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  1. I skip the more known (and excellent) demos of bands like Emperor, Burzum, Behemoth etc and focus on more unknown bands, also I skipped professionally recorded studio demos. Most of these tapes are to find on youtube, I don't post any videos here, because this would mess up performance of the thread.... Nordic inlfuenced black metal: Incarnator - Nordic Holocaust (1993) - close to Bathory, but still distinctive. No album followed after this. Thorns - Grymyrk og Tröndertun (1991) - This is the band whom it is believed they developed the nordic black metal riffing Baxaxaxa - Hellfire (1992) - Unknown masterpiece of early german black metal. No album followed after this. Enkil - Self-titled (1995) - US raw black metal from the mid-90s in norse traditions. No full-length album followed after this. Traditional german school black metal: Graupel - Als der Nebel... (2001) - german school of black metal. one of the rawest stuff ever recorded Grabgesang - Of Medieval Graveyard Forests (1995) - german raw black metal, primitive and raw, with some catchy melodies. No full-length album followed after this. Pagan Winter - In the Shadowlands Polish black metal: Kataxu - North (1995) - Bizarre symphonic black metal, the terrible sound makes it even more fascinating Profanum - Under a Black Wings of Emperor (1994) - raw black metal with decent usage of keyboards Gontyna Kry - Welowie (1997) - early polish atmospheric black metal Thunderbolt - Black Clouds over Dark Majesty (1996) - Another gem of polish black metal Pagan Black Metal: Bergthron - Durch den Nebel der Finsternis (1995) - Combination of primitive, ultra-raw black metal with some folk melodies and clean vocals Falkenbach - Laeknishendr (1995) - Falkenbachs raw and weird beginning, more close to black metal than later works. Falkenbachs & Vargas' lost demos are a mysterium itself. Contemporary black metal (After 2000) Blutdersommer - Galgensang im Sternenfeuer (2002) - german apocalyptic raw black metal. No album followed after this. Kallathon - Before drifting into the Abyss (2009) - raw and cold US black metal in the unique style of the Crepuscúlo Negro bands Kuxan Suum - Kinich ahau (2010) - another, more progressive example of the Crepuscúlo Negro scene. Obscure stuff: Grausamkeit - Stardust (2000) - Black Metal meets Video Game music
  2. Hails! Drum programming is quite difficult and need both some experience and good software. Although even good programmed drums never can beat a human drummer, they can be improved a lot. Everybody who is dissatisfied with the dull and mechanic sound of the drums of his solo project - I can write new and more detailed drum tracks and feed them to my drum machine afterwards. I work on a raw and natural sound a.k.a. either the very first stuff of Emperor, Immortal, Morbid Angel or newer stuff like Mgla. I use Addictive Drums on all examples linked below. Contact per personal message.
  3. Volahn. Black Metal meets Tarantino. Just wait for the second half of the song:
  4. Ashdautas, belongs to the Crepúsculo Negro circle. This is probably one of the best black metal tracks ever recorded: Kermania: Outstanding atmospheric black metal from Germany. One of the bands that were formed from the ashes of Nagelfar. Tarihan: Weird and obscure viking metal from switzerland. Their sound is actually shit, but the compositions itself are awesome. Zorn, short living band from Germany and not to be confused with the more famous one. The sound and especially the vocals style remember me to Nagelfars Hünengrab im Herbst, although Zorn have a different origin. Arsen aka König der Monster. Raw and atmospheric stuff. One Eyed God Prophecy. Sombre and desperate atmospheres. This is the only LP recorded by this band. It is worth to mention that last three bands have actually absolutely nothing to do with black metal at all, although they feature a similar monotonous riffing and dark atmosphere. Anyway, these bands could be still interesting for any BM listeners.
  5. Hails! Aasfresser is searching for session members supporting the newest recordings of unique and anachronist black metal. There is enough material recorded for 2 full-length albums and some EPs, from harsh raw black metal to more epic and even psychedelic metal. Recording examples are shown below. -Vocals Distorted and raspy vocals like those of early Darkthrone, Emperor or Enslaved; Clean vocals as well. -Bass There should be any kind of bass here and it will be audible in the mix. If the bass tracks do more than just following the guitar lines, I will be happy. -Drums Aasfresser drums are quite complex for this kind of music and probably difficult to play. Generally I prefer a rough sound. The programmed drums alreadys come close to what I imagine, though real ones will be better. -Solo Guitars There could be some semi-dissonant old-school solos like that one on Slayers Raining Blood or those of Bathory -Acoustics Additionally, there might be an acoustic intro or something like this. Vocals, bass and drums are the most important thing. If you are interested, send a personal message with own recording examples or post it just here! Recording equipment and knowledge (home studio, garage, bedroom etc) should be available. A professional studio is not required, but sound quality should be adequate for that style of music. There are no intentions for live events etc. https://soundcloud.com/user-595238393
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