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  1. Tortuga

    What Are You Listening To?

    Zodiac Mindwarp - High Priest of Love
  2. Tortuga


    Just bought a copy of The Vedas, or rather the four books of The Vedas which have been translated and published. Now that going to be an interesting read! Imagine reading something which was written down thousands of years ago describing flying machines...and on a more disturbing note, an ancient nuclear war... amongst other things. I bought it mainly to do some research on a new project of mine, but I think that I will read the whole book now...who knows what more there is to learn. And as for a bit of light entertaiment, I bought The Complete Elfquest volume 3, too. A bit pissy about not being able to buy The Parasol Protectorate boxset anywhere. I really like the whole supernatural steam punk univers.
  3. Tortuga

    What Are You Listening To?

    Sisters of Mercy - Marian Just about to nod off.
  4. Tortuga

    What's on your mind?

    A bit sicko in more than one way, but never the less... I stumbled over an article here the other day about zombie bacteria and, no...it is not what you are thinking, nothing to do with corpses going around muttering "Brains...brains...". It has to with ancient bacteria lying dormant in the permafrost which is now warming up and melting. Now I admire bacteria and viruses...they are brillant at finding new hosts, constantly changing and adapting, and surviving and clearly in many cases thriving in all sorts of environments and surroundings. One is almost tempted to think that they might be intelligent, no matter how alien that intelligence might be. And well, bacteria can go into hibernation and sleep even in very cold environments and for a very long time. Now there is nothing dangerous about digging up the corpse of a Black Death victim in the most Europe, it will not kill you because the soil is to warm to ever be permanently frozen, which means that the Yersina Pestis bacteria is in the same state as it's deceased høst...stone dead! However in the permafrost in the far north such as in Siberia and places like that the Yersina Pestis bacteria might be just lying there frozen in some corpse and just waiting to wake up. And well with the permafrost melting it might just be a matter of time before that happens! In fact some scientists believe that is what happened back in 1340 when Yersina Pestis turned up the first time, in recorded history that is, in northern Asia. It is said that temperatures rose due to perhaps a tilt in the planet's axes and the northern hemisphere got warmer. So yes, The Black Death will return one day, problem is that it might have mutated in it's dormant, just let us hope not into a penicilline resistant kind. As for mutation: once the syphilis bacteria only left you with a bit of scaring. However when it came to Europe from The Bahamas then the climate was colder, people wore more clothes, were indoors more often, the syphilis bacteria mutated...and well, the rest is history. But then again, while staying in the climate change departmant, I would not mind if the Black Death killed off most of our politicians and bankers. Four major financiel and political scandals carried out by greedy people belonging to the fiscal elite and hypocritical politicians "kindly stop eating meat, populus, so that I can fly abroad on my holidays 10 times within three years" within less than two weeks is extreme even for Denmark and the Swedish parliament does not know if it is comming or going even almost one months after election night. If only boils and sniffles could finish of that lot then, The Black Death...you are most welcomed. In fact The Black Death was the leading factor in ending the feudal system and the birth of modern day Europe. It might also have switched on a "junk" DNA strand called Delta 13 which made quiet a few Europeans if not immune, then able to survive The Black Death such as one copy of the gene ment you would get ill but recover, two copies meant you were immune. And the gene is believe to be a part of the 30% Neandertal DNA found in people today. But no, I am not getting into that, my hand hurts from typing, and I am begining to ramble. Just a thought that came into my mind on an autumn's night in Sweden. P. S the above is a flipping good example of why you should never ever ask and introvert what is on their mind
  5. Tortuga

