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  1. I know some threads are locked because they get to full or someone is misbehaving on a thread and they have to be closed---This happened on a previous website I was on back in 2014...8-[[
  2. Hi everyone!!! Just here to say I have missed being here---just had tons of stuff going on in my life...I plan to be a better member and come back more often to talk more about metal with you all!!! Peace, Melanie [[-8 

  3. you guys do all the right things for migraines---I usually stay away from light as well and just got to bed and sleep...helps some when I am asleep cause I am in dream land then for awhile....
  4. WOW, Requiem, sounds like a meal they would serve the Queen of England...
  5. Marilyn Manson: creepy, would scare small children....
  6. I am just ecstatic about COF's new album coming out in 2017!!!! This is the best news I have heard in a very long time!!! WOWZA!!!! 8-]]]]]
  7. Is anyone interested in the health issues of today??? I wonder cause I get these terrible migraines...I have one now as a matter of fact...I have tried everything for them too...Anyone have any suggestions or new info. about migraines??? Any comments would be most appreciated...
  8. Hey will---I like a good deal, so, money is an issue for me...I also like what I order to be in excellent shape....I will have to try Bandcamp, I never heard of them....My doctor always recommends Amazon, so, I guess that is why I am addicted to that....Thanks for the tip!!
  9. @ Natassja7, I agree about the Nutri Grain bars....I eat at least 2 every day....been trying to keep my weight down and they are perfect!!! 8-]]
  10. This time I have been eating pimento cheese + chocolate pudding + Nutri Grain bars strawberry....
  11. Well, here I am again trying to cheer the place up!! 8-]]
  12. Thanks I recently got "The Genocide Chapters" by Dawn of Ashes from Amazon...I also ordered Devilment's second album on vinyl + am expecting Marilyn Manson's "Born Villan" on vinyl...Ooops, I spelled a word wrong, pardon..Anyhow, I get almost all my music from Amazon....I do have a question for all of you: What is the best place to buy music from??? Please don't tell me itunes cause I never use that....8-]]
  13. IDK if this is the right place for this, but, here goes: I would say that AC/DC was an excellent "heavy" band when Bon Scott was in the band----I think he was better than Bryan Johnson myself...I think they helped start metal in a way since they were such an early band, 70's style....Bon had such an amazing voice..too bad he is gone now, still makes me sad when I think of him..Anyhow, any opinions?? 8-]]
  14. MM, I got a couple new purchases off of Amazon recently--Is it okay to put them here?? Someone please let me know and then I can add everything at a later date...8-]]
  15. I am happy someone agrees with me about Dani's vocals..
  16. I consider "Don't Know What You Got (Til Its Gone)" By Cinderella a great metal ballad as well as the one Ozzy and Lita Ford did years ago...."Close My Eyes Forever" is the proper title I think....8-]]
  17. Here we go again: I like to start threads so much that I have to do this one as well....I am curious as to what is your least favorite genre in music or do you like all music?? Obviously, my favorite genre is metal..My least favorites are: reggae, jazz + gospel...I just can't relate to these 3 genres at all....Any thoughts??? 8-]]
  18. JadedErotika


    Ok, I see now a pet thread already existed--that's cool!!! I wish I had a good picture of my cat, but, they are all blurred...8-[[
  19. I forgot about the Monkees....Mickey Dolenz was my favorite of that band....
  20. JadedErotika


    Hey all---I know this has probably been done, but, here goes: Any of you have pets and an excellent pet story about your pet??? This is the place for pet questions and stories and pictures..I have a calico cat that is about 3 years old and her name is Tiffany...She likes to hide behind my mother's curtains when she is in trouble...Any thoughts??
  21. My favorite vocalist is Dani Filth....He can scream and he can hit a lot of high notes...
  22. metal goddess

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      Hi All--Just changed my profile picture again....I get bored with pictures, so, I change mine around now and then....I hope some of you will drop me a note now and then cause I promise I do not bite!!! 8-]] 

  23. This is the first time I have heard that Vivian has cancer....Hope he will get better again very soon...8-[[[
  24. I forgot to add another great musician that passed on that I love: Bon Scott....I loved his voice, I think AC/DC was much better when he was lead singer...may he R.I.P. forever...=-((