuga

    Word Association

  13. Tortuga

    The Spooky Stuff Thread

    @RelentlessOblivion and @Balor Thanks for your responses. I have simply come to the conclusion that what I saw was one soul comming to pick up and help guide another soul into the afterlife. And Balor, you sound a bit like me: give me a book about ghosts or a playlist of ghost documentaries then I am unavailable for hours to come But I can understand why you are confused: the majority of ghost pictures are fake. I would find video footage a bit more, but not 100%, reliable (strings can easily create fake hauntings) these days... but editing a video clip frame by frame with cutouts of supposed ghosts plus blurring, setting the right opacity value etc. is enough to put anyone off. Problem is however again...ghosts do not show up and politely stand and wait while one is fiddling around with a cam recorder.
  14. Tortuga

    Word Association

  15. Tortuga

    What Are You Listening To?

    Breaking The Law - Judas Preist