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  1. Who is the best album cover designer for metal albums

    After seeing your profile pic somehow I'm not surprised :). Truthfully though he is one of the all-time greats.
  2. Who is the best album cover designer for metal albums

    For me it's got to be Ed Repka. I love his use of violet and purple, it makes his work seem set at dusk or in some kind of post-apocalyptic wasteland. To be honest, a lot of his scenes remind of the most intense fight scences from DBZ (especially during the Namek Saga), which is one of the highest compliments I can give. I am aware some may see this is an "easy answer" but I honestly can't get enough of his work.
  3. Bad Modern Metal Tones and Their Musical Impact

    I think you've definitely got a point there! It's hard to be loud and clear. Cluttering is a huge problem, with digital tracking you've got unlimited options in terms of filling up a song with sound, eventually it keeps things from sticking out. Agreed! Ideally both! There's no reason the tone can't suit the mood, but it should never be sterile or boring. What's a good example of a "kick in the nuts" song? I've been listening to Lich King recently, and they got some grit.
  4. Bad Modern Metal Tones and Their Musical Impact

    Ahh there's the issue, I don't have a booklet to look at haha, I wish they would have hit some CA destinations on tour with Annihilator... Europe is so damn lucky. That's true! i mean if you hear some of the gnarlier DM rhythm work it's still gritty but you can hear everything. I think you can be clear with gritty tone if you've got the right pups and setup. They're not particularly "brootal" but I always though a good example of gritty modern metal tones was the first Protest the Hero album (Kezia). They got a really gritty sound on that album, but it's full of technical parts that are still clear. I'm admittedly a huge PTH fanboy so I'm probably being a bit biased though.
  5. Bad Modern Metal Tones and Their Musical Impact

    It's the best "dadthrash" album to come out that year, and one of 2 to contain harsh vocals (Annihilator's Suicide Society being the other), which I never understood as they fit the genre so well when used in the right places. That's a reasonable complaint, honestly didn't even know he was on the album. I am always a fan of some sweet ass bass riffs/solos so that wouldve been a nice change of pace thrown in once or twice. I get it for certain genres, especially the techy ones where the notes themselves need to stand out, or when the guitar is used as like a percussive instrument rather than for melody (like in some djenty stuff). But for the classic stuff, and anything where atmosphere plays a roll it's gotten really dry from a lot of bands (obviously not all).
  6. Bad Modern Metal Tones and Their Musical Impact

    Youre so right haha. I honestly think testament is one of the only thrash bands that didn't sanitize their tone (if anything they got heavier, especially vocally) . Thats fair! Wow seriously? I cant imagine what the draw of that tone is, if you get to a point on some songs where a synth could replicate your rhythm guitar youve made a mistake. Imho.
  7. Bad Modern Metal Tones and Their Musical Impact

    I would agree they're definitely not doing that, but their tone changes may be a result of their more mainstream fanbase (who knows why people would choose to sound worse). Did you check that video out? IMHO, simply changing the guitar tone on that song alone turns it from kind of boring to gritty and real so I don't know why they would choose not to do so, and some groups are heading that way (cough cough Megadeth is a huge offender). It just ends up sounding sterile, yknow? That's the thing, you CAN get dirty tones easily through digital kit, so artists are actively choosing not to, and I don't understand why, yknow? I'd love to hear someone from one of those bands talk about why they shape their sound the way they do, and what's changed in their minds about how they approach it.
  8. Bad Modern Metal Tones and Their Musical Impact

    You're right, they're totally not as they have their own custom amps and stuff, and I guess more specifically what I meant about DAWs is that I've seen bands record directly, then add distortion and effects later and I can't help but think it affects the grit of the sound, yknow? I actually hadn't thought about clipping (digital vs analog), but that makes sense! Is that where you think the main difference is?
  9. I've been thinking a lot recently about how much more I enjoy the tonal qualities of older albums (specifically guitar) and why modern metal just doesn't have the same feel. The best example I have of this is Metallica. Their first 4 albums have a fucking HUGE, KILLER tone that just fills a room and shakes the Earth. But now listening to Hardwired...it just felt so blah because the tone had no grit to it. This video helps explain what I mean: Does anybody else feel this way? Is it a result of digital recording? Is it a result of using modelling amps and DAWs? I know some bands actually managed to keep the gritty tone, like Testament. Now I know this isn't a problem with like Black Metal etc, as keeping production to a minimum is a key point of the genre's sound... But does anyone else feel this way? Do others prefer modern metal guitar tone?
  10. Black Sabbath Albums

    Nice! Master of Reality is an underrated album (for being one of the big for sab albums) but it's got some of my favourite tracks (Children of the Grave is a big one)
  11. Black Sabbath Albums

    Paranoid Master of Reality Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Black Sabbath Sabotage Paranoid will probably always be #1 cause it was my first BS purchase, but I could listen to any Ozzy era album and love it, they're all perfect (even Technical Ecstasy and Never Say Die, fight me).
  12. What Are You Listening To?

    Awesome suggestions once again! Really digging Necrophobic in particular. Being a Canadian metalhead I was already aware of SYL, but hadn't listened to City in it's entirety. What a monster of an album. It was literally nonstop aggresion for 45 minutes, i actually had to sit in silence after finishing it to reset my brain.
  13. What Are You Listening To?

    I have been on a musical rampage since joining this forum last week (for me at least): Serpentine Dominion ( Adam D from KSE, Corpsegrinder, and Shannon from TBDM) - Serpentine Dominion Entombed - Wolverine Blues (so heavy) and Left Hand Path Strapping Young Lad - Alien Ghost - Meliora and Infestissimum Candlemass - Ancient Dreams and Epicus Doomicus Metallicus Al Dimeola - Land of the Midnight Sun Annihilator - For the Demented Most of these artists are totally new to me as well, it's been an awesome week
  14. Hail from the UK!

    I guess not haha (im also a noob). Ill keep an eye out in the promote yourself section looking forward to hearing it.
  15. Hail from the UK!

    TBDM eh? Do you have a youtube link :)?