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Found 12 results

  1. I'm an audio engineer attending Nimbus School of Media and recording, and as good as this course is, I'm not getting enough Metal in my diet. So what I would like to do here, is offer to edit, mix, or master anything that you might have recorded and have laying in wait. Should anyone be interested, I'm NOT asking a fee, simply looking for experience and a chance to get feed back on my work and to build up a "Demo Reel" of my own for my portfolio. I would not monetize or sell your work in anyway, a Demo Reel is like a resume, its to show what I have worked on and so they can hear what I can bring to the mix, credit otherwise goes to the artist/band. Likewise, I wouldn't even post it to youtube or instagram etc. unless I have received permission from the band/artist to do so. In which case, if I was given permission, all credit of lyrical and melodic composition of the song goes to the band. All I want from this is to gain experience and build up a reputation as an audio engineer and gain possible future collaborators. You would get the finished results back as well, incase I wasn't clear about that. My intention is for this offer to be as mutually beneficiary as possible.
  2. Do you want your music to sound loud and punchy? Soundchop Studio will help you turn your recorded tracks into studio quality releases! Hi, my name is Andrew Sniahirou, and I’m a sound engineer at Soundchop Studio. I offer mixing and mastering of guitar music – all kinds of metal, rock, and indie stuff. I’ve been working with musicians from many corners of the world – Norway and Finland, Germany and Israel, Ukraine and Belarus! Check my previous works, rates and info at https://soundchopstudio.com Feel free to contact me via email or website chat with any further questions. Let's make some good music together!
  3. Salutations! I'm looking forward to working with independent or new bands, unsigned projects, collaboration/tribute songs, EP or albums, etc. Pro and unbelievable low, friendly rates. Interested? Read on! ***Unsigned projects only*** Pick your poison: ------------------- 1. Mixing and Mastering Send over your raw unprocessed tracks, let me know your vision or send a reference of what kind of sound are you looking for your song, ep or album. Examples: -Incorrect: hey man, can you mix these tracks? I don't really know what I'm looking for, just do it and I'll let you know if I like it or if I'd like you to try something different again and again. -Correct: I want it to sound something like Metallica's "The god that failed" from the black album or I shall be very disappointed and I won't pay you. And if you disappoint me you'll rot in hell, poser. Pro tip: If you manage to record a DI signal (guitar or/and bass), I will reamp them using top tier amps in the studio at no extra cost. 2. Are you a solo artist or the band doesn't have a final line up yet? I can help out recording guitars, bass and background keyboards for your song. 3. Want to have an orchestra supporting your song? I will write and record a professional orchestration for your song (virtual instruments). Contact: [email protected] ------------------- Brief info about me: Self-taught musician and guitar player, composer, arranger and rock-guitar instructor born in 1985. Co-founded KB Music School and owns BlindOwlStudio. He has a “Recording Engineering and Music Production” Honors Diploma granted by Peter Richard Miller (Music Industry living legend, Rock n Roll hall of Fame) and is also a founder member of the Paraguayan cultural movement “Música en Acción” along with distinguished artists such as classical guitarists Berta Rojas and Dahiana Ferreira da Costa, harpist Sixto Corvalán, Singer/Poet/Songwriter J.A. Galeano, and others. In 2005 he started working as guitar coach and instructor in a few local music schools, giving master classes and organizing educational/cultural events. After meeting filmmaker Paulo Ballado on a project for the Scream Kings Productions (USA), he started producing, arranging and orchestrating music and visual projects. From 2010 he’s worked as session musician (guitar, keyboards, bass), producer, arranger, recording and mixing engineer for regional and international projects featuring well known artists such as Emilie Ragni (Luca Turilli), Kenny “Rhino” (Manowar, Holyhell, Angels of Babylon), Oliver Holzwarth (Blind Guardian, Tarja Turunen), Fatima Scalzo (Soprano Coloratura TM de RJ-Brazil), Olaf Hayer (Dionysus), Alex Holzwarth (Rhapsody, Rhapsody of Fire, Avantasia), Zuberoa Aznarez (Diabulus in Música, Tragul), Steve Conley (Flotsam and Jetsam / Tragul) among others. Aldo Benegas has worked on a great variety of music genres including classical music, regional folklore, European folk, north American country, new age, soundtracks, movie trailers, short films, opera, pop, rock, hard rock and metal in many of its subgenres. As a songwriter, composer and arranger, some of his work has been published by international labels such as Universal Music Group, Sony ATV and EMI, among others. In addition to working in the music and visual fields, Aldo has also collaborated in several scientific studies measuring the acoustics of structures and construction materials, that were later published in architectural research papers at home and abroad. As of today, Aldo works as guitar instructor and music teacher, songwriter, session musician, music producer, works on song arrangement, records session musicians and does professional mixing and mastering.
