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  1. Re: Rate the song above you! 8/10 Nice This next song is just orgasmic. 9XVATLAuYWU
  2. Re: Bloodstock 2011 \m/ Great time. Band of festival was Rhapsody of Fire. Grave Digger, Hammerfall and tarot were superb too. Biggest surprise was Devin Townsend. I always thought he was overrated but I was surprised at how good his songs are and how well he performs them. One thing that pisses me off with this festival is the amount of very young children and babies there. Anyone else feel the same?
  3. Re: So . . . . 55.7 days 122.38 GB
  4. Re: Rate the song above you! 6/10 The vocals were pretty poor, but the song was ok. I have a feeling she's only in the band because she's hot and has a good body, it's such a shame that bands do this. Apparently they suck live. Time for some more Gothic Metal with female vocals. In my opinion it's far better than Unsun NYT55G4rtMo
  5. Re: Never Ending Metal Sentence The amazing sound of the bunnies singing along to ''Erasure's Always'' catches the ear of a passing gay Raccoon called Peaches. Peaches is dressed like Rob Halford holding a...
  6. Re: Rate the song above you! 8.5/10 That was rather good 3si-5eo5t8Y
  7. Re: Never Ending Metal Sentence Justin Bieber carcass singing along to...
  8. Re: Let's Write a Song! Of All of eternity will find the source of
  9. Re: Let's Write a Song! The All of eternity will find the
  10. Re: Rate the song above you! 7/10 I was listening to Borknagar at work last night. oVfPr39HqQo
  11. Black metal and punk rock =
  12. This made me laugh the first time I saw it. Necrobutcher (Mayhem): Could you repeat the question? Sam Dunn: Alot of people think that Black Metal is starting to lose touch with its roots... Necrobutcher (Mayhem): [cuts Sam off] Which ones? Who are they? Who the fuck are you talking to? FUCK THEM! Ya know... Sam Dunn: ...Do you have a comment on that? Necrobutcher (Mayhem): Yeah, I got a comment... FUCK YOU!... Ya know? d7yVLWFWUVI
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