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  1. Appreciate it guys: Any thoughts on this? I'm pretty proud of it in terms of production.
  2. Any feedback welcome! This is a collection of experimental metal songs I threw together and put it on bandcamp.https://thrasher726.bandcamp.com/album/protonaut
  3. What do you mean by that? All the songs I posted were just original songs I made and released as my own stuff in the past, they were just samples of what I can do.
  4. The title speaks for itself, I'm looking to ghost write music if anyone is interested message me and we can get started. I've already released some songs in the 100k-500k view range on Youtube over the past few years and I'm looking to write for other people if they are interested. I can do heavy metal/thrash/death/melodic death metal/black metal/metalcore/rock you name it. I write some riffs/or a song and then you purchase them with 100% of the rights, I have no rights to the music anymore and its basically like you wrote it to begin with. Here is a sample of my stuff: De
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