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  1. I’m looking for another guitarist to write with. We write deathcore. I record vocals, write drums & mix. If you’re interested in working together on something, message me an e-Mail I could get ahold of you. deathcore as in Spiritbox, Whitechapel, TDWP, Emmure, etc. not job for a cowboy, infant anialator, etc. lol
  2. Look at my post in looking for a musician & see if you’re interested
  3. I‘m a vocalist looking for a guitarist to write with & help finish a few projects with. I’m only looking to focus on individual songs at the moment. If you can play on tempo & can stay focused, that’s the most important thing. I‘ve worked with people in the past who haven’t cared, just messed around, couldn’t play on tempo, & couldn’t ever keep focused. I also played drums for a year or two & went to berkley for music production so all I really need right now is a decent guitarist who likes similar music. Nasty, djenty, & clean. Whitechapel. Emmure. Tdwp. Chelsea grin. Thy Art is Murder. That type of stuff. If you’re interested & want to work together, let me know & I can send a drum track to see if something would work well.