  4. Rock and metal music is all about the energy, we all know that on this forum. I want to offer any musicians on here a damn near free deal for getting their music mixed. Its not a huge deal if it is just a guitar cover, a demo, or a fully produced original song. There is no catch, I do business through a freelance site and I'm building a portfolio and need more musicians to work with, especially in this genre. Prices: Full Mix + Guitar/bass reamp + Sample reinforcement (5$) I can work with anything from a 2 track acoustic song to a 70 track metal mix Mixing includes (but is not limited to): Proper leveling for each instrument or vocal line Automation Autotune (if desired for some odd reason) Use of professional grade plugins to bring your song energy - Waves, Fabfilter, etc Post-production effects Reamping of guitars or bass (custom tones) Drum sample reinforcement (or replacement) My preferences: Tracks that were not clipping when recorded (Trust me, its for the best) Reference for generally what sound you want In tune guitars/bass Tracks played in the correct tempo The best source sound you could of gotten Understand that without reamping or sample replacement I am limited to the source sound that you provide. The better your source sound/performance = the better results of your song. I can work with midi drums/bass/synths as well! I have a wide range of inspiration, and know how to work with any given genre of metal or rock. Anything from Judas Priest , to Led Zeppelin to The Dillinger Escape Plan to At The Gates to Cannibal corpse, I want to share the vision of your art. Contact + Samples:
  5. I'm looking for work mixing some black metal / doom / death metal, really anything that could be found on this forum. If you've got songs you need mixed, I can help with that. I don't have the equipment to handle actual tracking of instruments besides maybe a guitar or vocal (but I live in Fort Wayne, IN). If you have songs that are mixed but you want someone to master them, let me know too. Hit me up via email, [email protected] and lets have a conversation about what you're trying to accomplish, any questions you might have, and we can discuss everything there. Thanks for reading.
  6. Hi - I need your help guys. I'm writing in here because it is kind of promoting my own, non-existing brand. So I've been mixing music for about a year now but I can get only so far with mixing my own songs. So here is where you guys come in. I'd like to mix and master your music (of course for free). If you want to check out my songs I'll link my SC below where you can listen to my mixes. If you decide that you want me to mix and master your song, project or whatever - write me a message. Hope you'll help me and have a fantastic day. SC: https://soundcloud.com/user-715298305
  7. I'm just wondering if I can find here any help regarding mixing and mastering or just a thread/topic where you can share your mixes, songs etc.
  8. Hello, I am a professionally trained engineer with a love for metal. I want to use the skills I've developed to help bands and artists get the most out of their performances. I am very flexible with compensation and am very excited to help up and coming and underground artists with their passion. If you or someone you know is in need of editing or mixing, message me and I'll be happy to talk and share some of my work. Thank you.
  9. n the previous link you can listen my mixtests of Veil of maya-Mikasa and The other half of me by Born of osiris. I'm open to any critics,I'm not a pro on this. You can contact me at [email protected] if you want your songs or cover edited and mixed at very low prices since I want to start to make my own portfolio. You can contact me as well for raw di's,especially of bass(I'm equipped with a Warwick thumb 5 strings using as preamp and overdrive a darkglass b7k ultra).
  10. Hey guys, recently put together this metal cover of Christina Aguilera's "Your Body" for a University assignment and wanted to share it with you guys.Enjoy, and please Like, Subscribe and Share if you enjoy it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3tYKt_yTT0
  11. Hi Do you want your music to sound like pure fucking Satan. If so here's my winter deal for you: Black Metal mixing: 20$/song Black Metal mastering: 5$/song Black Metal mixing and mastering: 25$/song More information here: http://iassmm.com
  12. Hi, I don't know if this is the appropriate section. I'm trying to learn mixing, so if you have a song recorded (or a finished song, and you just want to hear a different mix) and you can send me the raw tracks, I'd like to try to do a mix. No charge because I'm learning, I just want to check my skills.
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