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    Canadian Metalhead with musicl interests as vast as the ocean. I am slowly learning how to play the guitar, and my favourite bands change all the time. Currently:

    1. Protest The Hero
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    3. Veil of Maya
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  1. I was actually hoping someone would join me in a discussion about this! As a fan of prog/tech death I think it's crazy someone can listen to this and think all it contains is chugging riffs and obnoxious vocals. Are you only listening to the rhythm guitar and completely missing the leads? Also... I think the vocals in this sound a lot fresher than the most of the typical DM I've been listening to for the past while. But go ahead, convince me! Show me a comparison song that is just as heavy, but with less obnoxious vocals and less chugging, because I have yet to see someone show me something that surprised me.
  2. Well it's been handy to have spotify and google sheets at the ready, Devour and Birth will be album #92.
  3. I will check it out today! I'm one month through a new years resolution of listing and rating every new (to me) album I listen to this year, so the more suggestions I get the better
  4. All you anti-core guys are gonna roast me for this but my favourite Death Metal band right now has got to be Aversions Crown. Heavy and Tech, and absolutely fucking brutal. For the uninitiated:
  5. So far, quite a few of my favourite bands have album release plans for 2018: Protest the Hero Between the Buried and Me Silent Planet Striker I am insanely stoked for each and every one of them.
  6. For instance, I know a lot of people don't particularly love deathcore, but I think Aversions Crown does an awesome job of being b00tal with melody, while maintaining technical playing that's great to pay attention to. Any other albums/bands/songs you like that fall in to a genre people often don't think of positively? Exhibit A:
  7. I do, on modern metal tracks where they're mixed right! Bands with a lot of noodling can't have the same level of distortion (or rather, they shouldn't), but even modern thrash bands and DM bands (at least some) have sanitized their sound a fair bit. I couldn't agree with you more! The spectrum of sounds we get now is so broad and rich and I appreciate that The only thing I don't like is the sterilization of guitar tone for some bands that I think takes away from the quality of their music. For example, the tone matching video. I appreciated those Metallica riffs a lot more hearing them with a grittier sound that they for some reason don't want to use anymore. It's not that I'm saying they can't do that, just that I like their music more when they don't
  8. I don't think we're likely to see any "new" genres pop up anymore because everything that already exists already falls under a genre. Every band we will talk about in this forum (almost) is a metal band. Everything beyond that is a subgenre. NWOBHM, Nu-Metal, Death Metal all fit under the same umbrella. We see them as different genres because there's a whole lot of deviation between...I don't know... Diamond Head and Cannibal Corpse. However, using "metal' is a terrible descriptor as it's way too broad. It's like saying "I live in America". We create subgenres to map the landscape of the music, and there is no limit to how finite your descriptors can be. I guess what I'm saying is either everything is a genre, or everything is a subgenre.
  9. Protest the Hero is coming out with another album in late 2018 and I CANT FUCKING WAIT. I'm seeing them in April for the Fortress 10 year tour, it's going to be so amazing. The venue they're playing in Ottawa is super small, I'm hoping to be able to say hi to them after the show and slap hands.
  10. Currently blasting: Death Gojira Alluviate Power Trip Lich King but also enjoying: Van Halen SRV Plini
  11. After seeing your profile pic somehow I'm not surprised :). Truthfully though he is one of the all-time greats.
  12. For me it's got to be Ed Repka. I love his use of violet and purple, it makes his work seem set at dusk or in some kind of post-apocalyptic wasteland. To be honest, a lot of his scenes remind of the most intense fight scences from DBZ (especially during the Namek Saga), which is one of the highest compliments I can give. I am aware some may see this is an "easy answer" but I honestly can't get enough of his work.
  13. I think you've definitely got a point there! It's hard to be loud and clear. Cluttering is a huge problem, with digital tracking you've got unlimited options in terms of filling up a song with sound, eventually it keeps things from sticking out. Agreed! Ideally both! There's no reason the tone can't suit the mood, but it should never be sterile or boring. What's a good example of a "kick in the nuts" song? I've been listening to Lich King recently, and they got some grit.
  14. Ahh there's the issue, I don't have a booklet to look at haha, I wish they would have hit some CA destinations on tour with Annihilator... Europe is so damn lucky. That's true! i mean if you hear some of the gnarlier DM rhythm work it's still gritty but you can hear everything. I think you can be clear with gritty tone if you've got the right pups and setup. They're not particularly "brootal" but I always though a good example of gritty modern metal tones was the first Protest the Hero album (Kezia). They got a really gritty sound on that album, but it's full of technical parts that are still clear. I'm admittedly a huge PTH fanboy so I'm probably being a bit biased though.
  15. It's the best "dadthrash" album to come out that year, and one of 2 to contain harsh vocals (Annihilator's Suicide Society being the other), which I never understood as they fit the genre so well when used in the right places. That's a reasonable complaint, honestly didn't even know he was on the album. I am always a fan of some sweet ass bass riffs/solos so that wouldve been a nice change of pace thrown in once or twice. I get it for certain genres, especially the techy ones where the notes themselves need to stand out, or when the guitar is used as like a percussive instrument rather than for melody (like in some djenty stuff). But for the classic stuff, and anything where atmosphere plays a roll it's gotten really dry from a lot of bands (obviously not all).
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