    Teenage Years

    Okay, I have got one...and yes, it popped up in my mind when I was posting to the Halloween topic...but don't worry, this will make sense later on in this thread When I was 16, I was living in this squat in Copenhagen. We were all young and free, and it was one of the coolest times in my life. One day a bunch of fellow punks from Norway came to visit us and there was this guy called John, ugly as hell but extremely intelligent, spiritual and into as I...the super natural. Now we were sitting talking about ghosts and hauntings and somebody must have overheard us, because the next thing that happened was this guy comming into the room with a gravestone that he had stolen at a near by cemetary (shitty thing to do really, but he was young and drunk). Some girl said that we should try and calm the spirit because it was angry now and John said he could conduct a seance...now this was getting really interesting, so of course I told them that I was up for it. Well, we then went up stars to find a quiet spot, taking with us candles, salt, the gravestone of course, our cigarettes and such and then sat down to well, contact the spirit. John was going to sit with the gravestone on his lap and the rest of us with a DIY ouija board. Things progressed and the room got colder, people could start "sensing" something, and I swear that John went into a trance...he looked as if he was miles away, he was a hairy guy and I could clearly see the hair on his arms stand up, and tears were rolling down his face which was otherwise completely calm. Well, we found out that the soul of the old lady who's gravestone had been stolen would forgive us if we put it back the very same night. And John asked me if I would carry the stone back to the cemetary, because he thought I would be the best person to do so, I agreed and we all began to go down stairs to were the others were. I needed to do a few things in my own room, so I left and apparently while I was gone, everybody in our living room had been told what happened and it spooked the hell out of everyone and before anyone knew it, people claimed to see posters move by themselves, strange bumps from upstairs, cold winds and what have you (sorry, this trip down memory lane is make me giggle). So I was almost finished doing the things I needed to do after half an hour or so and I felt like smoking a cigarette, so I sat up on my window ledge and just leaving one lamp on, so from outside you could just see my silhouette and then this guy in the street outside who's brother was the one who had stolen the gravestone in the first place, looked up at my window and screamed “Sod off, you bitch", I am wondering what the hell is going on and I leave my room and just casually walk down the hall to see what hell is going on. Now I have always been a quiet walker, no stomping in the floor when it comes to me! And my shadow must have been seen on the wall just before I reached the open door to the living room, because as I did people began to scream and get up and run away (I am laughing so hard now :D)...because they thought that I was a ghost!!!! Never the less, the grave stone was taking back to it's rightful owner and the gig afterwards was really good, Channel Rats from Hamburg. But damn, that image of a bunch of punks...some almost twice my size...being scared shitless by, at the time, little scrawny me will "haunt" me forever. Bloody priceless and so hilarious However that was the first and last time that I was ever accused of being a ghost...shame though, because it was a blast as long as it lasted P. S That guy in the street actually apologized latter on in a very gentlemanly manner for calling me a bitch
  6. Tortuga


    I will get out my ceramic pumpkin, put some lit tea lights down in it, and then put it outside my front door very early in the morning and then light some new candles later on at night, send out a Samhain greeting to those I know who are still alive, and send a loving thought to those who are not. This will be the first Samhain in 20 years without my little cat girl, so I am thinking of feeling a bowl with water and another with treats and then place them by the pumpkin. And if I can find any, buy some Halloween decorations: Perhaps it is just me, but I am more a "Halloween/Samhain-is-about-portals-opening-to-other-dimensions girl like more fairies, elementals, and the spirit realm instead of just blood and gore...and well most decorations are just that...blood and gore. Right gotta end this before I go all Dumbledore on everyone :D Hope you enjoy a in your way cool Samhain/Halloween, people :)
  7. Tortuga

    Word Association

  8. Tortuga


    I have been in England 15 times visiting family, Germany...the best time was when I went to see The Exploited live in Hamburg, been in Sweden more times than I can remember even before living there, and once to Sicily when I was four. Since my early 20's I haven't travelled and wouldn't have even if I could afford it: I hate being dependent on the plans of other people and I have never taken the plunge to travel alone (perhaps I should just get off my firm arse and do it! ), I don’t like other people cooking my food, and I hate travelling by air. Places that I would go to if I could: Iceland, Venice in Italy, Stonehenge in England, The Jamaica Inn and The Ancient Ram Inn in England, York in England. Lejre Museum, The Viking Ship Museum, and Kronborg in Denmark, Gamla Uppsala in Sweden, and Borg-Lotoften in Norway...got a friend who lives not that far away from there whom I would to visit, too. Been to a threeof the places before, but would love to go there again.
  9. Tortuga

    Is metal dying?

    This made my day!!!! If there are more kids like him around, then metal and punk might still be around for decades to come!!! This little man is just so awesome and a great interviewer!!! Little punk interviewing big "scary" black metalhead
  10. Tortuga

    What's on your mind?

    Worried about your lunges? Thyme will cleanse and strengthen your lungs! I do not know about The U. S, but in Scandinavia you can buy thyme in every supermarket. Sage is also good against lung problems, but go easy on it if you are a guy...sage contains oestrogens.
  11. Tortuga

    What's on your mind?

    The common cold can be a real bitch!!! Been confined to bed with it myself the last few days...healthy food with black pepper together with apple cider vinegar and honey added to water...and lots of it!!!!You will not be cured in five minutes but it reduces the pains and comfort. Birch bark speeds up the recovery even more, but works best against infections, so I try not to use it more than necessary. Hope you'll feel better soon :-)
  12. Tortuga

    Word Association

  13. Tortuga

    What Are You Listening To?

    Blodarv - "Civitas Diaboli"
  14. Tortuga

    Word Association

  15. Tortuga


    PC black metal? Now that is one very unappealing thought!!!