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  1. Black metal bands with female vocalists

    Astarte has been one of my favorite BM bands since 1997...however I am sorry to tell you all that Tristessa died three years ago from complications due to her previous battle against leukemia. Yeah, I know...I hate cancer, too....
  2. The Internet is slowly killing Metal

    But Sweeties...the lyrics are all online these days. So don't get yer knickers in twist
  3. New Logo - Your Thoughts?!

    A black brocade 12 steel boned full victorian corset with the logo on the front embroided with silver thread will do nicely, thank you...I expect to be able to purchase it...say a week from now in a very near future webshop
  4. New Logo - Your Thoughts?!

    The bottom one is...AMAZING! If I wore t-shirts...which I don't...but if I did, then I would have stolen that logo by now and rushed down to the print shop
  5. The Internet is slowly killing Metal

    Naaah, I just keep the disc *smiles insanely* Scary, isen't it
  6. The Internet is slowly killing Metal

    I never keep receipts!!! I have read that the thermal paper that they are printed on can cause cancer - love music, but the cancer bit scares me! As for paper and CD's: Am I the only one who stores their CD's in a weird way????? At first glance in my flat, you would not nknow that I am a music lover, because there is no visible CD collection!!!! I take my CD's out of the plastic case (and recycle the plastic), put them in a paper case with the band name and title written in runes...and store the CD in a very plain looking file box together with all my other CD's...the file box is the bottom one of four standing on my desk! I am very possive about my playlist...no one and I mean no one rules my CD collection and Hi-fi except for your truly...I decide what CD's are to be played (See, told you that I am possesive) *lol* But as for hiding them...who knows, it might have some deeper psychological meaning or that I am just a flipping eccentric
  7. What Are You Listening To?

    Dio - Holy Diver
  8. Politics

    I do not know enough gay people in Sweden to tell you how the realtions are between gays and muslims...but I can imagine that they are not that good. However in Sweden the gay movement is very active...look in any direction and there is a rainbow coloured flag. Even the news papers had rainbow coloured logos today...there must be a Pride festival somewhere! It is begining to get a bit too much, but is shuts the muslim population up...say something negative about gay people and you are bound to become a pariah...not to the extent that you will loose all social benefits, but it will mean that people will stop caring...and with the "refugee" invation the muslims need all the support they can get from the political correct. Besides I bet you there are more muslim gay men out there, than one would imagine *lol* I am very serious about my statements about polygami...seriously if one wants to have more than one spouce, then they are welcomed to...as long as all adults involved are not pressured or manipulated into the relationship/marrige. I think it is a bit too generalizing to say that all fathers who live in a polygami are unstable and/or child abusers. Many stable fathers can be vicious bastards, too!!!! Forgive me for being so blunt, but it is a bit like saying that a child raised by two same gender parents will also become gay or that a person who is a BDSM sub has low self esteem. I agree that child abuse is a very serious issue...I am myself a surviver of mental child abuse/psychological abuse. But if you took my childhood as an example then all parents living in a monogamous marrige in a nice house and with a steady income, are narcissists prone to bullying and violence. Now I am done talking about my childhood, but one thing that I have learnt is that you cannot judge a person' s ability to be a loving parent based on their sexual preferences and constellation of their romantic/family relationships.
  9. Politics

    By all means, people can marry whom ever they want as long as all involved know what they are getting into and no one is made or feel pressured to do anything against their will...for all I care, people can even have multiple wives/husbands. As long as I can remain a happy divorcee, then all is well!!!!! Same sex marriges have been legal for years now in Scandinavia and it is really no big deal at all.
  10. The Internet is slowly killing Metal

    I prefere buying CD's directly from a band's shops: I might be naive, but I have got a feeling that the bands get more money for their hard work that way, then if the purchase has to go through a middle man. But when purchasing directly from a band is not an option, then it is either eBay and always " Buy now"...I just never understood the thrill of bidding and besides, I want the CD as fast as possible or a Swedish online music shop called Bengans.
  11. What do you usually do while listening to music?

