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  1. If you‘re still looking, let me know. We‘re a prog-deathcoreband always looking for new members. At the moment we have two guitarists as well as myself(vocalists & I write drums/bass). We‘re currently working on three cover songs(all almost fully finished), as well as three originals to be released one-by-one within the next few months. It would primarily be writing piano/synth/keyboard parts after drums & guitars. If you‘re interested, let me know & I can send you some of what we’re working on at the moment. If none of it sounds like something you would be into, just ignore this entirely. think Veil of Maya, Spiritbox, Emmure, etc.
  2. I’m looking for another guitarist to write with. We write deathcore. I record vocals, write drums & mix. If you’re interested in working together on something, message me an e-Mail I could get ahold of you. deathcore as in Spiritbox, Whitechapel, TDWP, Emmure, etc. not job for a cowboy, infant anialator, etc. lol
  3. Look at my post in looking for a musician & see if you’re interested
  4. Our band Horizon Eyes is currently looking for additional members for writing & recording. We are a prog/deathcore band. The current lineup consists of myself-vocals, drums & production vlad-rhythm guitarist desmond-lead guitarist & bass(only until we find a bass player) we‘re looking for one more guitarist, a keyboard/piano/synth player, Bassist, & possibly a drummer. Although we are doing fine on our own & don’t ‚need‘ any new members, we for sure aren’t against it & with the right person, could actually benefit us quite a bit. currently we communicate through discord & ocassionaly E-Mail. We write in guitar pro, then make a superior drummer midi, record guitars, then bass, then vocals then start production. We have 3/6 instrumentals about 90% done of the current music we are working on & can show examples if interested. our ‚influences‘ are bands like spiritbox, Emmure, veil of maya, Whitechapel, etc.
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