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  1. Once again I despaired in inability to find people who makes the same music as me. I'm Blake, 20 y.o. I dreamed about the epic band career since 2010., I was truly obsessed with the mission. Hard luck, I'm dyslexic (extremely low body coordination - I overcome it year by year). I am not suitable for many works and decided to devote my whole life to creativity, this is the only thing that I can do. I wrote some music about 4 years. The genres I prefer: doom metal, death metal, new metal, progressive metal, experimental metal, visual kei, classical music, the 2000's rock... I've got violin musical education and classical vocal. Practically, I can growl, scream, sing, play guitar. My vocal rage is alto - probably, it's hard to sing 'too low' and 'too high' parts. But 99% I growl & mix. So my music is too heavy, too depressing, it's too alien, it's about fighting. https://youtu.be/0WIGAW07nbshttps://youtu.be/hGJ3Nd_GgZkhttps://youtu.be/tKeazSMcrKo I am looking for ANY cooperation!