    This might sound weird, but unless I have to work creatively or read, then I love listening to music! I do not know why but if I try listening to music while drawing or reading then my brain just short cuts!!!! Listening to music prior to this is however almost a must. But I just cannot be in the realm of Elfquest and in Asgaard at the same time!!!!!

    Not a recent death as such, but sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday that I spoke to her for the first time... Tristessa from Astarte ( Maria Kolokouri ) died on August 10th 2014 from complications related to leukemia. We can all talk about how terrible cancer is, but I would rather tell how Tristessa was when she was alive!m I got in touch with her after having bought the debut CD from Astarte and then contacting her to request an interview, after having written a review for a Danish underground music magazine called Metal Poisoning. She wrote back sending me a huge envolope with what seemed like a zillion flyers for obscure Greek black metal bands, a copy of their second album, a few post cards with even more obscure black metal bands, a very freindly hand written letter including an e-mail adress where I could contact her to arrange a time for a phone interview. Damn, I miss the late 90's early 2000's...these days it would just be a short e-mail reply and a few links What had really taken me by surprise when listening to Astarte for the very first time was how that girl could....GROWL!!!! She was bloody amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What took me by an even bigger surprise was how gentle and girly she sounded on the phone...I had expected a raspy butch voice and what did I hear??? A little girl voice...now that is what I call talent!!!!! And she was the sweetest person imaginable...first off she was thrilled that anyone could even be bothered to take her and her band seriously, second off she knew her metal!!!! And thirdly she had a cracking sense of humour: after the actual interview had ended we talked a while longer about goddesses, European paganism, and those bloody sodding men in the metal scene...who were so sodding bloody stubborn and old fashioned to not give girl bands a decent chance and what the bloody hell we felt like doing to them (cudos to you for counting how many times I have written "bloody" so far) including strapping Sakis (Rotting Christ) to a wall using bondage gear...and having one hell of a laugh about it Years later I found her on Myspace, we greeted and added eacother on our freinds list...and mourned together when Ronnie James Dio died. I miss her.....
  13. Favorite non-metal CD

    Basically anything with Wardruna will do nicely! Got their two first releases, need to get hold of their new one, Ragnarok, too!
  14. The Internet is slowly killing Metal

    I miss the music shops, too. There was nothing like browsing the small obscure metal/goth music shops like Millenium in Copenhagen, checking out the new CD/VHS/magazine releases while trying not to stare at the hot guy in the next row I have found some real jewels in these places that I would never had found online...and I am of course refering to CD's and DVD's in case anyone was wondering The first CD that I ever bought online was Doomed Dark Years by Astarte. I liked the cover and was curious: first all girl black metal band that I had ever heard of at the time. Going to the post office to fetch it was just as boring as fetching any other package, it lacked the magic and atmosphere of a music shop...the only shops I ever liked going too. The CD however was fantastic, so was the interview and review writing that follow and which lead to so much more...R.I.P Tristessa! I still buy CD's...the artists may not get much in royalty per purchase, but they got more than if I just ripped it off online! Besides sometime, quite often in fact, I like listening to music while in a low tech mood...nothing on except the hi-fi and lit candles or a dim lamp!
  15. Male chauvinism in Metal

    I agree, goth nights were really cool!!!!.There was a goth organization i Copenhagen years ago called The Black Cat and they used to host a night club/live gig once a month, later on some of the founders opened a goth bar called Faust. And before there was Club Barbue. But these were certainly not the places that I was refering to in my post. In fact had there been goth or metal nights at bars and clubs where I live, then I would go! But I have no desire to experience what I did that night I went out with my neighbour: getting laid on by drunk idiot next to a coke snoring bitch while getting my brain blasted with techno "music" is just not my thing! But enough of that...I am ready to talk metal again